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  1. The Federal Liberals and the BC NDP government are still ignoring the elected Wet’suwet’en leaders and siding with the radical hereditory “chiefs” in their quest to derail gas pipelines.

    They are NOT, however, ignoring their own friends, in the process…

    “(Former NDP MP Nathan) Cullen is being paid $250 an hour by the province up to a maximum of $2,000 per day, (BC NDP Minister of Indigenous Relations Scott) Fraser told the house, adding: “His rates are at a reasonable average.”
    To date, Cullen has been paid $87,805 in fees and $2,593 in expenses, the ministry told Rob Shaw of The Vancouver Sun.
    The New Democrats also recruited another federal New Democrat, former MP Murray Rankin, to lend a helping hand with the Wet’suwet’en. Since he resigned his federal seat in June of last year, he has been paid $122,278.87 in fees and $6,696.73 in expenses.
    So to recap: a $220,000 payout to two former federal New Democrats and the elected chiefs still remain opposed to the process.”


    1. Is that money going down the BC “Glory Holes” that have been trending recently on Twitter?

    1. Priceless… actually all gov’t. pandemic measures are to slow it down, prevention isn’t an option.

      Herd immunity, therapeutics, a vaccine maybe partially effective, it’s all adapting to live with biological warfare in the 21st Century, the new normal.

      1. I’m beginning to suspect that “slowing it down” equates to making it last longer,

      1. The cloud is closer to its source, however. Without the mask, then cloud could easily be blown across a room. In effect, the mask increases social distancing. Masks will reduce, not eliminate, viral loads to those near a source for a short period of time.

        1. Maybe, but when you take into account oxygen deprivation and possible CO2 poisoning. Plus the added bonus of a germ ridden piece of cloth wrapped around your face, and the fact that a mask really doesn’t stop anything (maybe slowing it down a bit) other than large bits of spittle… Which is the more detrimental?

    2. I read someone’s comment that a fart can go through underwear and pants…

      Double layer there by my count.

      1. True. Mr. Cleese has done some clever stuff but from any of his interviews I’ve seen, his opinions are all from a predictably left wing point of view as if we can’t wait to hear all about that.

  2. It’s probably nothing…

    “Bank of Canada exploring digital currency that would replace cash, track how people spend money.
    An internal Bank of Canada presentation says benefits of a digital currency include the sharing of personal information with police or tax authorities.”

      1. Just how in HE11 is giving those vampires information about your financial transactions a benefit to any one but :BIG BROTHER:

    1. Information and money are becoming one and the same.
      Its all about control.
      Controlling the masses and amassing control.

      (Recaptcha has turned into a Retarda.)

    2. As much as they like the notion of digital cash, so that no transaction will ever be un-taxed, politicians will get never rid of physical cash until they stop taking bribes. Meanwhile, of course, they will continue their long-established practice of debasing the currency and destroying consumer purchasing power by running ginormous deficits and running up the national debt to buy votes.

  3. To B A D R:

    I listened to the link you provided of the historical recordings of interval signals from former international broadcasters.

    It must have been exciting to be involved in this endeavor back in the day when shortwave bands were the only window to the rest of the world.

    I found it particularly interesting to learn that one could send a report, postcard or letter to the transmitter confirming the reception of transmission. For example, in one case, when Radio Bucharest replied in July ’86 to a chap in Holland, the post card, written in English, confirmed their transmission of 13:00 GMT on 9690 kHz. They wrote: “Your remarks are of great interest to us and your further reports will be much appreciated.” I had no idea that this was something that people did. I would imagine that these postcards would be something that people would cherish and post on a bulletin board at their ‘work’ stations for bragging rights. How cool!

    In a former professional capacity in Mtl, many decades ago, and many moons ago, I spoke by telephone to exactly 38% of these countries as itemized in the video. That is, 26 countries. It was quite interesting. (Granted, not at all the same as radio, I give you that)

    Lastly, as well, the art work and photos in this video were very neat.
    Great post.

    Thanks and “73”…


    1. You’re most welcome. Thanks for your comments.

      Soon after we moved into our house in Fort St. John (the same one I inherited), my parents bought a Grundig console stereo. The radio had a number of bands on it, including 2 for shortwave. I remember listening to coverage of the Mexico Olympics by the Deutsche Welle with it.

      What really got me interested in shortwave listening was an article about the late Bobby Fischer. He had won yet another round in qualifying for the world chess championship and the article mentioned that, after one game, he relaxed by switching on a radio and listening to rock music on an unidentified shortwave station. Imagine my delight and surprise when I heard a broadcast from the Voice of America as the first station I heard with that Grundig.

