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Globe & Mail;

“These are First Nations lands. This is Indian land. Stay off our lands unless you are invited,” said Chief Bobby Cameron of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations.
Public-health orders do not supersede First Nations law and treaties, Mr. Cameron says, adding that maintaining tradition and ceremony is even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Our ceremonies, our sun dances, our sweat lodges, our pipe ceremonies will continue and no matter what any government or what the RCMP may try to say or do, those ways are going to continue.” […]
Indigenous Services Canada did not respond to a request for comment.

Related: The Liberal government has created entirely new divisions within the Wet’suwet’en Nation in its effort to sign an agreement with the community, according to elected leaders of the First Nation and one hereditary chief who sees the deal as a power grab by a select few Indigenous leaders.

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    1. *
      big chief cultural appropriation

      Stay off our lands unless you are invited,” said Chief Bobby Cameron
      of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations.

      when is this “robert cameron” dude gonna give back his stolen
      scottish name?


  1. “The Liberal government has created entirely new divisions within the Wet’suwet’en Nation”

    Of course, that’s what the left does, divide and conquer through identity politics. Loot the people while they bicker among themselves and load the voting stations to do it all over again with LIV. Rinse & repeat.

  2. Well just let them have their ceremonies, perhaps they will discover the cure for COVID is the combination smoke inhalation, sun, sweatiness, chanting and dancing. Or maybe they will die in droves.

  3. Re the Wetsuwetan. Trudeau wants to stop the LNG project. It’s entirely in BC, so this is the only way he could do it.

  4. “This is Indian land. Stay off our lands unless you are invited,” said Chief Bobby Cameron

    ‘Cameron Origin and Meaning
    The name Cameron is a boy’s name of Scottish origin meaning “crooked nose”. Cameron is a popular Scottish name, for both boys and now girls (thanks to Cameron Diaz).’

  5. Well! the Indian Witch Doctors are just as qualified as the sad sacks we call scientists….

    The Sioux in SD have protected their reserve people better than CA, NY

    1. the Indian Witch Doctors are just as qualified as the sad sacks we call scientists….

      Don’t forget that they U. N. would regard them as equals. After all, every project, every undertaking is expected to include consideration of traditional aboriginal knowledge. Dear Leader Prinz Dummkopf the Supremely Magnificent (Long May His Wisdom Shine Throughout The Ages), of course, is only too willing to comply.

  6. Good.Let them ALL gather.Maybe we will finally get rid of them.See covid DOES have a silver lining.

  7. ‘no matter what any government or what the RCMP may try to say or do’

    AND they have the AR-15s to back that statement up.

    1. Maybe someone should tell the RCs that they aren’t indians but in fact are white, straight, male, conservatives who think liberalism is a disease. That should get those guns taken real fast, well, at least until the RCs show up to try. Then it’s time to break out the popcorn.

    2. An AR-15 is no match for an AK-47 … The NATO nonsense will bit your butt… The Indians can’t hit a barn door, never could….. The .223 is a 22 hornet used for small game, hollow point will blow out organs

      1. AK 47. A serious bit of kit. 7.62 x 39 I believe..? (.310 – .312)
        Now an AR retrofitted for said above cartridge using an AK magazine is a whole other ballgame…they are available.

        Best of both worlds…Great Rifle – good cartridge and plenty of Cheap ammo world wide.

        Now if only Alberta-Sask would consider joining the US……

        1. The Russian SKS uses the same ammo and is a thousand dollars cheaper Than most AR platforms and so far, non-restricted. The SKS was the predecessor to the Ak-47
          Worst part of that cartridge is that the primers are corrosive, have to keep up with the cleaning.. There is non corrosive ammo in that cartridge size, but it is way more expensive than the surplus, corrosive kind.
          There are other rifles chambered for it as well, The Ruger Mini-30 (alternate chambering to the Mini-14, which are both on the prohibited list now.
          In Vietnam, the US soldiers were using the new .223 caliber round in their new service Rifles, where the other side were using the SKS. one complaint was, the .223 would not go through larger trees, whereas the 7.62×39 would.
          The Indians are claimed to have military pieces, including actual machine guns, definitely “assault grade”. Bad aim would actually be worse in that instance, high probability of collateral damage, with that many bullets flying everywhere, yikes!

      2. Trudeau says that Indians are better than Black and Asian people because he wants to take those same guns away from Blacks & Asians but let the Aboriginals have them.

        Guess that’s also why he publicly ridicules of them with Blackface and Aladdin costumes.

  8. Another life imitates art moment –
    The hereditary chiefs and the Liberals are like a theme from the ’88 Movie Funny Farm.
    – In the latter, a big city sports writer moves to the “seemingly charming town of Redbud” where “quirks arise such as being given exorbitant funeral bills for a long-dead man buried on their land years before they acquired the house”.
    – In the former, five indigenous guys are sitting at a bar drinking government-issue beer thinking how they could get more money from the same source. One guy suggests they blockade the large project that would employ half their neighbours and then team up with tree huggers to proclaim the government is racist by dealing with elected chiefs, since that system was imposed on them by the whiteys. Hilarity follows when the entire country is shut down and the confused virtue signalling government falls for this ridiculous scam. NOTE: Too far fetched, it would never become a movie.

  9. Churches have to stay closed, but taxpayer funded Indians can chant to the sacred tree frog. I’m sure there will be calls for a ten year, sixty million dollar inquiry follow by a tearful apology from Big Chief Gay Eagle With No Balls along with a big cheque.

