42 Replies to “What Else Has WE Been Up To?”

  1. This coming from Spector!!!!
    Funny that. As most here are well aware the opinion writers for the media, print, audio and video are for the most part all in the same tank. We’ve known for years that the pablum that they have issued over the last few decades is as contaminated as the baby food that was imported from China years ago. Now Spector has opened up a box that none of the Lib/Dems ever wanted to see the light of day. This could get really interesting.

    1. Norman Spector has been pretty anti-Trudeau for quite some time. Certainly since the SNC Lav-Scam. His daily Twitter feed is a good read for SDA fans.

  2. Blackie’s bought and paid for CBC reports that WE employees were ordered to attend a Morneau party. While Blackie’s Globe and Mail reports that WE paid over six hundred thousand dollars for political consultants in the States, they didn’t pay for any here. Why would they when they got the Liberals for free.

    1. WE paid Marco Rubio’s 2016 Presidential Campaign “braintrust” to lobby for them in the US. No wonder the Brothers K are knee-deep in it.

  3. Those two brothers need to have everything they own taken away from them while watching their scumbag parents go in jail before entering themselves.

    Then PM Weirdo II and the Minister of Forgetfulness need to be audited, fined and jailed together where they can do to each other what they’ve been doing to the taxpayers of Bananada.

    1. I think if they do an audit, they may find most of the liberal caucus has similar dealings with WE.
      It would explain (not excuse) why no one raised an objection when the contract was brought up at cabinet. They assumed that if the top guy is here, then I guess I’m clear too.

      1. Typical Liberal (and NDP) MPs don’t want to rock the boat. They just stay quiet, let Katie and Sockboy take the heat, and, with a little luck, they all get to October 2021 to qualify for their gold-plated MP Pension Plan.

  4. “It’s highly unethical”

    You don’t say.

    Next thing you know they will discover the Torstar and CBC are left wing.

    But I digress.
    The objective of Adscam was to get bums in the seats for Chrétien appearances.
    The objective of the sole sourced contract to WE was to get youth support for the sock monkey.
    The trouble started at both when someone got greedy and/or felt short changed.

    For demonstration purposes.
    If the sock monkey is as popular as the pundits keep claiming, why did he, his wife, his brother, his finance minister, Shamus, and his mommy, need to work so closely with WE?

    1. At least Lord Connie had the balls to do it himself !!

      Lazy little Killburgers.

      1. Just what i was thinking. They would make great parallel photos. Conrad did move boxes of things that he owned. Not as claimed by the then, unpaid, media as vital materials for his prosecution.

    2. Would have thought there would be enough shredders so they could do the job “in house”.

  5. How many of the pimped out Canadian media were paid to speak or went on trips paid for by the children’s charity?
    They have already proven that they can be bought and sold for pennies.

  6. Just a matter of time before groping complaints emerge. I put nothing past these creepy weirdos.

    1. Thanks for that, Cronk. Odd, how stories like this (sometimes) show up, then quickly fade into obscurity. Nice picture with Trudeau – much like JT’s photo with that Ontario Education Minister convicted of pedofilia. And then there’s Trudeau’s college perv roommate… Do I see a pattern here?

  7. Trudeau is not the catch. He will just not answer questions, he has years of practice obfuscating, avoiding and not answering. It’ll be three hours of “er, and um”.

    Telford is the real drama to watch.

      1. Ha! You’re prophetic. Watching him now…..in his best dramatic voice.
        He reads well, too.

  8. Carrying boxes of documents out in the middle of the day. They must be really afraid that the LPMP (liarberal party mounted police) will swoop in right away and seize these documents. Yeah…right. Morneau’s cousin, the LPMP commissioner, will get right on that.

  9. Conrad Black lost his freedom, his business, and $1B doing exactly what we see here, taking boxes out and shredding them. Of course that was the US. In Canada we’ll probably give the Kielburgers the order of Canada.

  10. It seems lately only a scandal can bring down Grit governments. Not crushing debt, intervention, cronyism, incompetence.
    Now this latest crony capitalism iteration has given one to the Opposition, their majority in parliament, and committee, gone.
    With the PM set to testify, CBC is running their usual interference, sure “nothing new” will come up. That’s the plan at least.

    “Generally speaking, prime ministers do not appear at committees for any reason, and it’s been incredibly rare for prime ministers to be summoned in this way to defend themselves,” said Mike Morden, research director for The Samara Centre for Democracy.”

    Except the PM in this case is a defendant in a minority parliament, with no control over questions from committee.


  11. Astroturfing rhymes well with “criminal charges pending”. Oh, when will this sweet music finally play?
    Hello, RCMP, are you still fast asleep, when you do not murder people for holding a stapler, not kicking brain-injured in the faces, or not mistakenly shooting up fire departments?

  12. WE CHARITY, a charity? What a laugh. It is more like a Liberal Party recruitment center and a few other unmentionables.

    The Kielburger brothers did admit to having an “entrepreneurial” spirit during their testimony last Tuesday. Their word. (Ears perked! Yikes, no kidding!)

    What bothered me was to read in the above linked tweets about how one young girl who went to a WE rally was asked for her cell # and e-mail info and later was bombarded with JustinTrudeau campaign ads. Nice work Gerald and Justin.

    A few weeks ago someone here on SDA wrote that a friend’s daughter went to couple of WE rallies and came home hyped and enthusiastic about going to an overseas destination to ‘help’ the poor kids and ‘help’ build schools with WE CHARITY. She demanded of her parents $5,000 plus airfare money. Her parents refused to provide her with such an astonishing request!

    Parents should beware. Their young ones are impressionable people who still need parental guidance.

    I hope that WE CHARITY ends their propaganda business and closes shop, for the sake of OUR Canadian children.

    The horrible Liberal Party of Canada are users and takers. This proves it.

    1. The idea of using children against parents was well used by the Castroites, PET’s mentors, back when Castro took over Koobah.. Watched it on TV. They filled ditches with their parent’s bodies. The FLQ was modeled after them.

  13. It’s 2020. Africans all have cell phones and net access. They have the smarts and resources to build their own schools, drill their own wells and secure all their content off the net. They don’t need a bunch of naive confused Canadian kids to tell them what to do. If anything Canadian kids should shaddup and learn from them.
    These slimy elitist kill burgers are extorting these kids and treating Africans like A bunch of morons. God I hate these kill burgers.

    1. Such actions were denounced as ‘Imperialism’ a century ago. Now it’s a new form of exploitation. The Burger Twins reek of insincerity.

  14. Watch “Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer speaks with reporters – July 30, 2020”

    Through this we learn that the Keilburgers “broke the covenant with their bank” by establishing  the Real Estate arm of their business.