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    1. It’s a prop. Like fauxcahontis, “I think I’ll get me a beer”. Someone told her that that’s what everyday Americans who work for a living drink, so she got one. Not that she’ll have more than a sip herself.

    1. Ol worn out is not a happy guy these days.
      Wonder why?
      He seemed real happy to remind anyone that he was working …… er …. volunteering for the Biden campaign.
      From his time line and the stats he’s been quoting you would think he’d be happy as a clam.
      But he’s not, he’s acting like a democrat after the 2016 election.
      Only the intellectually lazy types are foolish enough to telegraph if they are losing an election.
      And we all know what a super duper smart strategic guy Ol worn out is.
      So he can’t be upset because Biden is losing, can he.

    2. I walk into a bar and see Warren Kinsella is the only person in there…

      … That’s how it should be, I go somewhere else.

    3. Hey Warren – you first! We’ll see what’s left. Go eat some cat, try one of mine. Ass whole.

    1. Perfect, replace Democrat with Librano and we can use it here to keep forces of progress in power.

    2. It’s like the ham podcast I mentioned in another thread yesterday. The host listed things he hated about Trump and, because in his mind, Biden isn’t any of them (though he didn’t state that), he’s voting Dummycrat.

      That’s lefty logic for you.

    3. BRILLIANT…!!

      An yea…there’s enough material up here for two of those ads…should we ever see another ELECTION..??

      12 Captchas this time. WTF.??

  1. Interesting story. But the author is just another Hollyweird anti-Trumper, of course. He has a Biden mug in his profile photo, and one of his other threads details how he believes Trump is a monster cuz Covid. EFF KOPPELMA!

  2. I like following this story.


    They testified that 1 guy bought into the casino for $1.8 million in small bills over a period of 7 days and nobody found it unusual.

    My interest stems from the fact I got a phone call one night when i was watching an Oiler game and the lady introduced herself as being from some federal dept in finance or whatever.
    She extolled the virtues of the Cdn banking system and that all deposits were insured up to $100000.
    And blah blah blah. And more blah.
    I’m thinking just go away, I’m watching the mighty Oilers.

    Several days later it dawned on me that I had transferred just over $10K from a long lost investment acct down east to my bank acct here. All accts were in my name.
    Yet somewhere my name was filtered out and had a personal phone call from a govt agent to check on my financial dealings. How bloody bizarre can it get?

    And now we find out that millions of dollars have been, and are being IGNORED by the financial officials supposedly in charge of the vaunted Cdn banking system.
    Man there has to be some awfully wealthy offshore bank accts being held by some crooked politicians.
    Scratch a crook and you find a Liberal.

    What a crock of crap.

    1. I encountered that last year.

      During the work I’ve done in settling my father’s estate, I found a sum of my mother’s “mattress money”. Unfortunately, the cash was in older bills as she never got around to exchanging them while she was alive.

      I intended to use that money to pay for repairs on the house I inherited and that’s where the fun began for me. I was told flat-out by the bank branch in town that I was restricted on the amount of cash I could work with each day. It didn’t matter if I was withdrawing it from any of my accounts or if I was exchanging some of that “mattress money” for newer bills, even if I wasn’t going to take them with me.

      Worse was that I had to notify the bank ahead of time of what I was planning to do that to ensure that there was enough cash on hand for me.

      One of my neighbours, who used to work for a credit union, told me earlier that I would arouse less suspicion if I deposited the entire amount in an account all at once rather than in smaller amounts.

      I told the contractor I dealt with that I would have to have to make more than one payment to settle the bill with cash because of those restrictions. He was incredulous.

      On the other hand, when I sold one of my father’s machines, I was paid with a cheque that was well above that limit. I had no problem in depositing it into one of my accounts. Also, when I paid the taxes on my father’s estate (which amounted to a nice down payment on a house), not a peep, maybe because that went into the government’s coffers.

      Go figure.

      1. The money laundering laws now restrict the movement of that much cash. It is much worse in Europe, cash is considered socially unacceptable in many places.

