Energy transitions start with optimizing what we have. Period.

“The planet” doesn’t care how much we want something. We simply can’t redo a century’s worth of infrastructure in short order. We need to stand up to those who say we can. Read on…

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  1. But, but….. our Great Leader has big green plans for his new Canada. Fight for socialism and join our glorious Liberal Party!

    1. Ontario John: But, but…..Green New deal plans and plans to get rid of all White people sort of makes you think he is Hitler, Stalin walking the White people to their death! Sorry but this is how it feels to some of us our Great Leader doesn’t care or give a sh*t about us this is Canada the land of WINTER….FROZEN ICE where we will perish! my thoughts.

  2. It seems the MSM hasn’t been interested in the effect of the lock down on CO2. With all the cars off the road, all the empty buildings not requiring tons of cooling for all the unpopulated offices, all kinds of fossil fuel saved; where is the CO2 number at?
    July 2020 is higher than July 2019.
    You can zoom in by grabbing the x axis mark at 0,0 and dragging the mark to the right.
    For the thought that it just hasn’t shown in the numbers yet but will, note the yearly May downturn. As each northern hemisphere growing season starts there is no significant hysteresis; unless it happens to be exactly a whole year – unlikely, but what do I know.

    1. Sorry, bad form to reply to myself but had to add this to complete the picture. Link shows World liquid fuels production and consumption chart. Approx 15 to 20 % dive in 2020 over 2 quarters. Should have made some difference in CO2 if it ever would.
      This is without consideration of how much less coal places like China would burned. I might look that up but I would not take any China number at face value.

  3. New fridges for the Weston’s!

    More David Miller cruisers (empty streetcars) in Toronto!

    New agreements for WE!

    And for we the elite, surfing in Tufino, cottages in Georgian Bay, vacations at Agra’s private island, Dinner at the finest restaurants in the Laurentians. All for free!

    JustUN the man child and his groups of radical globalists knows no shame and no boundaries.

  4. Well … California is “decarbonizing”.

    All of LA’s Nat. Gas Fired coastal Power Plants are shutdown … soon. Not to worry though … because Nancy Pelosi’s Family have delivered the Tonapah solar salt pillar! Molten salt will save us, and save the oceans. Oh, you may get really hot during the blackouts … but you wouldn’t be able to afford the electricity anyway. You don’t think Pelosi’s family are giving away their solar salt power for free do you?

    I hadn’t seen many Popular Science/Mechanics magazines since I was a kid … except when I saw an issue with the molten tower of salt Babel on its front cover. All those high tech mirrors moving with the sun, and focusing God-Sol’s power on a molten chamber of salt. Wow! So kewl! The magazine called this focal array of mirrors the greatest power plant ever devised by humans! The power will be cheap, plentiful, and unlimited! Wheeeee! Goodbye Co2 spewing power generation! Woot woot!

    That was the renewable, eco-friendly, hype. Power companies were FORCED to buy the power from this futuristic Wonder. But reality … all too often fails to measure up to the hype. Now this high tech wonder is functionally in the rubbish bin. Mirrors shattered on the ground and covered in desert sand. The molten salt is rock solid, until fossil fuel burners jump start the cold mirrors. Puhleeze. Not to worry though, the Pelosi’s have pocketed all their profits already. They won’t take a Loss. Nope. The ratepayers are taking the Loss.

    Soon after the huge Natural Gas smokestacks are ground-up for recycled road base … the sweltering LA Public will be longing for the consistent, reliable power they generated. But Gavin Newsom and CA Power companies will be scolding everyone to “conserve” … which is code for: goodbye 1st world life, say hello to your 3rd world existence.

  5. Yeah, ok, I hear your comments, but that essay was saying some down home farmer logical things.
    It was cursorily laid out, but conveyed the conservative farmer logic that tempered the scientific Americana flying car shite.
    His end points could have added the rural idea of preservation.
    Even suburbans could get onto it. Namely, preserve what you have over caving to planned obsolescence and or the consumer driven desire ( not need) to upgrade your stupid car every three years, as one obvious example.
    Not to virtue signal, but rather to merely illustrate….I am 63 years old and have had 3 vehicles. The third one is parked in my driveway. Hokay? Just sayin’….

    1. Good Points Stevie..

      Mines 14 yrs old – has 584,375kms
      …..its called M A I N T E N A N C E. something most 20 somethings know SFA about.
      My RV is 17 yrs old. a 2003 26RKS Citation Supreme. No desire to change it out for some $45k+ bit of particle brd and aluminum.

      NEW is NEVER better than good Old product that works and keeps on working.

      I have not bought new clothes in years – I found Value Village where you can buy a Near NEW StormTech jacket for 6 bucks, or a perfectly good T-Shirt for $2. Shoes..?? ECCO’s from E-bay. @ 40% off List. bottom line is, I could give a shit what others think…

      If I truly need something my first choice for looking is KIJIJI – then E-bay – then Amazon in that order…and then, only if I absolutely NEED it. I’d rather repair something that has worked great for 10 yrs than buy new.

      RENEWABLES in Energy.?? So far, a Colossal JOKE.

  6. Women control 80 percent of consumption in advanced economies. (That is why most ads depict men as children or idiots.)

    If the climate change hoaxers believed their own propaganda, they would be forced to lay the blame for global warming at the feet of spoiled women who force men to lay waste to the planet and work themselves to death just so the women can have crap they don’t need and show off to other women.

    You want to save the world, girls? Stop throwing tantrums when hubby won’t buy you everything you think you want. The planet will thank you, and so will hubby.

  7. The allies would have lost the second world war without the United States and its ability to produce weapons faster than they could be destroyed. The Hoover dam made aluminum for aircraft (300,000,HALF OF ALL PRODUCED) and the T V E which supplied the power to manufacture the atomic bomb which was 10 % of the power being produced at the time. Our enemies know this, renewable power can’t manufacture enough steel to make the nails and rebar to build a house. Renewables pave the road to battlefield defeat.

    1. Thanks for that ray of sunshine Spike. I would have known that if I had thought of it. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Energy transitions, should not be started, till someone proves you need one.

    I don’t know who is dumber, this Terry Etam troll, or Trudeau.

    SDA, the source of all mindless drivel since this whole covid thing began, and Kate pushed it harder than Gretchen Whitmore, or the mayor of New York, or anyone.