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  1. Flood, Flu, I read something about locusts heading to China from Africa…
    Starting to look like that one child policy could be a real catastrophe.
    Of course the worst plague to hit China is Communism.

    1. Like….
      You have nothing to fear from our glorious open air farmers market.

    2. It would appear that the communism in China today is very much continuation of the former emperors in different suit.
      China runs on basic fascist principles, they, the emperors pick the winners and the vast supply of cheap slave labor makes the winners rich beyond imagination of the north american and european rich socialists.
      The north american and european rich socialists thrive in fascist economy, supported by corrupt congress and pariliaments.
      Full honor to those enterprises that ignore the rulers.

      1. That is how “revolutions” work.

        The people and slogans change, the org chart and job descriptions remain the same. Every time.
        Usually the oppression becomes even worse, as the new people are not accustomed to their power and try to exploit it even more for their own gain or vengeance for their grievances.

        The only revolution I can think of that worked well was the US revolution, as they started with the British org chart, and made some changes to the job description, replacing King with President, and making it a term position. They also did not claim they were going to right some historical wrongs, they were concerned new injustices in the present and the erosion of what they considered to be ancient rights.

    3. Sadly, the Chi-Com’s cannot reverse engineer and steal dam design. Each site and each location requires unique design solution. So … the Chi-Com’s were on their own … Oops!

      They’re as incompetent as Jerry Brown was at maintaining and repairing Oroville Dam during Jerry’s neverending global Warming CA drought … right?

      1. I wonder, is concrete suppose to (bend) like that?
        Cause it sure doesn’t look right from the before & after pictures.

        1. The way the deflection appears in the photo reminds me of what happens to a loaded beam. The downstream side of the dam would, because of the bending, be under tension, while the side that’s upstream is being compressed.

          Concrete fails quickly under tensile loading, but it can withstand many times more stress under compression before fracturing. When it does fail, it happens suddenly and makes a lot of noise.

          If that picture is legitimate, the top of the dam could be close to failure on the downstream side.

  2. What the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY didn’t tell you is that things are about to get a lot worse because guess when monsoon season takes place?

    A: July 30th to Sept 30th

    They are now closing in on 100 year flood levels, and blew up a smaller dam over the weekend to relieve pressure on 3 Gorges.

    China may suffer worst flood in 100 years on Yangtse, affecting 500 million due to 3-gorges dam

    Yeah good luck with that; and real soon you’re going to see ATHEISTS PRAYING that their signature COMMUNIST project doesn’t fail!!!


    Hans Rupprecht – Commander-in-Chief
    Army Group “True North”
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army

  3. So if a B-2 drops a bunker buster and the dam goes pop, does the B-2 get detected? Asking for a friend.

    1. That’s what all of those 5G antennas are for. You can’t detect it with a military radar from a pinpoint distant location, but you can bounce cell tower signals off of the flat bottom all day long.

  4. This video has a cross section of the dam with elevations. One thing I learned was that the critical numbers for the Three Gorges Dam Reservoir are 175 meters for the normal maximum water level; and 185 meters is the top of the dam. Bad things happen when dams get over topped by water.


    Another thing is that the dam itself is supposedly not very well connected to bedrock, if these huge blocks of concrete start sliding down stream, what can or will stop the movement?

    I think Hans Rupprecht said something about this previously?

    1. Hans was commenting that his dad was approached to do design work on the dam (including foundations) and would not do so. And I see his response below, now that I’ve made this posting. Doh. Those just coming to the thread – read below first.

      The type of dam I’ve worked on was a tailings dam, with that type the main mode of failure is a pipeline failure where the water finds a short-cut through or along the edges of the dam and starts flowing through the short-cut like it were a pipe, eroding and making the hole bigger.

      The risk of a section of foundation sliding is that the components of concrete that make up the body of the dam aren’t all a single cast, there will be weaknesses and variations in strength between them. If one portion is strongly anchored and stays put, and the adjacent portion swings or moves downstream, it’s like opening a door that has water behind it. The frame may stay in place, but once a section is moving and the static friction is overcome, the sliding friction is usually much less (ie the same force behind it means that it will keep on moving until something changes, like the sliding face running into a hillside). If this happens then there will be a crack the height of the dam where water can flow through, and the rushing water will try to push the crack open.