        I once bought a quick lunch for a consultant over from Belgium, he was incredulous that I paid with $25 in cash. He asked me if I was a gangster.

        Cheques on the other hand are traceable (and taxable of course).

        It is a slow erosion of our freedoms.

        I had a similar problem with my moms estate, the lawyer gave me a cheque for a bit over $10K. I had a 20? year old bank teller grilling me on the source of the money.

        1. What irritated me about those restrictions was that my parents dealt with that branch for close to 60 years and I also had account there while I was growing up. Yet, I was treated as if I was a criminal. So much for building trust with long-time custom and family reputation.

          When I told them I was also a shareholder, the response was along the lines of a shrug and “So what?”

          A lot of places I have dealt with no longer want cash. Like my former stockbroker once said, steal money electronically and nobody seems to care. Steal actual hard currency, it becomes a crime.

          1. And the Chinese Plague is the perfect opportunity for businesses to refuse to accept cash. And they are taking advantage of it.

          2. And the Chinese Plague is the perfect opportunity for businesses to refuse to accept cash. And they are taking advantage of it.

            I found that out a few months ago. I couldn’t take out a permit on my truck at my house in B. C. by paying for it in person. I had to make all the arrangements by phone and using my credit card.

            Then again, it’s B. C., the province where logic goes to die.

          3. They have a know-your-client obligation, the problem is that they have gone corporate AF. The tellers change 3 times a year as they claw up the shitty ladder.

            Long gone are the days when you knew your branch manager, and the team at the bank, or your letter carrier, or milk-man (yes I said man —prove me wrong—damn I’m old).

            It’s called progress.

          4. The tellers change 3 times a year as they claw up the shitty ladder.

            Yup. I go to that branch less than 5 times a year. It seems that each time I’m there, a new crew is in place, with some of the previous tellers occupying managerial offices.

            Fortunately for me, while I’ve been working on settling my father’s estate, I found that the family name still means something in certain parts of town, having moved there just over 60 years ago. Once people found out that I was my father’s son, they were willing to do business with me and some even did me some special favours.

  3. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels

    Based on the media cartel’s reaction to the Hunter Biden scandal, the left has a new mantra “Ignore the truth often enough and it becomes a lie”.

    “For his part, (NPR’s) Samuel fails to explain what journalistic standards he employs to ascertain what does and doesn’t constitute a “waste of time.” The New York Post’s reporting, after all, has now been corroborated by an on-the-record source, Tony Bobulinski, a former Hunter Biden business partner and Navy veteran. The emails that Bobulinski says are “genuine” purport to detail a business arrangement in which the Biden family “aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions” from foreign entities.

    How is that “not really a story”?

    1. Larry, thanks for this link.
      I have barely begun but I will continue with great interest.
      I’ve also looked into his books and see that his Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age is very highly rated at Amazon. I believe I heard about him a few years back and was quite interested, having spent a year at UNB in the early 70s.
      Are you a scholar yourself?

  4. The diverse Toronto media is ignoring a demonstration in front of the French consulate by diverse muslims. Must not show anything negative about islam in Blackie’s new Canada.

    1. Friends of Canadian Broadcasting – another Liberal clique. Not to tbe confused with Friends of the CBC – another Libereal clique

  5. The FOX News web page this morning reports that Facebook has shut down a “Women for Trump” page, a 30,000-member page in New Jersey, with three days to go in the campaign. Arbitrarily, with no warning.

  6. The media are reporting that a man, in his mid-20s in Quebec City, has stabbed seven people last night, killing two and wounding five. The five have wounds that are not life-threatening.

      1. Medieval costume?
        Is the hijab considered medieval?
        Or does the medieval religion have a basic costume?

        Let’s see………when the Police and the Media do not release pictures or names what is always the answer?
        Tis unfortunate that Canadians allow their Governments ,their Institutions and their Media to lie incessantly with impunity.

        What a tiny, tiny, cowardly people we have become.

        1. He used a sword. In medieval times (and to be fair, other periods,) that was part of the costume of many people who went around killing people for various reasons, including jihad, crusade. But it’s modern times, nobody does that now?

