“How do you like him now, techies?”

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  1. So much for the theory that messing with the Trumpster has no consequences these days.
    (Importing aliens is a lot cheaper than training US citizens, co-incidentally further destruction of the national middle class results in greater profits).

    1. Also payback to the tech firms for censoring conservatives.


      If they won’t play fair, then give them a taste of their own medicine.

      1. This is a sharp stick in the eyes of facebook and others who work 24/7 to get rid of the president. The President who is loved by the commoners if I can use that term.

    2. Importing aliens is a lot cheaper than training US citizens

      Cheap labour’s been the only reason for importing foreign workers. It has absolutely nothing to do with actual educational qualifications or technical abilities.

      This fraud was discussed more than 20 years ago by Norm Matloff.

    3. Alas, it begs the question : why didn’t our esteemed Don do this in Nov 2016?
      He’s not perfect, despite Conservative Tree House dogma, many “business” inputs in his shell like ear, much appeasement happens, as I knew it would.

      1. President Donald Trump was trying to make peace with the Globalist GOP Deep State Establishment, as he knew the Democrats, the Media, and the FBI, DOJ, State Department, and CIA were all desperately trying to get rid of him via the Russia Collusion hoax.

        If the Establishment Republicans had thrown in with the Democrats, President Trump would have been impeached and removed from office. (The Republicans would also have destroyed themselves and their entire party, but they are just vindictive enough and stupid enough to do it.)

        Also President Trump wasn’t inaugurated until January 20, 2017. We have a Constitution and rules about that in America.

        1. Nonsense, the Don has never tried to make peace with the Admin State, thank god, but none of that has anything to do with continuing massive 3rd world immigration into the USA.
          Muslim immigration is the same + or – as it ever was.
          The Don still supports by his actions predictable future voting control of US govt by foreign cultures via immigration.
          You voted for it, you’ll get it.
          rd, when Texas or Florida is always blue via immigration the Democrats will own the Presidency permanently.
          Wake up.

          1. willy, if Trump had went full charge on things as you think he should have, we would be in out 4th year of riots now. Timing in everything in politics. And you fail to understand that.

          2. Yep…100% True.
            Just look to Canada where imports to the tune of 500,000 annually are allowed to vote..and they do, to a man, vote Liberal.

          3. Bwaaa….
            Timing’s everything alright, right up to the time that a recently imported voting majority controls the two must wins for Trump, Texas and Florida….lose either he’s done. And it’s permanent, see CA.
            Demographics is Destiny….. not a difficult concept even for you.

    4. Unless these temporary foreign workers are mowing the grass at Google, Trump’s action will have no impact. Instead of bringing in guest workers for $9 per hour they’ll hire them in India for $5/hr. If you can work from home you can work from Mumbai. Many engineering companies do 60 % or more of their engineering overseas now and are trying to do more.

      1. Many engineering companies do 60 % or more of their engineering overseas now and are trying to do more.

        If they can’t farm it out overseas, they simply import them as contractors. A former neighbour of mine was in the latter category, working for a certain consulting firm.

        Meanwhile, I couldn’t get a job with them.

  2. As a Canadian living in Calgary with US permanent residence I’m moving my family back to Texas this summer. My kids are pursuing Comp Sci at Uni and hopefully wages rise and jobs open up because of Trump. The Dems would have the place circling the toilet. The employment opportunities in Calgary are nil for students and reminds me of Newfoundland in the 90’s when I was at MUN.

  3. A halt to all immigration is needed until all presently here have managed to assimilate and we become one cohesive people not a mish mash of cultures each pretending to be superior to the other. We need to have one set of laws and rules for everyone.

    1. Geez Louise…Some “folks” have been in the USA since almost the beginning and they still haven’t become a cohesive part of society.

  4. This. Is. YUUUUUUGE!!!

    The H1B visa program has cost tens of thousands of high-paid tech workers their jobs over the last couple decades. H1B visas state on their face that they may not be used to bring-in lower paid foreigners that cost American workers their jobs – but this is how they’ve always been used by the big companies; they’ve even been challenged in court when it was obvious that this is what companies were doing, and the challenges have always lost. Examples are legion – from Disney using it to replace their senior animators (I no longer watch Disney products) to Boeing handing-off software development on the 737MAX from its in-house engineers to $9-an-hour Indian programmers, with the tragic results that followed. One Boeing manager stated that they’d contracted software work to a Russian firm, and she had to tell the firm 19 times that fire detectors must be connected to the main aircraft alarm system.

