Blind Horse

Bret Weinstein had his life threatened at Evergreen College for refusing to declare his inherent racism, his Unity 2020 Twitter account was suspended without explanation – and now this.

But he’s still anti-Trump because “something something better than that”.

Update: Eric Weinstein tears into Facebook’s Liz Bourgeois in an epic take down.

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  1. I’m super ambiguous about Weinstein. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I was half as brilliant as he is but as I recall from a podcast some years ago he explained to the host how he bent over backwards trying to prove his progressive bona fides to the increasingly militant SJW’s at Evergreen -so much in fact I clearly remember thinking, “Dude…seriously, have some god damn self respect will ya??!!!” But what struck me the most is how perplexed he was by it all. I mean, he just couldn’t for the life of him figure out where it all went wrong.
    But guess what? They didn’t buy what he was sellin’ and they kicked him to the curb anyways, I really think it had more to do with his Jewishness than he’s willing to admit but that’s his problem.

    So he’s kicked off Facebook? Geez, how awful. Wish I cared.

    1. He’s a genius, but can’t figure out a solution?

      Sorry, no, he’s a confused liberal who thinks he is a genius.

  2. L- When the Bolsheviks are taking total control, the Menshiviks are sent to the Gulag to make sure, that the very idea of competence and free thought is erased from the collective memory. The Askenazim should always read and study their own history, ancient and modern.

    The Kulaks have not forgotten theirs.

  3. A problem with these ‘honest liberals’, despite being sensible about the new madness of the radical left, are slow learners.
    Trump is EXACTLY what is needed. A tough, super confident, braggart who has courage. Normal Republicans and people like Bret don’t have the bull headed courage to fight the lunatic and dangerous left. Trump does. Somehow though Bret and his ilk are too ‘principled’ to see the wood for the trees.

  4. Geez, never heard of the dink till now, but one thing is clear – like so many others he’s been caught in a rat trap he helped design and build.

  5. But he’s still anti-Trump because…

    The world is not a binary place.
    Lots of people agree with many of Trump’s policy preferences but still want him gone because he is a corrupt, incompetent buffoon that does more harm than good.

    1. Timmy
      corrupt, incompetent buffoon that does more harm than good.
      You mean Biden right. Most of all, them E-mails are other people coming forward are showing just how bad he really is.

      You need to grow up.

    2. Lots of us see Trump’s faults but still want him President because he’s the least bad option. We didn’t drop the atom bombs on Japan because we think mushroom clouds are pretty, we did it because it was the least bad option.

      If you refuse to work with imperfect methods and tools, you will do no work at all. There is work that we need to get done to maintain a world safe for you to whine and cry in.

    3. Do you live in some weird parallel universe pal there can be no other reason for you to come out with such a stupid statement,the mind boggles to be honest.

  6. Tim G you are moron who would support the Obama/Biden/Trudeau sale of North America to the Chinese for fire sale prices for the only reason that you hate Donald Trump. If Biden cheats his way into the Presidency and Turdeau gets another four years as PM you better start brushing up on your Mandarin language studies.

    1. Trump and his republican sycophants have been working hard to steal the election for months. There is zero chance of Trump winning in a fair election. Unfortunately, he has a chance in an election where Republicans are allowed to use regulatory overreach to deny people their right to vote and use the courts to prevent votes from being counted.

      As for China: Biden is not the one taking million dollar payoffs from the Chinese government while he was president.
      The only thing Trump cares about is himself. He would sell out America in a second if he could profit from it.

      Case in point: his aluminum tariffs are a thinly disguised ruse designed to funnel money in the pockets of his Russian money men that control Glencore. He backs the aluminum tariffs even though it costs American jobs because more jobs depend on making stuff with aluminum than depend on making aluminum.

      1. Actually yes, Biden is taking millions from China. And Ukraine. And Russia. His name is Hunter and he’e the bagman for Joe. Yes, I know you haven’t heard about it, because the CBC has not coverd it.

        1. The offer was for $10 million USD for Hunter to get an introduction between his business partner and Joe Biden. What’s wrong, pidgie, don’t you check the stories before doing your pigeon strut on the chessboard?

      2. You’re a psycho-rabid leftist who writes for Mother Jones … eh TimG? Give me something about the Koch Bro’s. !! Oh!! You can’t … because they HATE Trump and are trying to defeat him too. Guess I’ll have to wait till another RINO runs for President … then you’ll spew hate about them again.

