22 Replies to “Y2Kyoto: Looking Back On Glacier National Park”

  1. I’m a Geography Major and live next to Glacier National Park. The park is named for the Cordilleran Glaciers that formed it during the
    Pleistocene Era as opposed to it currently having giant glaciers. As the present site of my house here in Columbia Falls, MT there used to be 5,000 feet of ice some 20,000 years ago. I am glad the ice is gone.

    Al Gore is a grinning dunce and a scam artist.

    1. I think I had 2 miles of ice over my head pretty much smack dab in the geographic centre of Alberta 20,000 years ago. That’s a lot of frigging ice.

      1. And he came close to being the POTUS, which is indicative of what Rush Limbaugh terms “ low-information voters”, but I call abject stupidity.

  2. News would be when Al Bore gets something right.
    The Cult of Calamitous Climate are quite amazing.
    They have been 100% wrong in their projections.
    That is a truly incredible feat.

    1. John, you are wrong, they predicted that their BANK accounts would increase with their lies, and guess what, they are correct on that account!!

  3. I met a fellow on a business trip around that time who has a son who is an earth scientist, an expert of some sort apparently, doing research in the Glacier National Park region. The fellow told me quite emphatically that “the glaciers are gone”. “Well, perhaps threatened”, I replied. “No” he maintained, “they’re now gone, all of them”.

    His son being an expert and all, I wasn’t about to argue. I just thought it odd (to put it more accurately my BS detector was ringing loudly) that the glaciers a short distance over the Canada border are still there. Who knew that climate change is a respecter of political boundaries?

    Most notable to me, in my anecdote and from the article, is the high degree of ignorance and/or dishonesty that leads to a significant disconnect between reality and a theory. Someone in the chain of authority who *should* try to get the facts right decided to toss them aside in favor of a narrative, resulting in the misleading of a lot of people. Seems there’s a lot of that going on lately.

  4. In another place I had suggested the U.S. National Park Service install “white boards”. That way it would save money. Instead of replacing the sign, they could just re-enter the year as needed.

  5. Matters not a whit whether Gore and others have been spectacularly wrong. You think Gore et al gave a shit whether their bold predictions were going to be true or not when they made them? Of course not, they knew that if the average toddler was told from day one how he or she was going to die because of climate change if something radical wasn’t done, and it’d be an established fact to them by the time they graduate from High School… just as sure as the sun rises out of the East.
    Unbelievers are left to guffaw at their silly predictions that never came about yet still paying the carbon tax while Gore sits in one of his four homes guffawing at us.

    Game – set – match.

  6. Ya well earthwatch says this May was the hottest on record. I called it before the first week was half over.

    1. I followed the link in the article to find out what Caitlyn Florentine, a research physical scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey’s Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, told Montana Public Radio. She noted that “I can tell you with a straight face… (her colleagues are dedicated) to …both expose and connect — all of us to, you know, as capital ‘t’ truth as we can get”. Sort of a game of scientific horse shoes.

      “I would have to look at (Swiss team’s) results in more detail than is possible from looking at the paper they published to be able to say definitively when all the glaciers are are hosed and no longer present, but certainly by 2100.” Now she gets it, predict a date that no one listening will be alive to check! And if they are, we can always say they’re demented.

  7. When are our climate tax refunds coming?
    I hope, all of the awards will be revoked too?
    It is an inconvenient truth that all of us had been unduly taxed on false premises. Words are fine, but where are the dollars?

    1. Just THINK … of all the science that wasn’t done … because: Global Warming. The PLANET had to be SAVED!! From US!! There could be no other $$$$$ going into any other scientific endeavor. AIDS on steroids. Remember when ALL the medical research dollars HAD to go to AIDS … or you were a despicable homophobe. Sick.

  8. During the Younger Dryas sea level rose over 100 metres in less than 800 years.

    That’s natural climate change, and and dwarfs (should that be “little peoples”?) the worse wetting-themselves nightmares of the climate catastrophists. You really have to be ignorant of the range of natural variation to join a cult like that.

    1. Miner …. get ur facts straight …. Younger Dryas was a cold period during the warming up at the end of the last glacial period … the warming started about 15,000 years ago and after 2,000 years the climate cooled again into ice age temperature range for about 1500 years and then the final warming took place.

      From wiki The Younger Dryas (around 12,900 to 11,700 years BP[2]) was a return to glacial conditions after the Late Glacial Interstadial, which temporarily reversed the gradual climatic warming after the Last Glacial Maximum