16 Replies to “Silicon Valley 2020”

      1. Um. OK. You didn’t watch my link to see that it’s Life of Brian where there’s one guy who raises his hand to note he’s not an individual.

        But thanks for playing!

        1. Careful there, the Judean People’s Front will… wait…I might be thinking about the People’s Front of Judea.

  1. I work for one of the wokest corporations on the planet. They recently announced an employee donation matching program for various organizations associated with the whole Black Lives Matter movement. And of course one of the organizations is, you guessed it, Black Lives Matter. Of course I’m thrilled. This is a radical Marxist organization that calls for the abolition of the nuclear family. I absolutely hate Marxists. And now I work for a company that is supporting them. Unbelievable. I really feel like I should resign. I’ve been there 16 years though and I’d like to remain there until retirement, which is at least another 5 years away. I like how they just assume that all the employees are on board with this insanity. I know other conservatives who work there. I haven’t brought up the topic yet, but they can’t be happy either. I’m thoroughly disgusted with the whole situation.

    1. Better keep your head down. On second thought, you could ask if it is a good idea to support groups with a political focus. That way you don’t have to criticize BLM, but rather, the risk in opening the door to other politically oriented groups. I don’t know. Sounds frustrating.

      1. My former employer, Armpit College, was like that. Whenever it declared it was observing some special week or event, everyone was expected to play along as, you know, we were all a “team”. Most people did because they either couldn’t think for themselves or lacked the courage to.

    2. Yes. There are topics I will not discuss at work, for the same reason. Everyone now and then my company has an “anonymous” survey about the company’s direction. I follow Linda’s advice, because there’s no upside to being honest with them. And if they aren’t honest about the anonymity, there could be a huge downside.

    3. Listen up…. you have 5 years to retire, under no circumstances leave a job in these troubled times unless you have a certain replacement job.
      Play the game, pretend, survive, laugh at them in your thoughts…..and be careful what you put on the net when your name is easily linked.

      1. The longer we play the game the greater the control becomes as we are seen to be in agreement. If courage requires taking a stand and you have courage do so, if not, sit down and bleat softly.

    4. I used to work for a large electronics manufacturer that literally employed Chinese slave labour. Through multiple “subcontractors”, but they knew exactly what was going on. I struggled with that on a weekly basis because I didn’t want to be part of that kind of organization.

  2. That video reminds me of some of the team-building “training” I was forced to endure while I was teaching at Armpit College. Some of my colleagues were all too willing to parrot the institution’s lines and slogans. I was the only one who was Number 6.

  3. OT but I often think of a cousin’s husband who spent his entire working career with the same oil company.. Wild horses wouldn’t drag a word out of him about anything. To this day I don’t know which way he leans politically; for all I know he could be a raving green.
    He and my cousin enjoy an apparently stress-free retirement with holidays anywhere on the globe and summers at the cottage. Keeping your head down can pay dividends.