99 Replies to ““You don’t need an AR-15 to bring down a deer,” said Trudeau.”

  1. Hmm. Gun laws don’t apply to natives.
    Helmet laws don’t apply to turban wearers.
    Whites are racist.

    1. Yup. Logic like what you’re showing is also racist. And if you think that that is wrong, then you’re racist.

      Isn’t this fun? (/puke)

    2. “Whites ARE racist” and hyper-gender equalized.
      How do you think Dr. Tam is able to keep her job for so long with so much incompetence……

    3. You may not be racist, but if you are Canadian, you are definitely a Coward.
      With a capital C.
      And let’s face it, not too bright.

      Liberals(the political party of your Owners) do what they do because they can.

      The last 52 years has clearly shown them that the current iteration of Canadians is easily fooled, easily lied to, easily led and most important of all, will accept pretty much any outrage with nothing but a whine and a whimper!

      Why do Canadians HATE their children and grandchildren so much that they are paralyzed to come out of their Gaddafi hole?
      The Coward Generation,eh?

    4. I wonder what the ‘reasoning’ is behind the decision to give the Indians a pass.

  2. Good idea, I can identify as a native! Minimum 2nd generation. If they want to bring race into it I could be in trouble, though.

    1. GW, that sir is fact not fiction. Those who think otherwise are not thinking.

  3. Peeairs country is off the rails… time for a new one… let the revolution begin… #wexit

  4. Just a short course on the US 2nd Amendment.
    Its not about deer. It is about state power. Weapons are to be in the hands of the citizens to kill all domestic enemies, and preserve God, diety, natural rights.

  5. Rod Giltica from the CCFR clarifies Canadian firearms owners perspective countering Turdoughs and Bumbling Bill Blairs comments from today.
    He should also say
    “Assault rifles” is a Nazi term designed to create irrational fear. Hows that phrase working out for everyone so far…..

    And here is the elephant in the room. There are several actual military weapons that were not on todays list……

    1. Perhaps someone who is shut-in and has some free time ( I am neither) can research actual Military weapons on the banned list [ Other than the grenade and rocket launchers (because that is silly / STOOPID banning something who’s projectiles are already banned and should instead be classed as museum pieces) ]
      This whole thing is getting dumber by the minute but then look at the village idiot in charge of the country.

      1. This whole fixation with military weapons is designed to confound the discussion. My .308 bolt action Remington 700 is a basis for US military M24 and M40 sniper riffles. It even fires the same ammo. Thankfully because it is bolt action it is not “assault style” (whatever that means). There are some long range snipers on that list that probably used by some snipers somewhere be it police or military.

        Now going through the document SiG-550 and -551. Full auto versions are used by some military and police forces around the planet. The versions legal in Canada were semi auto made for civilian market, those are boutique expensive beautiful riffles.

        AR-10, -15, M16, M4. Well M16 and M4 are US military designation of fully automatic riffles not civilian riffles these were never legal for civilians in Canada. Semi auto ARs were legal. Those are moderately expensive and very popular in Canada. Certainly the most popular riffle in US.

        Ruger Mini -14, select fire again were legal in Canada. some police forces use semi auto riffles and some use full auto, the only military that ever adopted these is IIRC Bermuda. Moderately popular in Canada. This is the riffle used by Marc Lépine.

        M14, yes the civilian owned riffles are very similar to military riffles, that is because the military riffles were also semi auto. US military used them briefly, decades ago before adopting the M16. There is also a semi auto sniper riffle based on M14 it is called M21. Chicom knock offs of this gun made by NORINCO in a couple of calibers were sold in large numbers. Inexpensive and very common. IIRC Justin Bourque used one.

        VZ58, another popular inexpensive semi auto version of Czechoslovakian full auto riffle originally from 1960s. Looks somewhat like AK therefore it is double scary.

        RobArm XCR and expensive boutique riffle sold exclusively to civilians, no military evry bought it, possible some police use.

        CZ Scorpion EVO a rare boutique semi auto only version of a rare submachine gun, this thing fires pistol ammunition.