      The idea of the whole face of the dam failing at once will not happen. Bit if a 5% or 10% chunk of the face is pushed out of the way, that’s a lot of water (by the height of drainage) that will immediately head downstream.

      Not my area of expertise, so take with a grain of salt. It’s what I remember from statics and dynamics in school, combined with earthworks experience.

  5. Nice dam, CCP.
    Pity if something was to happen to it.

    The Chinese Consulate is burning documents in a bonfire on its front yard in Texas.
    Tell me there’s no connection, I dare you…..

    1. Stasi were burning documents just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. And when people found out that documents were being burnt they resorted to ripping paper by hand.

  6. Xi hasn’t been seen in a few days and back in December the chicoms said they had detected a “flu like” outbreak in Wuhan that they assured us was under control.

  7. @rd

    My father was assistant project manager on the Mica Dam circa 1970-74. Project manager on the Nipawin Hydroelectric Dam circa 1982-85.

    I’ll tell you why the 3 Gorges Dam is failing; the geology of the area is COMPLETELY WRONG for hydroelectric construction.

    How do I know this, you ask? I asked my father.

    My father was tapped to run the construction of this monstrosity; but he turned it down.
    He turned it down, because the Communist Party apparatchiks decided they knew more about hydro-electric dam construction than he did! The Communist Party apparatichiks decided the local area GEOLOGY report could be IGNORED!!!

    The main problem with the 3 Gorges area is siltation, the entire catchment area is subject to embankment collapse, which causes the the turbine bearings excessive wear; leading to frequent down time. Also not great when you are trying to relieve pressure on the dam due to rising floodwaters.

    He decided to use his time more wisely and took the project management job on the Lesotho Highlands Water Project.
    A 2.5 billion gig funded through the World Bank.

    My 91 year old father his now laughing his head off in a GIGANTIC “I TOLD YOU SO!”
    Rule #1 don’t anger german engineers; they can actually build real sh*t that doesn’t break.

    God help the 500 million people in the downstream basin, they won’t be having a swell time should that beast fail.


    Hans Rupprecht – Commander-in-Chief
    Army Group “True North”
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army

    1. Hans, Thank you for the kind reply.

      I think that we will see just how well engineered and constructed this Chinese Communist Party monument and dam really is. This monsoon season really seems to be unusually wet this year, both upstream and downstream of the dam.

      2020 has been bad to us, but for the Chinese, it has been even worse.

    2. German stuff is over-engineered.

      During WW2 they were building airplanes that would last 20 years, only to have been shot down in 20 hours.

      1. Indeed.
        The forward locking Mauser 98 action German WW2 military rifle was the action modern bolt rifles were based on, the 98 was the action of choice for custom rifles for a long time. Well made, precise, great design.
        But the .303 Lee Enfield was designed to chew mud, deliberately dimensioned “loose”, rear locking (undesirable) is the bolt rifle I’d want to go to war with.
        Over engineering with the wrong job brief can be a curse.

        1. Both the Mauser action and the 303 Enfield survive to this day.

          Yes the Mauser has a superior action but as you point out Bill the Enfield was able to perform in all conditions. A vast improvement over the Ross.

        2. My, it sounds like the early M-16 I was using in the Army.
          Get a tad bit of dust and it would jam.

    3. I seem to remember that the Chicomms were warned that it was a bad move to build that dam. This was predicted back when it was built.
      Of course its demise will now be deemed our fault for not bowing to the Socialist Climate God.

    4. I’m betting your heritage is Dutch Hans…? No.?

      Dutch engineers just might know something about Hydrology no..?? Much of NE Holland is as it ever was, is below Sea level. I would like to think they would know a thing or two about containing water.

      Given the Experiences with the 1954 flood that devastated Holland big time. What they built afterwards to prevent another occurrence, should be to me, one of the Engineering Wonders of the Modern World.

      As for the 3 Gorges Dam…it’s gonna be really interesting what happens to say the least given Monsoon season is nearly upon them…Pray for the civilians…BIG TIME.

