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  1. August 6, 1945: the B-29 bomber Enola Gay drops Fat Man on Hiroshima.

      1. (slaps forehead) You’re right. Thanks.

        Little Boy was the one dropped on Hiroshima while Fat Man, which was a completely different weapon, was used against Nagasaki. LB was a uranium device and FM, like “The Gadget” tested earlier in New Mexico, used plutonium.

        Los Alamos investigated both methods as it was uncertain which of them would work.

        1. Yeah, I know.

          I got back from yet another trip to my house in B. C. earlier this evening. Being in transit for 6 or 7 hours tends to wear me out and I wasn’t thinking clearly when I posted earlier. (Note to self: get a good night’s sleep before posting on SDA…..)

          1. It could have been even worse. Little Boy was a gun bomb; Fat Man was an implosion-type bomb. Implosion-type bombs are much, much safer than gun bombs because they do not have a critical mass of fissiles in them – the core is squeezed into itself by the implosion, becoming a critical mass. The explosives that cause the implosion of the core are extremely difficult to set-off just-right, and if they aren’t, say the ‘plane is hit by a lightning strike (which happens all the time), the bomb will blow itself to bits but the implosion won’t happen.

            The gun bomb does contain a critical mass, in two pieces – and anything that sets-off the propellant charge and drives the pieces together, will cause the bomb to go off. A lightning strike again, or a bad case of dropping-it-while-loading… And it gets worse.

            Two elements are used to make nukes; U-235 and Pu-239. U-235 is one of the most expensive and hard-to-collect substances out there, because it’s less than 1% of uranium, but it’s chemically-identical to all the rest so you can’t dissolve it out. Plutonium can be dissolved-out – but it’s so unstable that none exists in nature; you have to “make” it by bombarding normal uranium, U-238, in a reactor until some of the uranium morphs-into Pu-239. The problem being, only tiny bits of U-238 morph-into Pu-239 – and if you leave the Pu-239 in the reactor too long, it’s likely to morph further into Pu-240, which is hellish stuff that emits poisonous radiation and, if you put it in a bomb, will emit enough neutrons to cause the bomb to go-off before you’ve properly assembled it – in which case you get a dirty “fizzle” with not very much of a blast.

            So a plutonium gun bomb was a marginal concept from the get-go; and the prototypes were very long. They’d fit in a Lancaster, no problem – but the B-29 would need its main spar chopped-out; and aircraft with a compromised main spar tend to fall-apart in the air; usually during the takeoff roll when they’re carrying a big heavy bomb and lots and lots of fuel. Fortunately for the poor souls on Saipan and Tinian, it was recognised that a plutonium gun bomb was the ultimate accident-waiting-to-happen, so none were ever completed and Los Alamos stayed with the implosion bomb until it worked. The first bomb set-off was the Trinity Fat Man test – the second one was the Little Boy gun bomb droppped on Hiroshima, they didn’t test it first.

    1. On August 6, 1945, the raw power with which the God of Israel created the heavens and the earth was used to force the Mikado to admit that he wasn’t a god, that the Japanese were not a master race—just another backward tribe whose loss to mankind would be no loss at all—and they had two choices—unconditional surrender and transfer of all powers of government to the “barbarians,” or extermination.

      Israel’s nuclear arsenal, and Jerusalem’s willingness to use it, are what convinced the anti-Semitic elites of the nations to find another punching bag (the working-class white Christian male), because the next attempt at a Jewish Holocaust would be the last. Even the apostate George Soros never figured out how to hedge a portfolio against a nuclear winter.

      Faced with the prospect of invasion by a nuclear-armed United States, Justin Trudeau would have no choice but to surrender without firing a shot, if he didn’t want his precious Montreal going up in a puff of radioactive smoke, to the loud cheers of every English-speaker who ever had to put up with a French Canadian. So he behaves himself around President Trump for the most part.

      You know why the enemies of Western civilization want to ban the bomb?

      Because it’s the only thing that ever taught the bastards manners.

      Thank God for the atomic bomb.

      1. I agree with with your last sentence. 75 years of the most peaceful period in history.

        But then we went and invented twitter.

    2. The atomic bombs forced Japan to surrender, saving 1-2 million American soldiers, and tens of millions of Japanese lives.