          1. vowg, “isn’t timmy the reincarnation of unme?” YES. When I see his handle, I skip over the post. I’m simply not interested in debating with him or any idiot. If he wants to splash around in a bath tub of cool aid, that’s his choice, but I’m not paying for the towels.

      3. Trump and his republican sycophants have been working hard to steal the election for months
        Prove it loser.

        Is Prez Trump asking for mail in, which we known has issues. NO. Just using the same system we have had for 100 + years.
        You poor libs, when you can’t win, you’ll do al you can to change it. Like picking Supreme court replacements. Or wanting to PACK the courts. Just like FDR tried. Typical losers you all are.

      4. Democrats have been working hard to steal the elections for generations. You look in the mirror and what you see is so ugly you try to convince yourself it’s a window through which you are viewing your opponents. Trump has no chance of facing a fair election if he doesn’t get enforcement of the regulations that restrict votes to those who have the right to vote, and only one vote each. Keep coming here and lying those lies you want to believe, if you repeat them often enough someone might believe them. But that someone is you.

      5. Have you always been so out of touch or is it only something that has developed since you’ve developed TDS.

      6. Timmy g
        “..The only thing Trump cares about is himself. He would sell out America in a second if he could profit from it…”

        REALLY..?? Utter bullshit. Where have you been the last 4 years anyway…stuck in a Sewer pipe perhaps.?? That could explain your blatant stupidity.

        I’d like to see him resurrect the old Senate Committee on Un-American activities and have it applied to ALL of North America…Where that to happen, your commentary may get you the limelight you so obviously desire.
        As for Weinstein…Awww geee. No one cares

  7. He thinks he needs facebook and twitter. His problem, not my problem. He has volunteered to be a slave, so it is all on him.

  8. Bret and his mate are redundant and embarrassing at this juncture.
    Academics to the supercilious core.
    And, yes, I know what happened to them.
    Now it is all show biz and buzz buzz

  9. He’a a centre-left democrat.. but in a world where everyone left of Mao is a Nazi, this is what happens.

  10. Like are academics he’s a coward. He knows the policies and the people he’s supported for years are dangerous. Yet rather than face the truth, that being Trump is all that is stopping far-left radicals from taking over the US, he does mental gymnastics to avoid the truth.
    I’m glad they punted him. His ilk are dangerous and are responsible for the ruination of generations in the indoctrination centers which our schools have become. Fk em, hope hes never seen from again.

  11. Bret, do you think Zuck gives a good goddamn if you live or die? Zuck married a Chinese woman. He wants his heirs and successors to be vermin-eaters. He spits in the face of his mother Israel on a daily basis.

    Here are your choices, Bret: Trump or the Samson Option.

    There will be no future for Jews even as slaves in a world without America. Once Israel realises she is already dead, she will have no reason left not to see to it that her tormentors die with her. And that will be the end of the world as you know it—and, incidentally, of Facebook.

    Choose wisely.

  12. “But he’s still anti-Trump because “something something better than that”.

    Yes, brainwashing will do that to you. Its hard to escape something that you’ve been told since kinder garden.

    Trump, of course, is not the smoothest operator, sometimes you gotta look away and get over it, he does though, get things that need to be done, done.

    The question is, is the wise guy against Trump or he can’t bring himself to vote republican?
    Thinking that he could not bring himself to vote republican. What would he have against Trump?
    He is still your basic socialist, what was done to him, he would do to others given the chance.

  13. Something, something better than that ?? Seriously?? Quoting Obama ? As if that is what America is yearning for ? Sad. And so far from the truth as to call his intellect into question. Intellectuals who lack common sense … cannot be considered intellectual.

  14. You have a Twitter account but you badmouth Twitter.
    I suspect that you have a FB account too, but you badmouth FB. I do not know if you have it but chances are you do.
    Consistency is not one of conservatives’ virtues. “Anything goes” is. This is how you loose support.
    You deride them and pay them at the same time. Be it with cash or with referred clicks. You feed your visitors’ cookies. They will die and kill for cookies, and you feed them. How do you spell “integrity”?

    1. Cit, “how do you spell”, His inte lligence is more than a little gritty, why waste your time?