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    1. Well that would explain the actions of our politicians.
      Government is done for,if those numbers are real.
      So nothing the chattering class does matters,in fact political office is now a “Hot Potato”,for whoever holds the office, when the peons find out the game is over,will lose their heads.

      Was watching the CPAC “Enquiry”,the Clerk of the Privy council,in defending the WE fiasco,explains the civil service is useless.
      Only WE,can deliver,so we can stop paying all the useless”professionals”.

    1. What the heck? Did I just read?

      That’s creepy. The write-up is worse. Who in their right mind would buy this?

      1. Idiot brain dead liberals. The type that take their children to see a tranny show off his privates.

    2. Does that mean sniffing hair is the newest sexy thing to do?
      (Disclaimer: I didn’t read the article, just your lead.)

      1. The reviews are less than great to say the least. One star. There is a sketch of Muscle joe having just stepped out of the shower with only a tower wrapped around his lower body. People are pissed and say its inappropriate for children … and that pretty much sums up Uncle Creepy Nigga Joe Biden.

  1. Toronto Star sold to private equity for a lousy $45 million. Almost $2 billion in equity destroyed. A dozen Tim Horton stores would go for a higher price.

  2. I have heard that antifa and blm are coming to the rural areas of our countries. I would like to know if permits are required and what is the daily bag limit. Just asking for myself. Do we use the same phrase as when the wolves are killing our sheep?
    Shoot, shovel, and shut up.

      1. F-150 2005 my last ride. Toyota and Dodge Ram 1500 (manual shift) previous for a total close to a million driven kms and 40 odd years. The new FORD aluminium ones…fugeddaboudit. The Toyota had the most mileage, bush truck/mountain climber and close to 300000 kms, across Canada several times and north to the Yukon a few times. Drove every road (and a lot off) in BC with that one. F-150 most comfortable ride I owned, sold at 235000 kms, barely broke in. Sad to see it go. Can’t drive any more. Shanks mare, bus/LRT or taxi now. If I was still driving, twin .50’s in the engine room and a tail gunner in the box, Uzi for the Captain. Light rack to see the whites of their eyes at night. SJW’s wouldn’t stand a chance……well a guy can dream, right?

        1. Am 68 and they will have to pry my cold dead hands off my 2006 LBZ Sierra 2500 HD Diesel..It’s equipped with a 3/16″ steel bumper and bully bar…bolted w/gr. 8 hardware…it’s designed to stop a deer…Am thinking it would work wonders on blm-antifa types should they happen to “jump” in front of me….

          582,780k on the klock
          Semper Fi

        2. Geez. So sorry you cannot drive your truck. This gal drives a millennial hybrid F-150 as her weekend bush truck. By hybrid I mean it is built from at least 3 different trucks! Kinda like me! Have no clue the mileage because the odometer was smashed at 105,304 km when I got it. It is a millennial truck because the frame is a 2001 F-150 and we all know the 21st century really started in 2001!

  3. The bought and paid for Canadian media continues to gush over Dementia Joe’s pick for a running mate this morning. Meanwhile unbiased CNN explains today that Trump fumbled his response, chaos in the White House, and Trump will release an early vaccine and kill millions of people during the election.

    1. What will not make any headlines is the fact that Kamala Harris, like Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, failed the bar exam on the first try.

    2. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/we-will-be-watching-you-dems-put-media-notice-avoid-racist-tropes-such-angry-black-women

      In short, criticizing Kamala Harris is now racist and/or sexist, and the authors of the aforementioned warning even invoke the death of George Floyd to ensure newsrooms know how serious they are.

      “Our country — and your newsrooms — have learned a lot since the [death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody] and the subsequent protests for racial equality that his death spurred … We know from public reporting that many of your newsrooms had internal conversations about your coverage, your diversity and your editorial judgments,” reads the letter in part.

      “A woman VP candidate, and possibly a Black or Brown woman candidate, requires the same kind of internal consideration about systemic inequality as you undertook earlier this year,” it continues. “We are here to help you with this challenge … We intend to collectively and individually monitor coverage and we will call out those we believe take our country backwards with sexist and/or racist coverage. As we enter another historic moment, we will be watching you.”

      Big Sister is watching.

      Joe/Blow 2020.

  4. John Ivison at the National Post writes about how Blackie gave a contract for security xray machines at embassies to a Chinese government owned company. This company has a shady reputation and has been accused of using its machines to spy for China.

  5. Just so everyone knows, our Great Leader continues his wonderful vacation today. He is so cool and wonderful.

    1. Hes likely still under HOUSE ARREST…no.? Ankle bracelets et all.??
      I believe the oft mentioned Laurentien Elites (The Quebec MAFIA), have their hands on the Throttle.

    1. “In its latest year-to-date report, the Canadian Tourism Commission estimated overnight arrivals had declined 99% as of May 31, while cross-border auto traffic from the U.S. declined 98%.”

      Simple solution to that. Send Justin packing and replace him with someone willing to stop flights full of coughing Chinamen from landing in Toronto so we can get the border re-opened—and to stop goading Canadian SJW’s into slashing the tires of cars with US plates.

