15 Replies to “WEBroke”

  1. This is a case where one regrets the abolishing of debtors’ prisons. The Snotburgers would look right at home in one.

      1. And were born to privilege. Both parents were teachers and real estate investors.

  2. Don’t worry, the brothers and their parents will be fine.
    It’s Canada, the scum always stays on top.

  3. “Laying off dozens”

    Dozens?!!? Did I ask dozens? Is that all!?

    That’s not even a poor start. Just shut it down, give us our money back and be done with it.

    It’s obviously a cesspool of Liberal graft and illegal activity covered by inept Canadian laws which protect nobody but the Liberal Party of Canazuela.

  4. I wouldn’t worry about the boys as according to one of their spoke bitches, they can get jobs in the private sector that will pay them +350k a year. Based on their skills and experience

  5. How many members of the pimped out Canadian media went on these exotic holidays, paid for by the children’s charity?

  6. I’m likely going to get banned from NP. I suggested it was a take the money and run scam in the comments to the piece.

  7. Now lets have some investigation of Tides Canada and Suzuki Foundation links to the Lieberals.

  8. I wonder how many Liberal party members and MPs are suddenly about to purchase some prime Toronto real estate at fire sale prices.

  9. What would you expect, WE as a charity is done for the family want to get their millions before people start asking for the money back. At some point in the future you can guarantee they’ll be back with a new name and a new scam.