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In response to this posting, SDA regular John Robertson offered this astute comment:

If the tax paying citizens are paying attention, the days of big government are numbered.
Our high priced help turned out to be easily panicked, clueless and unprepared at the most basic levels, PPE and hospital beds.
The advice to the public, when you follow the time line, is idiotic and contradictory.
The shutdown was chaotic with no plan for returning to work.
The conditions for return keep changing.
And government and their minions never missed a meal nor a paycheck, while insisting those they feast upon stay imprisoned in their own homes, on pain of loss of even more wealth or freedom.
The daily dump of more imaginary monetary help for accredited Liberal friends is crazy.
There is no plan, no accounting and no clue as to how these funds will be repaid.
And there is no way in hell government will refuse to take taxes from those who did not accept their “help”.
So what good did our high priced help provide us when the hint of a real pandemic came along?
We are about to pay a very high price for next to no service. In fact, we are being forced to pay for people who encouraged panic and idiocy instead of logic and reason.
And the pleasure with which our fools and bandits seized upon the “power of an emergency” to display their chops as miny tyrants should not have gone unnoticed.
If we recover.
But why should I help?
The rate of theft is guaranteed to become ever more.
To pay for those clearly identified as useless and clueless, as well as being hostile and dangerous to all productive activity.

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  1. Most of that comment is correct…except the part about big government’s days being numbered.
    It’s going to get much much worse.

    1. Completely agree. With the mainstream media as its de facto propaganda arm, Big Government in Canada cannot be challenged and will continue until international lenders say “no more”. Unfortunately, that will be years from now, and even then, Big Government in Canada will likely be too powerful to completely overthrow. If you have liquid financial assets, convert them to physical assets (land, buildings, gold) because the Canadian dollar will continue to plunge against the U.S. dollar. Spend your Canadian dollars on things you enjoy because, with the exception of government employees, the future in the near term is grim, and those dollars will be rapidly declining in their purchasing power.

    2. Jeff, … That is the comment I was about to make. You got here first and you are oh-so correct.

  2. If you have any assets, savings, RRSPs, or private pensions, you can bet that big government’s days are NOT numbered. Either through increased taxes, confiscation or inflation, you WILL be paying for this.

    Even when the country is mired in stagnation the masses will be begging for big government to fix the mess, not caring a wit who or what caused it in the first place. Big government will be with us for a long time; the only change might be the person at the top of it.

    1. Within two or three years the amoral statist spendthrift money guzzlers will go after the principal residence.
      Anybody who has a home with a suite is now in danger. If they get away with that, they’ll come for the rest of us.
      New home builds with suites are ticking tax time bombs and statists prepare to tell us tax gouging is “perfectly normal.”
      Only greedy people make sacrifices to own a home, especially those with the temerity to own rental properties.
      We must remember, rules are rules – for us, not them. We tighten our belts while they bail us out with our own money.
      That is inevitable with this government that drained the rainy day coffers long ago, now sporting a $300 billion deficit.


  3. ‘Quarantine’ is the isolation of contagious sick people.
    The quarantine that we are currently experiencing is the isolation of healthy people or ‘house arrest.’
    Our government has become a tyranny. Period.
    Irrational fear does not trump my freedom. Period.
    Now try and convince the tyrants. They won’t listen to reason or logic or facts.
    So I think we have to do something else . . .

  4. “Our high priced help turned out to be easily panicked, clueless and unprepared at the most basic levels”

    Not true. The Experts gave good advice and gave it years ago. Bush to his limited credit came up with a serious pandemic strategy. It was the politicians who failed us.

    No, the era of big government is not ending. The credibility of the main forces mendaciously pretending to advocate for smaller government is ending. This is their Chernobyl.

    1. “The credibility of the main forces mendaciously pretending to advocate for smaller government is ending. This is their Chernobyl.”
      Suggesting the death of faux conservativism while praising Bush in the same breath.
      Ignorantiae specie demonstradum.

