Y2Kyoto: There’s No Such Thing As Clean Energy


In short: The world spend $3.6 trillion dollars over eight years, mostly trying to change the weather. Only a pitiful 5% of this was spent trying to adapt to the inevitable bad weather which is coming one way or another. Both solar and wind power are perversely useless at reducing CO2, which is their only reason for existing in large otherwise efficient grids. Wind farms raise the temperature of local area around them which causes more CO2 to be released from the soil. Solar and wind farms waste 100 times the wilderness land area of fossil fuels, and need ten times as many minerals mined from the earth. Biomass razes forests, but protects underground coal deposits.
The role of large wind and solar power in national grids is to produce redundant surges of electricity at random or low need times, they are surplus infrastructure designed in a religious quest to generate nicer weather. They always make electricity more expensive because the minor fuel savings are vastly overrun by the extra costs of misusing and abusing perfectly good infrastructure, which has to be there to provide baseload and backup, and yet is forced to run on and off, sitting around consuming capital, investments, labor and maintenance. It is simply impossible to imagine a situation where unreliable generators have some productive purpose on major grids other than to generate profits for shareholders or their mostly Chinese manufacturers.
Despite the extortionate, futile mountain-of-money paid to wind and solar parasites, they produced a pitiful 3% of all the energy needed on Earth, while fossil fuels produced 85%.

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  1. No one actually thinks this is about weather. It’s about diverting tax dollars to people the politicians like and those receiving the money skimming off millions for themselves and then kicking back millions to the politicians who put them on their payroll.

    1. I wish it were plain old-fashioned corruption.

      It’s about starving the West of energy so oil will remain cheap and China can keep growing at eight percent per year and on track to defeat the United States in war and conquer it before this generation passes away.

      Their objective remains what it always has been. Destroy Christian and Jewish civilization, which fears a God that isn’t money and adheres to a law that isn’t the whim of the rulers, and replace it with a tyranny with Oriental characteristics where the Name of the Creator is blotted out, and where their slaves give no more thought to ruling themselves than they do of visiting Alpha Centauri.

      1. It’s the watermelons. Green on the outside only, but red to the core. When the Iron Curtain fell the “wrong” way, they needed a different means of bringing the masses under their control. No votes are ever held to show what the masses think of the direction.

        Those buying in are positioning themselves as the professional supporting caste for the leadership. No ability is needed beyond being a party member.

    2. “No one actually thinks this is about weather”… I think that at least half of voters actually believe in the hysteria that supports the scam. That’s why it’s green theology. The zealots who push for it will never admit that they don’t believe because they are either rent seekers or communists and to them, truth is irrelevant.

      1. They are true believers. But not just 50%, closer to 90%. People on SDA may think it’s a scam (and it is) but there is a humungous mass of nitwits who have drank the koolaid and bow and cow tow to the green machine.

  2. KIt’s What Justin said above and is also, to me, given the UN’s IPCC, a massive scam designed to destroy Western Hemisphere Capitalism. They (IPCC), will tell you for the asking.

    Look no further than the actions of PM DickSpank and his campaign to destroy the Oil Sands and all the Industries that produce, maintain and feed off that sector….all at the behest of said UN.

    We are at War with Communism and have a leadership & seemingly a MSM wholly owned by Communists…TREASON is what that is called.

  3. Bottom line, it is and always has been about control.
    Self-reliant people cannot be controlled. Take away the means to be independent and self-reliant and the populace is now beholden to the ruler.
    The whole global warming / population bomb / climate change issue is just a means to cull the weak making the stronger of us easier to pick off.

  4. The Sask Party has a “climate plan”. Makes them ineligible for my vote.

    Looks like the Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan is committed to “Continue with Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) technology and increase efficiency and the value-added productivity of these facilities. We will be a Global Leader in CCS technology.”

    Looks like new boss same as the old boss.

  5. You want to see a dead windmill areas. Come to Calif. They have been building these beasts for what 30+ years and they are every-where. But few still work. Just rusting away. I guess they cost to much to remove, so just wait till they fall, then haul them away.

    1. Dustoff, they will never be hauled away. One defunct wind farm out there is burying the entire freaking wind turbine farm, about 41 of them I believe. Yes, burying them. Get your tiny minds around that you green freaks.

  6. The energy out put required to build a wind turbine, exceeds the entire energy output for the wind turbine, as long as it functions. Lets build more, it is the perfect economic system. You build it, you destroy it and you build it again, as long as you have fossil fuels to continue rebuilding them. Morons.

    1. Yup vowg, you nailed it, The cost of energy, and construction materials is more than the amount of energy return for the total life of the turbine. Add in maintenance and repairs, and its a net loss, a big one. At least they are allowing the clapped out ones to slowly return to their organic origins, I guess at least that part is green huh.

      There once was a sci fi story (name and author escapes me) about aliens landing on planet earth a billion years from now, and all human life is gone, and their archaeologist’s after finding remnants of Giant Yellow M’s all around the planet, and concluding that these McDonald’s letters, were some form of ancient religion. (for fast foodies, maybe it is) I’m wondering what they will conclude about all the giant windmill remnants they’ll find.

      Wasn’t there also some silly fairy tale about windmills way back when?