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  1. I appreciate everything the USA does for Canada and have met many great Americans in my over 30 years of regular visits. Enjoy.
    Long live the USA

    1. Lots of food for thought, an absolutely excellent interview. Thanks.

      “The philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next”
      — Abraham Lincoln.

  2. May we next year celebrate Independence Day with our fellow countrymen in a united, free, prosperous, English-speaking United States stretching from the North Pole to the Rio Grande.

  3. Michael Savage made an interesting comment this evening…”If the US were a fairer country, Oprah would be a trillionaire.”

    1. Yes, in racist America, where a black
      … talk show hostess became the most popular and acquired billions of dollar
      … athlete can make the most money on endorsements, whether he’s male or female, whether his sport is golf, tennis, or basketball
      … first term senator can be elected the president of the country
      … can become mayor of a major city, and that is in fact the norm
      … can become a conservative economist and commentator, or a conservative supreme court justice, and roundly ignored by the black community
      … can scream Black Lives Matter, and White Lives Don’t Matter
      … with any academic credential at all can be admitted any prestigious university over much more qualified applicants of other races

      1. Yes OldBruin, only in America do blacks have the freedom to become billionaires, to riot and loot and be part of the destruction of the very nation that made their freedom and wealth possible. Where uneducated can walk around with a useless degree in nothingness for free. Big disconnect there.

      2. athlete can make the most money on endorsements, whether he’s male or female, whether his sport is golf, tennis, or basketball

        And still complain about being “oppressed”, despite getting an 8- or 9-figure salary in their contract.

        1. Actually, in one case because he signed a 9 figure contract.
          LeBron James says he is a slave because he signed that cushy contract and is therefore “owned.”
          Actually his saying that trivializes the incredible human suffering under real slavery, which is still ongoing.

          1. He was who I was referring to. Not exactly Mensa material, now is he?

            Many people wouldn’t mind being “owned” for such an income, thinking, to borrow a line from Fiddler on the Roof, “If money is the world’s curse, may God smite me with it and may I never recover.”

  4. Iranian officials ‘looted’ cellphones, rings, passports of plane crash victims, Canadian relatives say
    L- This doesn’t have the ring of an “accident”, so to speak.
    In a nation-state of Canada, the mass murder and piracy of Canadian citizens by a hostile
    rogue state would receive a response commensurate with the crime.

    1. Not his residence.

      Matter of fact, neither Rideau Hall, 24 Sussex, or Harrington Lake are his.

      He is merely an annoyance currently a guest (squatter) of the Queen’s representative at her official residence.

  5. Caption on a cartoon I got via email – no links unfortunately

    “Due to perceived racism master cylinders and slave cylinders are to be removed from all cars”

  6. National Post reports that China is blaming Spain for its virus. They must have some pretty impressive bio weapon labs in Spain.

    1. Sure, blame Manuel. It isn’t enough that he was abused by Basil Fawlty.

  7. Because everyone in Canada loves our little Justin and wants to know what he is doing, he is enjoying the private beach at his Harrington Lake resort.

  8. Overheard at a gas station:
    Today we celebrate with George Floyd on his first month of being drug free.

  9. As a Canadian making a toast at an American Thanksgiving I toasted America as the greatest country in the world and Canada as the best country in the world.

    Happy Fourth of July!

  10. Trump’s speech last night was impressive. Hard to imagine a Canadian politician coming up with anything nearly as powerful.
    Justin would have “Diversity is our strength” but doesn’t quite compare to “All men are created equal” and Martin Luther King’s words on that subject.
    Anyways, as one expects, the Fake News is portraying it as racist: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/other/trump-pushes-racial-division-flouts-virus-rules-at-rushmore/ar-BB16ktF5?ocid=msedgntp

  11. I will try not to post too many messages about why Donald Trump is going to lose — since understandably defeatism is bad for conservative morale. (If one can see the Trump side as the Confederate side in the Civil War, and Establishment America as the Northern side — the North won because it had more men and war materiel. Similarly, the Establishment has more workers and political power — so Trump will lose).

    A case in point is today s Associated Press story on Trump s rally at Mt. Rushmore, carried on the left-wing Globe and Mail s main page, at the top:

    The actual Globe headline claims Trump made an overtly racist speech (and read the link, which says the same thing). But all Trump did was to oppose the pulling down of historical monuments, and defended Mt. Rushmore. So the AP sees this common-sense stance as racism. So the Associated Press is flat out lying here — and this is going to be the corrupt media s coverage of the campaign. Note that the Associated Press has a near monopoly on MSM newspaper news sources.

    Another case in point: Twitter, Facebook, Google and other media giants will censor the social media to ensure that Biden wins. Just saying: the fix is in.

    1. “the fix is in”

      That remark more than resembles Canada and the Conservatives actually win occasionally.(mostly accidentally or Liberal self-infliction sadly )
      Trump actually fights back and they even have some Conservative Media there, both definitely unCanadian activities.
      And it’s not like the Media and their fellow travelers loved Nixon or Bush or any Republican/Conservative ever.

      Bejing Biden needs to be kept away from the debates and a lot depends on the virus and the economy and the “protests”, mail fraud voting and of course, the Donald.

      Vote for Law and Order Trump or the Sleepy Marxist who’ll bring riots to everyone’s town!

    2. That can’t happen:
      • The union workers will vote Trump but keep their vote private.
      • He had them the last time because they wanted jobs.
      • The only way Trump will lose is if there’s fraud.
      • Most Americans aren’t members of the ‘gang.’

