47 Replies to “Will Medical Malpractice Suits Run Rampant in 2021?”

  1. I certainly hope so. I’d like to see the OMA and the CMA sued as well, and the Ministry of Health. What they’re doing is diabolical.

  2. As a retired B.C. pharmacist I was appalled the the BC College of Pharmacists issued an order forbidding pharmacists from filling prescriptions for Hydrox for covid related illnesses and I wrote a letter to them condeming that.Those bastards should be sued personally.

    1. A friend of mine in Port Coquitlam watched her friend die because of precisely this. Politics before ethics & lives. 🙁

  3. The way politics and media have reacted to HCQ+zinc is as shameful as it gets. Mainly for political reasons, some also because they are in bed with big pharma. Applied early enough it reduces the severity of the infection strongly, reducing the rate of people dying to almost nothing. In later stages of the infection there is now dexametasone, helping seriously ill persons. And finally there is so much more that is understood in using ventilators, avoiding / suppressing blood clots. Theses issues – most importantly HCQ, as it is the gatekeeper to avoid serious illness – should be the focus of media and political attention instead of suppressing people and pumping billions to big pharma for a risky, not really tested vaccine.
    True that there is a group of people (those with favism – G6PD insufficiency) mostly in the malaria areas of this planet that can’t / shouldn’t use HCQ. The rest should use it and kill the virus for good. And those blocking access should be sued, and then sent to prison.

  4. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US is still saying that Hydroxychloroquine is NOT a valid treatment for the China Pox. They, actually, include that question on their Q & A page specifically. That’s all the cover any medical provider will need. This was boosted when some blue state state governors remarkably made it illegal (they would pull license) for any medical provider to prescribe it as treatment. Each one of these governors reversed their edict about a week after it was made. But, the purpose was to give medical providers an excuse not to include it in the treatment regimen.

    Sue the government you say? Well, government immunity (sovereign immunity) is a large hurdle to overcome. And, any monetary reward comes right out of the pocket of the taxpayers.

  5. “can that doctor be sued for malpractice?”

    No, not in Canada. In Canada it is practically impossible to win a suit against doctors no matter how negligent and stupid they were.

    1. says the unCOLON lawyer, but don’t tell a real lawyer that, as I know a case were it was done quite successfully

      1. Bullshit. One case out of a thousand.
        Doctors, like lawyers, are basically untouchable in Bananada as their “associates” deal with “discipline”.

    2. You can “win”. But it will take 7 years … and in almost a literal sense, they will settle on the courthouse steps.

      Me, I know.

      1. Are we talking court ordered settlements or settlements negotiated between attorneys?
        I have never known any one who got a favourable court ordered settlement against a doctor. I have known three people who’s attorneys negotiated settlements against the same surgeon. Took 13, 9, 7 years and had it not been for the forbearance of the law firm,(same one for all three clients) the suits would have failed for lack of funds. The terms of the settlements are secret of course, but the nurse who waited 13 years, bought a modest 4 bedroom home in a nice neighborhood, a custom van, and took her daughter and several of her daughters friends to Disneyland within months. The only change I noticed in the other two guys was that they went from morose to cheerful over night. I should ask them if they figure it was worth the trouble.

    3. We wouldn’t even have socialized medicine in Canaduh if all of the Doctors weren’t in the tank for it.
      That means the lowest denominator is protected, Union style.
      No, they will not become expert witnesses against their own. An indictment of One would be an indictment of ALL.
      What part of Socialized Medicine eludes logical understanding? It’s all politics all of the time. Socialism, HELLO?!

  6. OK, once again Canadians are stupid. . Canadians cannot sue for malpractice. I had a family member who was damn near killed by an incompetent surgeon and staff who failed to monitor her situation after surgery. it caused her years of suffering before it was finally resolved physically. The bottom line is they could do nothing and they could afford to do something. You are all on board the “free” medical train. Ask many Canadians with money why they elect to pay for surgery in the US.