      1. Actually not Dutch, but German on both sides of my family. We were the bad guys twice!
        However, this HUN, now Canucklehead, is married to a Dutch gal so I guess you can say “Close enough!” for marriage purposes… 🙂

        As my father jokingly ribbed his later engineering colleague who flew with RCAF Bomber Command in WWII:
        “You had the chance and almost blew me all to HELL, but you MISSED; so now you’ll have to put up with me!”


        Hans Rupprecht – Commander-in-Chief
        Army Group “True North”
        1st Saint Nicolaas Army

        1. well Hans, bureauKKKraps always know better than professionals, Hell I was told several times I didn’t know what I was talking about, and just about every time I had a told you so moment after that. Experience is the greatest teacher, and if often ignored at their peril

    5. So happy to hear your father is having an I told you so laugh. I remember reading of his assessment of the risks of proceeding with three gorges, those many years ago and was not surprised that his advice was ignored. I will raise a glass to him this evening at supper… and another at the catastrophic failure.

  8. A lot of bragging by the Chicom engineers and not a lot of respect for Mother Nature.

  9. If the dam does not fail the Chinese Communist Party will give itself the credit. If it fails the CCP will blame someone, anyone — the US, the World Bank, Caterpillar or Climate Change.

    “If the Theory of Relativity is proved right the Austrians will call me an Austrian and the Germans will call me a German. If it is proved wrong the Austrians will call me a German and the Germans will call me a Jew.”
    Albert Einstein

  10. The water on the ground can be controlled, the water in the air and dropping from the sky, not so much.

    We are witnessing the difference in real time.

  11. That is so awesome your father was the project manager for the Nipawin Hydro dam . I was a young steelworker for Dominion Bridge at the Regina plant, where I helped construct the floodgates. Great experience for a 19 year old kid.

  12. Adding to the Irredeemable Rupprecht’s information, this abstract from a paper titled: “A literature survey on silt erosion and cavitation in hydro turbine” which reads: “Erosion of hydro turbine runner blades is a complicated phenomenon, this is depending on different parameters those are size of silt, cavitation, silt concentration, hardness of the silt particles, Different properties of base materials and operating hours. There are Several investigations have been studied the effect of these parameters on erosion. The turbine is most important part of hydroelectric power plant which converts the potential energy of water into mechanical energy. The high pressure of silt in water erodes the turbine material by impacting. Erosion of turbine reduces its performance, life span and as well as loss of power generation.” (The English is awkward, apparently translated from a conference in 2016.) https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7955747#:~:text=The%20turbine%20is%20most%20important,as%20loss%20of%20power%20generation.

    JULY 1, 1994 • BY THE NATION
    The giant Quebec engineering firm, SNC-Lavalin, has announced it plans to bid for contracts to built the controversial Three Gorges dam in China.

    “We have a long experience in the management of large hydroelectric projects, notably at LG-2A and LG-3, Idukki and Chamera-I, in India,” said Robert Racine, Vice-President, Public Affairs, at the company’s annual meeting in Montreal in mid-May.

    Racine said he hopes the federal government will provide financial help to SNC-Lavalin to help it win some of the contracts for the lucrative project, expected to cost anywhere from $20 to $60 billion. SNC-Lavalin already benefitted from federal help when it prepared an environmental-impact study on the Three Gorges dam project together with Hydro-Quebec International in 1989. The study was criticized by environmentalists for whitewashing big problems with the hydro-project.

    The dam will have a capacity of 17,600 megawatts (five times the size of the Great Whale Project), and will displace from one to two million people. It will flood 19 towns and create an artificial lake 560 kilometres long. Energy Probe, a Toronto-based group, says the project will be an environmental, social and economic catastrophe. The group is calling on Ottawa to refuse to finance the project.

    1. “Reading between the lines” Yep, those lines are getting further and further apart…stretching, before a mighty yawn!

  14. Hey look at the bright side, they’ll have plenty of cool CCTV coverage for hours of YouTube video’s!

    Just say’n.

  15. Throwing the jargon flag. You can’t use ‘deformed’ anymore, it’s considered demeaning to the dam.

    You must instead use the term —flips through papers— laterally-enabled.