      Eventually, I got a Heathkit SW receiver as a Christmas gift and used it for many years, hearing a number of stations and verifying many of them.

      I sort of lost interest for a few years because of my university studies but, during my first period of long-term unemployment in the 1980s, I decided to fix that Heathkit and get it going again. I spent the following months hearing many of the stations referred to in that video. Having a current edition of the World Radio TV Handbook on hand as a reference helped.

      Eventually, I put the Heathkit on blocks and got a Sony, which served me well for many years. Sony at that time produced some of the best receivers for the low-end market but it got out of that business more than a decade ago.

      Back then, SW provided a perspective on the world that nothing else at the time or, for that matter, since did. One got to hear directly from a country and it wasn’t all propaganda, either. It could have been news and general information or it could have been whatever music was popular there, many of those songs never getting airplay in North America.

    2. Another perspective that being a shortwave listener (SWL) provided was, at times, a ring-side seat to history in the making. I heard the BBC World Service cover the return of Juan Peron to Argentina for the last time. I heard of when his widow Isabel was booted out of office by the junta and how, a few years later, Argentina returned to democracy.

      Then there was Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. I used to be a monitor for the BBC World Service and was listening to a newscast when I heard that Iraqi troops invaded Kuwait. A few months later, the night before the war began, I listened to a report on either Radio Australia or Radio New Zealand of activities that indicated that an attack was about to begin. Nearly a day later, the shooting had started.

      How about listening to a football match on Radio Nacional de Chile? Kenny Rogers songs from the Solomon Islands? French language ads from Nouvelle Caledonie? Pop music transmitted from Saipan towards Japan?

      Then there were traditions such as telling when it was summer when I could hear the Voice of Viet Nam from Hanoi in the local mornings just below the 19 metre band or, in that same band, Tahiti in the local evening. How about a New Year’s Eve call-in program from South Africa? (I’ve got some stories about that!)

      I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

      While many people scoff at SW broadcasting and look upon it as antiquated, it was, in many ways, superior to what the Internet offers now. The broadcasters (often arms of the government of the countries in question) could control what went out over the air, no government could completely stop people from hearing it, despite attempts at jamming those signals. For example, I heard that the most popular show on the Voice of America which was heard in the former Soviet Union was the jazz program hosted by Willis Conover.

      It was content like that which helped bring down communism in Europe and help open up those countries. It’s rather hard to top that.

      Anyway, best regards or, as radio operators often say, 73s. A lot of such terminology and expressions were carried over from telegraphy.

      1. You’re welcome, back to you too.

        The wide variety of your experiences with your ham radio were very interesting to read about. True, how one’s interest in history is reliant on being in tune with current affairs in one’s environs and similarly, around the world. Impressive how you learned about historical news items before we did!

        When you have time, if you are inclined sometime, do tell us about that radio call-in show from South Africa on that random New Year’s Eve, back in the day. Sounds pretty sloshing! We need to hear all about this! It would be a good diversion from today’s political situation.

        At present, I am very worried about this country. We’ve been sold out. The changes are becoming ever more apparent on a daily basis. What a mess!


        P.S. I like the description of the “Shack:”

      2. “It was content like that which helped bring down communism in Europe and help open up those countries. It’s rather hard to top that.”

        Yes it was, I remember being glued to speakers listening to “Radio Free Europe” over the thum of the communist noise makers broadcasting on the same frequencies. RFE would broadcast on several wavelengths and regular store brought (if they happened to be available) radio receivers would be able to pick up those broadcasts.

        1. I heard some of those jammers. In one case, I could hear that it was the BBC but I couldn’t make out what was being said.

          During the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s, both sides engaged in a round of mutual jamming. The fluttering sound was hard to miss. Nowadays, China’s shamelessly using the same tactic. There’s a reason why certain frequencies carry non-stop firedrake music:


          Technically, I suppose, jamming is in contravention to international agreements, such as the frequency allocations assigned through the International Telecommunications Union. Enforcing them, however, would be hard.

  4. Immunological dark matter

    What if,…there were a slower-moving herald coronavirus that spread in Asia first — one that causes minor symptoms or none at all, but that imparts some immunity or resistance to SARS-CoV-2? … An Israeli pair argue that they can use epidemological models to fit the pattern of global spread to a more specific scenario.

    They postulate a herald virus with a natural epidemiological doubling time something like 40 per cent lower than that of SARS-CoV-2; it would have crossed to humans within China, but far from Wuhan (and possibly near Vietnam, which has pretty much just shrugged off COVID-19). If this happened, it must have taken place two or three months before the crossover of the second, crueller virus that we know about.

