66 Replies to “The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project”

    1. These people are on their way to building a great new nation. Just like America did so long ago. First you do agriculture, then eventually they will start manufacturing stuff, you know .. hash pipes and vaping materials then who knows what great things they will do in the future. As long a Seattle doesn’t mind providing them with electricity, food, water, toilets and toilet paper.

      1. Supposedly, the first American settlers didn’t know how to agriculture, either, so there’s that. But for these twats, that’s no excuse. But they seem to have been raised to think that all food comes from the supermarket, not the from actual work of others.

        1. They did know how to garden but the climate on this side of the Atlantic is different (no Gulf Stream effect) and some of the seeds they brought over didn’t thrive. Also, they didn’t know anything about the local veggies – think corn, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. They picked up on tobacco very quickly, though.

          1. Fair enough. But they assumed they knew what they were doing, were wrong, and had to get outside help to survive. Then ended up in on-going conflict with those that helped out. Seemed a bit of a parallel, if imperfect. 🙂

  1. We need 24 hr drone footage, for a reality show called “Lord of the Flies 2020.”

  2. Comment of the year:
    “At this rate, it is entirely plausible we could soon see the words #vegan and #cannibalism in the same sentence.”

  3. That’s what a 25 year old student of sociology thinks about economy of food production.

    It’s not the bad looks only, it’s the dismal productivity despite a kickstart with looted or dad-paid means of production.

  4. They will soon solve homelessness and hunger in one step: the hungry will eat the homeless.

    1. And shortly before it reaches that stage no-one should be permitted to leave. “You broke it, you own it”.

    1. Edgy, colon.
      Now do Canada with Scheer as loyal opposition leader in a couple of weeks.

  5. They should catch and send a pack of wild dogs on them, just for kicks.

    Send in the hounds!

  6. So they decided to start a garden after they ran out of food? This is my understanding of the situation.

    Now my lettuce seeds said 45 days, tomatoes should have been started a while ago indoors…

    I really hope this garden does work out for them, because I want to see them try to harvest after six and a half weeks of no food.

    Do they really believe this will be allowed to go on for six weeks? Sure someone will put an end to this before then, possibly Sam Hyde.

    1. Then there’s also “planting enough for self-sufficiency, accounting for wasteage.”

    2. And how many people do they propose to feed from that little garden? They think they will get free food from the outside while they await their harvest?

      I’d almost forgotten that stupidity can be a terminal illness.

  7. The old isolate and eliminate tactic should work quite well on these folks.

  8. Well, I don’t underestand why they are left alone. Aren’t there police or something …

    1. I gather the police have all taken the knee, and the Mayor sent the National Guard home.

      Waiting for Trump to send them back…

      1. Why bother? Encircle and contain, and don’t let any trucks or food supplies in. We’ll see how long they last.

  9. I believe they just need some fertilizer so again I put forward my idea of flyovers by water bombers filled with liquid shit.

  10. This is what happens when you don’t have millions of Ukrainians to steal food from.

  11. What’s amazing is that, with no experience or education (other than what they learn on google and from video games), the cancel culture generation are experts In everything.

    1. Indeed they are experts.

      This is their thinking: Dismantle the patriarchy. Reconstruct everything. Start from scratch with agriculture, construction, math, you name it. History is a false narrative built on slavery and greed. Erase history and replace it. White devils must be expunged.

      I don’t know if we can survive so many of these fools. And when the great revolution fails, it is always be someone else’s fault.

  12. I think they are going to learn first hand what Rush Limbaugh discussed in his monologue on the origin of the American Thanksgiving.

    Socialism/collectivism does not work because it destroys incentive to produce.
    That leaves who ever is in control to impose labour and confiscate the goods produced for redistribution. If nobody takes control it leaves a vacuum where those acting in bad faith will take advantage of.
    That’s exactly what the guy with the pitchfork wants.

  13. I recommend regular emergency drops of 200 proof grain alcohol, cocaine, and really sharp knives.

    1. I think we should build them that statue – let the pigeons speak for all of us.

  14. All of the above, and let me guess that the topsoil came in bags; the plants are all starting sets from a store; and all of it was stolen…

  15. “We’re feeding ourselves, man”
    Wavy Gravy at Woodstock.
    Actually some experience with subsistence farming would do these kiddies a world of good. When it’s time to water the beans you have to water the beans.