        Beretta CX4 Storm, carbine made exclusively for civilian market, uses pistol ammo and magazines, expensive and rare.

        SiG MCX, like CZ EVO but more expensive and less common.

        Then list artillery pieces like mortars, rocket launcher etc. Why? So Karens can shiver in terror about their childrenes’ school getting mortarrrrrred like it was Sarajevo or Mogadishu????? None has these in Canada in civilian hands and they were never used in a crime. Ever.

        Finally they ban large caliber “sniper riffles” used by long range shooting enthusiasts with deep pockets. These are without exception multiple thousands dollars in price, weight a tonne, impossible to be fired accurately without a bipod, longer than a shooter and never used in a commission of a crime in Canada.

        So we have an arbitrary list (I will not be giving them ideas) of banned popular and boutique semi auto riffles and pistol caliber carbines. A list of artillery pieces (keeps scrathing head Argentine 120mm mortars, really? Is someone joking? Look this one up) often very exotic and a list of precision riffles never used in crime.

        1. Overall assessment: this is an extremely capricious incoherent (thankfully as it leaves a lot of doors open for the future) order that purposefully sticks a finger in the eye of gun enthusiasts. This and placating Karens is the only purpose of it. We know that this has nothing to do with crime, of course. But the arbitrary lazy sloppiness of it clearly demonstrates that they know it too. they’re not even trying hard (thankfully again). Honestly, it looks like they googled pictures of scary guns checked if sold in Canada and run with it. Then they added one or two used in past mass shooting and finally put in a long list of artillery pieces because why the fuck not? Bizarre, capricious, lazy, sloppiness. It is like Cohen brothers trying to film something written by Kafka.

          1. Seems you have the same philosophy as Maxime Bernier platform on gun ownership…

          2. That’s unimportant. What’s important is NOT your 700 Remmy but banning your AR-15 ‘cause it’s painted black, has that military-looking flash suppressor thingy and – horror of horrors! – that PISTOL GRIP.

            Oh yeah: and it uses those “clips” which all the bad guys talk about in the movies. And it’s not made out of wood like your bolt-action rifle but plastic, and MILITARY WEAPONS ARE ALSO MADE OF PLASTIC.

            So it’s clearly far more lethal and must be confiscated.

            Because “if it saves just ONE life…”

            Hope that clarifies. The Prime Minstrel certainly gets it.


          3. Ray the difference between my philosophy and that of your beloved Vichy Grand Maxipad is that I work to unseat Blackie not to keep him in power. Now kindly leave the conversation to adults.

          4. Mbb, my 700 has a muzzle break and cammo pattern synthetic stock (will probably not show up on airport scanners like Glocks ya know) so it is at least somewhat more deadly. On the positive side it does not have that “shoulder thing that goes up” so I think they will leave it alone.

        2. I see no difference between many pistol caliber carbines and the Beretta Storm.

          I’m really pissed that this is on the list: (z.158) Polish Grenade Launcher Wz74;

        3. Keep quiet about the “sniper rifle” thing. If you don’t the people who brought the “assault style rifle”- unless you’re an RCMP officer where the “assault style rifle” is referred to as a “patrol carbine” – ban will bring in a “sniper rifle” – any rifle that a scope can be mounted on – ban. I’m serious, they will do that, and that will be the logic.

          1. True, and who needs the musketeer guns? We’re not musketeers, are we? You want to be a musketeer you go to France…. maybe an exception for Quebec?

    2. “There are several actual military weapons that were not on todays list……”

      And I own a few of them. SSSHHH!

  6. AR15s are an ancient indian tradition. And the Liberals don’t want to upset the indians by hampering the prosperous illegal gun smuggling operations on reserves.

    1. So why is it if I use a canoe that is cultural appropriation and I can’t have an assault style weapon but indigenous people can use an assault style weapon and that is not a bad form of cultural appropriation? I suppose I am a racist for even asking that. BTW my indigenous daughter-in-law had previously accepted my Easter gift to her of assault rifles and associated paraphernalia. I don’t own any such things in the banned list.