    1. OWG just hire a REAL fcuking lawyer, they will get you there, and they will even sue OHIP, and the hospital, and win

      1. You know, repeating the same lie will not make it true. It would take a revolution to win an HCQ suit against the government, and you know it. That’s pretty much what I’m hoping for, a political revolution and enabling legislation.

        But this is CanaDUH, so I’m not holding by breath.

    2. That is false…..Doctors in Canada CAN be sued for malpractice. Doctors in Canada are insured against medical malpractice claims through the government- subsidized Canadian Medical Protective Association.

      1. Yes and CMPA aggresivelly defends doctors and more often than not vindictively financially ruins the victim of malpractice.

  7. Between genital mutilation and withholding treatment it looks like lawyers are going to have a field day working for doctors.

  8. At least 1 dentist in AB is having patients rinse with a hydroxychloroquine solution. My friend didn’t have the savvy to ask if he’s a rebel, or others are using as well.

  9. No they will not.
    The residual resentment and contempt for government,that this Plandemic has created,will probably peak in the coming Flu season.
    The petty tyrants have no intention of declaring a win and scuttling back into obscurity,they have Power Now and they are loving it.
    Responsibilities? Those are for the little people!.
    Lawsuits are pointless,we seem to be being relentlessly swept toward the 1788 Solution.
    We have saturation of parasitic overload.
    The State is way beyond bankrupt.
    The “Lock Down the Taxpayer” and reward the non essential hordes of minions ought to be the final straw.
    However the violent reaction will only begin,when the suckers realize “There is no free lunch”
    Nobody is getting a Unicorn,no matter what Justine of the beautiful Locks promised you.
    That debt,the one Justine took on so we would not have too,is going to come due.
    More tax,more fees,more licences…Cause the State needs money,it needs your money more than you do.
    Just ask any creature of the Bureaus and your Liberal Style Politicians too.

    No lawsuit,no new laws, no Order in Council is going to stop this stealing.
    It ends when we stop the thieves.

  10. No, because there is no evidence that either of those treatments work. And for someone to be found guilty of malpractice, it would have to be proven they failed to administer the standard of care.

    Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) and Zinc are not standard of care. They don’t work. Multiple studies have confirmed this.

    Guys, I know that it’s fun to poke the bear and own the libs and all, but claiming zinc and plaquenil somehow cure coronavirus is just…not evidence based.

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      My detailed medical knowledge is limited to personal events.
      However, the feeling that there are numerous circumstantial trials indicating early use of HCQ is efficacious won’t go away. Including treatment at all stages of the virus’s progress in the statistics doesn’t seem smart?
      Latest data I can find:


      The article containing the data:

    2. Would you care to comment on this Doc?

      “….shows the drug has been effective in Switzerland, which briefly banned hydroxychloroquine after the bogus studies linking the drug to higher mortality rates came out.

      What happened? Just look at the graph.” ( http://www.francesoir.fr/societe-sante/covid-19-hydroxychloroquine-works-irrefutable-proof)

      “Looking at the evolution curve of this index for Switzerland,” explain Michel Jullian and Xavier Azalbert for FranceSoir, “we note a ‘wave of excess lethality’ of two weeks from June 9th to 22nd, with a lag of a dozen days compared to the period of suspension of the use of hydroxychloroquine by WHO.

      This demonstrates, without possible rebuttal, the effect of stopping the delivery and use of this drug in Switzerland (country which follows the recommendations of the WHO, based in Geneva).

      During the weeks preceding the ban, the nrCFR index fluctuated between 3% and 5%.

      Some 13 days after the start of the prohibition, the nrCFR index increases considerably to be between 10 and 15% for 2 weeks.

      Some 12 days after the end of the prohibition, the lethality falls back to a lower level.”

      via: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2020/08/07/theres-a-mountain-of-evidence-that-hydroxychloroquine-is-an-effective-treatment-for-covid-19-n763953

      1. So, the issue is that one single study or even several that find a ‘favourable’ result are meaningless if they conflict with the broader body of evidence that suggests there is no effect. This could be for many reasons. It’s early morning and I have a full day of clinic and before I round I need to eat so I don’t have time (or, honestly, the emotional investment at this point) to review each study that you posted and pick apart the flaws. Generally, the reasons these studies aren’t scientifically convincing has to do with study size, poor study design, limited conclusions that have been over-applied and most-applied by journalists who don’t understand science (possible effect shown that isn’t statistically significant and needs further study becomes “plaquenil cures covid”) and difficulty drawing conclusions from data about a disease we still don’t fully understand yet.

