Now Is The Time At SDA When We Juxtapose!

March 17th: UK Labour MP Barry Gardiner repeatedly insists that “the most vulnerable in our society [must be] protected”

June 3rd: UK Labour MP Barry Gardiner breaks social distancing rules to protest the death of a man 6,462 km away … a man he had never heard of prior to May 25th. How many lives did Gardiner endanger? How much regard did he have for not putting extra strain on the NHS? How many REAL calls for his immediate resignation have been issued?

This Twitter thread is priceless. And it turns out that Gardiner had written a scathing letter to his constituents about Dominic Cummings seeking childcare for his autistic son. But that letter has now been scrubbed from his website.

#Hypocrisy #LeftistPriorities #HorrificHumanBeings

4 Replies to “Now Is The Time At SDA When We Juxtapose!”

  1. In Saskatchewan the NDP MLA held areas appear to have the MOST Virus infections…..Saskatoon & the North West…This looks like a creative agenda to get false positives by political operatives…

    In the USA California hid the Silicon Valley early Infection. Wash State & New York killed those in nursing Homes to increase the Numbers…All Democrat States demand federal money …Shit hole societies just have to be shit heads….