Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors

More media dishonesty, but that’s the norm.

No, I haven’t been blogging on the riots, primarily because I’ve been busy and away from the computer, but also because Minneapolis is one of the cities I know best, and it sickens me to witness the twin cancers of the left – identity politics and entitlement culture – metastasize yet again.


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  1. MSNBC is full retard.

    The Minneapolis DA should have (if appointed) been fired on the sport for not charging one of those cops with murder and the rest with manslaughter. This was all preventable. I’m betting the only offense the guy committed was being black in a public place. For that he paid with his life.

    1. Allegedly George Floyd was passing conterfeit money. Also ” The store clerk who called 911 on George Floyd complained to an operator about an ‘awfully drunk’ man who was ‘not in control of himself’.”
      From here:
      Don’t shoot the messenger …. Yesterday I was curious what George Floyd was being arrested for and went looking and info is easy to find.
      You lose your bet Scar and I am surprised u would think cops anywhere in the US arrest blacks for the sport of it.
      Having said the above it is obvious that George should still be alive … as one person said yesterday once the handcuffs are on it is over … calm down.

      1. Stew…and none of that is relevant to what happened after the cuffs went on.
        This was MURDER in at least the 3’rd Degree.
        I am 100% with Scar on this.

        The FAILURE of the Imbeciles in their Democrat City with their Democrat Judicial appointees to ACT: To Wit Charge Knee man with Murder and his 3 Bystanding Gutless Wonders with Accessory to Murder …is 100% the REASON Minneapolis BURNS.

        WTF did they think was gonna happen..?? a City wide Picnic.??

        Seems to me their failure to act could also lead to some kind of CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE charges…NO..??


        1. And your opinion on Rodney King, the second time he got up swinging after being tazed immobile?

          I don’t think we know enough to be convicting based on the publicly available information.

        2. Steakman re 100% with scar … so u think Floyd wasn’t passing conterfeit money ( a twenty) or being “awfully drunk and not in control of himself” as reported in the 911 call?
          Like I said don’t shoot the messenger but Floyd was up to more than just being black which was the only point made by scar to which I was responding!

      2. That’s why is dangerous to rush to judgment before all the facts are in, a dereliction of due process and rule of law.
        OTOH, I’ve seen nothing yet that condones lethal force used on Floyd, if that is determined as proximate cause of death.

    2. He should have been wearing a stormtrooper outfit, then he would only have had his face smashed into the ground. He would have had to scream like a 19 yr old girl though.

      However, when the facts come out I am sure we will realise there is more to the story here. There always is. Nevertheless, sure what the hell, let’s burn down the town we live in. Why not.

      If it was my family, I’d be more akin to chasing the mayor and giving him/her a pounding behind the barn. After than, I’d go to the liquor store and buy a nice bottle of something. I wouldn’t be inclined to burn down the liquor store though.

      But what do I know, maybe it is a black culture thing?

      1. Yea, you wouldn’t think that Paris, London, or Minneapolis would have much in common? Oh yea, too many white people not checking their Privilege.

    1. Naw, I was thinking of that Iraqi general being interviewed in Iraq while behind him the US tanks where rolling in.

  2. Racism? I find it hard to believe any person who watched what happened to this man had anything but disgust for the psychopath that murdered him. And what about the accomplices who protected the cop while he did it. Anyone who watched this fully realized they could be the one laying on the ground. This is about power being allocated to unworthy thugs. From Comey to the security at parliament who obstructs a reporter it needs to be punished . Hang the psychopath , he enjoyed exercising his power.

    1. upvote. but hey man we don’t hang anyone anymore, not even psychopaths, we should but we don’t.

  3. Blackie’s CBC reports that dementia Joe Biden is “furious”, yes “furious” at Trump for him calling for violence against people burning down the city.

    1. Democrat governor, Democrat mayor. It happens over and over. The party of the Confederacy, the party of slavery, the party of the Klan, and what has damage black society more than anything else, the party of welfare.

      1. Well maybe the black people of Minneapolis should be fined for the Carbon Footprint their creating with all this building burning.

        That is a hell of allot of Carbon! They need AOC to start drafting legislation.

    1. Ali Velshi is a Canadian, who has worked at the triumvirate of anti-American networks.
      Al Jazeera
      His bio speaks volumes about his extremist politics.

      1. I remember when he was on tv in Toronto. City TV if memory serves.

    1. CNN FAKE NEWS, they should all be in jail. Placed in the Youth section, yea Anderson would like that.

    2. Yeah, but who cares what you “think”? They were told to move and they didn’t. They deserved to be arrested.

    3. They were detained, not arrested. Confirmation of the identity was made and they were released. And when approached again the police confirmed who they were apparently. Also, when you read the story the police were very cordial, respectful, and said they were just following directions. But if you want to fan the flames, you go girl.

    4. You would be wrong. Again. Employment, title gives no privlage. You can print as you like, but you can not physically claim immunity not avalible to everyone else. Equal rights.

  4. Those cops need to be hanged. They’re sick.
    I’d say the all the cops are fair game as every damned force in the world harbours and protects the psychopaths within.
    The politicians protect them as well, so they’re fair game.

