Laying the Groundwork for an Undemocratic Takeover of America

A few days ago Scott Adams warned of never-ending psychological warfare until election day, setting the stage for the Democrats to steal the election from the will of the American people. Here’s an example of an article designed to do just that:

“We are sounding an alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump,” he said.

“When every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day, which will be some day after Election Day, it will in fact show that what happened on election night was exactly that, a mirage,” Mendelsohn said. “It looked like Donald Trump was in the lead and he fundamentally was not when every ballot gets counted.”

You see, you dopes, even though President Trump and the Republicans will appear to have won, the Democrats need time to change your delusional aspirations of democracy and fair elections.

35 Replies to “Laying the Groundwork for an Undemocratic Takeover of America”

  1. If you are serious about that, you should work towards retaking the Internet from the hands of a few select criminals who had monopolized it and turned into a vehicle that serves only two purposes: the enrichment of the few select criminals and dissemination of their point of view only.

    This is true about all worldwide monopolies: Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google.

    All of them without exception are criminal, deceptive, brazen, fraudulent outfits. What starts criminally, lives criminally on. They have to be brought down, broken down, and regulated in as much as they regulate everyone. Otherwise the playing field is not level. It must be made such.

  2. Honesty, honor and morality are no longer the defining characteristics of freemen. Instead they have been replaced with fraud, lying and perversion all with the goal of enslaving the populace. Canadians have lost their freedom in just my lifetime. We continue to embrace being at the trough and are slothful unthinking people. It will come to a very disastrous end. As I have said many times, everyone cannot have everything. Government can only take the freedom you already have, not grant you it. For a very graphic reference, please see whu who flu lockdowns and the continuation of same.

    1. Back in the 80’s The Rolling Stones wrote a song titled “Winning Ugly”. Ostensibly, it was written to mock the Booming Reagan economic era of “Win at all cost”. The Left has not only embraced the idea … but it is it’s central tenet. “By Any Means Necessary” is their motto.

      Of course this includes STEALING an election as new votes are “found” in the mail. Rest assured there will be weeks and weeks of “new” ballots “found”. And the fact that the Democrats have not conceded a US Presidential election since 1988 (the Stones song was written in 1986) … is PROOF … they are fully committed to “Winning Ugly”.

      The song is a bad foray by the Stones into the “Disco era … and the topic is horrific. Cheating to win hurts everyone. Cheaters DO prosper … for a short time. But their cheating eventually destroys the game.

      The London Mix is the best … better definition of the guitar work

      BTW … I just saw a show where Sammy Hagar was interviewing Ted Nugent. He asked Ted who he thought was the greatest guitarist of all time. After Ted said that musical styles are too diverse (even within Rock) to answer with a single name … he said Keith Richards was ‘the man’. Longevity, incredibly high standards and hard work through his long career were cited by Ted.

  3. Their ” What if Trump refuses to leave office?” is also pre propaganda and laying the groundwork for cheating. It’s a dilemma. We read an article the other day which we it clear cheating is easily done– especially with mail in votes. What is to be done?

  4. I can understand their delusion.
    If someone goes to all that trouble to rig an election so that Biden wins only to have Trump win on election night, yeah I can see how they get so unhinged.

  5. This is CIA, Deep State and Shadow Government working together to tell the people of America and the world what their plan is and how they are going to do it. They have done this throughout their sordid history.

    But, people are waking up and seeing what an anarchist and unlawful America will look like under their rule. America is poised to rip itself apart if the Strongmen in the Cabal are allowed to proceed with their plans unabated for much longer.

    Barr needs to start perp-walking the likes of the Clinton’s, 0bama’s , Comey, Schiff, Strozk etc to take the wind out of the Shadow Government’s sails. Once a few of them are exposed and charged, the rats will run for their lives as the gravey train has hit the brick wall.

    When justice has a chance to be seen by the people, the people will rise up and be emboldened to stand up and fight for the rule of law and for true justice. History has proven this over and over again.

    1. All True.
      Then what is Preventing Donald Trump from moving this herd of Marxist filth to the Dungeons..??

      Time to get on this..STAT. If the US Falls, so does Western Hemisphere Civilization.

  6. Don’t always agree with Glen Beck, but he is giving an interesting talk on that subject this morning.

  7. The article is preemptive propaganda to set the stage for possibly the biggest election fraud scheme the South American banana republics could ever dream of.

    Those that run Axios, Bloomberg and the author of the article are the smooth talking Morlocks that would like to dictate to the rest to fall in line, never mind the corrupt meme they spread. Any other way is no way.

    “Laying the Groundwork for an Undemocratic Takeover of America” is rather precise way to put it.

  8. Dems could stuff ballot boxes with clumsily faked R votes.

    When the landslide happens, the fake votes magically get revealed. Real votes get discredited by association, just like real money gets discredited by counterfeit money.

    Result: chaos, stalemate and…Pelosi.

  9. Imagine having so little comprehension of democracy as to write something like that. Elections by definition need to be decided that day. It’s why there is such a thing as concession. AS fas as I am concerned, Trump made a major mistake by not tightening this up when he had the chance. Voting should require government issued photo id and voting by mail should be outlawed. If you don’t have the gumption to do those two things, then you should not have a right to participate in the voting process.

    1. PDJT made an offhand comment that this election is likely to require a complete … ‘do over’. There is some logic to this conclusion. The leftist Courts, race-baiters, and the full power of the Democrat Party have all … RESISTED … voter ID. Perhaps PDJT is correct … that our National Election has to turned into a complete third-world, Banana-Republic, shitshow … before we can finally clean it all up with Voter ID and a Nationally standardized voting system.