    And of course the companies will scream bloody murder – H1B’s let them replace older, highly-skilled $29-an-hour American workers with big money obligations and nowhere else to go in the local job market, with $9-an-hour immigrants whose only experience of aircraft was the one they flew-over on. Sorry, Boeing – the world got to watch the result. And, surprise surprise – all the companies always say the same thing – “These are jobs Americans don’t want!” That’s because you pay literal slave wages, wages so low that nobody can afford to live there and pay taxes on what you’re paying.

    Pony up – or if you’d rather not, you could always go out of business. And as none of the locals worked at your place anyways, everybody around will say “wah.” (-_-) Another resounding “WELL DONE!” to Mr. Trump.

    1. – And of course, the tech industries are decrying “This is a full frontal assault on our ability to attract highly skilled labour from around the world!” Hogwash. Highly skilled personnel are favoured in the immigration process already – they can get green cards and be working here in short order. It’s a full-frontal assault on the companies paying them minimum wage though, because a highly skilled foreigner can wander down the street during the lunch hour and come back at 1:00 to clean out his desk because somebody else is offering him $5-an-hour more than you were. They can’t quit your company if you brought them in on a H1B visa.

      And the employers who pay $5 an hour and then charge their foreign employees $4.50 an hour for “room-and-board”, consisting of substandard many-to-a-room accommodation and food the local stray dogs wouldn’t eat, are also very common. Trump’s ban kicks the legs out from under these swindlers, too.

  5. Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told a crowd at a private gathering in England on Wednesday night that the Trump administration “needs more immigrants” for the U.S. economy to continue growing, according to an audio recording of his remarks obtained by The Washington Post.

    “We are desperate — desperate — for more people,” Mulvaney said. “We are running out of people to fuel the economic growth that we’ve had in our nation over the last four years. We need more immigrants.”


    1. The way I see it there are certain percentage of people who are bums and people who do low skilled manual labour and people who do high skilled labour/manufacturing and people who work on paper ie programmers. Maybe if planned parenthood had not been allowed to kill so many (millions) Americans you wouldn’t have this problem.

      1. Hey Ynot, I figure there is a ten percent “Slob factor” in all professions, all peoples, and all walks of life. Also, there is a ten percent factor at the top as well. Most of us reside somewhere in the other eighty percent. Including criminals, police, doctors, actors, politicians and so on. There are really good to excellent people residing in the top ten percent, and really poor or stupid people residing at the bottom end. For example there is about the ten percent slob number, give or take, of any society that are criminals, or any other group out there. So yeah, I agree about bums and low skilled, as well as people that do the higher skilled stuff.

  6. Increased legal immigration leads to:
    1. higher labor mobility
    2. lower rate of crime
    3. increased SAT scores
    4. increased small business startups
    5. increased taxpayer base
    6. lowered welfare abuse
    7. lowered substance abuse

    According to the George W. Bush Presidential Center:
    Immigrant-owned businesses with employees have an average of 11 employees
    7.6% of immigrants were self-employed compared to 5.6% of native-born Americans and they founded more than 40% of Fortune 500 companies

    When the researchers calculated the crash frequency per 100,000 individuals, they found that, contrary to popular belief, recent immigrants were significantly less likely to be involved in a car accident than other Canadians — 158 compared to 289. In other words, recent immigrants posed about half the risk.

    1. Oh, look, the resident Muslim apologist is back.

      That U of T study’s a pile of crap, and anyone who can read can tell: first of all, “Anyone who got their very first OHIP card [between 1995 and 2006] was considered a recent immigrant.” is an epic fail when it comes to representative population samples, and when they counted accidents, they only counted admissions to hospital of the “recent immigrants”. In other words, they intentionally excluded from their study design 1) accidents in which other people went to hospital and 2) accidents in which no one went to hospital but significant damage was done to vehicles or property.

