31 Replies to “Say It Isn’t So, Joe!”

  1. “… they’re not government, but they act like government…”

    The big tech companies’ CEOs are totalitarians. They want to be in the inner circles of power, and they’ll align themselves with the party most likely to give them access to that power.

    1. The term government encompasses many things but breaks down essentially into the coercive and voluntary sector.

      The Rotary Club, a Strata Association, governing bodies for professionals, all voluntary in that you can participate and pay the price or not. The coercive? Well the old line goes if you wonder what that means, don’t pay your taxes and find out.

      The social media isn’t part of that government but wants to be, and on the coercive side with their protected censorship.

      People freak out and say why are conservatives going after a private company. Answer, most free enterprises accept the idea Twitter et al can make their own business decisions, BUT NOT UNDER THE PROTECTION OF THE STATE.

      Statist miss that notion entirely, given their belief that everything springs from government.

      While not freaking out trying to riot or frame Obama with some faked crime, I do take issue with two of his notions, which I think are anathema to the idea of any free society, certainly the US, they are:

      1. You didn’t build that, and
      2. We are a part of government.

      Precisely wrong and guaranteed to vector you to Greece first, followed by Venezuela type failures. Negative yield perpetual bonds anyone? How about platforms of discourse strictly controlled to drive a false narrative. Oh look, already underway.

      OK, now I feel better.

  2. Rudy flattened that reporter pretty good with his “don’t laugh…there are some dangerous people involved” line.
    Btw…the repairman contacted Republican Senator Mike Li Lee before reaching out to Rudy.
    Mike wasn’t interested. So there’s that.

      1. Seth Rich and quite a slew of others. Many people don’t believe It, but murder is routinely used to silence people and they get away with it. The case of Phillip Marshal and his KIDS and his DOG still haunts me. Disgusting people who do this. It is because it is so beyond normal behaviour that people don’t believe it’s done in the upper echelons of power. Or they just think it only happens in South America. Very naive.

        1. They murdered Princess Diana. I’m sure Prince Phillip called in that hit. Why is that old bastard still alive?

  3. Hunter has done the exact same thing that Manafort is sitting in prison for, but he’s a Democrat, so no prison for him! Just like Hillary should be in prison for her handling of classified materials and destruction of federal records. If you are a Democrat “gross negligence” warps to “extreme carelessness” and you skate. Spot the difference. The difference is the political party of the accused.

  4. The Democrat Party HAD to know all this corruption was going on with Biden … for years. Including the part where the CCP has all the compromising photos and emails on the Biden’s … and 50 more!

    The Democrat Party is determined to make America a vassal State of Communist China. They actually LIKE the fact that dementia-Joe is OWNED by China. They hand-chose a corrupt and compromised candidate.

    If PDJT loses to this State-criminal … America is DEAD. Because it will be proof that a majority of Americans are utterly brain-dead. But the media have already distracted this story by citing Giuliani as a crazy old white man who is tainted by Putin operatives. How dumb (or smart) are the American voters? We shall find out, eh?

    1. “How dumb (or smart) are the American voters? We shall find out, eh?”

      We already found out in 2008 and the conclusion was confirmed again in 2012.

    1. S O, I have no idea why the Canadian news media carry water for the democrats, they like us have no vote and they cannot influence the vote in America. This kind of goes back on my oft stated sentiment that Canadians are stupid. Why the hell would any media outlet in Canada gives a rat’s ass about the democrats, they can screw things up enough in Canada with their own bias and lies.

      1. With the kind of money we’re talking about here I think I can figure it out. Or like Dad used to say “First you need honest people”.

    2. Well CBC did finally have a story but it was all about how the FBI has to check and make sure this isn’t a Russian disinformation campaign. Plus a whole bunch about5 how this has already been debunked and how desperate Trump is.

    3. Waiting on Q4 financials from Postmedia any day now. They are barely solvent. I’m hoping With these next disastrous results they will begin to wind up operations. And remember, Torstar was sold to private equity for a lousy $15 million this year. A chain of half a dozen Timmies would sell for more.

