The Libranos: WE Realty

More from Vivian Krause: This revenue graph just doesn’t look right to me. So perfect. These guys just waltzed through 2009 & 2010 like nothing happened. And on the expenditures side, about 66% is in the grey. Unspecified.

I wish I had better source links than these tweets, but it is what it is these days.

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  1. Somebody should call Canada Revenue Agency but I’m betting their noses are permanently stuck up Liberal backsides so nothing would come of it.

  2. Relax folks, it’s just Liberals stealing from a children’s charity.
    It’s like taking candy from a baby, literally.

    How many schools didn’t get built and how much medicine didn’t get provided to children because Liberal big shots looted the children’s charity while our media fiddled and fluffed them?

  3. From: Klingonburgerbros
    To: turdo la doo

    Quick! Get that vaccine rolled out, Justy – then the press and public can forgive and forget and this will all go away.

  4. Kate,
    Here’s Vivian’s source document for the charts in her tweet.

    Here’s a link to the last five years of WE Charity CRA filings. Make sure to look at the detailed link not the quick view.

    And here’s a link to WE Charity’s audited financial statements.

    I don’t have a link to the lease documents.

  5. Killer questions about the WE Charity that were not asked of the Dear Leader:
    “If you knew, as you admitted today, that the appearance of your conflict might be raised, why did you vote in favour of the project without even declaring that conflict?

    When you voted in favour of giving WE $912 million dollars of taxpayers’ money, did you ask whether it had ever run a similar project? (It had not).

    So you voted to award this project without determining whether WE had any relevant experience?”

  6. More on Fred Kielberger, who owns $25-million in real estate — and from the Canadaland tweet did in fact collect rent from WE Charity’s headquarters . (WE Charity has claimed that the Kielberger parents rented to office building to the WE Charity for free).

    From 1997 to 2016, Father Fred was a director of a corporation (not a charity) called “Advocates for Free the Children:

    note that this link lists one other director, Roxanne Joyal, who happens to be Marc Kielberger’s wife. This is an inactive corporation, which lasted from 1997 to2016. In 2018 WE Charity moved into its own building, a building it owns.

  7. It’s probably all about the “spillage”.

    Loot on that order of magnitude sloshing around without actual close accounting and “by the book” legality? What could go wrong?

    Maybe the plan was, in fact, to “lose” a few mil to some “entity” without any legally-required records.

    Once again, the definition of “honest” politicians and public serpents:

    Once they are bought, they STAY bought.

    Not that I’m that cynical, of course.

  8. From my experience where I reported someone for stealing from charities and a handicapped man nothing will happen. Canada’s RCMP are incapable of even investigating such crimes.

  9. Sent the graphs off to an accountant who is involved with a charity and does its return. Response was that the categories under which income and expenses are reported to CRA are extremely limited, and that the large “unspecified” expenses is not unusual. Was more interested in the large “non-receipted donations” portion of the chart.

    Also sent the accountant the 2018 actual financials and those were of much more interest with several red flags being raised.

    1. What also sticks out to me is how much money is spent domestically for a charity that was originally founded to liberate children from hardship in third world countries. Just where is the money going.

  10. odours of a rodent in a country on the other side of the atlantic.
    sez billy shakespeare.
    i believe they have said so many different things to so many different people, that they can’t remember what they said or when they said it; and when questioned on conflicted statements- do not be surprised if you hear it said, in the most sincere of voices, “i do not recall saying that,” because there will be a semblance of truth to it and will be accompanied with a big toothy smile that sez “really? you’re asking ME? i’m one of the good guys!”

  11. All involved are getting too much time to answer questions. If all is above board why are we having to dig for answers?