16 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Stinking Giant Fans”

  1. Pity they were discovered so early in the scam.
    Many dollars sucked out of the pockets of virtue signalling green investors is always a good thing.
    Therapy, so to speak.

    I think a “hot rocks” electricity generation IPO could go down a treat. Rule #1 Must get the taxpayer to socialise my personal losses.

  2. Let me fix that headline, National Post:
    “Canadian green businessmen shocked to find that Fraud and corruption are illegal in the US, and, dismayed to learn that penalties include life – changing penalties including fines and even jail!”.

    Unless you’re Hilary Clinton…

  3. Now here are 2 political prisoners that turdo might make some effort to get released. After all, 60 percent of the Canadian electorate view our neighbours as a threat but have no concerns about the Chicomms.

  4. “I think they look incredible. Like, my instinct says that it just works super awesome,” a voice says as the fan is fawned over.

    There’s your first clue: ‘Like’. ‘Awesome’ is your second clue.

    Who talks like that?

    1. My first clue was “…they look incredible.” Incredible = not credible, so I wait for a very thorough explanation of why I should believe something told by someone who describes it as not believable.

    2. Comrade Terry – Good question and the answer is everyone in woke culture (feelings are now science because trans-people feel that they are in the wrong body) and everyone in cancel culture (because empirical science is a tool of white privilege and supremacy). They probably think empirical is a combination of empire and Imperial.
      Like someone else said, Trudeau will probably claim they are political prisoners. He might even take it to the UN, unlike what he’s doing with China for our current political prisoners.

    1. Sorry JB NOT ALL Canadians only those lacking in morals, ethics, integrity and honesty…..your typical Liberal Democrat Steve O

    2. Looking at the ratio of politicians to voters, I’d say many more Canadians are best as marks than as scammers.

  5. The fan looks like they found it in an abandoned 100 year old farm , as those were in vogue in that era. The fan photo speaks volumes about the green virtue signalling morons lack of intelligence.

    1. No kidding! What’s next? A savonius rotor? Two halves of a 55gal. drum welded together?

      The SEC seeks the return of “ill-gotten gains,” with interest, and the payment of unspecified civil penalties

      Good luck with that … pro tip: the money’s all gone. Spent. Hidden. Transferred into multiple names and accounts. *Poof*

    2. Damn…ya beat me to it Brian.

      That “fan”, if indeed this was what they were promoting…?
      ..is simply LAUGHABLE. I have seen many of these in various states of disrepair: Throughout the Western prairies…hanging off 100 yr old wooden towers.

      Barnum was 100% correct in this assessment of folks: “Theres a sucker born every minute”. Hopefully they were taking the Green Woke for every penny they had…I have ZERO sympathy for anyone involved.

      SLEAZE..? meet STUPID.

  6. I remember how the old Scientific Research Tax Credit system, established by PET, was constantly being scammed. I read in a newspaper article that, in one case, a married couple bilked the government for cash by claiming they had a new fuel-efficient engine, or some such thing. It turned out the components they put on display were nothing but old helicopter parts.

    One thing Mulroney did right during his time as PM was to cancel the SRTC program.