        Guys, you need a university degree in science to get at least a *basic* understanding of how to pick apart these studies. That is the *minimum*. Those with their masters‘ understand that things are even more complicated and if you have a PhD in this stuff you are wading through a mountain of shit realizing how much you don’t know that you don’t know. The dunning-Krueger effect is in full force here with this stuff. You can’t just google something and claim you did your research, or even feel self-satisfied that you found an article on pubmed that agrees with your preconceived conclusion and therefore call it a day. It is foolishness to assume that you know more than people who literally have spent their entire lives studying these things.

        Not speaking to you personally, of course, but finding one study or even several that suggest there might be an effect doesn’t mean stink. Body of evidence guys. Body of evidence.

    3. The anti HCQ studies relied upon by the Lancet and the NewEngland Journal of medicine include toxic doses (a low dose is administered in CV) given to those near the end with Cv. The Lancet studies were withdrawn. “Both journals are very much left leaning, the Lancet is very heavily into climate change. The WHO is also complicit in this scandal of banning the use of the HCQ regime”. Both dislike Trump, apparently that’s acceptable motivation to them.
      HCQ is very well understood over decades with a tiny number of deaths through side effects (20) and used by millions.
      At the very least the medical bureaucracy should get out of the way and allow people and their doctors to decide for themselves.

    4. Looks like the thousands who have been cured have fallen for a ruse and just recovered without treatment and the doctors that made this happen are also frauds. Canadian doctor indeed. Where does the proof have to be shoved in order for you to see it?

      1. “Thousands who have recovered…fallen for ruse…doctors are frauds”

        Dude, you gotta provide citations for that or else I’m just gonna call out on your bullshit.

        “Canadian doctor indeed”

        Yes, I am, and a pretty good one at that. I know you are trying to be offensive towards me, but I’m going to take the high road here. I mean no offence to you at all when I say that my premedical science education combined with my medical degree, residency training, and post-residency clinical experiences and daily study gives me just a little bit more authority on this matter than your 10 minute google search.

        “Where does the proof have to be shoved…”

        Sigh. Dude, look. I’m conservative. I’m ‘on your side’ here. I’m not coming at this from any political angle. The science is apolitical. When I look after your grandmother or your niece, I’m not looking at whether Trudeau or Trump has popularized an unproven treatment, I’m looking at what the evidence says works and doesn’t work, what causes harm and doesn’t cause harm, what’s safe and what isn’t.

        It’s kind of hard to argue with you about this; you don’t have any experience with what plaquenil *is*, how it works, or what it does, what the side effects are, what needs to be monitored when a patient is on the medication, whether or not it needs dose changes in renal or hepatic impairment, what it can do to cell lines, your retina, it’s mechanism of action, and so on.

        I do, because I bloody well do this every single day. The idea that this medication could somehow have any effect in combination with a vitamin is plain absurd. It doesn’t make sense. To the layman, it sounds like a miracle drug, perhaps. But to the educated professional it’s laughable bunk.

        Stop pretending you know more about these things than folks who have spent their whole lives studying, living and breathing this science. I’ve got a pretty good idea of how to manage my yearly taxes but when it comes to filing with CRA i have a damn good accountant who makes sure it’s done right. I don’t pretend I know more than they do, and every year I’m well looked after.

        I can take my car engine apart but I sure as hell don’t. I leave that to my mechanic, just like how even though I can wire up anything I make sure my electrician does anything complex because I a)don’t want to burn my house down and b)don’t want my house not being to code.

        Anyways, not responding further because I don’t think there is much point in it. Stop relying on reality-tv celebs to give you your medical information. We make fun of Hollywood liberals like gwenyth Paltrow for offering medical advice but we somehow give the president a pass? Come on.

