25 Replies to “Has Civil War Arrived in America?”

  1. No. This is not a civil war. I am old enough to see this is a cyclical American thing. You get this bunch of ANTIFA types who think it’s time for a socialist revolution. They wait for the right moment and the right place and then try to light the elusive largely mythical spark to The Revolution fire. Thugs and thieves rise up and loot and riot. Nice people who are the majority stay home. The rioters eventually get tired and go home. Then things get quiet again. The nice people clean up and carry on. Declaring ANTIFA to be the terrorists they are is a very good idea. It will stop them from organizing yet another attempt to to spark The Great Revolution this round. However another group will form to take up the cause and the rioting will happen again as soon as the next bunch of Vanguard of the Proletariat wannabes grow up.

    1. The immediate benefit isn’t whether it stops Antifa in its tracks, it’s that anyone conspiring with them will be risking a criminal record. This is particularly risky if you are a democrat operative.
      If enough senior dems are found to be colluding with Antifa they could be to busy putting out that dumpster fire to be causing mischief on the campaign trail.

      1. I hear Joe Biden’s staff are paying off ANTIFA bail and that a couple of Democrat lawyers were arrested in New York after throwing molotov cocktails at police. So yes, I agree that ANTIFA is this generation of Democrats KKK, the armed wing of the Democratic party. Hopefully many will end up in jail for a long time. I doubt it though.

    2. I remember every single RIOT since The Watts RIOT IN 1965 … and this is something completely different. This current shitshow isn’t a relatively small faction of isolated groups acting out about an injustice. This is different. This is a widely organized, funded, and staged event. And what strikes fear deeper into the hearts of capitalists than to see all their products walk out of the store on five-finger discount… err, armload, shopping cart load, bag load … ? Leftists of every stripe are joining in on this LOOTING of American capitalism. They’re literally trying to bankrupt America from within. COVID cost what $6 Trillion and 40 million unemployed? And what will this cost? The price tag will be huge.

      We, normal folk better get a grip on this situation and deal with it … or we can kiss our country goodbye. And if you’re a tax-paying, America-loving, Trump-hating, liberal … you better think twice before voting for that mentally incapacitated Joe Biden … because his cabal of puppetmasters will only drag us deeper down this divisive identity politic shithole. You know … in your heart, that PDJT is the ONLY man who can deal with this.

    3. It emboldens China, who is carefully watching, most likely helping finance, and waiting on a weakened America.

      This may seem cyclic, but eventually the pattern breaks and boils over into real revolution and war. So say’s history.

  2. I don’t know if Tim Pool is disliked, just so hard to watch him try to remain “nuetral” and stick with his old left wing ideas while he daily chokes on an overdose of red pills.

    Twitter claims that Houston had pallets of bricks shipped in and dropped at intersections with people directing “protesters” to the intersections with the bricks.

    1. Heh, good description!

      “….just so hard to watch him try to remain “nuetral” and stick with his old left wing ideas while he daily chokes on an overdose of red pills.”

      Works for me. You want to slap them upside the head and say, “bout f*cking time but look what you’ve done in the meantime you smug little prick”.

    2. Anyone who wears an idiotic toque 24/7 is not someone I take seriously. He is just another left wing clown.

  3. In terms of liberty versus tyranny, there has always been a “civil war”. They only vary in how kinetic they become. The forces of domestic tyranny have always been engaged and have succeeded in taking over and dominating many of the institutions, particularly academia, culture, entertainment, media, the (once) civil service, the NGOs, and the corporate boardrooms. Due to the majority of the population being in the mushy mindless middle zone, the forces of tyranny operate at the margin.

  4. I like Tim Pool, he is one of a precious few left of center individuals who is willing to articulately and powerfully call out the left for their hypocrisy. The fact that he is willing to show himself choking on the red pills speaks well of his character.

    1. Agreed, Mark. There is always going to be a left-right divide. Far better that the political competition can be civil and based on some reasonable rules of engagement rather than the ruthless criminality of the deep state over the past four years, the mumbling incoherence of the Trudeau government now, or the complete disintegration of civil concord as was the case in 1789, 1861, etc.

  5. Wrong people are rioting.
    The right people are too coward and are not doing anything but whining on the Internet.

    PS: 16 captchas, all answered correctly? Seriously?

  6. I dunno… usually the opponents in a civil war are on opposite sides of some ideological boundary.
    The people turning to violence now don’t seem intellectually motivated to think beyond whether they can cram any more loot in the trunk.

  7. This is not a civil war, peace be upon Tim Poole. This is the setup to stealing the election in November.

    A civil war is where the police all run away, because government officials are hanging from lamp posts in front of the legislature. Then the Army shows up and everything gets very ugly indeed.

  8. The USA is an empire in decline and Obama was the first post-American exceptionalism President. The Americans have the worst political class in their history, their business elites are selling out the country to foreign adversaries and there are major class discrepancies that are only growing larger.
    They will go back and forth now between desperate attempts at reinventing themselves (Trump) to useless placeholders like Biden but the corruption is deep and goes far beyond the grasp of any policy solutions.
    This stuff is just the beginning.

  9. The civil war,what a contradiction,starts the day the taxpayers decide the system cannot be fixed and that nothing a Trump can do will drain the swamp.
    This street theatre is a distraction,Democrats demonstrating their love of the people who religiously vote for them.
    The collusion between politicians and fake protesters will out.
    The Progressive forces have nothing left and lack the skilled manpower necessary to incite riots in the hinterland.
    All they can do is what we see ,murder cops,burn captive businesses and the homes of Democrat Trusties .
    President Trump stands to win bigly here.
    The TDS is rampant,the Fake Newz is working overtime and the leftist groups are seen to be working together or totally incompetent or both.
    Vote Democrat lose you neighbourhood.
    Busting a few of these Antifa Babies will reveal all,they will sing like liberals,ratting each other out.Find the paymasters you define the programme.
    So no civil war yet,just the Demon Rats eating their own.

  10. From time to time in America, blacks riot. It’s a feature, not a bug of their politics, I’m not reading too much into this.

  11. The right had better step up and start snuffing Antifa and their fans … the USA is at stake.

    A world without America will not be a free world. Will not be a prosperous world and will not be a world you will want to live in. We all have a stake in our once free western world. Half our freedoms are already gone.

    Canada is already no longer a free country. It’s a region directed by the Liberal party that the Chinese are buying from those sell-out liberal politicians.

  12. The only civil war going on here is amongst the LEFT. The Virtue Signalers versus the Revolutionaries. The Virtue Signalers thought that their Tweets would protect them when the Revolutionaries started throwing bricks. The Virtue Signalers have, for years, been trying to win (and steal) elections. The Revolutionaries have not been so patient and were only waiting for a spark. The Virtue Signalers are now learning that you have no friends in a real conflict.

    The Right is mostly on the sidelines watching.
    “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.”