40 Replies to “Don’t Ever Let Them Take Your Guns”

  1. Canadians are unworthy of freedom and self-determination. They have never paid the price. Outside of Louis Riel there is not a single uplifting brave Canadian with the fire in the belly. Generations of cowardice, fealty and subjugation under the thumb of a retarded foreign Monarch has made the socialist serfs as supplicant as North Korean play-doh. I look forward to the full unarmed surrender of the Canadian populace. You are a pathetic nation and I am embarrassed to say I was born and raised there.

      1. He unfortunately is correct. The current crop of Aussies like Canadians are cut from the same cloth. Are you being a dutiful “citizen” and wearing your mask to wallymart? are you staying away from church? were you locked in your home by police as I was? Do you really think that the whu who flu is decimating the population of the planet? If so you are one of those of whom John Q speaks.

        1. My comment had nothing to do with the content of his post. It pointed out an irony … which, depending on how you look at it, could be construed as an inconsistency or perhaps even an hypocrisy.

      2. People post anonymously in order not to get cancelled. Not everyone has nothing to lose. And we are only anonymous for as long as we are allowed to be. Rest assured that RCMP has a file on everyone posting here. Let’s keep electing Libranos for another decade and we will all meet in a gulag.

        1. In a world where trespassing, voicing an opinion or going outside can be considered fineable, illegal and or jailable, anonymity and privacy is gold.

    1. You Can Vote Your Way Into Socialism. But History Tells Us That You Will Have To Shoot Your Way Out. Never ever give up your guns.

      1. He’s right.
        Canadians are far beyond pathetic.

        Australia appears to be a dystopian test run for the already tits-up Commonwealth serfs and fiery canucks attack the anonymous messenger.
        Ever heard of Publius?

        Canadians will be easy to identify in the New World Order.
        They’ll be the real polite arselickers holding the doors to the crematoriums.

        1. yolo, you have said what I have said using slightly different words. I think I said, willingly march their fellow citizens to gas chambers. We sure are living with apathetic bunch of cowards.

    2. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by having been born and raised here, it’s not your fault.

      Your parents, however, were responsible for raising you so they should be embarrassed.

    3. Yes it must be embarrassing to learn that your parents aborted a baby and raised a placenta instead.

  2. Global warming threats were not working fast enough. The Covid threat is. The end game is the same. More control. What is truly ironic is that opposition of Trudeau dwells on his poor intellect and moral shortcomings. There is some truth to this but the real threat he represents is his poorly disguised political goals. The role of capitalism is quickly being subverted and the establishment of totalitarian socialism put in its place. Not unlike other dictators, influence peddlers, think they can control this movement. The reality is that it is more directed than most citizens realize. Canada and the USA are under attack and we are losing/lost.

    1. Already lost.

      And unless we can remove some entitlements from Quebec students, there will be no revolution.
      Despite all the talk of “French guns for sale, only dropped once”, it seems the French know how to show displeasure with lousy governments, while canadians know how to turtle.

      Time to change Surrender Fries to a much more current and accurate “Canadian Fries”!

      Smart English canadians would not even show up, knowing that a few POC and some signs claiming racism would result in the complete and utter defeat, dispersal and subjugation of their “army”.

      There are no people on earth who are betraying the freedom fighters throughout the millennia more than canadians.

      Given much, Canadians are serfs.
      Plain and simple.
      Dumb, pliable and soft like silly putty.
      And liars.
      Big, big liars.
      Mostly to themselves.

      1. You see it everyday, everywhere people are shopping and doing business. The masks would be the give away.

        1. Tis fun to ponder what comes after the masks.

          There is always an after.

          Sadly, never a bridge too far for todays chumps.

      2. Yes, French guns were dropped. On top of 300,000 British rifles and uniforms, as the BEF, routed, ran for home at Dunkerke with their tail between their legs. The French covered their shameful rout.

  3. How long would it take the Aussies to train a Wedge-tailed Eagle to take out a drone? There was a report of an EPA EGLE drone taken down by a Bald Eagle recently in the US.

  4. Is Australia even a country? Or is it just really “pre-Africa” waiting to be discovered (again) by another mass migrating wave of foreigners?

  5. Silly me thinking all I’d ever need for the 12 gauge is some 00 buck when the SHTF.

    I see bird loads are on sale at the gun shop.

  6. They never took the majority of guns in Oz.
    The most are wraped in grease and buried in PVC tubes.

  7. Now Aussie PM is pushing for mandatory vaccines. Drones will be handy to track down those who don’t buy in.

    1. They have already floated the mandatory vaccine trial balloons in New Brunswick.

      I predict that mandatory will be ubiquitous in the New World Order Liberal canada.

  8. The Aussies are just fulfilling their constitutional mandate as a prison Colony. Nothing to see here.

  9. As Ward pointed out, Australia is all set for mandatory vaccines, those who aren’t on board with the program will be incentivized. Nice way of saying “no jab…no job”, and anything else that comes along with it.
    Thanks to all for making this phony pandemic a rousing success. Give yourselves a hand! After successfully “flattening the curve” you can now be rewarded with an injection of a cheap Chinese manufactured concoction, and God only knows what’ll be in it till we start growing a tail out of our a$$ 20 years from now.
    Don’t think it’s coming to Canada? Well just you wait.
    Stupid Canadians of course will reply with a “Yeah, but it’s free!!!! How awesome is that???!!!??”

    1. The poll leading putative leader of the free world(ably attended to by his Marxist heirs) is hiding in a basement trying to remember his name, while Canada’s purported leader is hiding in a basement trying to figure out his gender, his gender preference and how to tell his wife.

      And the little green dwarf is in charge of the treasury, the most money she’s handled since junior high chocolate bar days.

      Liberals have gone full on nuts.
      You never go full on nuts.

      The Government is stealing our Freedom and our Future, and the Canadian Media is driving the getaway car!

  10. The politicians that let the Chicom virus in …. they’re all in jail, right?

    It’s nothing about the virus. It’s about power.

  11. You people are all just sad misfits. The Government is doing this all for YOUR own GOOD! And more importantly … for your neighbors OWN GOOD. Anyone who opposes a government crackdown on masks and unauthorized travel are … immoral. These people are Satan worshipers. They worship the Satanic forces of “Freedom” and “Liberty”. And they would surely endanger small children and our most ‘vulnerable populations’ … just to practice that Freedom.

    See … this is what happens when you allow the government to TAKE your God. Seize your morality. Guns? Please note that this all happened in the blink of an eye, and not a single shot was fired. Why do you think Communists remove all vestiges of mankind’s religion when they seize power? They don’t want a tussle over the moral high ground.

    Now … it’s called “science”. You can’t argue with the religion of “settled science”.

  12. Now they’re doing things right.
    “In america we’re “fumbling” our covid response because…well…we prioritize individual freedom.” -Bill Gates

    FYI, Great time for travel, cheap tickets and light lines at the airports, relatively light crowds at the national monuments.

  13. In the video at the 1:14 mark you have your typical stupid enemy dipshits ruining it for everyone. “Doesn’t really bother me. I’m doing the right thing. I’ve got nothing to hide.” The perfect subservient citizen mentally on her knees. Oh there is “wrongthink” and it’s how she thinks.

  14. Aussies sure aren’t who I thought they were. And just like here, no matter how bad their policies, no matter how damaging the outcomes, it’s always the conservatives’ fault.

  15. Perhaps if there were another drone with a spray can of hi-vis purple paint (or glue, or some of that paste that Justin Trudeau eats) and a long dispenser tube…