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    1. Colonialista: Don’t worry about Mr. Trudeau’s flights and their related costs. Soon, he’ll be flying a battery powered airplane and the carbon tax will pay for all the costs. One slight problem. The toy store can’t find one that fits in his suitcase!!

    2. And, of course, the proper response from Canadians should be: “Oh, Dear Leader, we would rather die than deny you your every last comfort. Please raise our taxes so that you can use them to enrich yourself and your friends.”

    1. L- That is so cool !

      Up here in Canada, candidates run on mediocrity, as a fit for the party platform: Nothing scary, no hint of an alpha male or controversial or high achievement; the favoured background is a life in a monastery, but a secular one.

      1. That’s because unique, alpha candidates each cause about three days of bad headlines and stories in the awful mainstream media. Any campaign message is ignored. Three days works out to about ten percent of an entire election period. There is just not enough time to recover from that kind of self-inflicted error (see Andrew Scheer’s US Citizenship controversy). The Liberal candidate gets the benefit of the doubt. The Conservative does not. Life is not fair.

      2. In BC, the key credential is former life as an environmental activist and/or
        ngo leader for the drug addicted and homeless mentally ill.

  1. To B A Rupertslander,
    Re: Your Weekend Movie Post:

     “A Rumor of War (1980) Part 1 Of 2 – Brad Davis, Keith Carradine” (1:35:46 )
     “A Rumor of War (1980) Part 2 Of 2 – Brad Davis, Keith Carradine” (1:33:47)

    This was a realistic depiction of the Vietnam War. I do believe that I may have seen this movie in 1980 but not positively sure. However, I do remember meeting draft dodgers in Montreal and ones possiblly AWOL, hiding out in Florida. They were frightened young men. I felt fully sympathetic with their plight and the difficult conditions under which they had to survive.

    The last line from from the flick, “A Rumor Of War”was:
    “I had survived, but that was my only victory”…

    This was a poignant story.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. We had several words describing Vietnam Draft Dodgers in 1980 Poland, none are however fit for polite conversation.

      1. While I was growing up in NE B. C., there were several American families living in the area. Some of them attended the church I went to back then and I was in school with several of the kids.

        One of them was a prominent member of the congregation. He seemed like a decent, friendly chap, having settled in nicely in the area. He married a local music teacher and people, including my mother, generally liked him. Eventually, it came out that he was a draft dodger and my mother’s opinion of him changed and not for the better.

        The eldest son of another family–a former Sunday School teacher of mine–went back south in the mid-1960s. I don’t know if he was conscripted or volunteered, but he eventually became a helicopter pilot (Army, I think), serving in the Mekong Delta. He was decorated (Silver Star, as I recall) and I remember reading an article about him in the local newspaper.

        Let’s not forget that many draft-dodgers came from rich families and could afford to get themselves out of the country. Unfortunately, people who didn’t have that luxury or privilege had to take their places. A lot of the grunts were poor or working class boys.

        At least men like Muhammed Ali (or was he still Cassius Clay back then) had the courage of their convictions and sent to jail.

        1. I knew a number of draft dodgers as well. I generally wasn’t sympathetic but my attitude has changed over time. I’m no fan of a conscripted army sending young men off to fight a political war.

        2. Lots in Alberta came to grad school and married Canadians. As a Peter Lougheed Progressive Conservative, in my late teens, I was favourable to draft dodgers, as were most of my friends, all slightly affected by the anti-war rhetoric of the day.

          That war made no sense to me, then nor now as a remedy, an exception in my thinking about duty, service, respect and positive support for the military. I was also skeptical about the “weapons of mass destruction” responses and questioned the efficacy of our too lengthy actions in Afghanistan.

    1. Love those charts. Mask mandate=level of fear among politicians, especially those who love to “ban, over-regulate and tax-to-the-max everything they do not like”.

  2. Thanks Robert,
    You’ve taken us down memory lane. Three Dog Night had many hit songs and were often played on the radio back in the day.

    This is one of many favourites, it’s 50 years old now:
    “Out in the Country” – Original Stereo LP – HQ

        1. Nancy, its true he was a Calgarian. Saw them in Winnipeg back in the day at their height of their popularity. Show started with them coming out one by one for introduction. When Floyd came out last, he was adorned in a jump suit which was in the colours of the Canadian flag, white with red arms/legs and a big red maple leaf on his chest. The crowd went absolutely insane! Made for a rocking start to an unforgettable experiance.