      After LeMay burnt out about 80 Japanese cities using conventional bombing and incendiary bombs, the B-29s were tasked with mining Japanese harbors and seas. They cut off Japan from its food supplies in China and Korea. Millions of Japanese were going to starve in the Winter of 1945-1946, if they were not directly killed by the war.

      The US was going to invade Japan in the Fall. We knew we were going to take hundreds of thousands of casualties. One thing America did was mint enough Purple Heart (wound or death) Medals for the predicted number of casualties. Thankfully they were not needed in 1945. We are still handing out those same Purple Heart Medals minted in 1945.


      Those nuclear weapons saved millions of lives, Japanese, AND American, Australian, British, and Canadian too. Nuclear Weapons saved Japan as a nation and a people.

      1. Not to mention the thousands of POW’s held in Japan. The orders were that when the invasion of Japan happened they were to kill all POW’s.

        1. Sad notes.

          The B-29’s were the second-most expensive weapons program of WW2, after the bomb itself; and before the invasion of Saipan and Tinian, they flew against Japan from the Asian interior, using fuel and bombs brought “over the Hump” by C-46 and C-47 transport aircraft. A difficult airlift especially during the monsoon, and the Japanese naturally objected to the operation and sent the occasional Zero to shoot transports down. The hills and jungles of southeast Asia are still littered with the wreckage.

          So the launching of B-29 raids against Japan was a huge and very expensive operation, and it didn’t accomplish all that much, not even once Saipan and Tinian were occupied and turned into giant airstrips. Japanese industry was widely dispersed anyways, because they tended to make small things in mom-and-pop shops throughout their cities, which they still do to this day. And when you drop a bomb on a Japanese city, the fires are quickly put-out by the efficient and highly-skilled local firefighters, and splinter holes in paper-screen walls are easily patched. So despite the technological marvel that the B-29 was, it wasn’t really having much of an effect on Japanese industry, and the American commander on Saipan was called-home as a failure. Curtis LeMay was posted-in to replace him, and Curtis knew he’d suffer the same fate if he didn’t come-up with something different.

          At the same time, the B-29 crews were reporting something curious. Japan was fiercely defending itself, and B-29’s were getting badly shot-up. And even without that, the B-29s’ engines, Wright R-3350’s, were cutting-edge late-war engine technology and barely reliable enough to do the job; several B-29’s taking off from Saipan with full fuel and heavy bomb loads had crashed into the sea when their engines overheated and caught fire. So B-29’s over Japan were losing engines, and being forced to descend to lower altitudes due to lacking enough engine power to stay at high altitude; and at medium altitudes, Japanese flak was leaving them alone. You see, the Japanese had light flak – heavy machine guns for low-flying fighter-bombers off the USN carriers – and heavy flak – long-barreled guns that could fire a shell high enough in the sky to menace high flyers – but they had no medium flak. And when the B-29’s were at medium altitudes, the light flak couldn’t reach high enough to hit them, and they were fast enough that the heavy flak could not traverse fast enough to track them.

          And Curtis LeMay added the final cherry, to put on top of the cake. Incendiaries were dropped in large quantities over Germany, but they weren’t very effective against brick buildings with clay-tile roofs; they’d set fires if they landed in a building that had been blasted open by a bomb, but otherwise they just bounced off the clay tiles. LeMay foresaw that against the wood-and-paper Japanese housing, they could work very well indeed; and since a lot of Japanese industry was in those houses, they were legitimate targets. So on the night of 9-10 March 1945 in the middle of an unseasonal heat wave, he sent his B-29’s in at medium altitude against Tokyo, where they drew an enormous “X” across the city with incendiaries.

          It was the single most destructive bombing raid in history. LeMay had his better idea and he pursued it ruthlessly, firebombing city after city; by the time the first droppable atom bomb arrived on Saipan, the B-29’s were not only running out of incendiaries, they were running out of target cities to drop them on; President Truman had forbidden bombing the ancient Japanese imperial capital of Kyoto, and almost all the other cities had been reduced to ash. So knowing the bomb was on its way, the U.S. higher-ups had directed LeMay to ‘reserve’ a couple Japanese cities; Hiroshima and Nagasaki were among them.