    Burning down your city and looting stores is something altogether separate and pretty f’n stupid.

    1. !00% agree on both counts. The murders in blue deserve a public execution in front of the PD withe rest of their fellow thugs required to watch. That would be justice and a proportional fair punishment. No appeals, no delays.

      As for the riots. Separate matter, utterly inexcusable and a natural conclusion of diversity gaining an upper hand. Four years ago in Minneapolis Justine Damond was executed in cold blood by a thug in blue (who happened to have black skin) in response white people did not burn the city down. The cop who murdered her only got 12 years instead of an execution. The city did not burn again. Civilization matters.

  5. They’re too afraid of the coronavirus (they claim) to go back to work.

    They’re clearly not afraid to join a violent mob, though.

    The point of letting the lockdowns drag on is that people who have to work for their daily bread don’t have time to kill whitey, rape his woman or burn his business to the ground.

    President Trump, what are you waiting for? Send in the National Guard. With orders to shoot to kill.

    Then have the National Guard move on to the state house and remove from power, promptly and permanently, the thug-lovers who let this happen.

    First order of business of the provisional government: order everyone back to work, and impose a sunset-sunrise curfew in the ghettos and barrios, to be enforced with gunfire. They want a lockdown? Give them a goddamn lockdown, a real one.

    1. “Send in the National Guard. With orders to shoot to kill.”

      No. Let the Guard kill black people under the Democrat governor’s orders and put the right spin on on the disorder as being fully owned by the Democrats. Be a critical observer.

    2. Was actually in LA during the ’92 Youth Riots, the National Guard shut’er down pretty quick. Curfews at night helped, I just drank more by the pool 🙂

  6. You can never tell, to this guy a war would be characterized as your basic street fight.
    Why is he lying?
    What’s the purpose.
    Though he could be blind, heh.
    Reminds one of Chemical Ali

  7. If the Demon Rats decided protest was best done by stabbing themselves in the eyes,how many of their minions would follow those orders?
    Sorry I no longer care,higher,faster bigger fires.
    The stupid of burning your own home down,to protest the failure of policies your elected leaders chose,is too funny.
    When you have police,armed,endangered and unsupported by their political leaders,atrocities will happen.
    Fear is a mighty corrosive factor.
    Only snowflakes and other fools believe cops will be the brightest and finest and never screw up,even as they continually vote for conditions where only screw-ups will accept the job. And repeatedly reward corrupt politicians who aggravate each and every social disturbance for power.

    The narrative that looting stores,burning police station and attacking firemen is not rioting is amazing.
    Yup nothing to see here move along ,just a civil protest,A OK..just good folk doing Godly things..
    The National Guard should not have arrested the CNN crew,they should have beaten them and then shot them for inciting and abetting a riot.
    So this carefully staged show ,will spin out of control,hopefully the Feds will stay back and allow the Governor to cover himself in all the glory he seeks.
    The area is ripe for “urban renewal” as having been governed by Democrats for nearly a century,there is very little left to steal.

    A few FEMA bucks is probably what the parasites are seeking.
    Natural disaster;Democrats in power.

  8. I’m guessing this is how conservatives are supposed to protest as well. Guess we’ve been doing it wrong all along.

  9. It is not right to steal, but from what I saw on CNN (FREE preview on now), they were only stealing work boots and books.
    CNN has said numerous times this morning that they were not making themselves part of the story. I believe them!
    Move along people. Nothing to see here!

  10. If I was a mayor in a city where people were rioting in support of MN I would put out full force and arrest as many vandals and looters as my jails could hold. People act out in a riot when they think there is no threat of arrest, and they have anonymity. Arrest a couple hundred and the rest will go home. Leave the peaceful protesters alone, target the rock throwers and thieves.

  11. Reading some of the left-wing media stories, on the rioting, the media keep referring to the violence as “protests”, using a positive-sounding word to describe criminality. For example, the CBC, in reporting on Trump’s tweets condemning the violence, says that his tweeted against the Minneapolis “protests”.

    The left-wing media sanitize the violence, since they sympathize with the criminality.

  12. Little tweeter commie Olivia Gatwood hates property. She should have said “your property”, bet she likes hers just fine.

    1. Olivia Gagsonwood should have her twitter account locked, for advocating violence, but she won’t, because it’s the preferred form of violence to Jake Dorcey.

  13. I love how twitter supports doxxing now. Just search on twitter “windermere florida” (not putting the entire address here) and you’ll find all the examples you need of the address where he went in Florida. The threats of violence to him and death threats in the doxxing tweets THAT ARE STILL UP are telling as to what twitter condones in the right circumstances. Added bonus is people doxxing his wife too cause she’s married to him so fair game. It’s a friken witch hunt that would NOT be allowed on twitter for any other reasons.

  14. Where is the autopsy on George Floyd’s body? Perhaps he died because of another problem and not the neck kneeling.

  15. No arrests? Well except for a black reporter.

    They clean out Target in full view and nobody is arrested.
    Pharmacys have been looted.

    Anarchy reigns. No consequences.

    Gordon Lightfoot, ‘Black Day in July’.