    One can always hope. Or it could be another communist party designer virus that was released earlier and didn’t impart immunity to Chinese citizens as hoped.


    1. “Or it could be another communist party designer virus that was released earlier and didn’t impart immunity to Chinese citizens as hoped.”

      I am not sure China would care if their “citizens” were immune. The number of cremations calculated from SO2 concentrations around Wuhan were something like 1000 per day. I suspect that CCP would exaggerate the effects locally to hide the disappearance of some “undesirables”, as well as using the distraction to end the Hong Kong coverage. I suppose that is progress, as in the old days the CCP would think nothing of public executions for dissidents. Perhaps there is hope if they are afraid to be so brazen in public.

    2. As I said in post months ago, if this was/is supposed to be a weapon it is one of the least effective ever developed. A 99.8% recovery rate with mostly the elderly and infirm being fatalities will not decimate the field of battle.

      1. I agree that the effects of this virus have been over exaggerated, however, the effectiveness of a weapon is sometimes measured by its ability to coerce behaviour.

        Furthermore damage isn’t only necessarily measured by number of “kills”. The effects this has had on our country are significantly bad economically and socially, as the relationship between Canadians and our government is now much worse.

        In my opinion the virus is real, vastly overblown, and being used to increase and centralize power over Canadians. It might not be a fait accompli; simple people seem to think there is a big counteroffensive of sorts in the works, but I’m not convinced. As far as I’m concerned it is now a case of figuring out a way for me and my young family to adapt to the new reality.

        1. I have posted here and other places that the Chinese learned a great deal about America and the west’s cowardice with this flu. How easily they were panicked into complete and total insanity and how we are still in the grip of it. Just wait until a real action is taken, will we all commit mass suicide. New normal, new reality, stick it where the sun don’t shine.

      2. This was an experiment or trial balloon,they will gather priceless info regarding how this virus is spread and the time, geographical and government responses that were instituted. You can be sure that the next biological attack will be far more extensive and many times more lethal. China has zero intention of fighting a nuclear war with the US, they know they would lose. However they believe that a biological war is winable. The globalists keep preaching that the Earths population must be reduced to less than 2.000.000 if we are to survive without fossil fuels,so maybe they would welcome a lethal pandemic.

    1. I love the phrase “indigenous monitors” – no oversight at all. If the Indians say that it is part of their culture, then it is too bad for the legal owner of the land.
      On a similar note, the American Supreme Court ruled that almost half of the state of Oklahoma belongs to the natives, including most of Tulsa. I would not want to be a land owner in Tulsa as your property automatically belongs to the Indians unless you pay “the big bucks” (I mean money),

    2. So all of that horsing around with land claims and the subsequent settlements some 50 years ago was all for nothing.

  5. “In the most powerful country on the planet its people say goodbye to one of its “best” sons.
    Even presidents are not buried like this. A golden coffin, a coach pulled by 4 white horses, hundreds of thousands of mourners sobbing, thousands kneeling, apologizing to the black population of quite a few states.

    The Mayor of Minneapolis, sobbing, clutching the coffin with the body of the most worthy of the worthy citizens of America.

    Choking on saliva, the ex-wife of the murdered weeps, though the last time she saw him was 6 years ago.
    That’s when he left her with her three-month-old daughter. He hadn’t sent alimony to his daughter over the years.
    However, the unhappy widow has been crying for a week that she was left without a breadwinner.
    Therefore, compassionate Americans collected oodles of money for her.
    She received around $ 20,000,000….thats TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS… from the world, and money continues to flow in.

    The University of Massachusetts has established a George Floyd scholarship.

    The great Floyd’s rap sheet listed robberies, for drug trafficking, for
    armed robberies (last time, holding a pregnant woman by the throat and
    putting a gun barrel to her belly while demanding money).
    Then he worked a deal with the investigators. Floyd handed over all his
    accomplices so they reduced his sentence by several years.

    Floyd’s autopsy revealed drugs in his blood. This is the national hero
    of America of the 21st century.
    But the Floyd love affair lives and grows.

    Mass robberies and violence, as a sign of respect and grief for George,
    swept the US and now grow into a world wide event.

    The most beautiful areas of our cities, including New York and Los
    Angeles, plus many others have now been destroyed.
    Probably never to return to their former beauty and elegance.

    89 policemen were injured.

    A 17-year-old girl was horribly beaten and raped, hundreds of buildings
    were burned, and cars, streets, squares, parks were burned as well.
    Historical statues torn down.
    US presidential candidate Joe Biden also went to his knees.