          If anybody wants it, I have a url in my quotes page about Japanese response to the atom-bombings. When Bocks Car was inbound Japan, a Shiden kai was sitting at alert on a nearby Japanese airfield; its pilot had shot down B-29’s, they were very tough but it could be done, and the Japanese had put a great deal of effort into communications interception and had identified the radio callsigns of the special unit on Saipan/Tinian that was dropping the bombs. It was recognised that another bomb was inbound, and the word was passed to Japanese high command; they dithered, and the pilot never received the order to take off. He was presented the facts during a recent TV interview – you think Little Potato has taught us how to be disgusted? We’re amateurs; that pilot’s face showed me how rage and disgust are done.

          P.S. I posted this once already – if it comes up twice, please delete?

        2. If those POWs had been killed–Japan wouldn’t have disappeared as a nation…it would be populated by half-Japanese/half-White people who spoke English fluently (learned at their father’s knee). No Japanese male would have survived the invasion and subsequent military operations. “Honest, sir. Those guys were reaching for their knife/gun/grenade–we had to waste them all.”
          Probably become the 51st state (it would be more prosperous and harder working than Michigan and Illinois).

          1. After over 100 Canadian POWs were executed by the SS in Normandy, Canadian soldiers executed almost every SS soldier they captured. There was no public outcry or inquiry. Killing prisoners does not end well for either side.

      2. There is no doubt a Hitlerian last stand in Japan would have caused enormous casualties.

        The US had already flattened and burned most major Japanese cities. The largest death toll from any bombing was Tokyo, there Lemay choose Napalm. The atomic bombs were just another method to deliver more of the same.

        The Japanese had long known they had lost and with Hitler gone knew they would be facing cruel Soviet armies already moving East.

        The Japanese saved Japan, they knew a much better peace could be had with the Americans.

        The myth is the Japanese were devastated by the bombs and surrendered. The reality is that they were devastated by Napalm, then the bombs, but were rational enough to be moved to peace by their fear of the Ruskies.

        1. Yup. I remember arguing with my entire History11 class that dropping the bombs saved lives. I still remember the blank looks (including from the teacher) when I asked how many were killed by the firebombing of Tokyo, and arguing how much higher the death toll would have had to be to force a surrender using conventional munitions. Where was it that the Japanese soldiers held off the GIs so that the civilians could jump off a cliff instead of becoming captives?

          My class had no concept of face societies, where honour was worth more than life. I imagine that most still don’t.

    3. There are a number of historians who argue that it was not the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which prompted the Japanese to surrender, but rather the Soviet Union’s plans to invade the Japanese home islands.

      “When the Russians invaded Manchuria [in mid-1945], they sliced through what had once been an elite [Japanese] army and many Russian units only stopped when they ran out of gas. The Soviet 16th Army — 100,000 strong — launched an invasion of the southern half of Sakhalin Island [Japanese territory]. Their orders were to mop up Japanese resistance there, and then — within 10 to 14 days — be prepared to invade Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s home islands. The Japanese force tasked with defending Hokkaido, the 5th Area Army, was under strength at two divisions and two brigades, and was in fortified positions on the east side of the island. The Soviet plan of attack called for an invasion of Hokkaido from the west.”


      1. The flaw in their argument is that the Japanese Imperial Army was “fight to the death”. It was an absolute dishonour to surrender. Even civilians were doing hiri kiri when the Emperor agreed to the unconditional surrender.
        These historians sound like commie sympathizers.

      2. In fact it was both – Japan was looking for an excuse to surrender by then; indeed, the Japanese were trying to open a channel with the allies by talking to the Russians, and receiving Stalin’s declaration of war instead was pretty morale-shattering.

        Or rather, the Japanese government was looking for an excuse – the army was “fight to the death, and take all Japanese with us!” Hirohito recorded a message to the Japanese people that the country was going to surrender; army officers broke-into the imperial palace the night before it was due to be broadcast, trying to find and steal the recording. They didn’t find it, and it was duly broadcast; it was the first time the Japanese had heard their emperor’s voice.

        I hold a great deal of the war in the Pacific to be Hirohito’s fault, and am of the opinion he should’ve stretched hemp after the war. He was emperor, and the Japanese worshipped him – if he’d come-out strongly against the war, insisted the army obey him, ordered the intrusion into Manchuria stopped and the troops brought home, and refused to permit aggression against China, the Pacific war might never have happened.