  7. Canada needs to build a PM trap and put a trail of bait to it and move him far away from Canada.

    1. Just lay down a trail of maple syrup-anointed instructional sheets leading straight to George Soros’ áss; Zoolander will never be seen again.


    2. OWG: I like that thinking. Trudeau is racist as he is picking on the white guy hunters. Indigenous hunters kill more of thier own kind and keep looking for a Willie Pickton spending millions of taxpayers dollars doing it!!

  8. Well of course you don’t need an AR-15 to bring down a deer. That’s because, generally speaking, they lack the necessary lethality on large animals. You need an SR-762.

    AR-15s are what you need to bring down plague carrying prairie dogs for the public safety.

    1. You don’t need a grenade to kill a deer either, but Blackface awarded an Islamic Terrorist 10.8 million dollars for killing an wounding American soldiers with a grenade. Crazy yes?

  9. Blackface say’s that aboriginals need an AR-15 for deer. I guess he thinks they are not capable of hunting deer without an “Assault Rifle”.

    A little racist wouldn’t you say Blackie?

      1. Happyinfidel: Since Canadians don’t protest it would be nice if they sent their MP’s emails, twitter or a letter ect to show they are dissatisfied with what Blackie an his minions are doing don’t sit home and do nothing!!

  10. Well it looks like diversity, inclusion and equity will all take a hit.

    Yes indeed, sameness, exclusion and inequity will surely surge.

    We are all indigenous people now.

    1. No but you can identify as a 100% Aboriginal – Turdeau will even let you into future Aboriginal only bathrooms.

  11. Its all about property rights. If the State can arbitrarily seize your legally procured property then you have no freedom. From what I see, most Canadians are ok with that. You friggin deserve what you allowed to happen. Police state.

    1. Keep in mind…Trudeau’s (Liberal), power base is for the most part Ontario, the Perennially Unemployed in the Maritime’s and the 8 million ASSHOLES in Quebec…Along with all the Left Coast Eco-Morons in Vancouver.

      Alberta & Saskatchewan abhor the Liberals – Always have….Why, Cause we can see right through the Bastards. (Canadian Fly-over Country)

      Personally, I’d see that MoFo hanging from any available Lamppost in the country…

  12. Anything on that list currently used by police or the politicians security detail should be taken away.

    Question you will never hear asked of the sock monkey:

    “Why do you need an armed security detail?”
    “Why do you think your life is worth more than a single mom living in Paladeau, or Jane and Finch or east side Vancouver?”

  13. Q: When enough is enough for Canadians?
    A: Never. They will put up with anything.

    Maybe enough is enough? Maybe enough running and hiding?

    My guns killed fewer people than Trudoe’s anti-racism.

    1. That riddle is a keeper. Going to use that. Often. It’s depressingly altogether true.

      Thanks for posting!

      PS – your hair is killer

    2. Mr Chigurh, we have a job for you. Interested?
      Somebody needs to flip a coin…

  14. A C , I have been saying that for decades. No one listens and no one cares. The lack of intellect is the problem.

  15. The reason the We Were Here First peoples get to use them is because when they’re not hunting with them they’ll be buying and selling them.

    1. Castro’s kid is not going to disarm his “Brown-Shirts”, especially when he might need them to blockade something else down the tracks.

  16. You just cannot fix stupid.
    Also note that most Kanuckistanians living in the 416, 905, 519 and 514 area codes are beyond stupid.

  17. I suppose Trudeau doesn’t know it’s already illegal to hunt with an AR 15 because it’s restricted and too small a caliber.

    And if you can only govern a disarmed population you suck at governing.

    1. And if you can only govern a disarmed population you suck at governing

      Beautiful. That’s another keeper I’m borrowing. Thanks for sharing.


  18. You don’t need an AR-15 to bring down a deer.

    True. Humans were bringing down deer before AR-15s, or even firearms, existed.

