76 Replies to “Watch The Hand”

  1. It is obvious no one was trying to hurt that man. Protests are dangerous and should not be attended by the frail and elderly.

    1. What’s the old leftist trying to do? It looks like he’s trying to TASE the officers? Get out of the way … you ollllld coot.

    2. You are a moron if you believe that police has authority to blindly and numbly apply the same level of force to everyone indiscriminately. Next you will tell us that whacking with a club or tazering babies is normal too. Give your head a shake.

      1. Whhaaat? Just because he was a “white Guy”, you want the cops to treat him different than cullard folk? Just asken.

      2. Why don’t you go attend a ‘protest’ the day following violent riots and fires, then make a stabbing motion almost directly contacting an officer who is a with a bunch of riot police shouting at people to leave the scene.

        Yah, it is amazing that darwin didn’t take this stupid 75 year old years ago. How dumb do you have to be to provoke the riot squad?

        1. He did not make any stabbing motions. It he did, he would have been clubbed, tasered, or shot. But no, they knock him out of the way and keep going.

          Watch the slo-mo version of the same video. It clearly shows a smartphone with an app on the screen, and the cops are absolutely calm about that object.

          Boo hoo!

      3. You’re a moron to assume that. Is your ignorance now normal? I’d say give your head a shake, but you wouldn’t survive.

        1. The cops barely touched him. I think in the game of soccer, this is called taking a dive to draw a penalty. The sound of his head hitting cement was the helmet striking first. The copious amount of blood flowing from the ear is not medically possible unless his skull had been previously cracked open hours ago. He is the first person in history to be knocked unconscious and still hold his head off the ground. He can only toddle about unsteadily, but he rides his bicycle?? Why is his mask double-strapped? Considering how much this movie is costing us, I expect better special effects.

          1. Hahahaha ha … yep, this olllllld man with his ollllld balls … is flipping Neymar in whiteface, eh?

      4. Babies won’t be rolling their bassinets in front of police lines in provocative movements. Unless you are an Islamic baby … sayyyyy … you must be a “Palestinian” Muslim who hides behind babies and children. And now you’re using septuagenarians as baby shields … Geeze … you terrorists are such pussies.

      5. How to you deal with a Hajib clad woman approaching you with a baby – the savages have NO regard for human life.

  2. Ok I watched on a larger screen.
    It appears the “protestor” has something in his right hand and uses it to hurt the one officer.

    I’m guessing a stun gun or something similar.

    1. Absurd. It is clearly a smartphone, which he used to take a video of them. The push was totally unnecessary.

      1. Citromoron, so was his attendance totally unnecessary. He is 75 and should act accordingly, especially when in a high charged environment. Are you trying to make3 up for unDork’s absence?

        1. 75 YO must shut up and stay at home while 20 YO are looting. So says NME666.

          Police did not have any concerns about his smartphone, only you have.

      2. How does one take a video of the police officer 3” from his belt buckle? Is this a GAY assault? Efffin’ septuagenarian LGBTQques !!

      1. Ignorance showing.
        Volts are useless for stunning. Ampers are important. I can create a 12 MV spark between my finger and the body of my car by merely stepping out of it. It only stings a little. But let me drive 1 A at 3000-4000 V through your body, and you will be history.

        1. I think your math is off, Sparky.

          Using an average dielectric breakdown strength of dry air at STP (33 kV/cm) your 12MV spark would jump almost 12 feet. You could zap passersby on sidewalks and watch ‘em jump, as 12 MV would probably do more than “sting a little”.

          Try harder. And less lecturing on “ignorance showing” might work, too.


        2. hey bugkiller,you know jack about electricity.
          Little research might be educational.Millivolts can kill.
          Depends on many things.
          You sure you are not filling in for the Wet Bench Bot?

          1. Ignorance is showing. I routinely demonstrated 120 KV sparks to my kids, by rubbing latex tape with ebony sticks. The spark was between the tip of my index finger and the latex tape. I only felt a sting like from a mosquito bite. The current was less than 1 uA.
            Then I gave them a regular 9V battery and offered them to touch it with the tips of their tongues. It stunned much worse, to the point of their tongue becoming numb for a short time.

            Repeat after me: Volts are meaningless for stunning. Stunning effect comes from Ampers. If you can drive 50 mA through a human body at any voltage, that said body will be writhing on the pavement, while your 12 MV would do zilch.

  3. Not to worry, the local Imam has deployed a unit of the Islamic religious police to help out … impose Sharia Law. The next 75 yo infidel will be executed in the street.

  4. It looks like a phone. He may be scanning their communications devices. Who knows? But his actions are planned and deliberate.