    I just watched the Democrat “leaders” of Congress kneel in the halls of
    Congress for about 9 minutes for the death of a black man named George

    I have never seen them kneel for a fallen POLICE OFFICER. I have never
    seen them kneel for a fallen SOLDIER.
    I have never seen them kneel for a MURDERED white man or woman.
    I have never seen them kneel for the THOUSANDS of black on black murder
    I have never seen them kneel for the TENS OF THOUSANDS of elderly people
    that died in our nursing homes due to the Coronavirus.
    I have to ask WHY are our Democrat leaders acknowledging the life of a
    criminal named George Floyd, as being MORE valuable and important than
    the lives of everyone else?”

      1. It is even simpler – follow the money and power. They (and their master, Soros) are seeking to kick-over the tenets of law-abiding society so they can take-over and rebuild everything on a socialist footing, “for the children”. They know so much more than we do about “how the world SHOULD be” (just ask them), and they’re really tired of being constrained by “rules”, “laws”, “the Constitution”, and “the voters” – I mean really, don’t these guys know what’s GOOD FOR THEM???

        Fortunately, the pendulum has swung a little too far left; and the same deplorables who voted Trump in, will vote him back in with an increased majority. This will infuriate AntiFa and BLM, who will rage into small-town America to “teach them a lesson” – only to be confronted by the two really insoluble dilemmas of America’s New Marxists:

        Small-town America has guns, lots of guns, and their Governors have National Guards – and neither is afraid to use them. Rioters, thugs and hoodlums who go there to spread their poison will come back sadder, wiser and less numerous.

        And meanwhile in the cities, the voters, who are sick of their elected administrators coddling violent criminals while they’re stealing and burning the voters’ stuff, will vote-in a new class who’re a little less in-tune with today’s all-conquering SJW buzzwords, and a little more in-tune with doing their jobs, protecting their citizens, and balancing their budgets. And the pendulum will swing right.

        1. Either that or the Dems will do to the election what they have done to the rest of society and win through sheer fraud. Then – this is the best case option – there is an all out civil war millions die and civilization dies. We might come out the other side of it OK, or we could be dead.

          1. – Why not, I mean the Dem’s accuse the Repub’s of stealing all the elections? It’s said that Leftists accuse everybody else of what they’ve been doing.

            Further – I’d been wondering when and where this would start. West Virginia posted advertisements suggesting rural Virginia counties join West Virginia, in the face of Governor Northam (Democrat)’s Constitution-violating gun bans. Unaware whether any there have started the process, but over on the Left Coast, several Oregon counties are sick of the goings-on in Portland and are starting the political process to quit Oregon and join Idaho. Tick-tock, b1tches:


    1. Quite a spectacle for someone who died of a fentanyl overdose. Nothing good can come of a situation where the truth is twisted beyond recognition. They have tried to turn this criminal’s death into a symbol of black oppression. I think they are turning genuine sympathy for the difficulties faced by many blacks into indifference.

  6. Did Dementia Joe have his “deplorables” moment? Joe in one of his basement rants basically said Americans are too stupid to know the difference between Chinese people and other Asians.

    1. OJ….in that, I do believe he is correct.
      I can recall any number of “in the street interviews” by Jay Leno asking Americans the most simplest of Questions. I think we have all seen them….no.??

  7. Hilarious cartoon on nationalpost.com today. Clamenet can be funny when he puts his TDS away.

  8. Blackie’s bought and paid for CTV is ignoring the WE scandal on its morning news show. Although they will have an interview with Infrastructure Barbie. Barbie will explain how the Liberal Party is wonderful, and that the billions to be spent on restarting the economy will focus on green energy scams.

  9. Great time for Liberal scandals to come to light during a pandemic when they can toss money, our money, out to all and sundry. We are headed for the largest deficit in our history with a pack of dummies at the helm. Liberals only think about holding onto power, by hook or by CROOK, it’s “me want power” at all costs.

  10. Apparently according to the bought and paid for media, Blackie’s cabinet has rejected giving money to the CFL. A cabinet minister from Paybec stated that they should go to a bank if they want money. However the government is giving one hundred and fifty four thousand dollars a week to indians to hunt and fish.

    1. The CFL doesnt vote.
      Natives, students and criminals in prison do vote, therefore they get CERB money.

      Will the natives in Sask protest, blockade and shut down the economy when they get welfare at reduced rate for not declaring CERB money???,

  11. Why the sudden attack on the GG by the CBC? From previous reports, I think she is probably not a very nice person but why this now? It wouldn’t be an attempt at distraction, now, would it? One more victim for Trudeau to throw under the bus?