  10. Stay off our lands unless you are invited…

    … or you’re buying smokes or dropping off the gov’t cheque.

    Public-health orders do not supersede First Nations law and treaties…

    Then why do they still have to boil their water?

  11. Ontario John ….not only Churches staying closed but native Indians can have their swear lodges etc… here in Kenney-land – the Mosques are allowed their 5 prayers a day during Ramadan – and no doubt every other day.
    Shows who is running the country,

    1. Yes, our little ad-hoc mosque in a city just north of Calgary was able to hold its prayer times, while the other denominational churches were all closed. It’s ok, we are getting our own new real mosque here, soon, with mineretes and a dome and everything! Church bells have long been silent, I wonder if the new mosque will blare the call to prayer? Time to bring the church bells back then, fair’s fair, after all! Oh, the best part, it’s being built on the town’s first mayor’s house and land..

  12. If it’s not Canadian land subject to the same laws, perhaps it’s time to set up borders and refuse entry to people without passports. Revoke their Canadian passports (they are, apparently, property of the government of Canada), and eliminate dual citizenship for everyone. I’m a bit tired of all this “best of both worlds” shit.

  13. Excuse me, not so fast. Dual citizenship is sometimes appropriate and needed. My daughter was born in Manhattan, N.Y. when my 3rd generation Canadian husband was posted as a Canadian diplomat to the Consulate General in N. Y. I am a 7th generation Canadian. It was American law of the day that created her American citizenship status. Of course, I very quickly obtained a Canadian certificate of birth abroad for my Canadian baby and we were posted back to Ottawa when she was 6 weeks old.

    As it has turned out, when my baby grew up, she chose a profession that included significant international travel, and currently lives in the USA. She is no citizen of convenience, whatsoever. She was brought up in Japan (5 years) and mostly In Canada, so is very Canadian in her values and identity, including being a huge Canucks fan who packs a large flag and sends me pictures of her friends posing with it from all sorts of countries.

    So stop the cheerleading for cancelling ALL dual citizenship. I understand And agree that We have big problems of dual citizenship, but there are nuance situations like ours. Sometimes, it is the other country that grants citizenship. I was unhappy at the time, but it has worked out well for my daughter. Had we been posted to the Embassy in Washington, she would not have American citizenship.

    1. Canada’s citizenship laws specifically forbid birthright citizenship to children of diplomats: their post location isn’t relevant, as far as I remember from the last time I read up on it. That other countries wouldn’t also do this–especially the US–is mystifying. Your daughter had Canadian citizenship at birth, regardless of where it would have happened, due to both parents being Canadian. Nothing prevented you from renouncing her US citizenship almost immediately.

      “Nuance”, as you call it, is a huge part of why we’re in some of the fixes we’re in. Dual citizenship is citizenship of convenience, almost by definition. Even though my wife is a non-citizen immigrant, I have no wish to remain squishy on this issue.

      Even though we may disagree on this issue, I agree with your comment below.

      1. The normal situation used to be that a minor could have multiple citizenships but an adult had to make a choice. To get Canadian citizenship one had to renounce foreign citizenship.

        One stupidity of American law was that Americans were considered to have renounced their citizenship when they took Canadian citizenship. At some point the Americans started allowing dual citizenship. A million or more Canadians were retroactively remade American citizens without their knowledge. Almost all of these are now criminals for failure to file American tax returns over a lifetime. The US shows absolutely no interest in fixing this problem.

  14. I guess the B.C. chiefs have forgotten what smallpox did to their people. B.C. Indian tribes, with no treaties, can go ahead and have parties, I guess, but then they will demand modern care that they did not develop. The Indian tribes did not build modern society; our esteemed pioneers did. Clearly, many of these bands have trouble even choosing a spokesperson.

    Trudeau does not have a clue and has mis-managed the reconciliation file from the get-go. Did anyone read the 92 recommendations? It read like an NDP manifesto.

    By the way, settlers is not a good word for pioneers, which my families were. Pioneers in Ontario, then Alberta and Saskatchewan.

    Some very brave Leader, none on the horizon, has to cancel the Indian Act and cancel all of Britain’s promises to the tribes. It has nothing to do with respect; it is now about fairness and good governance and wasted money.

  15. Trudeau does not have a clue and has mis-managed the reconciliation file from the get go!
    Um’ sorry L, I felt the need to issue a correction on that comment!
    Trudeau has mismanaged the whole damn country from the get go, yet has somehow been able to fudge things enough that half the country (the stupid half) still voted for him and his lackies! If anyone can explain with a straight face, how a drama que, er, Kindergarten drama teacher, (part time) has the experience to lead a political party, let alone a country, I am willing to at least try and hear it with a straight face as well. No guarantee I will not throw up though uhgg!

  16. Past time we blockaded any and all reserves. No one allowed on or off. They want to be separate. Time to choose. You are either Canadian and given all the rights and responsibilities as Canadians or you are not and we will set up border controls and decide who we let in. We won’t bother you any more and you can live however you want without the evil white man’s civilizations. Good luck.

  17. They want to be separate and distinct thats fine with me,but then start spending your own money to assert those values. I n other words you have zero right to self determination unless you can support yourselves and pay your own way without slurping on the teat of the Canadian taxpayer. You listening Quebec?