          At least one report I’ve seen online said the police have already said it wasn’t terrorism, so that’s reassuring. I guess.
          Halloween prank got out of hand?

  7. Conservative activism anyone?
    Take a look under the hood.



    BC’s death rate is 245 out of a pop. of 5 million.
    As a disgusted Vancouverite it will be interesting to see if Horgan begins a copycat contribution to the scamdemic; perhaps even a spot of one-upmanship.

    1. Conservative activism?

      This is it.
      Kate’s whine fest is as good as it gets.

      Lucky for all you “activists”, the Yanks won’t allow full blown Liberal Communism on their borders and will eventually save smug, smarmy Canadians from themselves.

    2. Makes one wonder why he “urgently had to put politics behind” getting thru Covid, is that his ultimate plan, Lockdowns? Let’s remember, he has largely let Bad shoes Bonnie run the province and make the decisions in regards to Covid, good and bad.
      She gets under my skin, for reasons hard to understand. She has a robotic demeanour, a red flag right there, that she has emotional problems. But people love her for her ‘stay calm, stay nice’ approach.
      There’s much not to like about her policies (for free drugs to citizens!) but, will giver credit, that she has not locked down BC and is resisting doing that. Early on, she requested ‘stay home’ to citizens, but it wasn’t the law.
      The hotbed now is Surrey, Langley, Delta, and Abbotsford. Hmmmmm, which ethnic group predominates these suburbs for $1000, Alex?
      Bonnie is talking about regional restrictions on activities, and that would apply in the west Fraser Valley. Here on the Island, the virus barely registers, and life is good, despite the masking Karens around Victoria, and, the stores where it’s mandatory, Walmart and StupidStore. Did I mention that I haven’t set foot or spent a dollar in these Karen stores?

      1. DanBC:

        Was buying laundry appliances here in Vancouver a few weeks ago. I was pissed that there was no desk upon which to sign the docs. To the salesman I opined about the bullshit “social distance” rules. Expected him to agree, at least tacitly.
        Nope. He was all in (yunno I lot of people don’t wash their hands). AND he mentioned BONNY. Yes, he used her first name. It was only after that I started paying more attention.

        1. The people of the lower mainland are almost demanding a second lockdown. Please destroy our already teetering economy! There’s been 200 seniors killed by COVID out of 5 million people. Praise be to St Bonnie!!! Worse than sheep…

          1. Yes indeed, Canadians are truly sheep, cowards, very well trained to follow, follow, follow…….into the ovens, over the cliff, into the detention camps. Few independent thinkers, few ever question authority, or the media.

            Believe, Believe, Believe, Obey, Obey Obey.

            And the media NEVER lies…….NEVER! This country is SO GONE.

    1. Fox is pushing and supporting partisan polls by the Slimes and the Clintoon network, showing Biden sweeps. The pollsters who got it right last time, show Trump taking it, somewhere around 300 EC votes. They take all factors into account, not just some and ignore/discount others. They compensate for oversampling, they ask different questions in their methodology, and most importantly, ensure geographic differentiation, its not all suburbs, etc.

      Its like Fox is generating controversy on purpose. Look at the idiot leftists they bring on regularly, Brazile, Juan, Tarlov, various apparatchiks of the left, its sickening listening to these rabid, partisan lying hacks spewing their propaganda.

      Fox is taking a formula that has worked, making it the #1 network, and deciding that being #2 might be better. That’s Paul Ryan economics.

      Only one poll counts, Nov 3rd.

    1. I sent that writer an email with the Globe and Mail tweets of Lebron compared to Bobby.
      I was polite and wished him a happy November 4.

    2. To grow up with sound judgement and moral character, it takes more than knowing as a boy who is a star in the NHL. The media showed us Bobby Orr was a great player and his record of achievement is easy to grasp because it’s a simple matter of games played, won and lost, and goals scored and league standings. Running the government of a country is more complicated and a head of state/ head of government’s record in office is more complex and more subject to opinion in reporting. Now Stu Cowan follows what the media tells him about Donald Trump.