        And this is not far-fetched. There were four brothers in that family, Hirohito the eldest; the third son, Takamatsu (known also as Nobuhito) joined the navy, rising to Captain and serving in Headquarters throughout the war. He had a good grasp on the international situation, and strongly opposed the creation of Manchukuo, the attack on China and the eventual war against the U.S. He told Hirohito to end the war after the disastrous defeat at Midway, and he and Hirohito were pretty-well estranged after that. After he died, his widow found his diaries and sent them for publication. I’ve been trying to find a translated copy for awhile now.

      3. A lot of of leftist or Russophile historians have repeated that story. Fact is that right after the bomb fell Japanese used their embassy in Switzerland to contact Americans and beg for no more. First time in years the butchers of Nanking were suddenly interested in humane means of conducting warfare. A-bombs have changed their outlook. Soviet offensive did not. Paul Johnson writes about it in detail in Modern Times.

    4. The Grope and Flail has published an article criticizing Canada for its role in helping the U.S. develop the atomic bomb in 1945. Not mentioned in the article, for obvious reasons, is why the bomb was developed in the first place and why it was used against Japan. And of course, no mention that Canadians would also have died in the invasion of the Japanese home islands since, with the surrender of Germany in May 1945, the Canadian military in Europe was being prepared for re-assignment to the Pacific to support our American allies.

      1. As the headline states we must acknowledge our role.
        Okay here goes.
        We, Canada, played a role in developing the atomic bomb and are very proud to have done so.
        Should I email this to our Idiot in Charge?

      2. This article is just more identity politics from the ruling cultural Marxists. Someone should demand equal time for an article from a child of a WWII vet who would have been part of the invasion of Japan.

        1. Can’t have equal time at the Globe and Mail. To do so woild introduce different points ot view, and poper journalistic ethics, at that corrupt newspaper. The Globe management is adamantly opposed to good journalism.

  2. L- Coming soon to a court near you:

    “Your Honour, in consideration of the sentence for armed robbery; my client, a victim of most everything, deserves a reduced sentence. This because of his selfless act of protecting the public by wearing a medical mask during the commission of the offence.”

    By being the first Judge in Canada to make such a decision, justified by your new revised interpretation of the Charter of Rights. You will become famous and very likely to be appointed one day to the Supreme Court, by a fellow Social Justice Warrior extraordinaire, P.M. Justin Trudeau.”
    Saskatoon Police are investigating an armed robbery which occurred yesterday night.

    Police were called to a liquor store in the 1800 block of McOrmond Drive at approximately 9:30 p.m, August 4, 2020. It was reported that a man had entered the store armed with bear spray and a conducted energy weapon before demanding cash from a staff member. The male then fled the scene with cash and liquor. No one was physically harmed during the incident.

    He is described as being 6′ in height and 170 lbs. He was wearing a white medical mask, a grey hat, black sunglasses with yellow lenses, a black jacket with long sleeves and a grey hood, jeans, white shoes and white gloves. He is believed to have fled the scene in a red, two door, newer model Toyota or Kia car.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact the Saskatoon Police Service at 306-975-8300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.
    (Occurrence Number: 20-78076)

    1. I thought it was pretty good. Not the usual swearing every second or third ‘punch line’.
      Actually relying on humour other than shock to get laughs.
      Similar to old style comedy routines which were much more funny than the foul mouthed sort that used gratuitous swearing.
      And I did like George Carlin’s 7 words you can’t say on TV because it was done with humourous phrasing.

  3. Drink it faster because it is getting dark around here.

    4 People Dead And 3 Blind After Drinking Hand Sanitizer

    Love the conclusion of the article:
    “It may be time to skip the hand sanitizer, until we can restore confidence in the safety of this commonly used product.”

    How about: don’t f***ing drink it?

    Idiot proof systems always fail against system proof idiots. Darwin will not be denied.

      1. “From what I’ve been able to learn, a strong soap and water mix works just as well.”

        Of course it does, … but can “people with alcohol use disorder” one get drunk on it?

    1. “It may be time to skip the hand sanitizer, until we can restore confidence in the safety of this commonly used product.”