      You are constant proof of why immigration from Middle Eastern shitholes needs to be eliminated permanently.

      1. Central American Shit-Hole can be eliminated as well. Perhaps even South Americans can stay home as well. I am sick of watching the few white countries turning shit brown and death black.

        And it’s not the skin color I care about ..it’s how the vote and how they live. And how they usually hate white people but want our stuff.

        1. Agreed J-West. Wholeheartedly! I could care less about the color of their skin. When you come from a third world SH, you get for the first time, paved roads, flush toilets, and switch on electricity. TV, grocery stores, law and order, and so on. What they bring are backward ways of living, low education, ingrained religious fervor, seventh century thought processes, poor habits, and strange culture. Yes they hate us because they are envious of what we have, and their god gave it to us not them! Why would they ever want to go back after experiencing the modern West. Plus, yeah, they all vote liberal. What you said, we are literally strangling ourselves and our culture! It’s to late now, we are screwed!

      2. The province with the highest proportion of immigrants has the lowest casualty rates per billion vehicle kilometers.

        Need a citation?

        1. – Maybe because none of them have drivers’ licenses or can afford cars? Around here, they bus ’em 15-to-a-van. Another meaningless, cherry-picked statistic.

      3. Since the UoT study seems to have caused you cognitive dissonance, feel free to cite any other study which confirms your bias.

        Racists lie, numbers don’t.

    2. Rizzball go take a math course, and learn how libtards use “statistics” to spin and fool the guliBULL!!

    3. Meanwhile real Americans are getting totally dumbed-down educations and the cost of a useful degree is so high that only rich foreigners can afford them.

      There is a purge on white people …. everyone hates us, but loves to live in our system and with our stuff.

      Are there enough motivated white people to save ourselves? Not likely.

      1. Not only that – it’s getting hard to find universities that teach STEM, because STEM grads have to do labs – which use-up space and expensive reagents, and require high safety standards and special waste disposal. Much cheaper to foist-off gender studies degrees, especially as any screwball can teach them.

        The joke goes, the Dean is griping to the head of the Chemistry faculty – “Why can’t your faculty be as cheap to operate as the Math Faculty? – all they need are pencils, paper and erasers! Or even better, the Philosophy Faculty – all they need are pencils and paper!”

    4. “Increased legal immigration leads to …”

      So, does your theory still hold up in Canada where all immigration is legal immigration?

  7. You must admit, Trump has balls … He knows what’s right and he does it. God bless that man. let us hope that he can over come the horrid onslaught coming with the election in November. It’s going to be ugly.

  8. Right on the money, the argument that these workers are necessary because they can’t find skilled Americans to do these jobs is complete BS, just more of the ongoing alliance between the Globalists and big business in their quest for power over citizens

  9. this is not an immigration issue, as the H1B visa is a temporary residency visa for as long as the person is employed by the company that provided the reference for the visa.

  10. Wow. For a conservative website, this comment section sounds like it’s full of socialists. Who knew that the government should have dominion over who a private business hires? Keep this up and before long most of the vegetable and fruit farms in the country will be bankrupt.

      1. Robots could certainly pick fruit. Having to pay $25 – $30 an hour for farm labour would be an encouragement to develop the technology. In my farm country farmers pay more for a tractor or a combine than for 160 acres of land. Cost of labour is almost irrelevant.

        1. $25 to $30 an hour would be an encouragement to import all fruit and vegetables from a foreign nation, where they don’t have to pay their workers that much. So the Canadian farm still goes bankrupt, or switches production to something not so labor intensive. Farmers pay a lot for tractors because the machine creates more value than it consumes. But paying a lot for a capital good does not automatically result in a net addition to productivity. You should start up a vegetable farm and discover the payback on robotics for yourself.

  11. My employer is pushing for more work to be done in India. Most of it is crap, maybe they dont care, as labour multiplier is 5-10x vs 2.5-3
    Mistakes cost a lot, insurance doesnt kick in until >$100k claim.
    False economy.

  12. Nothing to do with farm workers, why should Consulting firms operating in the US and servicing the US market hire exclusively visitors on a green card as opposed to Americans?

    There is no skills gap, that is a pure fiction and false.