    1. It’s a phone… it is NOT illegal to video or photograph the police in a public place. The police could have handled the situation a lot better.

      1. make a stabbing motion with it and the police will no longer consider it a phone.

        Welcome to the world that darwin built.

      2. How so? Should they have STOPPED their advance because a 70 yo tried to stop them? You want this to become the preferred tactic to stop police? Put dying baby boomers in front of police lines to stop them? You DO realize this is the same kind of bullshit “sympathetic” tactic that’s used by Palestinians?

        And have you noticed the “peaceful” protest tactic being employed by ANTIFA? Get two rows of innocent looking youths standing with their arms-up … waving their arms shouting “hands-up, don’t shoot” in front of the police … while their fellow ANTIFA members stand behind and chuck bricks, concrete, bottles, and steel pipes, at police. The HOPE of this tactic is that the police will react to getting hit in the head by a brick … by lashing out against the innocent hands-up protestors. Much to the disappointment of all the ANTIFA thugs and their tacticians … the police have been supremely disciplined… just as smart as the Israeli Army. Your 7th Century Muslim tactics don’t work.

      1. From https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/06/06/buffalo-officials-duped-by-professional-antifa-provocateur-arrest-and-charge-two-police-officers-righteous-police-team-stand-together-and-walk-out/

        “ During his effort Gugino was attempting to capture the radio communications signature of Buffalo police officers. CTH noted what he was attempting on Thursday night as soon as the now viral video was being used by media to sell a police brutality narrative. [Thread Here] Today, a more clear video has emerged that shows exactly what he was attempting.

        In this slow motion video, you will see Gugino using a phone as a capture scanner. You might have heard the term “skimming”; it’s essentially the same. Watch him use his right hand to first scan the mic of officer one (top left of chest). Then Gugino moves his hand to the communications belt of the second officer.

        The capture of communications signals [explained in detail here] is a method of police tracking used by Antifa to monitor the location of police. In some cases the more high tech capture software can even decipher communication encryption allowing the professional agitators to block (black-out), jam, or interfere with police communication. In addition, many police body-cams are bluetooth enabled which allows syncing.“

  5. The fact that both officers responded simultaneously suggests that the man did indeed try something when he reached out. Not sure what he was doing, though.

  6. Good.

    If the end result of this farce is for the men in blue to mutiny wholesale against the anarcho-tyrants of all states and provinces, some good will have come of this.

    Because, compared to anarcho-tyranny, a true police state, with the cops offering the leadership that the cowards in state houses and city halls refuse to provide, is looking extremely good right now.

  7. Shrug. If every cop in North America resigned today about 99 percent of the electorate would deserve the outcome: the left for continually choosing gutless politicians and their craven police chiefs, and the right for sitting silently and letting the left get away with it.

  8. I wouldn’t want to be a cop today. Your risking everything everytime your confronted. Put a hand up and a conveniently placed camera makes it look liked you shoved someone and your pilloried. Neither off those officers bodies showed any sign of loading up body weight for a forceful shove. Blocking the old guy from their personal space maybe. But that’s not unreasonable considering.

  9. Looked like the old peckerwood threw water on the cop. Might have been piss, ginger ale or acid. Fucking idiot.
    Let’s see him do that to a bunch of homey’s in the hood.
    I’m no fan of police power and their abuse of it, but they are a necessary force in large urban settings. A lot more so than many of the city trough feeders that’s for sure.

    When the cops leave, better unlock your guns. Don’t have any? Better open your wallet and buy protection..

    1. Look at the freaking video in full-screen… the guy had a phone and was probably doing a video of the police in action. Just before the third cop comes up to start pushing the guy back, it looks like he’s doing a “scan” to include an officer’s nametag in the video.

      The police may not like to be put on video when they are in a public place, but that citizen was perfectly within his rights to be taking that video. And YES, they pushed him hard. If he had been younger and more agile, it would have been nothing. But he went down hard, and the officers ignored him while he lay bleeding on the ground.

      Buffalo is going to be paying out some pretty steep damages for what was done to this citizen, who did nothing to deserve how he was treated.

      1. Is there a possibility he is deaf? In that case, you might be right, but I expect several of the police told him to leave the area or back away.
        If he had any sense, he would have moved backwards rather than forwards, regardless of his ability to hear. Moving forwards is guaranteed to result in contact. He chose to walk into a line of advancing riot police. This action, plus the movement of the object in his hand could be considered aggressive, no matter his apparent age. Another video of the incident shows that other civilians the police were advancing towards were giving them a lot of room, even the kid with the skateboard going back and forth in front of them who noticed this incident and called them out about it.
        I don’t have much sympathy, however, in 75 years he should have learned to make better decisions.