      Fascinating, that’s how a State socialist reacts to life.
      He claims the right to take your responsibility and choice from you and micro manage your own life for your own good, never understanding the irony that he simply isn’t smart or aware enough to instruct anyone about anything.
      The Statist isn’t merely acting for the 1% mentally incompetent he’s including the whole population because to not include your life in his control would discriminate against the mentally incompetent.

      If you need to be told not to drink hand santiser (and you aren’t a kid doing a dare) let’s hope it kills you before you get to pass your genes on.

    2. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
      I truly don’t care about stupid people anymore. And that goes for the idiots in Beirut who did not get rid of the stored explosives even though the safety inspectors warned them about the potential for destruction for over 6 years. Not one penny should be given to them in aid.

    3. Colonialista,

      “Idiot proof systems always fail against system proof idiots”

      You win today++++

  4. Check out Postmedia financials as of May 31. Total revenue off 35 percent vs same period last year. They flat out state they cannot meet their next bond payment. Globe and Star no doubt will have the same impacts. They are turds circling the drain.

    1. They’ve been giving away their product for free for the last five months. I guess you can’t fix stupid.

      1. The local newsrag in Fort St. John has been given away for years. It’s used as a way of cramming people’s old mailboxes full of ads.

        When I started working on my father’s estate more than 3 years ago, each issue had 2 sections of content. Now it’s down to a few pages. I guess the only reason I kept reading it was for the obituaries and, yes, I recognized a number of names that I saw. People I knew while I was growing up and, later, spent my undergrad summers in the area are slowly moving on to the next life.

      2. More like they’ve been trying to give it away, so they can tell advertisers “just look how many people are reading!”

        I’ve been offered 4 or 5 times in the last year. I tell them I don’t have a bird to give proper editorial responses on the paper, so I’ll pass.

  5. Oh, and in case you’re wondering what the lesson from Hiroshima is…… it’s don’t attack the USA and expect to walk.
    911 the same, 40,000 dead foreign Islamofascist “fighters” in Iraq, job done.

  6. Did anyone notice that not 24 hours after the blast while the emergency services are still trying to clear up the mess, thousands hit the streets in Beirut to protest the government.
    Their demand?
    They want the government eliminated.
    Now where have I heard this theme before?

    1. They are just fed up with years of a corrupt and incompetent government. They want a change for the better.

  7. And now the Canadian news this morning. Lots of Trump is Hitler stories. Biden is wonderful. Racism, islamophobia, homophobia, are running rampant in Canada. Nazis are running rampant in Canada. Trudeau is having a wonderful vacation at Harrington Lake. Trudeau is wonderful. The Liberal Party is wonderful. Canadians are racist bastards.

    1. Ironically, the Canadians that operate the Canadian Museum for Human Rights are apparently the most racist, sexist, misogynist, bigoted bastards.

  8. Blacklock reports that auditors at the Dept. of Public Safety have issued a report about poor security at the department. One incident cost taxpayers 17 million dollars.

  9. Hey Santayana, Where was the “God of Israel” when the Nazi’s were exterminating “his people”? On vacation? Weekend off? Didn’t notice? Thought they deserved it?

          1. You guys do realize that Santayana’s Ghost is about the fourth iteration of name change from the original that I am aware of, “A Canadian.” ‘Nuff said.

  10. Canadian Press reports that the government has settled a civil claim by whiny indians in regards to the site “C” dam in British Columbia. It involves giving millions of dollars to the tribes. Funny how these things always result in indians accepting large amounts of cash. The government will also hand over large tracts of land to the indians. Expect to see lots more rusted out cars and garbage strewn through out the province. Also names of places in B.C. will be changed to indian names.

    1. Under JWR a policy directive was implemented that stopped any defence or litigation of First Nation land claims. Basically the only thing the feds are allowed to ask is how big of a cheque do you want. This would be a scandal if the queue wasn’t already full. How long can we afford a Trudeau?

  11. Here’s a winning campaign platform for the next Conservative party leader:

    “So the next Conservative leader should do this: make it loud, clear and in public, that his (or her) administration will treat the public dime like a dime is still worth something. Be a cheapskate when it comes to public finances, especially when the money is largely being spent on events that serve to enhance the image and stature of the government, its members and its leaders, rather than the needs of the country and its people. And put it in writing.”


