July 31, 2020: Reader Tips

Just another 24 hours and we’ll have left July in the rear view mirror without an asteroid strike or an earth shattering dam failure. So far, so good.

Open for tips.

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    1. Why should our masters learn from history? It’s not their money. If things get out of hand, well—still plenty of Russian cannon fodder to throw at the Chinese, what?

      Lots of well-connected people across the globe got very rich off German national socialism. Few ever answered for their part in building the Nazi war machine in any meaningful way.

      1. KRUPP – Siemans – Lufthansa – Volkswagon…..to name a few.

        Yea, my Dad RIP, “worked” for Krupp for 4 years: as a SLAVE labourer. 1941-1945
        When it was time for reparations – in the early 2000’s, he got FKD over ’cause he was apparently missing a few “papieren” ja.???

        They shoulda saved “Fat Man” for Germany.

  1. A friend of mine coined a new phrase: The Unwriting of History

    They also want the statue of John A MacDonald taken town because it ’causes hurt and anguish’


    “Every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”- ‘1984,’ George Orwell

    1. One thing that causes me hurt and anguish is the daily exposure to stupidity. How did my generation allow this level of idiocy develop?
      Were we all so wrapped up in ourselves and living our lives that we did not bother to even try to see what was happening all around us. We have allowed a destructive and evil generation to exist.

  2. Black Lives Matter!

    Another Portland black man literately stabbed in the back by a white racist:
    Fortunately, they have the suspect in custody. Attempted murder charges sure to follow.
    Second degree assault????
    No hate crime charges? WTF?
    Oh wait, the victim is a black conservative and the perp and Antiffa soyboy. Second degree assault then. Clearly.

      1. It’s been 50 years since I first heard those CSN songs and they still sound fresh and interesting listening to them today.

    1. I want to draw attention to the next 4 comments by Chris, Y.nott, Slap shot & Joseph. Great comments.

      When they’re read as a 4 pac, a clear concise picture the depth & breadth of LPC corruption is formed.

    1. – or were written, but being actual, y’know, STUDIES, they did not support Gerry’s narrative so were quietly buried.

      – in a swamp, somewhere north of the Arctic Circle

      – on a moonless night, under a heavy overcast and in a deep fog

      – and the man who wielded the shovel was then shot, and buried far away.

      This government would FAR RATHER be thought guilty of blowing another $10 million, than have any studies come to light that contradict their precious Glo-bull Warming narrative.

  3. The creepy failure of the TURDO to provide a NUMBER of $$$ paid to his Family Members would suggest that WE/ME was running an Expense Scam…Expenses are TAX free & “sometimes” double Billed instead of a FEE service…. The Turdo may not have wanted to get caught in a perjury trap because the Brothers had lied about the “Total” paid to his Family….

    How is it possible not to have a close Family relationship with WE/ME …. His Wife, Mother & Brother frequently dined and Lodged with the Brothers….That influence was incestual… & that is close


    1. The money being paid is important but it’s secondary to what the money is being paid for.
      Now with the COVID shut down and that the conduit was uncovered, they are frantically looking around for a new conduit to fund the same objective that WE and previously what Adscam was needed to fund.
      They need to keep the funding going to manufacture support.
      Or did you happen to notice how the polls have been going since this whole WE thing came out in the open?

      1. Heh. CeeBeeCee says all Canadians LOVE Little Potato, and that he should call a snap election in August – he’d be voted back in with at least an 80% majority and he could then declare himself Prime Minister For Life like his hero, Xi Jinping ( – or his daddy Fidel, for that matter).

        Observers have remarked that the CeeBeeCee calling for another election as early as August can only mean that they’ve already spent their way through their share of the $600 million, and they want more money.

        – So what else is new? /sarc

  4. Be sure to read Great Leader Mohammad Trudeau’s statement on the muslim celebration of Satan. He explains the wonderful contributions muslims have made to Canada. Praise Allah and Justin.