      2. daveK, that old goat was agrivating the situation, and at 75 he should know better. I been in the back of a cop shop and had the shit beat out of me, twice, and am NO friend of cop stupidity, but that old fool was asking for it, and got it. Cops have enough on their plate at a time like that, with out unnecessary aggravation for some old libtard, who should have been home. he is a known activist and agitator !

      3. No, the actions shown by police in that video are justified (I don’t know if anything happened after).
        The actions that old man took were deliberate and meant to provoke a reaction, well he got one.

        He’s in an environment where lots of people are aggressive, many directly toward who this old guy is walking toward.
        He made a sudden movement with a potential weapon (you see a cell phone I see a tazer designed to look like a cell phone) toward an officer. It’s reasonable for the officers to think the old guy meant him harm, ergo the officers can defend themselves.

        Unless something significant happened after that video the only people getting a payout are those suspended officers.

        If these weren’t police officers but rather were random citizens protecting property I’d say the same thing.
        The only difference for me would be that I’d give the random citizens more leeway in what they did after the old man was stopped.

  10. Washington just freed up some National Guard. Maybe Bufffalo can borrow them to replace the police who resigned.

    1. linda, they didn’t resign, they quit the special squad, but stayed on the force as regulars!

  11. I’m sure the cop in the second row thought it was a taser. What a crazy old fart. It look like he was trying to touch the cops with something, not photograph them.

  12. Who marches straight toward a line of riot-equipped cops? What an idiot. I remember in the eighties we had a bunch of Marxist-Leninists demonstrating in town and as soon as the batons came out the gutless pieces of crap would grab a kid and use him as a shield. No doubt they were hoping like hell the kid would take a hit to the head.

  13. It is not very difficult to see a phone especially when he was holding it up in front of himself as he approached the cops. Too many cops, too many protestors, too much danger, shit will happen.

  14. Touch a cop and all bets are off. Do this in a riot situation, or hostile situation you will get a well deserved beat down. Too many cops have been injured or killed by ignoring a potential threat, better to be alive and fired, then dead.
    The police are the foundation of a civil society,they need to behave like it, but they need a level of respect as well.

  15. Seriously, none here bashes cops more than I do, but this pure bullshit, no violence, no brutality, no assault, nothing to see here. Literately nothing. At all. He tried to push cops, they pushed him back, he fall. WTF?

    1. Exactly.
      The cops doing their job pretty much exactly as they should have.
      This is a stunt.
      Stupid administrators are eager to be bullied by the agitators to show how woke they are.

  16. If they would have arrested him, he would have been safer. Walk up to him, put him on the ground in a controlled manner, frisk him, put flex cuffs on him. Have the second line gather him up for transport to jail. Also, if he saw that the others in front of him had been arrested, he might have hobbled his angry Communist backside out of there.

    The biggest problem is that in the Blue States, and especially in the blue cities, the pro criminal DAs refuse to prosecute criminals including rioters and curfew breakers. Even if they get charged, they are immediately released on zero dollar bail. Because locking up arrested and arraigned criminals until trial is racist and discrimination against the poor.

    Why would the police even bother arresting anyone? They don’t. In a riot that only drains manpower, and they do not bother unless it is a gun. Their orders are literally to push the protesters out of the area. Not just frail old white Communists, but everyone, even if they still have their skateboard/club or loot in their hands, doesn’t get arrested, they get shoved away until the area is cleared. The arsonists and looters then go on to do their crimes in a new different area.

    The Democrats don’t want rioters or any criminal arrested and jailed, and therefore removed from the rioting mob for a few days. That is the root cause of the old white guy martyring himself in Buffalo.

    This is another reason why these riots will happen again. Charge a thousand with felony rioting,

    1. Charge looters, arsonists and rioters with felonies. Word gets around that if you riot, you spend serious time in prison, and ruin your future life too. Too many stupid young idiots think this is an exciting LARP, playing criminal for a night.

  17. I watched the video frame by frame. There’s no way to understand exactly what is happening even watching it that slowly. He’s carrying a bag with the flap showing he has removed something from it recently. He appears to be wanting to show the policemen something on his iPhone (or tablet or whatever it is) as one can see a man’s face. The first sign of disturbance is when the policemen directly behind the first two says something reaching out his arm.
    Once the older gentleman begins to walk backwards, he appears to stumble and the policemen reach out.

    My view makes perfect sense watching the video clip that slowly and closely but I’ve read comments elsewhere where it is obviously being used to demonstrate police brutality once again.
    Only the first two policemen and the civilian know what was said and what was in his hand but this is going to be used to destroy a city’s police force.
    Whatever it is, only the police will be able to put it together properly and till then I hope it isn’t a spark this small that begins WW3. I’m beginning to wonder.
    If you’re not directly involved, be careful of your interpretation of events is a good axiom.

