24 Replies to “Something Very, Very Wrong is Going On”

  1. Flynn Judge asks John Gleeson to ague why Flynn should not be set free
    “former Gotti prosecutor and judge, John Gleeson,”

    Is this the same NY judge that denied Gotti his Normal winning Lawyer… He had won >3 acquittals’ for Gotti and was incredibly smarter & quick witted… The Feds were mere sled dogs

    Nothing like a cheater Judge when you don’t have a solid case

  2. There’s been zero cases on southern Vancouver Island since April. Zero. That’s after BC opened the flood gates on testing too. In fact they’ve scrounged the bottom of the barrel looking for victims in every heroin den in the province and came up with 16 yesterday and 15 today. This thing is over.

    1. Despite that, pseudo-Premier Bonnie Henry is still telling everyone to stay away, don’t travel, be AFRAID, VERY! AFRAID.
      As she collects a guaranteed pay cheque every two weeks.
      Oh, and the mayors up and down the Island telling everyone to stay away too, including the Greentard mayor of Tofino. They’re not done destroying businesses yet, these socialist dirtbags have a mission, and it’s not over.
      This has brought out the worst in the socialists, and their loyal acolytes, and they are so proud to display it.
      We have a nation of compliant sheep, quite willing to be chipped, to be monitored, to have their phones hacked and traced, and if need be, to march right into the ovens.

      We’re all in this together………Make Me HURL!

    2. I’m pretty sure sunlight and warmer temps are a help.. That stretch in BC in the past few weeks was comforting and probably therapeutic.

  3. If the tax paying citizens are paying attention,the days of big government are numbered.
    Our high priced help turned out to be easily panicked,clueless and unprepared at the most basic levels,PPE and hospital beds.
    The advice to the public,when you follow the time line,is idiotic and contradictory.
    The shutdown was chaotic with no plan for returning to work.
    The conditions for return keep changing.
    And government and their minions never missed a meal nor a paycheck,while insisting those they feast upon stay imprisoned in their own homes,on pain of loss of even more wealth or freedom.
    The daily dump of more imaginary monetary help,for accredited Liberal friends,is crazy.
    There is no plan,no accounting and no clue as to how will these funds be repaid.
    And there is no way in hell,government will refuse to take taxes from those who did not accept their “help”.
    So what good did our high priced help provide us,when the hint of a real pandemic came along?
    We are about to pay a very high price for next to no service.In fact we are being forced to pay for people who encouraged panic and idiocy instead of logic and reason.
    And the pleasure with which our fools and bandits seized upon the “power of an emergency”
    to display their chops as minnie tyrants should not have gone unnoticed.
    If we recover.
    But why should I help?
    The rate of theft is guaranteed to become ever more..
    To pay for those clearly identified as useless and clueless,as well as being hostile and dangerous to all productive activity.

  4. I think there’s an element of not wanting to admit error — the return to normal will be delayed and watered down at every stage to make it appear as though we are taking tremendous risks and any sort of minor resurgence will be presented as a huge roadblock — then one day we will be close enough to a full normalization that they can let it go, and hope people turn the page, which they probably will because at that point everyone will have had enough of this, and will be looking for a change of scenery altogether.

    Part of what we’re seeing is the revelation ( to some people, this was already known to others ) that the people who are fortunate enough to live in tourist destination areas really would prefer to have the places to themselves and not to share them with hundreds or thousands of visitors — their local businesses may not share that sentiment because they need the tourists to survive. But apparently a lot of people didn’t realize that they weren’t all that welcome in paradise. It’s much the same as the anti-immigrant sentiment on a more local basis.

    1. This will be over by August at the latest. Screen cap this. Once more and more opens up and disaster fails to materialize even the most ardent believers will doubt. I used to think this would be a very bad situation btw. Thankfully it turned out ok.

      1. It is a very bad situation, and it’s going to turn out much worse. (I’m not talking about the disease.)

    2. They don’t want to admit an error due to liability.
      Small business don’t need loans, they need damages.
      Compensation for the error and nothing less.
      They are all lying through their teeth.

  5. Yes, it is time to open businesses. The governments at all levels have enough rules to allow this to happen. If and when I get home to Vancouver, as I am stuck in Eastern California due to now five flight cancellations, I hope Bonny Henry will have opened pet grooming, and nail and hair salons.

    Of course, when the government gives free money, no one complains. All civil servants at all levels are on full pay. Perhaps a few are doing a bit of work, writing e-mails, but not most. Apparently, most of them are not needed. Please tell me how a receptionist can work from home!

    Grooming services are actually essential services after a while, not government staff. Need some clothes too, and mail order does not work for all items, if one has any sense of correct fit.