  6. This morning Ben Mulroney on CTV discussed with a university professor how evil Queen Victoria was. She represents white, colonial, oppression, and all mention of her should be only in the context of how evil she is and what she stood for. Ben stated that statues of whiny indians should replace her statues in Canada.

    1. I thought Ben Mulroney had stepped aside,in favour of a better coloured skin?
      Why is this phoney still on TV?
      Or was it all just more posing of the virtue?

      1. He stepped aside from “E-Talk”, one of two shows he co-hosts with the sacred feminist sorts in his milieu.

        1. No offence Nancy but I can’t stand those cackling hens and their trivial thought processes.

          1. Young guy…no offense taken, I don’t watch that stuff either. I sometimes retain too much trivia for my liking.

          2. NR:

            You don’t get it. Trivia is a form of knowledge. Knowledge is power. Therefore, over-dosing on trivia makes you “enlightened”. (Uh-huh.)

            One thing I find particularly irritating about such displayed of intellectual vapidity is that every time one of those cackling hens says anything, the audience loudly applauds. Sorry, but commentaries like that aren’t proclamations from Mount Olympus.

          3. @8:12 B A D R

            Yes, I would’ve much preferred  to have Goethe’s monumental breadth of knowledge and accomplishments, together with his serene, supernal wisdom, a wisdom which has been described as aloof, even inhuman, which made him worthy of the denomination Olympian.

            P.S. Wouldn’t put it past them at CTV studios to likely have pre-recorded ‘laugh’ and ‘applause’ tracks, especially during the plandemic. Audiences are likely verboten/farbiotan!

            This is very cute:

          4. NR:

            And here I thought the term meant someone like Marcel Marceau doing integral calculus….

  7. Mancow Muller, WLS radio Chicago Wednesday morning Mancow Show.

    “Joe picked Kamala because she smelled the best.”
    “The Joe and Kamala ticket = pee pads and knee pads”

  8. Is Canada now a third world country?
    Yes and no?
    We are no longer a country. We are post national. Thanks Trudeau.
    We are third world Peopleskind-Slaves that belong to the U.N.
    Hear what this Raheel Raza has to say, she looks sorry she immigrated here.
    Who could blame her.

      1. This incident is really unfortunate. Poor kid was just trying to get his work done before it rained and ruined the hay in the field.

        The situation escalated between the police and the young man and then his brother. Not a good scenario.The young men should have listened to the police. It would have been simpler.

        I can’t blame the family for going to court. The damage to the tractor was an indication of the lack of good communication skills on the police’s part.

        Sadly, the mental anguish from this incident will never go away for the whole family.

        (Maybe he should’ve tried the “no speaky English” tactic? Ha!)

        1. The young men should have listened to the police.

          The thing is that they may not have understood why they were being required for a test because they didn’t think they did anything wrong. They were simply doing a common farm task and the check stop didn’t apply to them.

          Congratulations, Prinz Dummkopf. You’ve finally succeeded in turning this country into a nation of brutal savages.

  9. Funny you’d mention “bag limit,” because I live in Pennsylvania and hereabouts the testicles of the male ANTIFA are the trophies of choice. I’ve taken eight so far this year, and their balls all fit nicely in a Sucrets box with room for at least five more pairs!

  10. And now your Islam is wonderful story for today. Media reports that Somalia will pass legislation making it legal for forced child marriages. Maybe Blackie’s Somali cabinet minister can comment on this.

  11. Big Chief Gay Eagle With No Balls gave away millions more dollars today, to whiny indians to fight the China virus. New flat screen TVs for everyone!

  12. The verdict is in after the Biden/Harris news conference. The American and Canadian media have declared the Biden/Harris ticket as the second coming of Jesus Christ and Trump is Satan. In other news, the CBC reports that a number of psychologists have been assigned to the Governor General’s office.

    1. In other news, the CBC reports that a number of psychologists have been assigned to the Governor General’s office.

      For whom? Her Self-Appointed Majesty or those who, by working in her office, have to endure her? Both?

      1. I think the problem is she is a perfectionist….The Goat in every meeting was the habit of an NBC Director of On Air Operations in NYC….. We called him DR NO because he always blocked everything that he didn’t create, every issue in his meetings he had studied & reached his own conclusion. So it was easy to flag the Goat (Idiot)….Long Story, but he latter became an equal with me in NBC Engineering. I used DR No to read my draft RFQ’s for verbiage errors & passive language…He was exceptional help because passive language COSTS money… If you can’t say SHALL you leave an opening for vendor development costs….I had a bad habit of not making some difficult decisions and those were flagged & I went back and did the work..

        When your are an over-achiever & perfectionist it is hard to fit in without problems….


  13. “In other news, the CBC reports that a number of psychologists have been assigned to the Governor General’s office.”

    Simple, really.

    If you get “committed” to a mental facility, you can only be released on the say-so of the very people who put you there.

    On the other hand, cop five years in the Big House and, if you survive the usual “extra-legal” attitude adjustments, including the “attentions” of Bubba, feral bed-sheets, etc., you walk, albeit bow-legged, more or less “free”.