Wuhan Knew?

WSJ (paywalled); Hydroxychloroquine Given Early Helped Coronavirus Patients, Study Finds…

An antimalarial drug helped reduce deaths in hospitalized patients infected with Covid-19, according to a large retrospective study published Thursday.
Coronavirus patients treated with the drug hydroxychloroquine within the first two days of admission were more likely to survive than patients who received other treatment, according to the study, which was published online by the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

Detroito News: “As doctors and scientists, we look to the data for insight,” said Steven Kalkanis, CEO of the Henry Ford Medical Group. “And the data here is clear that there was a benefit to using the drug as a treatment for sick, hospitalized patients.”

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  1. Can’t be true, all the experts, like Fauci said it was worthless. Besides, it is no longer under patent, so there is no money to be made from prescribing it.

  2. No no no no no blumpf can’t be right. I’d rather die than have him be right. How much did Putin pay these stooges?

  3. You beat me Kate, I was just about to post the Detroit News link.

    Here in Ontari-ari-oh, McMaster University is fiddling with a study of their own. Probably trying to read the tea leaves so they can decide which way it should come out. (Possibly I’m too unkind, but my confidence in Mac is pretty low.)

  4. Might the politics of not wanting Trump to be right about anything be part of the reason that a sick person in Canada is almost twice as likely to die from Covid as in America? Would Trudeau rather see Canadiens die than see Trump be right?

    1. “Would Trudeau rather see Canadians die than see Trump be right ? ”
      The short answer is, yes… anyone that believes Juthtin Turdhole gives a rat ass about Canada or Canadians is seriously delusional or is a part of the Media. Turdhole left the borders wide open inviting the China Virus into the country knowing full well that the result of this recklessness disregard would lead to Canadians dying… Turdhole doesn’t give a shit about the health and welfare of any citizen of the Post National State, he’s a goddamn drug addled, alcoholic, psychopath.

    1. “Man who correctly predicted a coin flip estimates 85.3958% chance Bill has fallen prey to 3 or more Internet scams.”

  5. Why would the sophisticated researchers of the university of Calgary quit the study of the hydroxychloroquine and proclaim that its useless for Wuhan flu?

    It was a big news in these here regions.

  6. There are two problems with hqy=unie.
    1. It costs pennies, is well tested on humans and work
    2. It was advertized by OMB (Orange man bad)

  7. From the WSJ article, “In the peer-reviewed study published Thursday, about 13% of the patients who received hydroxychloroquine died, compared with 26% patients who didn’t receive the medication.”

    HCQ cuts the death rate in half. That should be big news.
    I guess they didn’t run the study long enough – in 50 years the mortality rate across the two groups will be close to equal.

  8. lets see, it’s used for lupus, and arthritis, both immune issues. The effect of covid is immune issue, so why would the malaria drug work?

    I’ll wait for unDork’s answer to my question

    1. It was also considered one of the safest prescription drugs until Trump recommended it, then it started shredding people’s hearts. Actually in most of the world it is an over the counter drug. I wonder how many thousands of people died in an attempt to prove Trump wrong?

  9. On a side note with this one… I’d bet the executives in the Ford Corporation, and any associative grant based entity like the one named in this article, Henry Ford Medical Group are sweating bullets in the world’s current cancel culture climate. Ole Henry was a flaming anti-Semitic and wasn’t shy about it. Probably the only thing that has allowed them to skirt under the radar is that most in the cancel culture brigade are helplessly uneducated and don’t spend a whole lot of time reading valid historical references.

    1. America’s black supremacists hate Jews as passionately as Ford ever did—and purged Detroit of Jews far more effectively.

      Anti-Semitism isn’t a sin in the wokeness cult. It’s an article of faith. “Zionists” are to blame for everything.

  10. Dr Chris Martensen has been beating the drum for HCQ from Day One, while shooting holes and destroying the fake and sloppy studies that claim that HCQ doesn’t work, or is harmful. It should be a crime to publish the crap we see nowadays, at the least, Drs publishing these crap studies should have their license taken away.
    The left consistently abuses everything it touches, including science. But it works on a stupid and compliant public.

  11. And I would bet they did not use the Zelenko protocol of zinc and zpac.

    Death rate of covid could have been cut by a lot more.

    Even with hcq alone looks like a 50% reduction in deaths.

    Murder plain and simple by the demedia with their demonization and obstructing hcq.

  12. And that’s for hospitalized patients. It’s real effect is earlier than that. So good news, are you listening TamTam?

  13. Does anyone know of a reliable source online for Canadians to buy HCQ/Placquenid?

    It’s logical to assume that if one develops the first signs of Covid, the typical Canadian GP will refuse to prescribe even the five day dose of HCQ because of ignorance of the research and fear of going against the College, or provincial “guidelines”.

    1. Its my understanding that HCQ is not available to Canadians whether they have the China Virus or not… because, Trump… Did Sopie Turdhole use HCQ as part of her treatment for the China Virus… ? I guess we”ll never know because no one in the Media has ever asked… not that Sopie would tell the truth about whether she did or not, but I find it hard to believe that the stupid cow didn’t use every medication at her disposal. Thats if she had the China Virus at all or whether that was simply a cover story so that Blackface retard had an excuse to hide under the bed with his betstest Media buddies. The Chinese Military is producing and testing a “vaccine” right here in Chinada so I’m sure everything will be just fine. I mean who better to put out the fire than the arsonist that started it in the first place. In the cult of Turdholeland China’s basic dictatorship is “admired” while anti Globalist Trump is bad.

  14. The US federal government might have a nasty class action lawsuit from hundreds of thousands of survivors of Wuhan flu victims for disallowing the most effective and least intrusive treatment.