Wuhan Flu

“Don’t touch your face” and “wash your hands” really meant “don’t stick your finger all the way up your nostril”.

Our results show that the airborne transmission route is highly virulent and dominant for the spread of COVID-19. The mitigation measures are discernable from the trends of the pandemic. Our analysis reveals that the difference with and without mandated face covering represents the determinant in shaping the trends of the pandemic. This protective measure significantly reduces the number of infections. Other mitigation measures, such as social distancing implemented in the United States, are insufficient by themselves in protecting the public.

From a research article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America titled: “We Really Have No Fucking Clue. Keep Sending Money And Check Again Next Week.”

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    1. Yep, mask good again. Surprise, surprise.

      I wear mine, you better believe it. All the lockdown BS may be political, but a virus does not care about that stuff.

      Get a spray paint mask. More than adequate.

      1. If you had a mask capable of blocking a virus smaller than .3 microns you would not be able to breathe through it. Masks are pointless for day to day use. That may be the only thing Tam got right.

        1. Using even an N95 mask to stop a virus is like using a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes.

  1. It has been stated time and again that a mask is effective at containing the droplets expelled from coughing or sneezing. Not even a properly fitted N95 mask is a guarantee of stopping the inhalation of the virus. Not to mention that the eyes need protecting from droplets too. I agree with the closing statement, they have no clue, stay tuned and send cash.

    I would add that any research that has any affiliation with China should be suspect. Trust nothing from China, China is asshole.

  2. “Our work also highlights the necessity that sound science is essential in decision-making for the current and future public health pandemics.”

    Above I put in the “send us more money” translation contained in the article in case anybody missed it…

    The self important arrogance of academics is enough to make one sick…

  3. Written by a few hacks from China.

    By now I wouldn’t believe a Chinese scientist if he told me the sun would rise tomorrow.

    The Chinese released a bat virus into the human environment in a desperate attempt to overthrow Donald Trump without starting a nuclear war they knew they would lose.

    It failed. Trump is still president, and the world figured out that China is its misfortune.

    A few overpriced restaurants that nobody who insists on value for money ever dined in on his own dime closed down. A few old people who had months to live at best had their date in St. Peter moved up. I’m over it. And I don’t blame Donald Trump.

    I blame Justin Trudeau for persuading President Trump to treat Canada like a Chinese province.

  4. My results elucidate that I must pick a large, wet Lugie out of my ample nostril and flick it firmly and accurately into the face of Blackie the gay Zorro goof.
    I published that abstract in Pick It, not in Lancet.
    As for “airborne transmission”, here is one to hear audibly…..piss off national academy of not ever having a fucking clue. You, too, who. And Turdoo and Tam and et. Fucking cetera.
    Excuse my French. Peace

  5. WuFlu wasn’t working any more, so “riots”, then “occupations” and funny all Trump’s enemies came out of the woodwork. Another stock market manipulation, tiresome. All orchestrated either directly or indirectly by Chinah/Chinah “lovers”. This will fail, too. I expect more of these failures right up to November, even an attempt on Trump, or Trump’s family’s lives. The latter would be a tactical error. We aren’t privy to the stuff going on in the background, but that Civil War Two is fully on, ‘cept for the shooting part. For now. That military dude expressing his views in public re the Trump Walk, should be cashiered. If he isn’t then all bets are off on a peaceful “transition” to some other Presidential candidate. It won’t be Bidet, either.
    Kan-eh-duh is a backwater of it’s own creation. Don’t expect it to hang together for long. It’s done like toast.

  6. So, do those cameras at intersections record guys picking their nose at red lights? What else are we supposed to do? Would it be legal if we were listening to CBC?

  7. It all goes back to basics.

    If you are in a high risk group, try to avoid getting sick.
    Wash your hands.
    Avoid crowds.
    Avoid sick people.
    Quarantine if possible.
    Wear a mask and safety glasses.
    Be careful what you touch.
    Don’t touch your face, nose, eyes.

    Almost the exact same advice we knew three months ago in Mid-March.

    We also learned some new stuff. Vitamin D is really important. Vitamins A, C, and Zinc are important too. Get lots of sleep. The disease is not a death sentence, even for old people. 2/3 of those over 90 years old survive. 95% of those 60-70 survived.