    2. Well no; the plan was made years ago, in Canada too. How realistic is another matter; that the government ignored them and was incompetent and panicked is not.

  5. Excellent commentary. At some point reason and logic have to carry the day. It does seem we are now on a course that will make government once and for all acknowledge where money comes from.

  6. BIg government will increase.

    this generation is weak and looking for someone to be in charge/responsible instead of them.

    We know from the Bible a certain leader will come forth and lots will follow him, and take his mark.

    it’s all working out.

  7. Democracy?
    The measure of a civilized society is not how many people vote.
    The measure of a civilized society is whether they pay their taxes voluntarily.

  8. This has been a dry run by the Nazis in the clown suits. They wanted to see how far they can push the sheep, and to their surprise they were able to accomplish far more than they ever dreamed of. The Globull warming didn’t provide the solution that they wanted so now they have settled on the ultimate fear. “We’re all doomed, doomed I tell ya, DOOMED!” Like the sheep we are, we all buckled down as instructed and now the die has been cast. This government has blown the national budget for the next century and the sheep all lined up for their free handouts without a thought to what they were getting into. You think the latest gun grab was an outcome of the Nova Scotia shooting, well take a look around at how your lifestyle is being contorted and orchestrated at the whim of morons and you have no way to take back the freedoms that you have sacrificed. The gun grab was an opportune by-product of the pandemic response. It is now too late by half to get back the country that the past generations struggled and sacrificed for. Good bye Canada!

    1. Antenor, I said way back when this shit show started, the commies have their model. And here we are, a nation cowering in our own homes. Well not me, I’v been out and about every damn day, and doing as I always have. Butt poor fools like unColon , who thought that the death rate was R~4, cowering in the corner, afraid of an unseen flue, that most are not likely to catch, unless you live in a large town or city. I think we may have more deaths due to the regular flue than to SARS-nCov-2

    2. Let this be a reminder that every so often ‘the people’ must put on their pants and go fight for lost freedoms. The tyrants never quit, but we do … when we think it’s all okay like it was after the 2nd WW.

      Like I said, evil never rests …. I don’t know if a revolt can be successful at this point in our technological history. You can’t hide anymore. It could get very ugly in the near future.

      “Never give up your guns” – Aristotle.

    3. Started already. Reports that RCMP are stopping traffic on the highway to Tofino, BC via roadblock to ask if the travel is essential and asking they turn around if not. The only thing missing is making you turn around, may not be far off! National police force equals Stassi, Gestapo, etc. there is no sugar coating that. To hell with new normal, the old normal was just fine, we just need patience to get back to that, not social engineering.

  9. Well this is why the PPC came into existence, because it was becoming clear that the CPC was only a slightly less dangerous form of the same problem. Yet even in this community, a majority it seems would prefer to stay with Liberal-lite which doesn’t change much and guarantees periodic returns to Liberal-strong or if people really go nuts, the NDP, the Greens, globalist socialists with even less patience than the Liberals.

    So think about it and support the PPC as a real alternative, or work to ensure that the next CPC leader has a similar outlook which would probably open the door to reunification. I could live with a merger if there isn’t another process where it seems like the reform minded side had the upper hand then hey presto what do you know the red Tories were back with their globalism for businessmen and tight surveillance for the great unwashed to make sure they were taking their kool-aid.

    1. Peter, the mistake CPC made is they left scheep at the helm, while having another leadershit ho-down! scheep should have been replaced with an interim le4ader. scheep is a useless tit , and not a leader. I like Pulivier .

    2. “…then hey presto what do you know the red Tories were back with their globalism…”

      And so it will always be. Almost the entire Tory apparatus, from local riding associations right up to the top, is infested with pink. A true conservative has zero chance of getting to the top in that flock of shaking sheep; and besides, a true conservative would have nothing to do with them in the first place.