    1. Beat me to it Kate. Was about to suggest that some digging would reveal some not-so-complimentary details. Skunks leave their own trail.

    2. Rodeo clown. Just look at his picks of movies, books and music.
      Perhaps his actions were deliberate, but his contextual motives are confused and certainly pathetic. If he were a dead head on my magic bus long ago, I would have kicked his sorry ass to the curb and let some cop put his skinny ass in a sling. Excuse me, but I can’t stand twats like that goof.

  18. The LA city council is going from increased spend on police to severely cutting the spending.
    The message to police officers here is simple.
    1.Treat people(blacks and whites) like the mob think they should be treated or you will lose your job.
    (as an aside a relative of mine is a cop in a Canadian city.He tells me that they VERY seldom pull over ANY minorities be cause invariably they cry racism and the politicians/police board side with the minority)
    2. A certain number of cops will lose their jobs anyway due to funding cuts.
    Lose-lose situation for cops.

    The cops in LA should announce that they will be on strike/sick leave (covid is a good excuse) for 2 days straight. The public announcement is to alert the crooks,etc. that it is open season on ALL crime for 2 days.(kinda like a get out of jail free day)
    The city would come to an absolute STANDSTILL. Crimes, traffic problems etc.

    The emergency response cops in one Penn state city have already resigned en masse. I don’t think that is enough. I think they have to make a HUGE statement.

    1. “….as an aside a relative of mine is a cop in a Canadian city.He tells me that they VERY seldom pull over ANY minorities be cause invariably they cry racism and the politicians/police board side with the minority”

      Yes, it is a commonly known fact. Whites are held to much higher standard than anyone else.* We can’t go rollerblading on a deserted parking lot without an $800 ticket from a parking enforcer turned JBT while everyone else gets to protest and demonize us with no ticket and cops kneeling with them.

      And if we point any of this out it means we are racist and a fair target for Antifa and cancellation by the SJW twitter mob.

      Not my country anymore, the sooner it burns the better.

      *To be fair yellow Asians tends to be held to a similar standard as whitey… unless they have a high social credit score of course, then they are untouchable.

  19. Defund the police?
    Who is going to arrest the hairdressers who open their businesses and the mothers taking their children to the playgrounds?
    It will be mayhem!

    1. Fear not,the state will still have their own enforcers.
      Just ones who answer to their pay masters,not the public who will still have to pay.
      Kleptocracy loves these ideas,how better to steal?
      Cancel the service but double the taxes to pay for that same cancelled “service”.

  20. I think it would be wonderful if Minneapolis were to defund its police department and replace it with social workers, BLM activists, SJWs etc., etc. The parallel would be what someone said about Hizbollah in Lebanon. They said that the worst thing that ever happened to Hizbollah was: it won. Because once it won, everyone else in their area sat back and said, “Okay, your turn to run the show”. The result was, predictably, a complete fiasco. And once that was over with, their credibility was shot. No one listened to their wild-eyed demands, promises, pronouncements etc. They couldn’t put up so they had to shut up. And the same thing should happen in Minneapolis. It’s well past time for conservatives to stop rescuing liberals from themselves. Let the SJWs try their starry-eyed utopia. Conservatives have relatively little to fear. They have the guns and they know how to use them — all those mewling liberal college professors and yuppy snowflakes on the other hand . . .

    1. Please no. I live fifty some miles from that blue state hell hole.

      Also the Hennepiin County Sheriffs Department will step up to fill the vacuum. The majority in the suburbs are not insane, and would not allow a lawless hell hole in the business center of the county.

      They will need to hire almost a thousand new Hennepin Sheriff Deputies and supervisors. Guess who they will hire?

      90% of the new deputies will be the same deep blue city for forty freaking years police force that all you criminal coddling idiots just fired for being violent, racist, sexist, homophobic, murderous maniacs. How will that work?

      Hopefully if the idiocy occurs, the new rules will be criminals do what you want inside the Minneapolis, but don’t try it in our suburbs or on the freeways.

  21. A “transformative new model of public safety”


    There will be NO public safety.

    This is what happens when idiots vote lefties into office.

  22. Watch the video on full screen. Look at the back of the head of the old man. There seems to be a small packet (1.5 sq inch) attached to his head. It might be a special effects blood pack. There are three yellow lines leading to the “bleeding” ear, two of which, are probably the straps.

  23. Given the guy’s pride in multiple arrests for assorted fascist causes. I suspect the weird jabbing with his phone was a deliberate attempt to look like a taser to get arrested. At any trial he would say, “It was a cell phone. What kind of idiot are you?”