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    1. On the flip side, the first hotel/casino to open downtown in 40 years. https://lasvegassun.com/news/2020/oct/25/new-circa-casino-called-a-game-changer-for-downtow/

      The difference is key, I think. The convention business is fading, COVID has rewritten office work and is driving change to trade shows, conferences, and other large group meetings.

      For example I’m attending a conference this week that 1 year ago I would’ve flown to Vega$ to attend.

      Vegas reinvents itself and that is a reason why it will succeed in the future (that and proximity to LA).

      Funny though, if you think about it, that Adelson is focusing on East Asia, does that tell us something?

      1. Singapore and Macau are where wealthy Chinese go to gamble with the money stolen from their western vassals.

      1. VOWG Quite so, it wasn’t the Wuhoo Flu that ruined the economy, it was incompetent government policies in response to the Flu.

        The shutdown didn’t work and now the “predicted second wave” (TM) is here, what’s the response? More lockdowns. Brilliant. Just Brilliant. Also, here in Ontario the fabled second wave hit just a few weeks after the mandatory mask wearing was enforced. Ha.

        1. OR:
          The gubmint ruined the economy long before with excessive debt via money printing central banks but then deliberately ruined it more via the Covid response which is a perfect cover for prior gross malfeasance.

          1. MND, that too. His Dad fucked Canada the very first time he was elected. Stupid people as I always say.

    1. No doubt inspired by that Canadian I, Napoleonist who, nearly 10 years ago, sued the Miss Universe pageant for not letting xim/xer/xit compete. Xim/xer/xit won the dispute, got 15 minutes of fame, and seems to have disappeared without a trace.

      1. When they renovated Trudeau’s cottage, didn’t they install a nard (but not beard) waxing salon?

    2. It’s one thing to pretend to be a woman, but why pretend to be an ugly woman? I think you need a certain beauty to be in a beauty pageant, no?

    3. Jonathan Yaniv has become an embarrassment even his miserable subculture wishes would just go away. The one who confirms that everything “transphobes” claim about them is true.

      That status is generally only granted to perverts who succeed in killing people, so it’s quite an accomplishment when you think about it.

    1. Coming to a city near you, where the terminally insane run around with masks on thinking they will live forever. Now if they would only get the damn flu and die we could get on with our lives. Of course we know they won’t die because 99.8% of us/them get not much more than cold symptoms.

      1. Coming to a city near you this winter, where the thermally insane will run around with masks on thinking they will never get cold.

        1. Robert, apparently the seasonal flu has vanished world wide. In America at week 40 last year there were 1251 reported cases of the seasonal flu this year 61 cases. Is everyone on the planet fucking braindead? 98% drop in seasonal flu cases world wide. Again, is everyone fucking stupid.? I usually don’t swear this much but it seems no one reads a damn thing unless the f word is attached.

      1. A pencil drawing from the era also depicted a couple having doggie style whoopie in the loft at a Mozart concert. It was in a magazine. I tried to find it on on-line but to not avail.

  1. Settled Science
    1. TESS Finds First Earth-Size Planet in the Habitable Zone


    2. Hubble Examines Massive Metal Asteroid Called ‘Psyche’ That’s Worth Way More Than Our Global Economy – NASA orbiter is due to arrive at Psyche in January 2026.

    Dems to sell asteroid to pay down Green New Deal debt… I’m adlibbing here.


    1. One objection to lunar or asteroid mining is that if the ore was sold here, it could flood the metals markets, leading to an enormous drop in prices and a subsequent economic depression.

      The setting where it would make sense is if the material was used out there on site. Local manufacturing facilities could process the ore into useful structural sections, thereby reducing construction costs for buildings there. However, getting those facilities to those locations is another matter.

      1. Actually the cheap ore would make ore based products cheaper thus leading to an increase in demand for ore based products, more disposable income in the hands of consumers who would increase their demand for other goods and it would be a boom rather than a recession. It is basic economics….

        Of course West would be too stupid to capitalize from it, “save the asteroid belt foundation” founded by Soros and China would sabotage the development, BC would ban all ore based products, Trudeau would declare that we must go “ore neutral” in order to save space … on the positive side Greta might sail to space.

        1. Those regions that are dependent upon mining will suffer. What would be the point of extracting ore from the ground when it can be obtained far cheaper from the sky?

      2. Can you imagine getting up there and just having to work in the harshest environment possible (harsher than Fort Mac even) and focusing on the outward expansion of humanity away from the confines of this planet? Building the foundation for a humanity in the solar system — perhaps beyond.

        Surviving, prospering, building.

        Sigh, a future away from Greta, 6 years of US election hell every 4 years, beyond the reach of Bay Street creditors, Chinese viruses, and the Laurentian elite.

        Wait, who is that? Our new overlord, Darth Trudeauios?!?

        Surviving, prospering, building, joining the resistance. #spaceexit.

        1. Fuckin A.
          Mankind with a collective existential purpose rather than the get-along bullshit spewed by PM Queerboy and the NZ Skankasaurous might make the world a better place to leave.