      1. I had the “pleasure” of being on a video meeting yesterday, with MPs from four parties, doing a Q&A with industry reps.
        There were 3 PCs, one of them Michele Rempel. She came across as a hard core lefty, anti-business harpy bitch. The other 2 PCs were less confrontational, but still the worst of the whole bunch.
        The only one that had common sense was the NDP rep, he was level headed. The bimbo of the group was Liberal Lambropolous from Montreal. Anyways, it was Bizarroland

        The CPC of today are truly Libservatives, Libs in blue suits. Lost my vote for good. Not that it matters much in Victoria, this is Commie Greentard land forever.

        This country is cooked, it’s just a matter of time for the crash.

      2. Jamie, further to …. Real conservatives avoid government work or political careers because they cannot stand life in a puke-hole with liberals all around stinking the joint up.

        The left flocks to government work … as teachers, bureaucratic work, even the military to a degree, they also flock to media where the can joint with liberal governments, they love the arts, theater … they pretty much seek out careers that offer little responsibility, good pay and bennies for very little work. They hide in collectives/unions so they don’t have to account for themselves.

        The bottom end of liberals are the street people and drug addicts you see walking around more and more. Conservative tend to avoid homelessness by working hard and preparing for what comes next.

        In short, Liberals are the scum of the earth and they want to run your life in detail.

  10. I think there’s a good possibility cerb will be permanent. So many people can’t even comprehend where products they buy come from. The talk about killing grandma by opening the economy up is proof of that. There’s no choice if we want to survive, we need to open up.

  11. Because of Ronald Reagan and Deng Xiaoping, billions of ordinary people live better.
    You people forget this.

    1. Like every one else right now I tend to focus on the device inches in front of my face. The mask makes it feel like millimeters. (Sorry I’m the generation that does Imperial and metric).

      Thanks for this comment, it brings me back to my November thinking. Life expectancy is up , standards of living improve, fewer people are in poverty and fewer are starving. On the whole the world improves.

      The real problem may be people trying to fix that which isn’t broken. The constant bombardment from the virtue and / or climate brigade to the exclusion of all else.

      That and tyrants and an undercooked batpangolinbioweapon.

  12. Just watched the link of Dolores Cahill interview with Dave Cullen on a previous topic here and it only reinforces what I had mentioned previously. The interview is long but well worth the time to watch it in its entirety. We are being railroaded by the morons that want absolute control of our lives, far more than what Hitler and Goebbels ever imagined.

  13. Good post, John Robertson.
    BIG Government– Big Pharma … yes they won’t quit with their Globalist Agenda. They want to get rich. Their own people are starting to turn against them. Bit by bit.

    This vaccine is a sham.

    I never thought I hear a traditional Democrat, a Kennedy, no less, go against Big Pharma but hear him out:

    Watch “”This Will Affect Everyone” – Robert Kennedy Jr.” on YouTube

  14. John Roberton’s comment is on target. If you look at Greece and Italy these days, that’s exactly what you see. Barter, under the table deals, everything done off the books.

    Because that’s the only way anything at all can get done. Go try and do it the official way, and it doesn’t happen. That reality stretches from getting your house painted to constructing a highway. Off the books or forget it.

  15. I live in Chicago. The consequences of this are far from over. I look out my window at our beautiful skyline–essentially a very costly sculpture park. Who is going to return to those buildings when permitted? Some will, many won’t. Real estate is going to crash.

    It is clear that our business leadership has no purchase at all with the governor and the mayor. Businesses are a herd of cows which must be milked. They should wait quietly to be sucked dry.

    The mayor is an inexperienced former prosecutor who appears to be mostly concerned that the microbe is racist. She can’t concede that life choices could have some impact in an epidemic–obesity, diabetes, hypertension and this bug should be distributed through society and among races in exactly equal proportions, right? This damn bug is racist! Look at all these old black folks dying! And keep them indoors. That lake front and those parks must be closed! No sunshine or fresh air! No gathering in groups! From groups come ideas, and we don’t want that.

