It’s Probably Nothing

Three Gorges dam hits highest level, anxiety grows among public

Inflows to the world’s largest hydro-electric dam reached 75m litres of water a second, according to state media. By Thursday morning, 11 outlets of the dam had been opened to discharge 49.2m litres of water a second, the largest release since its construction, reports The Guardian.
Parts of China witnessed heavy flooding for the past two months.
Officials have repeatedly assured that the dam can withstand the flow of water.

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  1. Kate,

    Please check my comment in tonight’s Readers Tips. The level of the pool behind the dam is dropping, as the massive inflows have abated.

  2. The dam reached 75 million litres per second water input, its largest ever. It can discharge 116 million litres per second with all spillways open.
    The dam has 23 bottom outlets and 22 surface outlets. 11 of the 45 were opened Thursday to release 49.2 million litres per second.
    The dam can withstand a 175.5 metre water level and was at 165.5 metres.

    I don’t like communists but the dam is operating well within parameters. The operators are regulating water throughput to mitigate flooding upstream and downstream.

  3. Oh please, oh please, oh please dam, break! and give the Chinese something to keep them busy and off of our asses.

    1. The Christian conservative side of me disagrees with your post, but the other, realpolitik side of me says that you wrote a great post here. Any difficulties with the flooding — going on now or any heavier future flooding — is well-deserved by the horrid Xi dictatorship.

      1. It’s not deserved by the millions who will suffer the immediate consequences of drowning and all the other miseries which come with a major flood. Your comment is only slightly less despicable than that of J. West.

        1. But not quite as despicable as China releasing a deadly virus into the world deliberately to try to get rid of their nemesis, Donald J Trump. Would you say? Hmmm?

          Also mess up the western world’s economy so they can take advantage ….

          Wise up … Whatever your name is, cgh

          China, the CCP is our mortal enemy … they want us dead and they want to run the world. I can’t do anything about their hapless population, maybe they should do something themselves.

          1. J west, there’s a difference between the CCP, and every day Chinese people. As to messing up, western governments did that as much as any one. You elect stupid people, you git stupid results. Even in here, we had people fear porning on this virus, and many backing a lame horse in the election race, Andy scheep was a loser start to finish, but many voted for him, because they were too STUPID to understand what was going on. Were are Ooz and unColon just when you need an example of stupid???

      2. Is Noah’s boat building company , on full production. David I hope you drown in your bath tub, jeezus you christians are assholes

    2. “. . . oh please dam, break! . .”

      That would be big but not clever. Looking at it entirely selfishly, the west needs to economically decouple a lot more from Commie China before wishing for such a disaster. Maybe as much as 15% – 20% negative impact on world wealth by a Yangzte catastrophe. Pharma (medicines) massively impacted.

  4. This story has flooded the news for too long. Like the relentless Karenoia of the mask nazis, it never ends.
    Until the damn dam actually fails, drowns a million Chinese and creates a new lake the size of Michigan I’m tuning out this story to focus on important stuff like NHL ‘playoffs’, the follies of PM Blackie McSpensalot, Sniffer Joe & his Ho, and the Orange Man Bad.

    1. Via ‘rd’ in readers tips.

      The dam has also had a serious geological impact. Chinese officials and experts admitted at a forum in 2007 that the Three Gorges Dam had caused an array of ecological ills, including more frequent landslides, China’s state news agency Xinhua reported at the time.

      “The huge weight of the water behind the Three Gorges Dam had started to erode the Yangtze’s banks in many places, which, together with frequent fluctuations in water levels, had triggered a series of landslides,” the Xinhua report said, citing officials and experts at a meeting.

      The water in the reservoir saturates and erodes the base of the cliffs, and the fluctuation in water levels changes the weight of the reservoir and the pressure on the slopes, destabilizing the shoreline, geologists say.

      Paging Hans Rupprecht.

      China’s Three Gorges Dam is one of the largest ever created. Was it worth it?

      1. Yeah ok. Tell me when the dam breaks. Until then don’t need a fear porn story every time there is a rainstorm. It’s a case of never cry wolf now and no one cares.