19 Replies to “The Coming Race War: BLM Marxists vs. Woke White Leftists”

  1. Let’s pay for tickets for the whole lot back to where they came from so they won’t have to suffer in our country. Good idea
    for gofundme?

  2. Good…..sounds a bit like Kate’s old headliner “when your enemies are fighting you don’t pick a side, you pray for an asteroid”. This is going to be fun to watch….kind of like Stalinists vs. Trotskyites.

  3. Stupid white women were fine back in the day when I wanted to get laid. Hearing these fools talk is painful. They would make willing sex slaves in the ghetto.

  4. Just taking a wild guess but I think the one’s advocating for violence have never been on the receiving end of the violence.
    That is if I’m supposed to take what’s being said in good faith.
    Now if I dispense with the good faith assumption then this can all be attributed to malice, and once you have the act there is enough objective evidence to proceed with a writ.
    You advocate violence with specific details of who the intended victim is and identity who you want to commit the act, that would be conspiracy to commit the act.
    Yeah, that should look good on a resume.

  5. She actually said to go get the money, without any apparent awareness of how much “whiteness” is rolled up in it, based on the rest of her screed.

    It’s always, always, always…you have and I don’t, so I’m going to take it, because I can’t earn it myself. It can’t be something intrinsic to you that constantly makes you fail…it has to be some extrinsic, unfair factor that’s responsible…because otherwise you’d be rich and famous already. The Man is keeping you down, so fight the power! Or something.

  6. For a political sect that goes on and on about diversity and tolerance, there is NO tolerance for diversity on the far left. They are zealots. A bunch of progressives have observed that they are treated better by conservatives and libertarians than their own political compatriots, where even minor deviances from holy writ are harshly penalized.

  7. Race war is what is intended by BLM. At least the Black Panthers of the ’60s had a plan, no matter how outrageous; these people don’t; just race war.

    They also want to keep American blacks on the plantation of victimhood and state handouts.

  8. The destruction of western civilization—sorry, “whiteness”—will not allow black people to “live free”—unless you count death as freedom.

    Hunger, plague and the tribal warfare that will break out when there are no whites left to kill will quickly reduce their population to a level sustainable by subsistence farming, the only mode of production Africans ever completely mastered.

    If they wanted to live free they could do it in Liberia. All they really are is animals—animals who have lost their fear of humans because stupid humans keep giving them food, and turn violent when they don’t get treats.

  9. “We have police because white people want them.” ??? Like Blacks never call police?

    I have family members who talk like this. I laugh at them.

  10. How retarded and indoctrinated do you have to be to look at the world and come to the conclusion that all races are equal? That is some serious doublethink.

  11. Many years ago I left an abusive husband. He used to lose and find Jesus the way other people do their car keys. After getting confronted yet again, he would arrive at a meeting or a court date or whatever and explain how Jesus had made him a new man and it would never happen again, thanks be to Jesus. After we’d leave, he’d get back out into the car with me and he’d laugh at how stupid they were as we drove home. I am experiencing the same feelings right now watching this.

  12. Commenting after SG (AKA A Canadian) always feels like I need a shower after being so close to a real racist.

    The white women seen are all suffering from Stockholm Syndrome of sorts and I couldn’t help thinking about them all being loyal Obama voters. You can see why the black racists who are really no different than the Indian racists we see here in Canada, particularly despise the woke whites perhaps because they, through their support for all of the programs since the Great Society premised on the racism of low expectations, are somewhat responsible for the crab bucket (of identity politics) within which they have been nurtured and now revel within.

  13. I spent a day there and read a lot about a land where the slaves killed or expelled the whites and their influence 200 hundred years ago. I would direct you to the tropical paradise that is Haiti.

  14. Be nice if they would kill each other and we could get back to living our lives. That of course applies to the idiots who think a virus is going to kill us all, if only their dream would come true and they would be among the 2 tenths of 1 percent who actually die from the virus. No such luck, I am sure I have a better chance of winning the lottery than that happening.

  15. ** & VOWG, Ain’t that the rub. None of us want to be part of this bulls%t, but they are insisting we participate. I live now, not two hundred plus years ago. I didn’t create their misery, I don’t contribute to it either. For the most part they have brought it on themselves, yet will blame those who they most hate. Hate because they don’t have what they perceive we do, and that we worked for it. They want, but will not educate themselves or work for or toward those things they want, so they need to take it. The amount of effort they do expend to demand it, would get them what they wanted, if they applied that effort to actually working for it, instead of screaming obscenities and attacking us. The simple reality that they can’t see the forest for the trees, is lost on them, so they choose to clear cut the forest. Then of course they still won’t have what they demand because they have destroyed it in their idiotic quest to obtain it. I think the ultimate goal that they want without knowing it, is for the rest of us to go and live in Liberia, or anywhere else, and leave this continent to them. Which will become a giant Haiti type state very rapidly. Would they then be happy and content in that new misery? I doubt it.

  16. “….Hunger, plague and the tribal warfare that will break out when there are no whites left to kill will quickly reduce their population to a level sustainable by subsistence farming, the only mode of production Africans ever completely mastered….”

    See Rhodesia, S. Africa, Somalia, Nigeria, Rwanda etc, for Prime examples.

  17. If you deep fry a turd, and put it on a Belgian waffle with fruit, frosting, powdered sugar, and syrup on it, and serve it on fine china with linen napkins and sterling silver… it’s still a turd.

    Critical Race Theory is racism, plain and simple.
    It doesn’t matter how nicely you package it and market it. A rose is a rose is a rose, and racism is racism is racism.