    This is about globalists executing their globalist agenda and working together with the media and big business and with liberals to bring in more immigrants to achieve POWER.

    1. Why do you think it is your business to weigh in on what workers a consulting firm hires?

        1. – and “illegal immigrants” vs “tax returns”, or “labour standards” and “workplace safety regulations”.

          Remember, it was not the regulators who had children working 16-hour days down mineshafts – they followed, and that was a good thing. Also please remember that in countries without these regulations, they still are.

          1. Don’t believe for a moment that Canada will just seamlessly produce all the products currently imported once we bar imports from nations that are less well off than we are. Few consumers will be able to afford a $500 cordless drill, so the domestic market for these products will largely collapse. Most imported consumer goods like electronics and automobiles are not produced by workers toiling in filthy mineshafts, but rather in state of the art factories mostly on par with anything found in North America.

          2. The stuff we are bringing in from China today is absolute disposable garbage, not worth half of the money they charge

          3. “but rather in state of the art factories mostly on par with anything found in North America”


            I read a story about Foxconn, when it was turning out the one iPhone. Apple sent-over a big redesign which required a significant rework to the thousands that Foxconn had already completed – and Foxconn woke-up their workforce, gave ’em each a cup of tea and a rice cracker, and hoarded them back to the line where they worked all night.

            Slaves in state-of-the-art, high-tech factories are still slaves – and moreso when your employer sits down with the local commisar over beer every week. And Foxconn had to put nets around the top of their buildings, so many workers were going up the buildings and leaping to their deaths. “Bad for the Brand image…”

  13. When your Immigration Pool of selection is built on Racism as it is today, then the risks far out way the rewards.

  14. So Google is crying the blues about this while it’s workforce is only 2.6% black. Big support for BLM from Google, just not enough to use their massive wealth to start training programs to upgrade skills for youth in black communities so they could fill the gap, and simultaneously improve the life of traditionally disadvantaged neighborhoods. Would rather import their “diversity” as it is much cheaper. Yeah, big tech really cares about the plight of black communities…as long as it doesn’t cost anything. They are big business after all, must be efficient and talk is cheap.

  15. Missing in all of these comments is any discussion about the mess that was uncovered just a couple of years ago when there were 700 medical students in Canadian universities that were about to be deported, anyone remember that. So why are we educating foreign students at the expense of Canadian students and by the same measure why allow foreign workers to take the jobs of Canadians? The explanation is far more detailed than can be expressed in a comment entry but a small part of the explanation can be attributed to the fact that a country than cannot sustain itself is no longer a country but rather a vassal state, or in Liberal parlance a post national state. Canada has been a vassal state since the Second World War thanks in a great part to the governance of the Liberal party, and that Dear Reader is an undeniable truth.

  16. In the USA all the available (unavailable) labor is Rioting & looting… The education system has failed….YES we need both Skilled & Unskilled Labor going forward, but (Political) Unions want to control their Turf… The unskilled labor don’t have any chance through official channels… NO LINE TO GET INTO… Trump has to change that State of Reality because WE NEED those that want to WORK and have a dream….The Hispanic have the desire and can be trained to built the future infrastructure …. It was the Mohawk steel workers that built the NYC Sky-Scrapers.. We learned that that fearless & skill was a desirable trait…..

    There are numerous Towns & Cities that need new blood while todays youth are surfing & rioting… You have to have ambition & dreams to obtain the likelihood of success…. Foreigners have a work ethic that has been lost in the USA Communist dominated education system. The desired increase in GDP demands an corresponding increase in available labor….but some are not interested and they must not be allowed to hold back others


  17. The problem with those that need and want to work is that we have created a nation of people that are dependent on the State, and the need to work has been eliminated, those that want to work have unlimited opportunity. The mantra of get a university education and therefore get a better paying job has been instilled in generation after generation of Canadians to the extent that the children of the generations of immigrants that built this country have come to expect that they don’t have to work as hard as their parents did. Many of the immigrants and refugees coming today don’t have the incentive to work hard and succeed since the government provides far more in welfare and health care than what they can avail themselves of in the countries that they have left. Need and want is a very persuasive driving force, they will drive people to either unimaginable heights of success or unimaginable acts of violence or depravity. JMHO.