    1. Since 14 days seems to be the time when real symptoms appear, people who are infected are out and about for that period and infect others. If you are in a confined space, at work or as an old folks home denizen, you are at greater risk, as infection is via airborne droplets, not contact so much. If you aren’t aware of the WuFlu in you, you end up as an immune overload and just drop in your tracks. Been seeing that on https://twitter.com/PhdParody since January on the interwebs. Kan-eh-jians in the know should be fully aware of that. If they aren’t they are criminally stupid. Even some schlub like me was following this….before Christmas, on the interwebs, but hey…squirrel, whiny Injuns.
      The border was never closed, ’cause UN Security stool or sumpthin’. Mustn’t aggravate our Chinah overlords, nor piss off the WHO whores in bed with them. Peking Buoy has blood on his hands, or bodies take your pick. Don’t ever forget it. Audit the Trudeau Foundation. You know M’sieu Champagne is compromised, WHO else?
      Everybody else are just whistling past the graveyard on this.

    2. “We also learned some new stuff. Vitamin D is really important. Vitamins A, C, and Zinc are important too.”

      We learned all that stuff, as well as the use of hydroxychloroquine, no later than SARS 2002-2004, which is why it was tried now in the first place. Taking A to prevent D poisoning when megadosing D has been known for decades. The importance of C was called attention to by Linus Pauling in the 60s.

      i.e. we still ain’t learned squat from this go ’round.

  8. No fingers up the nostril to the 3rd joint? But I thought that what happens in the privacy of my car at a traffic light was none of the government’s business? Or are we only supposed to mine for boogers in the privacy of our bedrooms to keep the government out of it?

  9. The people who have been wrong continue to be right and those who are correct continue to be vilified.

  10. “We Really Have No Fucking Clue. Keep Sending Money And Check Again Next Week.”

    Hilarious and Dead On accurate. I love this site, keep it up people. I get quizzical looks here in always humid South Carolina when someone asks me where I get news no one has heard and I reply “Saskatchewan.” Betcha more than one person looked it up. One guy said “gesundheit.”

  11. The same techniques apply for plumbers, hospital workers and those flying commercial (especially the late-TWA). From the “sanitary engineers”:,”Water flows down hill, $h*t floats, payday is Friday, wash your hands before you pick your nose (or touch your face or touch your food)”. Worked really well for me in several hospitals and labs. Plus don’t put anything personal, including your butt, down on the floor in one of those high-risk environments.

    Rag masks mostly reduce the threat of your “snotlets” to others. “Crowds” is a fluid concept including “how many”, “how long”, and “how nasty is the HVAC”. SDA had a post about almost 100 South Koreans in a call center becoming infected; “several hundred people, no masks, recycled air, many hours per day”. Hospital and sick rooms are a threat only slightly worse than a NYC subway train + station. Albany. Georgia earned its very own spot on the COVID-19 map due to a long funeral in a rented hall. Hugging/Shaking-Hands/singing/sharing home-made. A month later 30 of that number were dead and many hundreds of family/friends were ill/recovered/hospitalized/quarantined.

    Be young and healthy. The young are almost without risk, except to their grandparents. It seems hospitalizations for COVID-19 start to rise for those of about 40 and older. Deaths are most commonly among those from the late 70s and older. I’ve blown most of those options so I am trying really really hard to :identify” as young and stupid. I have had some success in some of that area, or so I am told.

    The very old and those with “co-morbidities” (health problems) gotta “hide” (be careful) until a vaccine is available. Until then, “herd immunity” will keep Winnie the Flu at bay unless you bump into someone with an active Corona Virus disease. For now, “Flattening the Curve” is “Vaccination by Infection” with the young (or unlucky) protecting the geezers with a perimeter defense of antibodies. If you are out in the world (i.e. essential), and until there is a good test for actual immunity to this virus, don’t go sneezing on Granny at her assisted living apartment. Just sayin’.

    “Common Sense” (Stock up.) The Commie Crud that made it to Europe and ‘Murica doesn’t seem to be as nasty as the version that was pooped out by bat species #745 in the Middle Kingdom. My fellow geezers and geezerettes with existing health “issues” have to be more careful, but even there precautions will reduce a lot of the threat. Hence “common sense” and talk to your physician.

    Actually, I am pretty pleased with the “Flattening the Curve” scheme and the response of the ‘Murican population. The Commie Plague was a potentially deadly threat about which no body knew nuthin. The U.S. population rolled with that until the threat was better understood at which point they made clear their ability to deal with the risks and restart the economy. Those burdened with a Democratic Governor and/or Mayor didn’t do quite as well. Still, a pretty good response for an undisciplined pack of individuals to signals called at the last moment.

    So, wash them paws and keep your snotlets to yourself.