    It’s also true, as far as I can tell, that you don’t need much of a cerebrum to be the prime minister of Canada. Speech centers and muscle control are all that’s necessary.

    1. Personally, I use a slingshot. Quiet. Accurate and gets the deer out of my yard, right now. Otherwise I just get more diseased fertilizer. They’re cooperative, too. Barely move when I step out, but one whack with the slingshot and they’re outta there. Not interested in eating them, full of bugs of one kind or another.
      As for the argument of AR15 vs a Lee Enfield as some kinda macho weaponry to wave around your subdivision, or the range, if you want to waste someone, a shot gun works best. !2 gauge, don’t need auto load. One shot at close range with something over 00, or a bear round. They are loud, so maybe just a 22 pistol should do and shots behind the left ear work best. Jason Big Ears or Wong Numbah can supply you with one.
      If you want to shoot guns of various calibre and speed, join the Reserves at a minimum. There’s no life like it. And after humping assorted weaponry, ammo and lunch around in the bush, or field at the double trot, the last thing you want to do is fire the damned thing, ’cause then you gotta clean it.
      As for Peking Buoy, remember he never finished school despite what you’ve heard, the LPOC are known crooks of one kind or other, with probable ties to criminal gangs of one kind or other. Latest are the Chicoms, who aren’t even liked by their own people. And remember, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, if you put your mind to it and you don’t need a gun to do it.

  19. The Indians are excluded as the government knows they’ll shoot back.

  20. Turdo’s just the puppet.
    He doesn’t have the intellect to be dangerous.
    Every morning he asks….”what do you want me to do and say today”.
    The deep state is running things.

  21. The Liberal’s very comprehensive list, aside from websites and a person, also bans a Vietnam-era grenade launcher. We’re extra safe, for now at least, from the 4 existing examples of it left in the world. Apparently the China Lake EX-41 only exists in three museums and a US Naval base. It does also appear in the video game Call of Duty so maybe one of the gun banners saw it there and got scared.

  22. You may not need an AR-15 to bring down a deer but this decree may bring down a government.

    1. @geoff H…and if it does bring down the govt. what are the odds it will be replaced by anything better?

    2. Unfortunately it won’t. Most Canadians either don’t care or support it.

  23. FFS! The ONLY reason nobody hunts with an AR is we’re not allowed to! Can’t take restricted firearms into the bush!
    It’s like handgun hunting. Some of us would if it were permitted.
    I hate it when people make the facile argument “Nobody hunts with a…” It’s usually because of some other regulation, not because it isn’t possible (or even desirable) to do so.

    1. You’re also not allowed to hunt deer with .223. It’s considered too under powered.

      1. Notice I didn’t say deer?
        Also BC has no such stipulation. The only specie that has a specific cartridge requirement is bison. Any centerfire cartridge can be used on deer. Just no FMJ rounds.

      2. when i lived up in northern Wisconsin as a kid in the woods, (USA) Many a deer was brought done by the .22 long rifle. no need for anything bigger.

    2. A few miles from me is Texada island. It is widely known for multitudes of small to tiny deer. ( I have seen three point bucks smaller than my Mastwiler bitch.) Several of my friends prefer to hunt that island using the 223/5.56 cartridge, most popularly chambered in the AR rifles but widely available in bolts. I have one myself. It is legal to hunt deer in BC with the 223 but not the nasty black AR. The turd doesn’t care that people who know about guns and hunting know that he is lying and his lies don’t even make sense. He isn’t talking to us. His speech is designed to deceive the know nothing’s who vote for him. His handlers have assured him that there enough of them that we don’t matter.

  24. When this confiscation occurs and gun crime shows no sign of going down inToronto and probably increases due to young Fidel allowing criminals to freely cross our border and releasing more criminals out of jail lately Blair and Fidel jr. should be tossed into some of those empty cells.Just a side note Toronto can go phick themselves .Liberal swine

  25. Cell phones kill over 700 people per year in Canada due to distracted driving, this carnage cannot continue and will be the next property to be banned by Prime Minister Trudeau.