      I suspect our forefathers lived in a VERY different era …where morality was an inborn instinct for the vast majority of Americans. They came here to escape lands of Monarchy and fixed “elections”. Today’s Dems admire monarchical dominance. Admire Fascist Dear leaders like Chairman Xi

    2. People can’t get off their lazy *ss to go vote. They will sit on the curb overnight for the latest cell phone or concert tickets, but spend a bit of time to actually go out and vote? No way.
      Mail in and online voting cater to the lazy sh*ts.

  10. The Democrat party changed last Night,,, Pelosi & Joe Kennedy lost to the AOC mob….Pelosi is done & if Dem’s win the House AOC will be the BOSS…..As Speaker she could become the President if the Election dissolves into total chaos and the Electoral College can’t declare a winner… Democrat Lawyers filling Lawsuits & their Corrupt Judges slow walking the cases…..

    Looks like a Civil war is needed to resolve the fate of the Communists


  11. The only delusional people are Trump supporters who think that mail in ballots don’t count. The election cannot be called until all of the mail in ballots are counted and this year that means the results will not be known on election night. This is a simple fact. No conspiracy.

    Of course, the hopelessly corrupt Trump and his legions of sycophants know that Trump could not possibly win if all votes are counted are instead trying very hard to deny the right to vote to as many people as possible. If Trump supporters really cared about democracy they would be working constructively with the democrats to ensure that all votes are counted as efficiently as possible. But lets not kid ourselves. Trump supporters don’t give a crap about democracy. The only thing that matters is installing their stooge on the whitehouse for another 4 years and if denying a large number of Americans their right to vote is what is required then they will do it.

    1. People can’t get off their lazy *ss to go vote. They will sit on the curb overnight for the latest cell phone or concert tickets, but spend a bit of time to actually go out and vote on voting DAY? No way.
      Mail in and online voting cater to the lazy sh*ts.

    2. Timmy boy, anyone who thinks mail in ballots is anything but a fraud machine is either an utter idiot, or a democrat. Or both, since the stupid is strong in anti Trumpers like you. The US electoral system is such a joke the country doesn’t qualify for G7 status any more. The only way to ensure fair voting is:

      in person
      with voter ID
      a finger dipped in purple ink after voting

      Can’t vote on the day, that’s why there are advance polls. Can’t go to vote because you’re afraid of the Wuhan Flu, then stop going to Walmart, a$$hat. Military serving overseas? Guess what, when I served overseas, I voted in person, with ID at a polling station set up on my base.

      There is no excuse for mail in voting. It’s idiotic and wide open to fraud. Which is exactly why the DrunkPelosiParty wants it. Now f*ck off, Timmy. We don’t take to your sort of cretinism and depraved dishonesty in these parts.

    3. Writes the guy who probably owns several vagina hats, believes Strzok, DB Ford and Comey only speak the truth and Antifa doesn’t exist.

      1. Another delusional Trump supporter who thinks the can make up any number of a bizarre and unsubstantiated slurs about people they disagree with so they can justify ignoring arguments they don’t like.

        All such arguments do is showcase the irrational zealotry of Trump supporters.

    4. timmy, 1955, senator johnson the johnson won senate election by ballet box stuffing, 1960 JFK won 2 states by ballet box stuffing, done by the Mafia. Mail ins are easier to cheet at, and that is the point. Also there have been recent cases were this has happened, and Dims were charged in all of those cases.Also in 16 ther3 was one case were 100% were for hitlery, and another were there were more ballots cast than there were register voters, and that is why lefties like to register the dead and illegals, just so it is easier to bury fraud>

    5. Why should I care is some PLL are to stupid to VOTE, or don’t care to get registered & show up at the Polls… Nothing in the “Republic” says everyone MUST vote… Stuff your BS

      1. Poll workers are often from high risk groups like seniors.
        Sitting inside a building in close proximity of hundreds of people is a high risk activity.
        How many seniors do you think deserve to die just so you can have “in person voting”?

        The fact is mail in ballots have been used for decades with no significant issues. The only reason Trump supporters whinge about them now is it gives them excuse to steal the election by denying people their right to vote.

        1. Timmy, you dumb slut, no civilized country uses mail in ballots for national elections, other than the Necrotized States of Disfunction. And then only so organized crime, i.e. the DrunkPelosiParty can win even though no sentient being would vote for them. See a doctor for your syphilis, sunshine. I think you’ve reached stage 4.

          1. WTF? Every democratic country in the world uses mail in ballots for all elections.
            Trump himself regularly voted by mail in the past.
            We recently had a 100% mail in ballot in BC for the referendum of FPTP and it went fine.

            (albeit, the government of BC worked constructively to make sure it succeeded. OTOH, Trump seems bent stealing the election so he is trying very hard to make sure the mail in ballot process is a chaotic mess).

            BTW – The vote for president in the US is the sum of 50 statewide elections – it not technically ‘national election’.

    6. timmy, just how stupid are you? You think no one can figure out how to hire younger people to be pol monitors and have those people tested to see if they have already been exposed and /or have HCQ at the ready, just in case. This how you lying stupid lefties justify your efforts to subvert democracy and justice. Just because something was done in the past, doesn’t dictate that that is how it has to be done today.

      1. Mail in ballots have been used in every election in the US for decades. There is nothing inherently wrong with them. The only reason Trump supporters are whinging about them is because they know that taking away the right to vote from people is the only way they could possibly win the election. It is self serving nonsense.

  12. Let’s stop ballot harvesting before it begins. Mail in voting needs 2 factor authentication, one of the factors needs to be ID.

  13. The damn-ok-rats will photocopy their ballots like no tomorrow.
    This is where you whip up your 2a to protect the 1a. If you do not, you are stupid. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Your friggin captcha is acting stupid again. And I thought you’ve fixed it!