    As in; the damn dam is laterally enabled and may enable far enough to joyfully irrigate the homes and businesses downstream while providing additional bathing opportunities to our glorious communist brothers and sisters . This will also result in an important reallocation of the production facilities located downstream including Wuhan.

  16. SNC-Lavolin wants in? Sorry SNC, I don’t think the CCP needs help finding hookers.

  17. Reading the Article…I was struck by this comment:

    “….nonstructural, peripheral parts of the dam had buckled…” Really..??
    How does a non structural component of the Worlds Largest Hydro Dam “buckle” anyway..??

    LOL…classic ChiComm MISinformation Writ large

    That they even felt compelled to say so, tells you this dam is about to IMPLODE..!!

    1. There’s probably a huge crack right through a building where everybody can see it. They’ll pretend its the building right up until the water comes. The only reason it was mentioned is they didn’t get a tarp over the crack fast enough.

      Communists. This is how they roll.

  18. once the water is seeping into cracks created by the deflection, it’s all over but the big event, BOOM!

  19. I gotta believe that they will soon be bringing in Obama to help lower the water levels in the Dam just as he did with the rising sea levels once he got inaugurated.

    The man is simply amazing!

  20. Watch for military movements:

    “In the lower reaches of the Three Gorges Dam, the Central Plains of the Three Gorges have always been the battleground of the army, and now it is the main military place for China. There are forty-five percent of the Chinese group army, twenty percent of the armoured division, Thirty-eight percent of the infantry division, and one hundred percent of the airborne division. It is the strategic reserve force of China and the strategic mobile force of China. The elite is where it is. The strategic maneuvering force and reserve force were very passive by the huge dam failure of the Three Gorges dam. If the strategic mobile force is consumed by dam break floods, the result is very serious.”

  21. Everything will be fine, they will pass a law calling water anti-socialist, and that will take care of the problem.

    “You are not drowning, comrades, you are fighting the forces of imperialism.”

  22. My father worked as a consulting engineer on parts of the project which consisted of “training” a group of young inexperience academic only type Chinese engineers for months so they could claim they did the work all themselves. When it was time to go home no one showed up for the chartered bus ride to the airport. They all defected! That was kept out of the news at the time. This was shortly after Tiananmen Square.

    I wouldn’t trust the construction!

  23. Looks like Canadians financed a large portion of this project;
    There are five main companies in Canada who are helping to finance the project. AGRA Monenco, an international engineering and construction management company, signed a $25 million contract in 1994 for a project management system to provide systems layout and engineering, testing, operational guidance, and training. A year later, they signed another deal for $12.5 million in system management technology and training. This contract was financed by Canada’s Export Development Cooperation (EDC). The Dominion Bridge, Inc. signed a $64 million contract with Chongquing City and Sichuan province for the construction of a cement factory to supply the dam with cement. The EDC financed $23.5 million of this contract for machinery and electrical equipment. General Electric of Canada, in a consortium with Siemens and Voith-Hydro, German engineering companies, signed a $320 contract in 1997 to provide six turbine generators for the dam. EDC is providing $153 million to finance GE Canada. Hydro-Quebec International, an electric utilities company, agreed to supervise the construction of a 900 kilometer transmission line from the Three Gorges Dam to Changzhou in a $1.9 million contract with China Power Grid Development Company.

    Don’t you feel proud now, financing this country who really isn’t our friend. This was all done under Jean Cretins watch, are we surprised.

  24. Is the Kracken a Water Dragon?

    I have been watching this,for a few weeks now,the media Non Coverage is amazing.
    Puff pieces,”Comrade everything is under control”.
    Not once a mention that the biggest engineering feat in China is getting tested,really tested.
    Interesting days indeed.
    Already way above saturation level and the Monsoons soon to hit.
    The CPP are going to get tested.
    Trump will be the least of their concerns.

    Can we track Chinese Military movements ?
    As the removal of the Army,out of the floodplain,would be a real clue as to how seriously the CPP take dam failure.

    Our farmers with last years wheat still stored on site,may reap a reward from Chinese Misery.