    1. Good article on why the Con Party maybe toast in the west. And in my opinion good riddance to them all, all the same old Federal Parties need to crawl away. After 115 years Alberta and Saskatchewan are still in the same place. No equality with eastern Canada. Eastern Canada still using Alberta has its piggy bank, and held as a colony to be plundered. Quit your whining you never had it so good. How many times have you read that line in Eastern Newspapers. WEXIT is a Federal Party now and we have options in the west. Vote WEXIT next election and vote WIP Provincially time for change. Big change. https://www.wexitcanada.com/cbc_the_rise_of_wexit_why_internal_party_unity_may_soon_be_the_least_of_the_conservatives_problems

    2. A politician that saves taxpayer dollars is more myth than the Ogopogo in Lake Okanagan (pronounced O’Kanagan if you’re a Queerbeker on Who Wants to be a Millionaire Canada).

  12. If anyone believes the polls the Liberals and Conservatives are neck and neck and Conservatives are without a leader.
    Has WE scandal become the final straw for the bearded one?

    1. His bought-and-paid-for propaganda arm will rally to his rescue.
      A skank with the CBC tried to compare WE with Scheer using party funds for his kids’ private schooling.

  13. National Post reports on indians attacking police at a housing development in Caledonia Ontario. Stones etc were thrown by indians as the police tried to remove protesters. They also blockaded highways and railway tracks.

  14. Just in…

    We have one scandal after another in this Country under the Liberals.
    The West needs to either form it’s own country or join the USA. We are broke and broken. WEXIT NOW. Why wait?

    Here’s a new report from SGR of Rebel News:

    Trudeau funnels $1M/year to WWF to undermine oil and gas industry:

  15. Wearing your masks? https://www.rebelnews.com/ppe_developer_ron_mitchell_n95_masks_70_per_cent_not_filtered
    Any person working in the oil patch KNOWS, the only way to keep unwanted stuff out of your airway is a sealed face mask (no beard and trim mustache) connected to SCABA (self contained breathing apparatus, like the fire crews wear) or centrally supplied air hose line, with a face sealed mask and positive air flow. Period. Like they wear in a biolab, which is what the Wuhan, Chinah lab, or the one in Winnipeg are set up to do. Wuflu is either a cock up in the Chinah lab and allowed to escape to the world, or deliberately released. Prove me wrong. I mean these are the “human wave attackers” of Korean war vintage – what’s a few dead Chinah Folk if you out number, out gun or overrun the other side? We got 1.2 BILLION vs your measly 37 MILLION Kan-eh-duncians. 0.03% Barely a rounding error.
    No contest. And yeah, Kan-eh-jians are mostly stupid.

  16. Canada- welcoming every Liberal voter/donator with open arms. Character or criminality not an issue.

    “Jabri, who is characterised in the suit as a “trusted partner of US intelligence officials”, claims MBS dispatched a 50-person kill team dubbed “the Tiger Squad” in October 2018 – just two weeks after the murder of Saudi dissident and Middle East Eye columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

    “The ‘Tiger Squad’ that was deployed to Canada included forensic personnel experienced with the clean-up of crime scenes, who carried with them two bags of forensic tools,” the suit alleges. “The kill team was thwarted by attentive Canadian border security officials who were suspicious of their behavior at an airport checkpoint.”

    EXCLUSIVE: Top Saudi intelligence official ‘chased’ to Canada by MBS
    Read More »

    Jabri, who was reportedly a key go-between for Western spy agencies, sought refuge in Canada in 2017, just days before his former boss, Mohammed bin Nayef, was ousted by MBS, his younger cousin, in a palace coup.”


  17. Blackie’s CBC reports that Blackie’s governor general demanded over 250 thousand dollars in renovations to protect her privacy, and yet still hasn’t moved into the official residence. Well at least she hasn’t beat the crap out of anyone so far.

  18. CBC website reports that Blackie’s Governor General didn’t like maintenance workers in her sight line. Having to view the peasants upsets her.

  19. Saw it on the local news. She can eat shit. John Ralston Saul gave us the slash across the throat gesture when we worked there.
    People like those two need corporal punishment.