      3. B.A.D. – couldn’t agree more about using materials “in-situ”. Re: getting those facilities to those locations is another matter – “SpaceX’s aspirational goal has been to land the first humans on Mars by 2024,[1][2] but in October 2020 Elon Musk named 2024 as goal for an uncrewed mission, with a crewed mission to follow later”, and, ” The expected payload for the Starship launch vehicle is to inject between 100–150 tonnes (220,000–330,000 lb) to Mars”. A private company seems to be getting it done faster than government run NASA.
        Colonialista – Surely Soros won’t be around long enough to “save the asteroids”…
        V.O.W.G – “The habitable zone is the area around a star where it is not too hot and not too cold for liquid water to exist on the surface of surrounding planets.” The Goldilocks zone.

          1. Buddy – you nailed it lol. Yaniv may be the very first Miss Uranus, a phrase his ex probably says from time to time.

    1. Chutz….!! All I got is holy shit..!!

      Am halfway through that video and it’s a mind blower. Am 68, & I’ve always been one who has had no issue over the years with various Vaccines. But introducing NANOTech into my body so as to induce certain physical labour in order to get paid..? Yea well, to me that’s DIGITAL SLAVERY.

      Here’s a link to (a discussion about), that patent (GATES Mar 26, 2020). # 060606
      And within are links to the ACTUAL PATENT.
      YOU ALL Should have a good look at this..!!


  2. Saskatchewan election thoughts…

    The Buffalo Party quietly exceeded the expectations of many (me too) by finishing in second place in four ridings.
    Also, the 17 Buffalo candidates got more votes (11,055) than the 60 Green Party candidates got (9,108).

    Actual Vote (mail-ins to come): Sask Party 63.1%, NDP 29.2%, Buffalo 2.9%, Green 2.4%, PC 2.1%, Independents (2 of them) 0.25%, Liberal 0.09%

    First-Past-the-Post (current system): Sask Party 50 seats, NDP 11
    Proportional Representation (theoretical): Sask Party 38 seats, NDP 18, Buffalo 2, Green 2, PC 1

    I got one brief moment of glee when I read that the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan got a grand total of 338 votes in the entire province (“Three hundred and thirty-eight.”)

      1. I did see something about that a couple of years ago. It may even have been that particular video.

  3. And now your Canadians are racist bastards story for today. National Post reports that legislation enforcing sexual assault training for judges, will also include training on systematic racism.

  4. In a different twist:

    An email from a friend arrived today with various political musings.

    One was this :

    Hillary Clinton: “The Norma Desmond of US politics”.

    Fair comment, I thought.

    There’s probably a whole movie character list to be mined for lines like that.

    After all, life increasingly seems to imitate “art”, or at least, “the arts end”.

    1. Hillary Clinton: “The Norma Desmond of US politics”.

      Complete with Arkanicide. If I recall correctly from Sunset Blvd. (a movie I haven’t seen in years), Norma Desmond (played by Gloria Swanson) kills Joe Gillis (William Holden). By that point in the movie, she’s a genuine fruitloop.

    1. Was well written. I got to the end and was thinking “What’s this got to do with Tal Bachman? Why is he in the title?” Scrolled back up to find out he wrote it. Had no idea he wrote at all.
      I was under the impression Steyn just had him around for musical accompaniment and all I could think was “She’s so HIIIiiii-ee-I-I…..above me” (cringing typing that) and was like, no thanks. Pretty good writer though. Actually believed it was Steyn until I read the byline

    2. Thomas
      Article By TAL is 1000% Bang on the Money.

      Trump is a one man show and he is being assaulted from every angle – every day.
      Canada is to me already in the clutches of a NAZI Cabal…

  5. As Blackie would say, those damn vets are asking for to much again. Blacklock reports that the Dept. of Veterans Affairs has stated that it will take until 2022 to clear up a backlog of benefit claims.

  6. And now another Canadians are racist bastards story. A drunken indian weaves all over the road with his car, nearly hitting a number of vehicles. Almost runs over a police officer. Report of him having a gun. The Liberal Party media is only upset at the way the Mounties arrest him.

    1. EVERYthing the NAZI’s did prior to 1939…We now see in Canada today.
      An Identifiable group to shit upon DAILY: White Euro Centrics
      A State Ministry for Propaganda: CBC/CTV/Global run by the minions in the PMO
      …and Kampfs….

      I keep asking Kenney if the Welcome sign will say: “Arbeit macht frei”..??
      Hmmmm, so far no response on the Kampfs themselves or its welcome sign.

  7. The Liberal Party media continues to pester Ford and his cabinet ministers about one of his MPPs not wearing a mask. And to make matters worse, the MPP is a Christian. No mention still of China Patty not wearing a mask. Meanwhile whats his name the Ontario Liberal leader issued a written statement today trashing Ford about his Bible believing Christian minister friend. Whats his name wants to know how many times Ford has met with the Islamophobic and homophobic minister.