8 Replies to “Because Black Lives Matter”

  1. Yeah…..but so what?
    The only test is always …. “is it accurate”?
    Not whether it subjectively offends you, Officer. You can argue manners but not truth.

  2. The Anarchists are hate-filled. You don’t reason with them, or discuss stuff with them. They want you dead
    Meanwhile the hardcore BLM people want the world to change to suit their ideal. They also want you dead.
    Add some nasty Karens to the mix who also want you dead and you’ve got an axis of evil.

  3. More hate from the Progressive BLM:


    I was called “old”, “killer”, “fat ass” (the gent who threw that my way had me by a good 50 lbs), finally the one agitator made this statement to his people “you know what this world needs? I do. I’m going to go to this white shirts house and rape his daughter! I’m going to darken up his bloodline!”

  4. And, the criminal rioters are mostly all white lieberal scum. Likely gender studies graduates as well. Welcome to the modern day Sturmabteilung.

  5. Portland, where white people supporting BLM hurl racist insults at black police officers?

    Can’t say I’m all that surprised — Portland’s one of the whitest cities on the Left Coast.

  6. From about 2:50 in the video to just past 5:00 — the visual he is describing should be showing him that what is going on is not at all about racism. It’s about the destruction of a society. Destruction of the most safe, most free, most prosperous, most technologically advanced society the world has ever known. If I’m wrong you tell what society was it’s better.
    It’s about that societies’ replacement by totalitarianism (see USSR, Red China, Cambodia, Cuba, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, most of the Arabian peninsula). Want to see racism? Just let that happen.

    And nearly all of our societies leadership at almost every level is frantically prostating themselves to the destroyers in the hope that the alligator will come for them last.

    Wow. Crazy sh*t, eh? Don’t pay attention to me. I’m just a stupid old man.