27 Replies to “Trump Is Hitler”

  1. This redesign will save money, and not just because it was done with private donations. For lack of a better phrase, the redesign puts the Rose Garden in a more permanent state, vs. having to dig up the flower beds several times a year to change the flowers.

    The “before” photo, which is from 2008, shows tulips. I can guarantee you that not long after that photo was taken the WH gardeners were digging them up and replacing them with something else.

    By the way, the arrangement of the boxwood hedges is from the original 1913 design, so in that instance Melania has restored part of the garden to its original form.

    If I had a criticism, it would be that I wish she had included some more vibrant colors. I know the focus is on roses that all have a certain symbolism (the cream roses are JFK Roses, the white ones are Pope John Paul II Roses to commemorate his visit to the US in 1979, and the pale yellow ones are Peace Roses), but overall it’s a bit too monochromatic, IMO.

    Also, the same people freaking out because Melania had the gall to redo Jackie Kennedy’s garden (although Jackie obviously had the gall to change it up quite a bit from its original design) were cheering Michelle Obama when she took over part of the lawn to install her show garden. From what I understand, it’s still there and used to grow vegetables, but Melania doesn’t make a huge deal out of its existence and the media would just criticize her if she did.

  2. Gardens like music are a subjective thing. One man’s flowers is another man’s weed. The comments from the various pieces of fertilizer reflects on them, not Melania.

  3. Roses and trees don’t mix. Roses love sunshine, nutrients, and water, and mature trees deprive them of all three. And when roses are unhappy, they don’t bloom well and become prone to fungus and aphids.

    There’s going to be a ton of criticisms based on poor gardening knowledge.

    1. True, and it’s not like the removed trees got turned into pulp. They’re just going to be elsewhere on the grounds.

      It is ironic that Melania is getting flak for putting lots of roses in the Rose Garden.

  4. Did Trump promise a rose garden?
    Looks like the Trump bashers are running out of material

  5. Egads, Fineman is a moron if he believes Melania designed the new garden. What she did do is manage and lead a team of hortoculturists and historians.

  6. Comparing the old garden in spring with the tulips and crab apples in bloom to the newly renovated garden in late August is not the best idea.

  7. The level of insanity and misery caused by the Donald Trump Syndrome has reached epic proportions. When the left sees a lovely garden tended by a most beautiful and classy woman, as a fascist statement, you know those people of the left are beyond redemption. It is they who are the deplorables.

    However, I am enjoy their pain immensely.

  8. We used to have an old crabapple tree. Pretty blossoms every Spring but it dropped a dozen heavy bushels of crabapples every Fall …a major pain to gather them up off the ground or pick them before they fell. Falling crabapples would have been damaging the rose bushes and the trees would have been shading them. Crabapple trees are a pain in the @$$ …good riddance.

    1. Our old crabapple tree usually hangs on to most of its apples. Then the frost comes and they get fermented. Then the waxwings turn up and gorge themselves, weaving unsteadily away after the feast.

  9. Libtards will always hate, hate and hate.
    I say give them 4 more years of MAGA followed by a 3rd term of MAGA because he cleared impeachment.

    That should get the USA a civil war because the left hates, hates and hates.

  10. The snotty class also jumped on her “Be Best” campaign, aimed at helping kids develop self-esteem. They really are insane, and attacks on the First Lady give the game away.

  11. Of course all of this is scapegoating behaviour. Once the mob determines a scapegoat there is nothing that deter it except the destruction of that being by whatever means. Everything the scapegoat does, no matter how benign or even benevolent, is an affront to the mob and proof of the righteousness of their persecution.
    Society degenerates with every battle won by the leftist hoards.

  12. Stay tuned for more news on how divisive Trump is and how only Lying Joe can unite the country!

    A lovely woman redoes the garden and she’s literally Hitler, but we’re the divisive ones.
    If you look at an apple tree and see Hitler, maybe you’re the one with the problem.

    I think that we need to openly mock the intelligence of any of our acquaintances that believes the MSM.
    How else do you fight their propaganda?

  13. One obvious point here, aside from all the horticultural preferences, is the fact Democrats are either borne out of ignorance or the cause of it.

    It is clear that to be leftist you have to obediently eschew knowledge.

  14. The “actress” looking down her nose at Melania typifies the hollywierd notion of everything. Melania is one of the few immigrants, illegal or otherwise, that have pursued becoming a citizen. Most just take the social security and the medicaid and don’t bother with any form of assimilation. Melania is one of us.

    1. Not only that, she’s fluent in 5 (or is it 6?) languages. Has any other FLOTUS been fluent in that many languages? Heck, has any POTUS been fluent in that many languages?

      Bet a lot of people don’t know that factoid because, well, she’s married to Trump and therefore ignored by the media except when they decide to vilify her.

  15. “Trump is Hitler” — and with a Jewish daughter and son-in-law! Is there no end to his crafty deceit?

  16. I see ROSE bushes in the ROSE garden.
    What is the problem again????
    They should remove that big ugly tree in the back though.

  17. It opens up the lovely view of the collonade, which was obstructed by the stupid crabapple trees. Tasteful choice.

  18. What would we do without professional News Analysts telling us what to think about a redesigned garden?

  19. Whats wrong with you people? Those are TULIPS in the left hand picture. They have a short period to bloom – in SPRING!
    Its just because the Media cannot say anything nice about Melania.
    Must be green with envy that none of them speak 5 languages fluently, are stunningly gorgeous, have a warm loving heart, and cares about people other than herself.

    Eat your heart out all you haters!