50 Replies to “Kielburger: “You’re killing a Canadian charity!””


    1. I’m sure there were times in the past, circa the 60’s and 70’s, when she was paid for her ORALATION skills

  2. How can WE go down and Trudeau and company remain in Office. It takes two to tango, something in it for all involved.

  3. Wow… after watching them in the testimony, I did not think it was possible to hate another human being any more than I did yesterday, but today I reach new heights.

  4. The smug losers stole money from a children’s charity.
    That’s what killed their scam.
    The money that they stole was supposedly intended to help poor children.

    What kind of scumbags steal from poor children in the third world?
    Liberal scumbags.

    Has Blackie issued his standard apology filled with nagging lectures about how we can all become better peoplekind from him being a scumbag that steals from children?

  5. This all became possible after virtually their first action after taking office in 2015 was to eliminate the requirement for charities to do audits. Of course it opened the doors to gross corruption, and in came the two Kielburger rats. So not only do we have real estate empire building by these two, and likely tax fraud, we also have gross corruption in Kenya with the bribing of government officials.

    The justification for removing the requirement was the burden it placed on First Nations communities. I wonder how the First Nations like being the fig-leaves for these two scum-suckers?

    Second question: at what point does Liberal party unity fracture over this?

    1. More like a luxury camp for rich white kids. Who can say they “helped” the black man … when all they really did was go on Safari.

      BTW … he said “master bedroom” … shouldn’t he get CANCELED … just for that?

  6. Wonder what the Kenyans think of the opulent luxury relative to the poor locals that apparently live on the edge of starvation.

    The burger presenter is a true preacher, takes no questions, gives no answers.
    Isn’t it the way, all would be “superior” beings behave.

    They look down on people, any people because they have done this for 25 years and they are home free from the burden on ethics and corruption.

    Some “superior” people leave everone else with ill feelings.

  7. ‘Charity begins at home’
    One’s first responsibility is for the needs of one’s own family and friends.

  8. So they claim that they were taking no fee to administer a program that paid people to volunteer.
    They volunteered to administer a program that paid volunteers.


    And no wonder they sicced a private eye on a couple of journalists after that story about Kenya.

  9. I never really understood the meaning of the word fatuous until I saw that video.

  10. These boys run a cult. They have the true believer mentality which can never see itself as erring. When their organization comes under scrutiny they claim everyone is against them. It seems WE made some bad choices but WE did it for the best of intensions so none can criticize us viewpoint. Doesn’t the complexity of their empire show the deviousness of WE’s purpose ?

  11. This is good news. Hopefully the Kenya authorities and those in other countries that the Kielburger “Charities” operate will deal with them in a harsher manner than I feel our government will

  12. That video made me cringe. What was he selling? How to live like Bwana complete with servants? Drinking blood was a nice touch. Nice fleet of vehicles. The donkey looked like it wanted to kick him in his fatuous head. Me, too.

  13. Thanks Toronto Queeebec you maritime morons and anyone else that put an x beside a lieberals name, as Bill Barrs says, “your a real class act”. You donkeys voted for this crap and shaaazam, here it is. Honest, Canadians are sickened our votes are cancelled out by idiots voting for this. Keith Richards was the sensible one so many years ago.

  14. They claim they don’t Know the TRUDEAU’s on a personal level….but they “Name Drop” & take advantage of Liberal Ministers & Staff… Name droppers fit the carny circuit…..Phony, Fake, Puppet show

    Seem to have Lawyers creating limited liability (NUMBER) Companies all over the World, hard to follow the Money Into and Out of the WE Charity…Need Services & Cash Register flow chart for ME….

    The Gov’t money & Project is defined as ~1 Billion… but, but, they could raise 2 additional Billion from Private sources and Hold that in ME…Smoke & Mirrors


  15. Everything in Kenya is love, trust, and nobless oblige but did you notice the lock on the kitchen of their Bwana Boss HQ.

  16. I won’t hold my breath that even they, let alone Justin and his crew, will get any punishment over this exposure, and the morons back east will STILL vote him back in SIGH!

  17. ☆– Breaking — coming up — live at 3 pm Eastern–☆

    Conservative Pierre Poilievre and NDP Leader Jagmeet Sing will be holding a News conference concerning the WE CHARITY.

  18. I gotta be honest. The K-burgers I always figured for being Grifters. However, this whole situation is a useful tool for figuring out who stands to lose with further exposure of this. The present defenders of the K-burger grifters already make for a nice list of “OK, where exactly are you getting your money from and how many trips have you or your family made”. Also a nice list of “so, how did you peddle access to the PM via his wife/mother/brother etc”.
    Anyone on this list, in my opinion, is corrupt scum. I will concede that one or two (eg. Rosebud from CBC), may actually not belong on that list, as they are so infatuated with the Potato that they will defend anything Canada’s Hairdo will say or do.

  19. These Killburgers are so creepy and weird.
    I wonder what else will turn up?
    Have any women complained?

  20. Is this how to get rich 101, start a charity and bring in a bunch of free loading politicians and their families to grab a slice?
    Dammit, you’d have to have no scruples or any sense of morality to take money to show your face and name for a charity. With this case, I think it’s safe to say we’ve seen more than enough of the lot of them. WE begone!