    1. “We’re feeding ourselves, man”
      I think that may be the genesis. Hey Mom and Dad did this stuff in the sixties out at that commune so why can’t we make it work.

  16. I’m stunned. I mean this wouldn’t feed one single person. And what happens when the grass grows through the dirt? Are they really that ignorant. They probably are. My wife is an avid gardener with many years of experience and even she can’t grow a years worth of food in a plot that size, and that’s before the grass comes in. And who gets to divide up and distribute that food when it comes ready?

  17. Their garden is for show not grow, a good downpour should wash it out. They will continue to get takeout.

  18. I believe that similar lessons were learned in the aftermath of the summer of “love” in 1968. It turned into a disaster in short order and the ‘Summer of Love’ morphed into the ‘Autumn of Abuse,’ and then ‘Winter of Disrespect’ as noted by Philip DeAndrade. These are simply ignorant children who needed to learn hard lessons a long time ago.

  19. I have a little hobby garden about that size. I grow tomatoes, potatoes, peas. beans, beets, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, onions and chives. I also grow rhubarb, apples, saskatoons, gooseberries, currents, honeyberries, and cranberries It is a lot of work keeping the weeds at bay and the food that I get is delicious. It doesn’t do any harm to Safeway as I still buy bread and meat and vegetables and fruits after I eat all the things I grow in my garden. Of course each vegetable I plant matures at a different time so I may eat peas for a week then beans for a week then wait a few weeks until the beets are ready. These kids have a fun hobby but they will be relying on the commercial farms/supermarkets for sustenance.

  20. Their ignorance reminds me of something I saw back in the day and haven’t thought about in years. This, of course, wouldn’t happen today as kids today have helicopter parents. The latchkey kids, of course, raised themselves.

    Story goes …one hot summer day a kid shows up around the neighborhood towing his wagon and asks around for free labor. Kid had one bag of cement and wanted to build a swimming pool!

    1. Hey, man! They’ve been listening to Joe Biden telling them that farming is easy-peasy… you poke some holes in the ground, put in some seeds, and just stand back until harvest time rolls around. Certainly easier than learning how to code.

  21. Oh look! Lysenkoism has come home to them!
    It sort of brings a tear to your eye…

  22. Ace is somewhat un-sympathetic to their cause:

    “I just can’t believe this collection of drug addict filth-squatters, unmedicated schizophrenics, trust fund Chavista weakling runts who are LARPing revolution because of the opportunities it grants them for drug-raping high school freshmen, transexual nomads with borderline personality disorder, rat-tail-braided wan blue-blotched sk8terbois who rent out their mouths in the bus station bathrooms at twenty bucks a load, homeless gender studies majors with a personal interest in fat acceptance who want to be paid to life-coach people into morbid obesity, and hardcore racist gangbanger sub-retards can’t make self-government work.

    This is the left’s army — lead-brained droogs and scabrous nightwalkers convinced that they’d be on top if only the system wasn’t stacked against them.

    Newsflash, you developmentally delayed, physically repulsive, low-impulse-control mentally sick losers: You’d be on the bottom of any system.

    You will always sink to the bottom. You are refuse.

    Nobody has ever “held you down.” No one would ever have to. No one holds down a stinking, rotting carcass of a road-killed dog — it ain’t going anywhere, you know?”


  23. Autonomous, huh?

    “au·​ton·​o·​mous | \ ȯ-ˈtä-nə-məs \
    Definition of autonomous
    1a: having the right or power of self-government
    an autonomous territory
    b: undertaken or carried on without outside control : SELF-CONTAINED
    an autonomous school system
    2a: existing or capable of existing independently
    an autonomous zooid
    b: responding, reacting, or developing independently of the whole
    an autonomous growth”

  24. Maybe their mommies could bring them some sandwiches when they come by to pick up their laundry.

  25. I can’t wait for their reaction when it gets raided by their parasitical ‘friends.’ If we are lucky a tiny number of them will begin to realize why taxpayers feel that way about them.