    5. Just google “EVMS Critical Care Management Protocol” and read the conclusions of a number of doctors who have and are treating Covid with HCQ + zinc with amazing results. These are not ‘Anecdotal’. These are actual Observational positive results. Doing a Fauci ‘study’ condemns one half of the group to malpractice level failure-to-treat as Hcq is *not* dangerous at reasonable dosages, even if *you* think that it can do no good.

    6. The first papers you need to reference are the ones on replication testing of medical papers published in professional journals. About 75% cannot be replicated so the results are false.

      To be valid, a study must use HCQ on patients with a normal amount of vitamin D, The HCQ must be used with zinc. The treatment must be started early, HCQ Treatment on patients on ventilators is uselessly late.

      A more useful study would be on the use of HCQ, zinc, and vitamin D as a prophylactic, taken before infection.
      Countries with high levels of malaria have low levels of problems from Covid19. This is likely due to the active use of anti-malarial drugs. These results along with the square wave pulse of deaths in Switzerland when HCQ use was stopped for almost two weeks provide strong independent evidence using different methodologies.

  11. Few places on the planet enjoy health care completely free from the influence / control from third parties (insurers, including the state). The politicization of this drug is blatant and pervasive. While it is not a “cure” as described in the video, studies indicate HCQ can be effective in lessening the effects of the Chicom virus. This is another reason why people should be free to choose their own poison, including the health care system they want to experience.

  12. Nope. Not gonna happen.

    In Canada, the UK, they already have single payer. Crown immunity.

    In the USA? The ninth circuit is going to protect any doctor that is a member of “the resistance”. Soros planted AGs, governors, gonna be dismissing charges, issuing pardons, etc..

  13. For the same reasons no one will ever be punished over Rotherham, no doctor in the NHS will suffer.

  14. “Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) and Zinc are not standard of care. They don’t work. Multiple studies have confirmed this”
    Of course it DOESN’T work .
    EVERYONE knows that especially the hundreds(thousands ?) of doctors worldwide who used it successfully to treat their patients
    BUT where it REALLY doesn’t work is to make money for Fauchi.
    As a retired pharmacist I interacted with doctor professionally and socially.
    This situation now makes me think a lot of them are charletins.

  15. The REAL problem with hydroxychlorquine(apart form the fact that Trump suggested it) is tha a course of treatment is under$100.
    Who the hell can make any money that price. Its so cheap governments won’t get involved because everyone can afford it.We need something that costs 10 of thousand of dollars for a treatment so the government has to subsidize it.

    Oh and by the way.GD chinamen
    Ive been looking at getting some N95 masks.A couple of my suppliers carry them but they are NK95 which means they are made in China.The suppliers are very specific when the say that they are made in FDA(or equivalent) liscensed facilities.
    I HOPE this means that people are waking up to the fact that chiques are trying to take over the world including using bio-warfare.
    .Hopefully Trump will be around for another 4 years.
    HidenBiden signed a deal with the chinamen which allowed chinese companies to be listed on the NY stock exchange WITHOUT having to provide financial documents to investors causing the loss of billions of dollars which the chinques then use to bolster their economy
    Trump is going to put a stop to this.
    I think twice now about buiyng crap made in china and if its available will buy producr manufactured elseware.

    1. I just paid $18 for a pair of socks made in Vermont because I will not pay wally $3 for chicom socks.

      1. I bought five pairs of Darn Tough socks for work, which I suspect are the brand you referred to. My work shoe guy who I’ve been buying from for over 20 years carries ’em and suggested I try them. At $20 a pair, I initially resisted, but bought a pair to try out. A couple weeks later I returned to the store and bought four more pair. Outstanding product and well worth the expense, especially for those of use who work on our feet.


        I also don’t “cheap out” on work boots. Foot discomfort quickly becomes ankle, knee, leg, hip, and/or back discomfort. No money is saved buying cheap shoes.

        1. “I also don’t “cheap out” on work boots. ”

          That goes for work boots regardless of whether your wear safety boots of dress shoes to work.