  5. This is right out of the movie The Godfather. Don Joe “Vito” Biden is so far gone, he made the mistake of putting
    his crackhead son in charge of laundering and dispersing illegal foreign bribes to other members of the Biden
    family. And of course, there was a “family foundation” involved just like the Clinton Crime Family Slush Fund.
    Fredo Corleone had an excuse, his brain was fried by a high fever when he was a baby. That is why Fredo was
    assigned gofer duties. Hunter “Fredo” Biden fried his brains on crack cocaine. What kind of idiot abandons
    a laptop computer at a computer repair shop that implicates Don Joe “Vito” Biden in a bribery and money
    laundering scheme?

    If this were a movie, it would not be The Godfather, it would be The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. This is
    even more amateurish than the Russian collusion hoax. I wonder how long will it be before Hunter receives
    the Kiss Of Death? Don’t rule out the possibility that the Clintons will deal with Hunter. They know that Don
    Joe has dirt on them!

  6. Interesting information from Rudy about Biden’s corruption. With a POTUS Biden, Rudy fears America will be taken over by the same outside source that presently has Canada by the yarbles.

    Let us cry for Canada. United we stand divided we fall. Please America come on up!

    Rudy’s dread (beyond 2024?) has visibly and dramatically manifested itself in his health. The telltale sign is the hairless patch above his left ear. He has Alopecia.

  7. That was a good interview. This is way worse than I thought initially. That JB is a swamp creature was clear, but Rudy Giuliani is right, with this Chinese story the candidate Biden is compromised. The next ten days will be the end of the Biden campaign. Who would have thought.

    1. Me. And it will be Hillary riding to the rescue to “save democracy”.

  8. What seems to have passed everybody here is that the FBI have had the computer for over eight months and there have been no leaks about it, No Leaks!!! Funny that. Now what have the DOJ, especially Barr and Durham, and the FBI, especially Wray, been doing for the last eight months when this was sitting in their laps. Anybody here ever play the Hot Potato game or how about musical chairs? Looks like the music is about to stop and a lot of politicians and senior bureaucrats are searching for a seat. It now seems to make sense why the SDNY attorney’s office was going after Bannon over the wall project. The Democrats have known that the Trump had this all along. They couldn’t say anything and now it is coming out piecemeal. They don’t know how to counter it because Trump is not a Republican and is therefore not bound by the Marquess of Queensbury rules. Interesting times indeed! Maybe we’ll eventually see what was on the Weiner laptop that the FBI have also been sitting on.

  9. “S O, I have no idea why the Canadian news media carry water for the democrats, they like us have no vote and they cannot influence the vote in America. This kind of goes back on my oft stated sentiment that Canadians are stupid. Why the hell would any media outlet in Canada gives a rat’s ass about the democrats, they can screw things up enough in Canada with their own bias and lies.”
    It really has nothing to do with Democrats, its all about hatred fro Trump.Always has been.
    I said to a lady the other day who hates Trump.”its hard to believe he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 3 times”
    Here reaction was “huh”. I wouldn’t nominate him for dog catcher. Most Canadians have NO idea of Trump’s accomplishments.

  10. Another traitor. He is setting Biden up for mistrial. Leeches and vampires, all of them.

  11. I’m still bedbound with sciatica so am enjoying this latest discovery. I knew God would have something more to reveal before the election but NOBODY could have guessed it would be this. Now, I await his next move eagerly.
    My son’s friend (age 64) is making a part-time home in my basement and the other day he returned after visiting his sister in Toronto. He is a very calm person, but is completely beside himself with his idiot Dem loving-Biden supporting family. His bro. in Kg., his other bro (a unionist) near Ottawa and his nephew. He needed to get back here to reduce his chances of having a stroke. We here at 115 Main are the bastion of common-sense Trump supporters. Neither of us mention politics to my son. Gotta use good sense with your family. I’ve spouted off on Facebook and know I have a niece (RC) who has cut me off….one loves me enough to once in awhile acknowledge my existence. But no sympathy for dear Auntie in her agony! Would you put the Dems before your “favourite” Aunt?
    God, whatever You have planned before Nov.3, make it a GOOD earth-shaking one, I pray. Rattle some more cages, please.

  12. Eight months is plenty of time to “sanitize” a hard drive, AFTER a 100% “clone’ has been made and “filed for reference”.

    IF the computer is utterly “squeaky clean” upon release and then subsequent investigation by a new “party”, the fix is IN. How better to
    “persuade” any government leader than with their own files from their own computer.

    Then, there may be the “bonus” zombie-ware / spyware loaded before return,….

    Either way, someone is going to be dancing to a new tune very soon.