28 Replies to “Rittenhouse Lawyer Shreds Media Narrative on Kenosha Shooting”

  1. The corrupt MSM will not give this kid a fair shake. They are too beholden to the modern day SA groups.

    Rope, tree, journalist; some assembly required.

    1. They will start getting offed soon enough. Remember, the REAL militias are not the handfuls of pudgy kids playing dressup in the state park.

      You have never seen the real militia in full force yet. And their members like to keep it that way.

      It is quite possible that the Portland assassin has already been quietly dealt with. Maybe not but the kind of people that hunted down Bin Laden have been meeting off the grid and off the record. And they most definitely don’t take their orders from backstabbing scum like Vindeman, or screeching twats like Colin “45 minutes to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq” Powell.

      I preferred it when they were shrieking openly during the Tea Party era. Their more recent silence and invisibility really is interesting though.

      This represents a MAJOR escalation, from bitching and whining, to the “planning and implementation” phase.

      LE is utterly effed if they try to stop them.

      A coup in America will NOT involve convoys, TV stations, palaces and airports. It will involve back alleys, parking garages, unmarked cars, drive-bys, car combs, drone strikes, … garottes. And a sudden and very prominent 180 in the attitudes of the Dems and media, once the whackos start disappearing one by one.

      They offed a judge’s kid already in a batched raid.

      It’s on.

      1. I have to admit… I wouldn’t be terribly troubled … if I read that the Portland murderer’s body was discovered in a Clackamas roadside ditch.

      1. Probably, but he nevertheless remains a victim of utterly reprehensible, malicious prosecution.

        1. Prosecutors can have accidents downstream in a year or two. Blackmail, kiddieporn, car crashes, poison … The list goes on and on.

        2. Yup, it seems the legal is all one sided. The kid will be a Sandeman millionaire. Biden called him a white supremacist on CNN so he’ll be getting that sweet DNC and CNN money.

          Do I agree with any of what is happening? HELL NO. I can’t imagine Kelowna being burnt to the ground by raging crowds of anti-Horogan protestors (some of us came over from Alberta… watch yourselves BC). It’s all insane, the riots, the arson, the gunfire, the descent into madness for a political agenda.

          However, he says (picking a fight), what if Kyle was black the two dead, one injured, white? I wonder, would we even be talking about it in this manner? Would it be played so hard in the media? Could there be a nugget of truth in the BLM narrative.

  2. The person that tried to kill Rittenhouse is NOT in jail along with others because they are Democrate’s, this is a Democratic City and Terrorist are aloud to destroy, kill, burn and steal, where were the police for this young gentleman as he was being beaten and almost killed. BLM and Antifa are Terrorist groups from all over being sponsored by Elite’s of the Elite’s.

    1. The kid is a hero. Rittenhouse could ve killed many more, but showed restraint and only fired at the mentally deranged thugs trying to kill him. Good job, imo… The Government of Kenosha and Wisconsin along with their Media are sending a clear message to anyone who would dare defend themselves from the blood thirsty mobs. Defend yourself from the mobs and you will be punished. One law for you and a different law for the mobs. Violent Mobs will be enabled, aided and abetted by the local Government and cheered on by the corrupt Media. If you dare attempt to stop the enabled Mob or defend yourself from those in the mob that want to kill you, then you will be punished by the very same enablers of the Mob. We saw the same reaction from the elitist Media and local Government when a few weeks ago we witnessed that couple in DC arm themselves and bravely protect themselves and their property from a violent mob hell bent on destroying whatever the hell they felt like destroying. The lawless enemy is sending a message to those that want the laws upheld. The kid did what he had to do and now he”s being punished by a lawless Government for not letting the Mob beat him to death.

      1. You now have to defend yourself not just against a rioting mob but the police and the government itself.

  3. In related news, Comrade Duch, the Khmer Rouge kingpin who ran the notorious Tuol Sleng prison in Phnom Penh where “new people” were tortured before execution in the killing fields, has died of old age in a Phnom Penh hospital.

    Before a supposed “war crimes tribunal,” Duch admitted without shame or remorse to being personally responsible for over 12,000 deaths. Because nobody who matters actually gave a damn what he had done, he was rewarded with free room and board for the rest of his life by the Cambodian government.


    What’s the difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter?

    Terrorists die in bed, unpunished and unrepentant.

      1. Kate hasn’t dubbed BLM the Khmer Noir for nothing. Their ultimate goal is the same as their namesake—mass murder.

      2. We’re talking about warped systems of justice. Try and keep up. Maybe spend a little less time with the cute nicknames.

    1. Because no one had the balls to pay him a quiet visit in ghe dead of night. Americans are not Cambodians. Those of us who grew up in the Cold War remember well the quiet, and sometimes not so quiet, ways in whoch policies and interests are often managed.

      Look, if they could whack Kennedy, Mountbatten, Heydrich almost get Thatcher, well then, anyone can be find themselves an unwilling instrument in the Great Game.

    2. I read a book about that guy’s trial. It was the first time I heard of the “revolutionary truth” concept, which is now threatening western societies.
      Basically, forced confessions are valid. It really doesn’t matter what the prisoner really thinks.
      He smiled as he was trying to explain the purpose of torture to the court, because they didn’t really get what he was saying.
      Now we’ve seen it in action.

  4. unless the charge of murder is changed to a lesser accusation, there is zero chance he will be found guilty. the street and media can allege anything they want – that is actually par for the course.

    on the off chance some judge wants to punt, the judgement will be appealed ad infinitum. little consolation for a life knocked off track.

  5. But..The Narrative..Won’t some one please think of the Narrative?.
    OK so I am ripping off the Simpsons,but this kid fouls up the Narrative something awful.
    Such restrain in the face of madness.
    Kept his head,where I might have run out of ammo.
    Never corner a frightened man,seems to be something only an adult can comprehend.
    The one burning question;
    “Will there be a bag limit on Burn Loot Murder participants?”

  6. The Left is determined to persecute this kid to the greatest degree possible. I have little doubt that many feel he deserves the death penalty.

    What I hope happens is that he is exonerated completed and then Lin Wood charges individuals and media companies with defamation. In addition to huge payment, they all should be forced to air an hour long program in prime time apologizing for their incompetence and misdeeds. Hey, I can always hope!

  7. I’m thinking that many people after watching the last 2 months of these marxist terrorists engaging in a war on America might come to the conclusion that 10’s of thousands of Rittenhouse’s need to end this war. Just my opinion of course.

  8. It is amazing to watch how easily people are manipulated by the media propaganda. 1984 was incredibly prophetic.

    I have to admit that up to just a few years ago I actually believed that most people in the justice system were not evil. Wrong. Both canada and us appear to have justice systems populated by people who don’t care one whit about people. Lock up the innocent and free the guilty as long as it suits your ideological agenda. Getting pretty out of control.

    The media, the bureaucracy, the politicians, the justice system. They all seem to be ok with walking in lockstep all over anyone who dares question their march towards ever increasing control over our lives.

  9. The idiots at CTV have their own version of reality.
    And of course the headline is the narrative:
    “Trump won’t condemn 17-year-old who shot Kenosha protesters”


    Her description of the events is incoherent nonsense.