Y2Kyoto: McKenna Money

Toronto Sun;

“In 2017 and 2018 seven projects were funded for which researchers did not provide reports. Hence, their status is unknown,” said an Evaluation Of The Aquatic Climate Change Adaptation Services Program. “Under the current funding requirements there are no consequences if funded researchers do not submit reports, or reports are delayed.”
According to Blacklock’s, since 2017, the program, which is “the only federal program that advances research in the areas of aquatic climate change science,” cost $10.5 million, along with an extra $3.5 million in ongoing yearly spending.
The program has eight staff members, but “a federal website archiving the studies drew as few as fifty visits a month and was ‘hard to find and not easily navigable for users.’”

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  1. Oh look! Another the climate change slush fund for Liberals to spread influence. I wonder if Maggie works for them too.

  2. I suspect the total dollars spent on worthless government studies is probably astounding!

    In general I feel government spending (in normal times) could easily by cut by say 25% with
    nobody noticing a difference (outside government), at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

      1. Forget that 110% is the best beginning.
        Fire them all and then demand they refund the taxpayer 10% of what they stole over the years.
        For if a private business had “employees” like our civil servants,they would be pressing charges for grand theft and fraud.

  3. How about turning the Canada Council for the Arts into a propaganda agency with the appointment of Jesse Wente. Not that accountability was ever their mission. Another defundable group ready for the axe or will Jesse be offended by that choice of the “A” word ?

  4. Nice work if you can get it.

    It’s possible, I suppose, that the reports never appeared because rigorous data analysis demonstrated something Climate Barbie did not want to hear.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this lot gained useful experience serving drinks and parking cars at IPCC conferences and Liberal fundraisers.

    2. Or more likely there never were any reports whatsoever. The whole thing may be nothing more than a slush fund. It could be for nothing more relevant than painting the Minister’s office or for overpriced orange juice, but without an audit no one would ever know.

  5. Let me get this straight.

    Government contracts have been issued for reports that did not exist or not done?

    Can’t be, the liberals promised to never let that happen ever again.
    Just like the sock monkey promised he would not violate the ethics law, twice going on three.

  6. Rather than have reports with the wrong results appearing, it is easier to have them quietly shelved. Easier to have inconvenient truths disappear than to explain why they don’t support the narrative. Yes there is a warming trend, No it is not earth threatening, No the climate profiteers can’t make as much money by being honest.
    1984 was a warning, not an instruction manual.

    1. I rather suspect you are correct. Honest reporting of the data would NOT have been to the liking of Climate Barbie.

  7. Another SCAM JOB by the Liberals vote out the Lie-brals next election!! TOO much of TAXPAYERS money being spent on THEIR luxury items!!

  8. So basically, a slush fund then. Don’t even need to have any credentials, other than “prominent Liberal”.

    How many studies has Ralph Goodale been paid for, that will never be produced.

  9. the only way out the mess the liberals have created over the last 50 years is very simple

    1. Do way with income tax

    2. Replace income tax with a consumption tax

    3 Cut the number of civil servants by 50% through attrition

    4. Reduce the number of MP’s by 50%

    5.Eliminate the many useless federal departments

    6.Put in a law that any government that runs a deficit be immediately recalled with the cost of the new election to be born by the offending party.

    7.Lawyers and accountants will oppose eliminating income tax as it would cut into their revenues. These revesions are necessar if we want this country to get out of this mess.

    1. Like to offer this modification to number 4 using the proportional rep argument.
      Not to add seats per vote, but to subtract seats if voter turnout falls below 50% in a riding. Then have that riding vote combined with a neighbouring riding that had a low turnout.
      You could cut the number of urban seats significantly by using this form of proportional representation.
      So if a region say like the 20 or so seats in downtown Toronto always vote liberal but never gets more than 40% turn out, that removes 10 MP’s. The means test is that constitutional the house representation is based on population, so it would have to be argued that the voters are responsible for showing up on Election Day if they want to be represented.

      1. Wally and Joseph, a Pipe dream guys, no political party will EVER allow their power base to be reduced, and no sniveling servants union would allow any reduction, by attrition or any other way either.
        Sorry to burst your bubble.

    2. Pfft. Tell me which federal departments are useful that can’t be replaced by a provincial one.
      There is more overlap in government than flesh in a brothel.

  10. 8. Put an expiry date on all laws.

    One of the biggest problems we have that contributes to bureaucratic crap is the presence of stupid laws that should have been repealed a long time ago. If they have an expiry date stupid laws die naturally unless actually needed and anything needed gets periodically reviewed.

    And given what my poor wife went through to renew her permanent resident card, again, through the circular link website full of ghost links and infinite loops, I recommend the the entire permanent resident card program and everyone involved in the government website be immediately terminated and replaced with ten competent people. All this for a card they promise to take 263 days to produce. (That is probably a best case scenario.) It currently makes the long gun registry look simple.

  11. Meanwhile Blackie thinks we silly Canadians spend to much on heat during the winter. Blacklock reports that a federal dept. memo explains that the carbon tax was meant to stop Canadians from heating their homes so much. But don’t worry, Justin doesn’t have to worry about that. He can fly to his muslim friend’s island during the winter.

  12. Newsflash. This has been going on for decades with government spending. Throwing money out the window to friends.

    It’s a feature, not a bug.

    1. I agree, johnboy.
      Successive #LibCons govts have destroyed Canada.
      Liberals and the “conservatives” ( in name only) wings of #LibCons did a good job making us Canadastan.
      To say that some swear the CPC will fix stuff… Pandy Scheer is still at the helm of a party with a fake name while Trudeau never expected to have it so easy. Legacy parties.

      Two options; #WEXIT or PPC

      1. Ray, I agree with your two options as starting points, although I am leaning towards and supporting separation (vote wise and financially). Last year I supported PPC. But nothing will change unless someone finally comes to grips with the fact that Jesus himself would start acting like Trudeau or Harper or all their underlings. The only way to limit government corruption is to limit government. Im not saying Harper was as corrupt as Trudeau mind you…just that there was such a huge political price to pay to start cutting all these bullshit spending programs and money troughs that it couldn’t be done by a typical politician.

        Stop income taxation. No progressive taxes. The entire population needs to feel the full pain of government spending which should reflect the size of government…miniscule.

  13. L-Climate Barbie, ‘Math is Hard’ Barbie, also qualified to work at 7-11 specializing in slush… ,
    her resume´continues to grow.

  14. You all know the words and you all know that this is SOP. Now please go back to sleep.

  15. Funding one of a huge number of initiatives studying (reinforcing the hypothesis) of CAGW is not intended to produce any definitive outcome on the “science”. That’s far too risky to the narrative and the funded “scientists” know the drill. The effort is nothing more than political virtue signalling with the bought-off, pom pom waving media cheering them on. The hysteria continues and the state offers salvation Ad infinitum.

  16. McKenna, Morneau, turdo, Keilburgers … why do Goya images flash through my head?