    The governor, an inexperienced man who inherited $1.8 billion from family trusts and thought he was a business genius without ever having a business success, has done little other than arbitrarily freeze at home the populace and assure that government workers are paid in full while the state hemorrhages money–no layoffs, no hiring, salary, or pension freezes. Oh yes, and he bleats daily that Bad Orange Man isn’t fixing everything.

    We have four big teaching hospital systems here: University of Chicago, Northwestern Memorial, University/Rush Presbyterian, and Loyola—all are in financial ruins because of botched government policies and fearful patients.

    No, this is a long way from over. Who would move here or stay here when these chickens come home to roost? Time to light out for the Territory.

  16. Flattery will get you everything.
    “IF” is a mighty small word with large implications.
    I feel like I am tracing the shadows and missing the monster.
    Our government ,in person and on paper,has declared war.
    On us.
    The Ideology of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, focuses on destroying Civil Society and Democratic Institutions.
    Bureaucratic evidence manufacturing to promote existing policy is fraud.
    Paying the press to write supportive articles is propaganda.

    The use of artificially created emergencies to rob and control the masses,is betrayal of trust and every damn oath of service ever sworn.

    Then there is the use of undefined terms in making laws,this is a very pernicious cruelty ,that reeks of lawyers,failed lawyers.
    For by not defining a term,all can be found in violation.
    Federal regulations are full of such “laws”.
    The term “Assault Style Weapons” one of the most recent.
    Or assault style firearms,I forget which, is in the Order in council.

    Currently we are heading for tribalism and civil war.
    Any student of human nature can follow the cycles and trends.

    Reform thought we could correct our course,as no fat,content conservative wants to go through the horror of civil collapse and armed strife .Reform taught us all.
    I would break the cycles if I could.
    But how?

    Is the country too big?
    Too many people?
    How does the taxpayer hold the spenders of taxes accountable?
    How do we stop the stealing?

    A new country has many attractions,as it forces citizens to chose and allows the most grasping the option to move out.
    It is however a surrender,the acknowledgement that we cannot “save” Canada.
    From ourselves.
    Making governance a national service,might improve the quality of “Leader”.Selection by random draft as Jury duty.
    As the first rule applies;”Those who truly want the job are hopelessly unfit for it”.
    Followed by “Nobody in their right mind wants to participate in the current circus of sloth and slander.”
    Relevance of authority would help.We live in a top down structure dating from feudal Kings,its natural tendency is to devolve into Master and Slave.
    Can we invert it?
    I like the 10% rule.
    As in government theft,shall never exceed 10% of an individuals gross income.
    And that taxes and all “govt services” must be local.

    But we seem to lack the basic understandings needed to discuss how we are governed.
    What purpose does government serve?
    Who does it “serve”?

    We have technologies our grandparents only dreamed of,we wallow in wealth,we can communicate near instantaneously ,translate between languages and check our assumptions in every way,yet we totter on the edge of insolvency,civil collapse and madness.
    Power is a drug.
    That seems true.
    So how do you keep the druggies from powering their way through your life?
    A personal responsibility,what will it take to allow free speech and hold people responsible for their malice and slander?
    Because we cannot intellectually communicate without freedom to speak,yet low creatures use that same “freedom” of lie cheat and destroy.
    Do we bring back duelling?
    We live in interesting times.
    I say government has formally made declaration of war on the taxed.
    Theft and enslavement is the current mode of governing.
    Personal taxation for the “average” worker is at half your income,just cunningly disguised through 3 levels of helpers and endless regulations.
    The country is broke and over extended in future fiscal promises.
    The taxed are the only source of “Government income”.
    IF Canadians can see this,then the current bloated government is done for.
    IF Canadians cannot see this the current bloated government is still done for.
    The only difference is in how it stops.

    1. Good one …. so true.

      We are in interesting and scary times.

      I believe there will be war … revolt … civil war whatever. But clearly we are not going to settle our problems by talking or by whining. The time for talking is pretty much over since the left quit listening to anything but themselves.

      Most of the big issue in history were settled with a ton of blood.