    I will not miss the cancelled big and noisy fake get togethers in urban Vancouver with the food trucks and bad music, so that is a bonus.

    Yes and open the patios too. I am an old white girl, so may not go, but others should. I will be giving my grandchildren big hugs after my required travel confinement.

    1. We were calling around trying to get our dog her spring sheering just as everything was shutting down. We were contemplating doing it ourselves, but we will hold off now. One way or another she needs a haircut.

    1. The main point comes, after listing her qualifications, at 11:30 or so – lifetime immunity if one survives exposure, 10 days to build immunity, locking a country down (in this case, Ireland) was completely pointless, indeed, dangerous, stay home if you have symptoms and isolate people who have compromised immune systems or are elderly. Later in the video, she talks about hydroxychloroquine as an inexpensive treatment (used in China and India, for example), and boosting the immune system with Vitamins C, D and zinc (sorry, don’t have a time reference).

      We need to push back on our politicians – I sent this link to Doug Ford. Whether he looks at it or not (probably not) and whether policy changes will tell us a lot about our leaders.

      1. I think politicians (mostly right of centre) were railroaded into this lock down by bureaucracies telling the they will have 100’s of thousands of deaths on their hands, in the case of Trump 2.2 million, if they did not comply with WHO orders. These god damn bureaucrats are colluding around the world in lock step with the commies at the UN (I say term limits for them too, but that’s another story). And China is running the WHO.
        Of course little tyrants like sock puppet welcomed this. Look at Dem run states in the US vs Republican.
        Now the railroaded politicians are being fed more BS not to open up because of a second wave, kids getting some silly infection that maybe 1 kid out of a billion got. They should get the protocols in place to protect the vulnerable and open everything up ASAP.
        This is a bad flu. H1N1 was much worse.

        This was a massive planned attack on our civil liberties and their needs to be push back. This is why all the weak leadership was installed in many countries starting with Canada, France, NZ, May in Britian. All compliant nobodies.

        We don’t have a public health emergency.
        This link refers to America but is just as applicable here:

  6. The essence of government is to be relevant. If you are not relevant then your practical need for being comes into question. Departmental budgets are never reduced but always creep higher. Even without C-19 the government % of GDP was creeping higher. My sister-in-law who is a manager in the federal government absolutely hated Harper. Why?
    Because her 32 person department was working in a building that was environmentally unsafe. Poor air circulation. IMHO the actual reason was that the Harper government was busy rationalizing functions to save money. Harper was a threat.

    Politicians of all ilk are rarely in the vocation for the betterment of their constituents. Faced with possible job termination every 4 years or so promotes a mind set that is all about self preservation and a willingness to appear relevant. That doesn’t happen when you tell people that their pet project is not affordable or have to wait. There was a time when people of accomplishment felt an obligation to give back to their country that had made their ambitions achievable. Today we have professional politicians who’s career path had always been elected office. People of very limited capabilities but who have a 24/7 ambition for elected office or government employment can be successful. The proof is in the pudding. Look at the overall quality of people in public service. I daresay most wouldn’t be able to run a lemonade stand.

    1. That’s why we need term limits for politicians and public service workers.
      For politicians, one 4 to 5 year term $500K per year no pensions. this will encourage good people to take a sabbatical to serve.
      For public service, get rid of the unions. Management must also be held accountable and liable personally and sign a pledge of allegiance/ethics yearly. Too many are colluding with the UN and other countries. Climate change is at the bottom of priorities when the public is asked, but it is shoved down our throats daily by a global cabal taking in billions from it all pushed by the public sector into media and schools.
      The public need to take back their county, but will they give up the check?
      Have enough been bought off?

  7. The Experts call themselves Scientists, but Science does not depend on “More likely than Not”…. that is a 51% probability… Every time a shyster uses the term Could, May, Can, you know the opposite is also true. The real Scientist postulates a “Shall” theory that is falsifiable…. What we have are Witch doctors that are cockroaches feeding fear & collecting six Figures for NEVER becoming successful & obsoleting their Jobs…

    The Average Bag Lady knows more Science than Fauci & that Group of fakes….The Testimony in the House by “NOT a Whistle blower”, but individual had the usual , Could, May, Can, bull shit deniability… Worthless whore


    1. Fauci? I’d forgotten who he was. Now I remember again.

      Back in the ’80s he was in cahoots with Robert Gallo, another faker, and the two of them took Luc Montagnier’s HIV research and ran to the media with it, making it look like they’d discovered it. He’s definitely a sleazeball and not to be trusted one iota.

  8. I told you so back in February that this thing was a scam. Just a bad flu. Protect the elderly get heathy and take vitamin d. That’s all you need to do.

    Can’t believe Kate got suckered into this.