          1. Oh really MDKR. What a guy! I checked the concert list, they didn’t play Montreal or Toronto, surprisingly.

            This enclosed video proves that you can take the man out of Calgary but you can’t take Calgary out of the Man. Check out that hat! Sweet guy, may he RIP.

            2016 NAMM Show: Floyd Sneed Interview

    1. one is not an effective administrator unless one can get more form the gravy train.

      1. “In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in control and those dedicated to the goals the bureaucracy is supposed to accomplish have less and less influence, and sometimes are eliminated entirely.”

        -Pournelle’s iron law

    1. joe, one good thing about the off shore wind farms is that when they wear out/become obsolete they just have to blow them up and let them sink. cost is meaningless these days joe as no one will be paying for anything soon, the virus you know.

    1. It’s up at the moment, though the last post is Oct 2nd. He needs to move to an independent server like Hostmatters.

  3. And now your Canadians are racist bastards story for today. Blackie’s media is excited about the new Museum Of Slavery in Nova Scotia. Meanwhile Great Leader is back from Harrington Lake. At noon he will be reminding filthy Canadians to wash their hands. Peking Tam will remind everyone to wear a mask when having sex this Thanksgiving. Then Blackie has a virtual meeting tonight with the most important voting group in the country, unionized teachers.

    1. Museum of Slavery in N.S. That’s interesting, in my fairly long life I have never met a black slave from NS, nor any other slave from NS. There are a lot of white taxpaying slaves there these days.

    2. The purpose of the museum is to remind us of what black slavery would have been like had it existed there and to make us atone for it.

      1. I will follow up with more information than needed. I was born and raised in Cape Breton. There was a black community in the Sydney area, Whitney Pier I believe. . There were never any slaves there, strange that.

  4. The children running the prime minister’s office are getting ready. Blacklock has the list of test questions for the new position of storyteller. One question is, if you had one superpower what would it be.

  5. Here is a good interview with the German doctor who was arrested for speaking at a rally in Trafalgar square. When you are trying to figure out how much if Covid is real and how much it us created by deliberately sowing fear and bring used to create police state, video’s like this tip the scales in the direction of pLandemic:

    1. This is nothing new to us. The kid’s old man shut people up.
      The 50th anniversary is this October.

      1. It’s exactly 50 years since James Cross was kidnapped by those “freedom fighters” (can’t call them hoodlums or gangsters now, can we?).

  6. Digital literacy? Sure, sure.
    My guess this cash is going towards stopping A to A instead? Money is free flowing like water in the kid’s hands….
    Check this out:

    EXCLUSIVE SGR Rebel News:
    $3 million grant for Tides Canada to improve ‘digital literacy’ in Northwest Territories

    1. Was there a competition, or is this another “We” adventure. With Tides it is not about digital literacy. It is about brain washing. Harper once remarked that after his tenure we would not recognize Canada. Or maybe he didn’t say it and it is just another media claim. Regardless, it is only now, after Justin’s tenure that I (and I suspect many others) do not recognize Canada. I believe Harper was aiming to improve things for the better. Justin is selling us out to the globalists,

  7. Oh Noooo! Infrastructure Barbie has done weird things again. Post Millennial reports that Barbie attended an arranged wedding and ate part of the buffalo that was used to PURCHASE the bride. That is so “feminist”.

  8. Rex Murphy outdoes himself at the National Post. This time about Blackie hiring a storyteller.

  9. Clare Bronfman a Seagrams heiress, sentenced to 81 months (6.5 yrs), for her part in the NXivm Sex scandal in the US. Not anywhere near enough time IMO.

    But one can only hope this rotten skank is put into population… with 150 males identifying as Women.
    Now that would be karma.!


  10. Blackie looks after his friends(at taxpayer expense). Ralphie Goodale was appointed as the new ambassador to Britain. Rumour has it that he stated, we are entitled to our entitlements.

    1. He does not have to have stated it. I am sure he thought it. It is integral to being a loyal Liberal.

    2. Now he can travel on our dime instead of his entitled pension cash which is still our dime.

      Nothing like an old wh— wh— (I can’t say it) wh—……….(still can’t) that’s for sure!

      Nice birthday present, born on Oct 5, 1949.
      He’s 71 today.
      Congratulations Goodale, old geezer!