  16. I’m not commenting on the actual case here, but am observing that the left have pushed for more free stuff and free money for any number of disenfranchised people and groups. The spiral has continued for decades now. So with your basic needs mostly covered and plenty of free time to stew in your own juices, the fuses are kept short, and these eruptions are happening on a much more accelerated curve than before. It used to be once or twice a decade. Such as the Rodney King riots, or going back further, the Detroit riots. But it’s now an annual event, at times more than once as well. In no particular order, there is Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Occupy, La Raza, all the Soros backed outlets, the extremist political groups such as the Bernie followers, and the squad etc. The list is endless and growing. The external problems multiply, North Korea, Iran, Terrorism, China! This latest Covid disruption adding fuel with the economy being shut down, bankruptcies, more free money on an unprecedented scale. There will be a big devaluation of our currencies, costs will skyrocket. China is deliberately taking advantage and creating more fear and uncertainty. People will revert to basic tribal survival, civilization is a very thin veneer that continues to crack and erode! Where will it end? Societal collapse will end in civil war, and those external forces will use that time to their advantage. There are more and more suicides, drug overdoses of fentanyl, again from China, does anyone think that is an accident? Is any of this an accident? I think not, and the future will not be pretty. No wonder the left wants to disarm us. I’m getting old….No, I have arrived, I am old, (71) and I doubt I will see this apocalypse erupt, but I might! There is still some fight left in me, so I will not give up or give in, and will keep my powder dry! We had better WAKE UP real soon!

  17. I live in Minnesota, The Democrat Party runs Minneapolis and Saint Paul and the state.

    The murder happened Monday night. Yes it was murder, watch the 10 minutes video.
    When the EMTs flopped him onto the stretcher, George Floyd had no pulse.

    Hennepin County Prosecutor Mike Freeman moved as fast as he could. He has actually put a cop in jail for murder before, Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamad Noor for killing an unarmed, pajama clad Justine Damond. Then, it took about eight months just to get charges made. So this was very, very fast. These are the exact same charges they used to send Mohamad Noor to prison.

    Even Police get the Presumption of Innocence and due process protections in our US Constitution.

  18. Saw on the news today, “We goin’ to the suburbs next – ain’t nuthin’ left here.”

    Little problem with that – the store owners fled to their houses in the suburbs when they saw you coming for their stores; now they’re at home in the suburbs so they’ve got nowhere else to flee – and they keep their families, and their guns, at home. So that would be a bad idea, I think – tell me how it works-out, okay?

    And I’m curious – like I was curious about the Rodney King riots. Rich-b1tch Whitey in his big mansion in Beverly Hills is oppressing you? So why don’t you go and riot up there, instead of trashing poor shops in your lower-class downtown neighbourhood? Oh – oh, okay, you say that Rich-b1tch Whitey contributes thousands of dollars a year to the Governor and his political party ( – and which party would that be, bro’?), and if you even headed in that direction, the National Guard would get to Beverly Hills before you would? Yeah, gotta’ admit, you’re probably right about that. Happy rioting!

  19. Turning up to riot.
    I was present in some rioting back in 1984 or 85,both sides were absolutely sure they were right and completely blind to the other sides POV,so street theatre ensued..
    Any one who encourages the mob is a fool and a destroyer.
    Inciting a riot is one of the first crimes ever listed, as whipping up the crazies is easy, deadly and massively destructive to wealth and property.
    Civilization as we know it,requires that rioters get one warning,then arrested or shot.
    Looters are so loathsome,they deserve no warning.
    Shooting them is too good for them,they so hate and despise their fellow citizens,that they seize any opportunity to steal and destroy.
    “Naked and afraid” is a great concept for a looter,banish them from civil society.
    But first donate every possession they have to charity,throw them naked and resourceless into the wild.

    Now all the Do-Gooders,activists and Progressive Cretins are whipping the mob,they choose mob violence over a justice system.
    Even with all its flaws the just us system has the decided advantage of moving slowly and decisions can be appealed.
    When burned in your home by a vicious mob,your guilt or innocence is irrelevant,you are dead.
    And who makes the mob?
    Mostly the most shiftless and lazy scum you can find…
    But according to our Progressive Comrades,looting a target and burning a police station is reasonable protest..
    Inciting a riot in fact.

  20. In other news, Nazi Germany was primarily a peaceful nation. Less than 1% of the population directly killed anyone.

    1. You just perfectly stated one of the biggest problems of the human (?) race.

      – Less than 1% of nazis killed people – and they had the whips and the guns, and they could blatantly give a $hit about the other 99%+. They knew who signed their paycheques, and what he wanted them to do to earn them.

      – Your average Muslim despises the jihadis – and knows to keep his mouth shut about it, and the jihadis adhere religiously to Caligula’s motto – “They May Hate You, So Long As They Fear You.”

      – Your average Chinese knows little about the West, and tends to take the CCP’s propaganda at face value – the penalty for doing anything else being to get their organs harvested. And the CCP has the world’s most populous police state, and the world’s most sophisticated spy-cam network, to make sure they stay that way.

  21. To the Left; assault, vandalism and assorted other violence – especially against conservatives – is “free speech”.