      It’s the 4th, go rejoice, David!

      1. Nancy, I grew up in the United States (small town north of Pittsburgh — two miles from where the outdoor scenes were shot in the original 1969 Night of the Living Dead movie). I of course wish a happy 4th to our U.S.nfriends today.

        I hope you are right. There is lots of time between now and election day, and anything can happen. One scenario is that violence blows up during the campaign, given recent anti-police measures. One can hope that the average voter can see through the frenzied one-sided propaganda (like the AP story posted above, or the corrupt CNN News), and vote Republican. But as of today, I cannot see that happening.

        One point you made: from here on in conservatives and Republicans should follow Trump and organize around labour, retirees and small-businesses. Conservatives in Canada should too. These days workers have no support from left-wing parties.

        1. David: I disagree with your last sentence applying to Canada. Public sector unions in Canada are strongly supported by both the NDP and the Liberals, and that support is reciprocated. And that is a huge problem since over 20% of those employed in Canada work in the public sector. No party can now get elected in Canada that runs on a platform of significant cuts in public spending because the public sector workers will vote as a block against that party.

        2. David,
          I do recall, you wrote here that you grew up in Pennsylvania. I almost wrote that I thought that you were getting too brainwashed by Liberal propaganda from here in Canada, but I didn’t want to appear to be rude, especially on the 4th of July.

          So, I’ll point to Orson who just submitted this in another thread, he wrote it best and what I would’ve wanted to have written:

          May the “4 th” be with you!

          P.S. Ottawa MJ @ 11:59 am correct analysis for Canada!
          We are forever doomed into a Communist State, groan!

          1. Hope Orson and you are right! Miracles, and upsets, do happen. A Trump victory would save the U.S. I agree about Canada’s abysmal future. I am investing in gold, and we are renovating and enlarging our cottage in a remote section of the Miramichi river, NB.

      2. Yeah, that seems accurate to me as well. Vote harvesting is what I dread. Simple and effective.

  12. The Canadian Mad Media Mullahs hit the streets again, beating the blasphemers with their diversity sticks, ensuring that there is one truth and one truth only!

    1. The real scandal is that western defense industries had much better uses for that cobalt—viz. salting hydrogen bombs so that after the upcoming nuclear war with China, the dragon stayed dead, because the ruins of China’s cities would be uninhabitable for a hundred years.

      While we waste fortunes on sparky cars, the Chinese are investing those fortunes in the weapons they hope will allow them to bring the blue-eyed savages to their knees—including cobalt bombs and designer plagues.

  13. Profs at Carleton U want to hire, pay and fund research on the basis of race to combat racism.


    What a surprise! Organizer is Daniel McNeil daniel.mcneil@carleton.ca
    Associate Professor – Africana Studies; Black Atlantic Studies; Critical Mixed Race Studies; Cultural Criticism & Theory; Decolonial Studies; Diaspora Studies; Immigration, Multiculturalism and “Race Relations”; Indigenous and Canadian Studies; Media and Cultural Studies

    1. In other words, a thoroughly useless human being. Defund all university disciplines outside of STEM and the marxists will die off.

    2. “Support Black, Indigenous and people of colour who work in custodial and maintenance services with a liveable wage and safe working conditions;” Carleton U

      What a group of Superior human trash the University has gathered…. Yep! Academic racism occurs at their upper level and offering some crumbs to those less fortunate helps sooth guilt feelings….


    3. PB, the majority of academic articles are refereed using the “anonymous refereeing” approach — where the referees don’t know the writer — but the Cartoon U. approach would dispense with that. I am familiar with the world of business and economic academics, and non-white professors have done well publishing (though perhaps not black academics).

      A decade or so ago classical musicians complained about the “blind audition” system, where classical musicians auditioned behind a curtain. They claimed then that because of the blind auditions orchestras were “too white”. Don’t know what became of that.

    4. There’s a reason why that place was nicknamed Cartoon University.

  14. There would be very few free, democratic and prosperous countries in the world today without the U.S.A. We in those fortunate countries should be eternally grateful. Happy 4th of July to all of Kate’s American followers!

  15. David,happy 4th of July.
    The media arm is all the Demonrats/progressives have left.
    If they fail in the current Push Poll Campaign,and they will,then the vote fraud will not sell.
    Unless there is a plausible narrative that Trump is failing,trailing in the Polls,the planned vote stealing,fabrication and “mail in” will be unacceptable to the citizens.
    And Trump’s numbers do not move.
    No matter what fabricated tale the media spews each day.

    Fake Newz was a massive punch back and the Pressitutes have no idea how to respond,other than doubling down,thus confirming what The President calls them.
    Public confidence in the Legacy Media is tanked,with this failure to sell themselves they have lost the power to convince.

    Allowing President Trump to seize the Law and order Mantle,defender of the Constitution and The American Way,is a major political blunder.
    To Campaign for B.L.M chaos,mob rule and the kneel to your enemies meme is so idiotic,I wonder if the Democrats really are insane.
    To so clearly define yourselves as the Party of Burn Loot Murder and let your opponent stand for all that is good?
    If they were suffering demonic possession,what would they do differently?
    That Mayor Lightfoot,she even looks like something is straining to bust out of her facial skin.

    2016 we thought the “sleeping giant” was awakening.
    2020 is more than good vision.
    The Demons are exposed.
    Self confessed.
    Vote accordingly.