    1. For such a woke institution, CBC employees sure love running around yelling the “N-word” a lot. And they all appear to be high-ranking white women. Odd.

      1. The N word is used to describe an “Ne’er-Do-Well” person of any Color…Only Caribbean Blacks use it as an definitive Noun….

  12. PM Cunned Stunt epitomizes this article.

    “If we have free markets, politicians’ brilliant foresight and acumen in allocating economic resources goes unused. Of course, what politicians see as their own brilliance economists have other words for. Adam Smith called it “folly and presumption,” Friedrich Hayek a “fatal conceit.” Whatever phrase we use, the vanity of politicians — which is in abundant supply in the current federal government — is invariably impoverishing to the citizens.”

  13. Just finished watching the Conservatives’ presser on the WE scandal on the CBC news channel, and immediately following it the CBC had on reporter Janyse McGregor, who immediately “factchecked” small errors in what Pierre Poilevre and Michael Cooper stated. “We must separate the rhetorical flourishes from the facts”, she said.

    1. CBC does that all the time to Conservatives. It is petty and trivial. I have yet to see them “fact checking” Liberals. They will even bring in “experts” to counter Conservatives. Why are we paying for their garbage? I will vote for whichever Conservative agrees to get rid of them. It is now my number one issue.

  14. Another issue we are not seeing any action is the two Canadians being held captive in China.
    What is Trudeau afraid of?

    1. Ezra Levant has a high level HR lawyer that is focusing on this case. No one else is doing anything as the 600 day mark is next week.

    2. Any English speaking Westerner in China is a possible lever or bait.
      It’s a bit like Iran, if you stay there, good luck, it’s your own silly decision, I don’t care how “important” your “business” is. Get out or get a diplomatic passport or stop being surprised by the perfectly predictable actions of the CCP… and most of all stop whining for help when it’s your own doing in pursuit of reward that puts you there. Screw em.

  15. Post Millennial reports on a Liberal MP verbally attacking two journalists on the finance committee. He stated that journalists have no right to speak to the committee.

  16. I think Bill ‘Porno’ Morneau is preparing to return to the private sector.

    A miserable failure at every level of politics it’s time to go. He is either completely incapable incompetent or is running roughshod. It appears that he refuses to follow the rules. They don’t apply to him. He may be totally under the influence of The Bong and unable to be his own man.

    Either way he has to go. He can not be trusted.

  17. “…Rioters, thugs and hoodlums who go there to spread their poison will come back sadder, wiser and less numerous…”

    And in some cases may never return at all…??
    Shoot Shovel and Shut up.

    1. That was the “less numerous” bit 😉 “Mister Darwin? Mister Darwin – phone call on Line One…”

  18. Apologies for posting this again but this time with a single paragraph extract including an amazing number.

    The COVID Coup
    Angelo Codevilla


    And they toyed with reporting deaths by attributing to COVID any that “involved” or looked as if they might have involved it. They then included pneumonia, influenza, and COVID into the category PIC. That is how the death figure came to exceed 100,000. But if the CDC had used the same criterion that it did with the SARS virus, namely “severe acute respiratory distress syndrome,” the figure by the end of June would have been some 16,000.

  19. FFS. Can we just have Pierre Poilevre as leader of the CPC already ?

    He’s the only relevant one in that party with any balls.

  20. The Liberal Party’s Toronto Star explains today that Chinese Canadians are racist bastards towards black Canadians.

  21. Or shoot, call the local pig farm for pickup, and carry on.

    After all, marxist terrorists CAN be recycled…

  22. St. Louis prosecutor ordered crime lab to tamper with evidence in charging couple involved in the home defence case with the 500 rioters on their property.


    Turns out that this makes a huge difference to if they can or can not lay the charges they did.

    Under Missouri law, the couple was legally allowed to shoot everyone in these circumstances. The Missouri castle doctrine law allows lethal force to be used against anyone who unlawfully enters or attempts to enter private property, and was actually implemented to protect Black citizens from lynchmobs.

  23. Juxtaposition time:

    Gen. Jonathan Vance announces retirement as chief of defence staff, search for successor started
    Military sources say Vance was told last week that the Liberal government decided against putting his name forward for a top NATO position he wanted.


    Investigation into DND’s withholding of documents in Vice Adm. Norman’s case bounced around — no one charged
    Over 17 months the case has been transferred from government office to government office and from the RCMP to the OPP.