    1. Ya think they could have tossed in a 10 second clip showing the half-built school this d-bag claimed they were building!

    2. I read one account from the volunteers, they were told to move some bricks from one place to another and then told to move them back to the original place.

  21. I would say this soy-douche scum K-burger killed charity. Certainly has turned me away from giving. I already pay taxes so most charities already get my money.

  22. Today the Liberal and NDP members of the finance committee voted down a resolution to inquire on whether other cabinet members have been involved with the WE cult. Blackie can always count on his NDP lapdogs to support him.

  23. Am I supposed to feel “guilty” that none of the wood being used on my current remodel project is … reclaimed? … or “rescued” … or “repurposed”?

    But I did use rebar that was formed from the melting down of surplus American tanks and missiles … from swords to plowshares … right? Does that elevate me to the eco-spiritual plane of this d-bag? No matter … I was just kidding.

    1. Your comments remind me of something that happened to me many years ago.

      I went through my first period of long-term unemployment in the early 1980s (thanks for nothing, PET!). One of my buddies at the time as a seminary student. During the time since we first became acquainted, he had mutated from someone seemingly sensible into a radical leftist and was one of those who adhered to the heretical doctrine of “liberation theology”.

      One night, I beefed about my state of affairs, namely no job prospects in sight. His comment was that if all nuclear weapons were abolished(and by “all”, I assumed only all American nukes), there wouldn’t be any unemployment as there would be jobs for everyone.

      Yeah, that’s how dumb he and his fellow commies were at the time. Since then, whole classes of nuclear weapons have been decommissioned and disposed of. I’m still waiting to be deluged with job offers.

      As for him, I eventually had enough of his socialist blather. I broke off contact with him soon after he graduated and was ordained.

      1. I get almost all my building materials for free. It’s amazing what stupid people throw out. I can easily afford new but I have been a cheapass my whole life and am too stubborn to change.

        1. I worked with a Mexican immigrant contractor who salvaged every single stud, beam, joist, and wood siding material from homes he demolished while remodeling. He would take all the lumber to his home shop/mill and he would mill it into beautiful framing and finish materials.

          Being from a very poor part of Mexico … he couldn’t understand Americans wastefulness. The simple answer is that … time is money … in America, and it is not worth the time and effort to repurpose (most) old materials. As with ALL recycling … it’s a money drain. But every bit of my demolished materials HAS to be recycled … by CA LAW! So I have to get receipts for every load I drop off at the “Transfer Station”, and have to turn them in … or I will get a massive $Fine$ at the end of my job. Welcome to CA …

  24. Well that answers one question.
    If this is how the laurentian elite do charity then that explains the Trudeau Official visit to India.

  25. I could only watch 2 minutes or so.

    My stomach could only handle so much of cringe.

  26. I’d like to know how much got kicked back to the zoolander foundation, this needs a forensic audit

  27. ” … this needs a forensic audit …”

    Before or after the cleansing?

  28. “you’re killing a Canadian Charity”.
    You know ,he is right.
    WE is a true Canadian Charity,a child of the systemic kleptocracy that destroyed Canada.
    There is a reason donations to charity are way down and falling steadily.
    Because there is no charity in a Do-Gooder organization that rewards its “leadership” far in excess of any good works they actually do.
    Another institution captured,killed and worn as a cloak.

  29. Princess Elizabeth had a lovely holiday at Treetops until her father passed away and she became Queen.

  30. So, in addition to all the grants and contracts given to We Inc., and the reciprocal speaking cheques for the otherwise unemployable members of Zoolander’s family, I note the government seems to have also made quite a few “charitable donations” of taxpayers’ money to WE Inc’s putative charity arms. Would not taxpayers be vastly better off if the government took a slightly smaller bite off our paycheques, thus enabling us to have a few extra dollars left over, which we could then, if we chose, use to make charitable donations of our own, to charities of our own choice (i.e, not charities where our donations go to pay the PM’s gormless relatives or to help the Kielburgers with their real-estate empire)? Besides which, when Ottawa makes charitable donations with our tax dollars, who gets the tax deduction?

  31. Not surprising to me that the Liberals are tied into this mess, Conservatives give a minimum of 30% more to charities than the Liberals. 30%! The shortfall has to come from somewhere if only a segment of the public is ‘donating’.
    I am, however, not able to understand how a VOLUNTEER organization can liquidate/spend/piss away over 900,000,000 dollars. Even in canadian dollars that is a Hell of a lot of cash.
    Funny thing, when Greta was here in Canada last fall campaigning for the Liberals I started to wonder where our own “Greta” – one Craig Killerberger had gone. He was, a decade or two back in the day, campaigning for all sorts of NDP interests and efforts that those crooked SOBs couldn’t sell on their own!
    Here we are today!!

  32. Its become increasingly obvious that it never was a charity and now all its doing is making us question whether we should be giving money to any charities.