      I can’t recall ever hearing of Stu Cowan before this and I doubt I’ll remember him. Orr and Trump won’t be forgotten by people who lived in the same time.

  8. Settled Science – How many examples does this make?

    There’s a long-standing question in planetary science about the origin of water on Earth, Mars and other large bodies such as the moon. One hypothesis says that it came from asteroids and comets post-formation. But some planetary researchers think that water might just be one of many substances that occur naturally during the formation of planets. A new analysis of an ancient Martian meteorite adds support for this second hypothesis.


    1. Used to deliver the Pittsburgh P-G as a boy, between 1960-1962. All this while I thought it was left wing. This is a surprise.

  9. https://twitter.com/StatesPoll

    Trump 322 HidinBiden 216

    In 2016, he picked it, 315-223. Not too shabby.

    Could it be? This guy’s poll seems a little wobbly, claims to be neutral, but has a workable methodology. More optimistic than Trafalgar, which does actual heavy lifting to construct their stats.

    The BIG MO is clearly on Trump’s side. Anecdotally, caught old Sandie Rinaldo last night, sputtering her way thru an election report, by Tom Walters, a pathetic neverTrumper spewing his disdain. Needless to say, a one-way report of course.
    I make it a point not to watch these national newscasts, nothing has changed. Covid Covid COVID!!!!! Fear! Loathing! Fear!!!
    The media is horrible.

    1. Dan, I never watch CTV or CBC News these days, or these years. The excreble CTV is running ads promoting Lisa LaFlamme, and I was surprised to find that she se has grey hair.

  10. Here come the Bankers…


    They can’t make enough with the low interest rates and poor business performance and are forcing people to buy carbon tax credits as investment in Australia. Farmers have to buy them from the Bank or risk not getting financing…considering that the banks create this money in the first place out of thin air.

    1. Show me who controls a country’s money supply, and I’ll show you who makes the laws.

      The bankers have always had a great relationship with Joe Biden. They detest Donald Trump.

  11. And now Trudeau’s favourite religion story for today. Breitbart reports that an Afghan muslim was arrested in a Vienna cathedral for shouting islamic slogans at the congregation.

    1. I don’t believe the costume was intended to be racist. I believe it was intended to mock Trudeau. I guess that’s not allowed. Maybe he should have selected that Aladin costume instead. Or the phony Prime Minister “taking a knee”. Trudeau is such an embarrassment.

    1. The kid dresses up as his Prime Minister and gets grief over it?

      Where’s the rights groups, leftist media, and the PM?

      All should be jumping to his defence!

  12. One newspaper report in Britain says Queen Elizabeth will announce she will be abdicating next year, and handling the crown to Prince Charles.

  13. From time to time, some of us on SDA have mentioned that downtown Calgary has become deserted. A few days ago, I saw evidence of just how bad it is.

    I flew to Fort St. John this past Monday, changing planes in Calgary. The final approach took us over the city and, at 8:30 AM, there wasn’t much daylight. From what I saw, I’d estimate that at least a third, maybe even half, of the windows in the different office towers were dark.

    I remember when I worked in Calgary at a place south of the railway tracks. It seemed that all of downtown was lit up and that was with far fewer skyscrapers than there are now.

    G’bye, Cowtown, it was nice knowing you.

    1. It’s a veritable morgue here in Cowtown except for grocery stores.

      I walked by the LRT Parking lot this past week. It wasn’t full of cars like during boom times but it was a bit more filled than last summer. I suspect the fact that it’s because school has now resumed.

      As for downtown, I suspect that WhuFlu is keeping people from venturing in and they are likely working from home, that is, the ones who still have jobs. When I was last there in October, driving through on the C-Train, it was really quiet at rush hour ~ 07:30 am.

      Haven’t seen any more store closures. At South Centre Mall, this past week, I noticed they are in fact soon opening a new Dollarama Store. They started their Black Friday sales early this year. Did some retail therapy myself over there. The shop people seem happy to help and ring in sales as fast as one says, “I’ll take it.”

      Still happy to say spent $0.00 online as usual. No soup for (you) Bezos.