  5. Folks are losing sight that Canada is dead but somehow cling on in case.
    Trudeau has corrupted the whole country and fake conservatives CPC #LibCons have a steep hill to climb.

  6. So today we have a new term in the Canadian lexicon to be added to those employed when creating word salad.


    What does “pushback” mean?

    It’s a term used to describe how a person in a position of authority directs an operative to do something by implication under the caveat that if directing them to do so would be a conflict of interest.

    I offer this hypothetical example

    “You know if
    I direct you to change this recommendation to cabinet for this sole source contract to WE or cancel it
    it would look like I’m trying to influence your decision. So I need you to take the recommendation back to make sure it doesn’t look like
    I’m trying to influence your recommendation that
    WE is the only organization that can get this contract.”

  7. Blackie’s bought and paid for Globe and Mail reports that there is no such thing as Antifa. Trump made it up. And don’t miss the other Trump is Hitler stories, along with the Trudeau/Biden are wonderful stories.

  8. Yes, end of July and Trudeau and Morneau are still standing tall. They’re sorry of course, they should have recused themselves , honest mistake. All is well in this Socialist Dominion, we are being taken care of.

    I’m convinced there’s no such thing as corruption in politics in Canada. Anything goes, the sky’s the limit. We must cease making accusations.

  9. And now your Canadians are racist bastards story for today. Blackie’s Globe and Mail reports that the federal government and Parks Canada will recognize the history of black slavery in Canada. Calls are also being made from the UN and others for Canada to apologize for its sordid history of black slavery. I wonder if Canadian indian tribes will have to apologize for slavery as well.

    1. “Canada to apologize for its sordid history of black slavery.” I did not know there was Black slavery in Canada. When was this? I thought we were a terminus for the Underground Railroad.

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvA05bOCQVk

    Sargon explaining how his former patrons can end patreon. This is a much bigger victory in the culture war and against SillyCon Valley than many think. If his thousands of followers join in with Owen Benjamins hundreds, the financial cost of mediation alone could run into the tens of millions of dollars.

    https://twitter.com/Lauren_Southern (formerly of The Rebel) has a thread about this as well, and is offering to connect her former supporters who are eligible with legal representatives to file as well.

  11. National Post reports that Blackie’s Governor General was also a bitch when she ran the Montreal Science Centre. Geeze, Great Leader can sure pick them. But she has a vagina, so that’s all that matters.

  12. More things that make you go…hmmmmm (with a hat tip to Arsenio Hall).
    JULY 26, 2020: Liberals give 94,000 federal employees pay hikes as private sector struggles
    JULY 31, 2020: Trudeau throws the public service under the bus

    Brought to you by True North (https://tnc.news)

  13. “Folks are losing sight that Canada is dead but somehow cling on in case.”

    For those of us in the welfare swamps of eastern Canada where it’s “vote Liberal or starve”, we don’t have a he11 of a lot of choice in that, do we? PPC couldn’t even get its leader re-elected (not to mention the historical spookiness of voting for a “People’s Party”). But for those of you in western Ontario and points west (not including the B.C. lower mainland of course), YOU DO.

    #WEXIT. NOW!!! – what’s the delay?

    If all else fails and Canada is doomed to break-up anyways, I want it to go down in the history books as happening on P.M. the Rt. Hon. Zoolander’s watch. “It may be that the purpose of your life was only to serve as a warning to others”.

  14. Because everyone in Canada wants to know, our Great Leader Big Chief Gay Eagle With No Balls will be spending the long weekend on the private beach at his Harrington Lake resort. Praise Great Leader!!

  15. Conrad Black trashes socialism and global warming scams at the National Post.

  16. Meanwhile, back at Blue River, B. C.:


    I’ve travelled through that area. I don’t know if the Sandman Inn where I stayed about 40 years ago still exists, but I remember that its restaurant served an excellent pea soup back then.