38 Replies to “Minister of Middle Class Prosperity & Associate Street Dealer”

    1. They join the BCNDP in that regard. They want a drugged out population, zombies voting for socialists.
      Yup when will start handing out Grey Goose and Lagavulin to alcoholics?

    2. Speaking of “progressive”…

      Ontario’s PC are just like socialists.
      Same for Kenney + O’Tool

  1. Ya, that ought to work our great. They can’t even make money om marjuana. !.4 million will only cover setting up an office.Look for this to escalate into billions.

  2. So are the Dippers. Enabling addicts rather than getting them to quit means a forever stream of taxpayer funded make work projects.
    Some a$$hole Lieberal made the comment: “Do you think they want to be addicted?” The answer to that is “YES”. No one gets addicted by accident. Getting addicted is a voluntary action.
    “There I was. Minding my own business. Out of the blue, a full hypodermic syringe full of heroin stabbed me in the arm vein and unloaded its contents.”

    1. I have always thought/said that if social workers did their job properly, they would eventually be out of a job. Social Work schools started in the mid 1960’s in most Canadian universities. So for the past 55 years plus, they have been ineffective – dare I say, they have actually made the situation worse.
      It is the same with all of these “safe drug injection sites”. And we did have not one but 2 members of our immediate family addicted to crack cocaine. They both managed to get off of it, after they both hit rock bottom.

      1. B M, I had one on crack, and one on booze, the crackhead quit, the boozer couldn’t. And yes , they need to do it themselves!

  3. Mona Fortier
    Sounds like cursing in French, tabernac.
    And doesn’t Ottawa’s Health Leader, Error Etches, look somewhat retarded?
    Of course mayor Jim Backdoor Watson is right in the center. As dirty a Librano asshole as you can imagine.
    Give em all some fentanyl and put them out of the collective misery of the taxpaying population.
    (Some ‘nice’ comments in the thread.)

  4. Wasn’t the gun registry supposed to be only $1 million?

    I wonder which Liberal cronies are cashing in on this deal.

    Because we all know how ethical and uncorrupted the Liberals are.

  5. Gawd almighty. That’s my ditz of an MP. And now she’s a pusher? Quelle surprise. I’ve always said the libs could run a mildly retarded cocker spaniel in this riding and it would get elected, because the voters are mostly teat suckers – generational welfare recipients and public servants.

    1. “…welfare recipients and public servants.”
      Is there a difference? Asking for a friend.

  6. My Darwinian take – an overdose now prevents several thousand deaths and ruined lives in the future. I get medical people like this idea; health care professionals are all about saving lives here and now, and that’s great.
    But there are larger societal concerns here.

    1. No, paramedics tell me they’re sick and tired going to these drug dens multiple times daily. It is always to pump antidote into the same idiots.

    2. Just because a drug is legal and pharma grade is no guarantee against overdose. When an addict gets a lower high from building up resistance to the same dosage level they increase the dosage to get the same high. Result: overdose.

  7. Being one of the vagina quota appointees to an Orwellian named Ministry of Middle Class Prosperity in a government hell-bent on destroying the middle class is such that self-defining their function to anything they want is at least as useful as its original one. Being worse than useless is their feature rather than an anomaly.

  8. So could someone get some free drugs from the government and then maybe decide not to take them, and then maybe sell them to someone who really, really needs them more? You know…to save their life.

    Asking for a friend.

    1. Why johnboy,that would almost be your duty.
      You would be acting as a “good Liberal” being very progressive..
      And what a good idea.
      Help your local junkie,procure government drugs,on their behalf,for when times are tough.
      So what if a “Small handling fee” is required?
      For we soon saw how inept government supply is,with government weed selling out in no time flat,followed by long periods of no supply.

      So to save your local junkie,you must stockpile government largess for the coming periods of shortage…

      Of course the courts will not see you humanitarian actions as such, for the first rule of Kleptocracy is;”Do not steal ,your government hates competition.”

    2. of course not, the agent at the safe injection site will observe you as you take your government mandated dosage of safe drugs, to insure that you don’t overdose, and aren’t harming yourself….


  9. Parliament is now open and the back bench Lib/NDP MP’s need to get their fix somewhere.

    How else can you explain them sitting on their hands while the leadership screws up so badly?

    1. “How else can you explain them sitting on their hands while the leadership screws up so badly?”

      Pension. Big, fat pension. Big, fat, GOVERNMENT pension.

      They don’t want you to vote for them for what they can do for you, but what you can do for them$$$. Not to mention an all expense paid life while in office, and probably loooooong after.

      A little, i mean a lot, of corrupt money one the side, all the better.

  10. The Big Pharma cartel.

    $1.4 million is peanuts and will in itself accomplish nothing. However, it is HUGE in the fact that it may further push the door open for yet another lucrative ‘poverty industry’ to be grown. Leftist politicians cannot say no to embracing these progressive ideals and with a compliant media they have no need to. Drug companies couldn’t fill up these cooperative politicians’ ‘foundations’ quick enough. And I could see virtue-preening politicians easily escalating the costs of a widespread program to rival what we now cover for seniors’ prescriptions.

    So what possible motive would well-paid bureaucrats and the pharma industry ever have to ‘solve’ the drug-addiction problem now? Like homelessness, there will be much more profit in ‘managing’ it.

  11. Notice the face mask in her twitter photo.
    If I ever pull a Pol Pot my first targets will be twits on twitter in face masks.

    ALL the “I Vote” billboards and posters in Vancouver have a masked person.

  12. So wait a sec. The Minister of Middle Class Prosperity is a drug pusher.

    You know what you give someone in the middle class who has everything? Some of that rocking Liberal gov’mnt dope, so next year they’ll have nothing (and neither will you or the rest of the family).

    I suppose the Minister of health was too busy swatching the new drapes and not managing the pandemic to announce non-strychnine laced Chinese fentanyl. They gave the ridiculous job to another of the liberal sacrificial ewes. Liberals must really hate women.

  13. You must be very proud of Khanada now, aren’t you? Ruled by drug dealers, traitors, money launderers, lunatics, psychopaths, perverts, paedophiles, terrorists and their sympathizers, and you name them. If only you ever listened! But listening is not one of your competencies. Speaking is. See, where speaking without listening took you? This is just the beginning.

    My consciousness is clean. I tried to talk reason into you, but none ever listens.

    1. Yes, yes, yes, you’re the one, true, pure voice, because everyone here was oh so prod of where the country was going, whatever, another Kevin, FOAD.

  14. One book and one movie.

    ‘Brave New World’
    ‘THX 1138’

    It’s all you need to know. In the Canada of the future, the only crime is to be under medicated.

  15. She is MP for the most drug addled riding in Ottawa and the locals want it cleaned up, not encouraged. They also want the Salvation nArmy to not build a huge new human disposal building in Vanier; the locals in Vanier have been trying for years to clean up the parks of syringes, needles and comdom so that children may play safely in them. The first thing the more sane druggies will do is cut the newer purer supplies to make cash. Stupid bitch.