      P.S. The downtown offices will likely be converted to apartments for immigrants even though Canada is no more.

      1. Yeah, the ‘rona has emptied downtown. A number of my co-workers are back downtown, and then home again as they are forced to isolate because of exposure in their family, kids school, or kids sports.

        The Calgary Chamber has asked businesses to bring as many back as they can. It’s going slowly and traffic is getting worse. Also transit ridership is down but parking rates are up, why expose yourself when you can afford to drive and pay exorbitantly for parking.

        Yesterday on Twitter my councilor, a card -carrying-commie tweeted. “We have a downtown for a city of 4 million…blah blah…”

        Some wise sage tweeted back ; “why the FCK did you approve it in the first place.”.

        I’ve been trying to convince Mrs. incgy to move to a small town nearby, so far she is digging her heels in. Too much family in here in Nenshi’s Cowtopia.

        But Hey! I get to pay more property and carbon tax so that is a ‘plus’.

        1. Alec —
          Have you been anywhere near the Foothills Hospital / U of C lately? They are building a new wing @ the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. It is a remarkable piece of real estate. It is scheduled to open in 2023 and it’ll be a care hub for patients from Southern Alberta and parts of B.C.

          I sincerely hope you never need to go anywhere near these types of facilities, Alec. However, as you age you’ll  be glad if you’re nearby to a grocery store and hospital.

          Commuting to work from out of town nearby is not all it’s cracked up to be. It gets to be a chore after awhile. I know, I’ve done it in the past, in another province. Winters are a killer, especially driving in a snow storm.

          It’s none of my business but Mrs incgy is right to dig in and prefer Calgary. Your higher property taxes are related to the proximity to all the amenities that Calgary has to offer.
          But hey what do I know.

          (OTOH if your lottery numbers come through, big time— GO FOR IT, you lucky guy, your commute will be to your Winter hacienda !!)

        2. Sounds familiar. My wife’s extended support system is all here in Calgary too. Had an offer in Alaska a year or two ago. Camp job, but nearly obscene wages. I’m starting to wish I’d put my foot down and taken it.

          Oh well, there’s always Wexit.

  14. Woke up on couch listening to Chris Wallace on Fox.
    The boy should change his name to Wormtongue Wallace.
    Quite the piece of slime,but a true artiste in the ways of slander and innuendo.
    A real piece of work.

    1. Wormtongue. Brilliant name, brings to mind Screwtape (CS Lewis), equally evil in his dissembling.
      Yet still not as disgraceful as Donna Brazile.

      1. Galma, son of Galmod, was chief advisor to King Theoden of Rohan in Two Towers, the second book of Lord of the Rings. All but the King called him Wormtongue.
        Wish all our real life villains are dispatched as easily as Gandalf did Wormtongue.
        The Screwtape Letters and The Great Divorce are great theological works by C.S. Lewis in the guise of fantasy novels. They are entertaining but to the point without being pedantic. On the other hand, I found the Perelandra trilogy (Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength) rather erred on the pedantic side. Yes, I read all of them, plus the entire Chronicles of Narnia, each of the books in the latter more than once.

      2. Wormtongue is the nickname of a character in The Lord of The Rings who is a more appropriate comparison with Chris Wallace. Screwtape is way above Wallace’s league.

  15. So what is the daily demonstration in diverse Toronto today? Well a couple of days ago we had whiny indians blockading a major road about something. Then we had muslims supporting beheadings in front of the French consulate. And today we have feminists protesting in front of the Polish consulate about abortions in Poland. Apparently Canadian feminists have the right to tell Poland what to do.

  16. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/briannasacks/americans-arming-themselves-election-unrest

    “We are preparing for an extended period of protest that will make the summer look like camp. People have this idea that it’s all going to be over after the election. It’s not,” a BLM activist said.

    It will end very shortly after that, though.

    It would do good to the hearts of all decent people to see the activist’s stupid black face when faced with a well-regulated militia able and willing to save their country from thugs hellbent on destroying it.

    She should consider, very, very carefully, how badly she want to be the last to die for the rich white men who put her up to this.