    Government Ministers will of course still be allowed to use them because they have chauffeurs.

  26. What a pathetic little Cream Puff he is No One should have to put up listening to his mindless babbling

  27. Don’t need an AR15 to take down a deer?

    There is a presumption that when someone makes such statement they are doing it from the position of knowing what does take down a deer. You know, has actually gone hunting for deer?

    He has hunted before hasn’t he?

    1. Who hunts deer with a .22 calibre semi-automatic? That is a rabbit gun.
      BTW, the AR15 cannot be used for hunting.
      Please tell me the quote is a paraphrase or something, rather than abject ignorance?

  28. The cops must be pissed because now we’re really going to see how shitty they are at stopping gun crime.

  29. When you tell one race of people they don’t have to comply , while telling another race they do, that is Racist!

    This order will not stand!
    Start writing letters folks.

    1. It’s not racist because it’s against whites. That is the law. Might want to check your copy of the constitution.

      1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

      “subject to reasonable limits” means that can do anything they want if they deem it “reasonable.

      5. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

      Marginal note:Affirmative action programs
      (2) Subsection (1) does not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups including those that are disadvantaged because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. (84)

      he constitution states “every person is equal under the law”. The very next paragraph states “except when they’re not.

      The Canadian constitution is a joke.

    2. bygeorge: EXACTLY!! I hope everyone on this site starts sending letters email, twitter an so on Blackie is a RACIST!!!!

  30. This list was not prepared to protect us from each other, it was prepared to protect the government from us. Being unarmed is a choice, being disarmed is a prelude to an attack.

  31. Now there’s going to be an ample supply of cheap guns for crooks since law abiding owners might as well get something for them. Literally putting more guns on the street. Great job libtards.

  32. It is always gloriously encouraging of ones patriotism,especially as you grind your way through doing your taxes,to be declared a criminal once again for possession of tools similar to those used somewhere by a fool.
    Let us consider.
    A deranged dirtbag,previously protected by the Just Us System,goes forth on a crime spree,for murder and mayhem are crimes,even if our Presstitutes and Libtards seem no not know this.
    The grown up response of Federal Government is to attack law abiding citizens..
    Citizens who have complied with every stupid rule in the book, to legally possess their own property, citizens who have paid to comply,against their better judgement.
    We have given government every benefit of the doubt on this issue..Only to see betrayal once again.
    Those doubts are now proven true.
    Theft and government attack are indeed the results of compliance.

    So how is this gonn’a work out?
    Won’t be fooled again?
    Or endless gullibility on our part?

    My take on this?
    Do nothing rash and comply with nothing.
    Government has repeatedly stated,You are the enemy!
    Maybe it is time to take them at their word.

    The banal incompetence of the Gunlords..I mean gun grabbers,is their stunning ignorance..that list of now illegal weapons includes websites and antiques no one has even seen..
    And when it comes to mass death in crowds,the humble 12 gauge pump has no peers.

    But Liberals project their own irrationality upon the rest of us.
    Because they are insane,they just know that because you and I own weapons,that we must intend,indeed only own such tools,to encourage fantasies of doing horrendous hard and inflicting great cruelty upon our fellow man.
    As noted , Attorney Generals of Ontario have killed more people than all the weapons I have ever owned.
    Given the stated beliefs of the Anti Gun mob,they should be prohibited from possession of any tools,capable of causing pain.
    For they project an antisocial viciousness that must not be tolerated anywhere.
    Ban Liberals.
    License Liberals.
    Restrict Liberals…for madness is contageous.

  33. Johnny come lately to the party as I am, I’d like to throw something into the mix along the lines of that oft quoted mantra “If it saves only one person!” This whole gun control issue came to a boil after the Polytech massacre. What has been overlooked in the preceding years is a factor that I think should be thrown into the mix. Gamil Garbi AKA Mark Lepine was the son on a misogynistic muslim. He killed fourteen women with a Ruger Mini-14 after separating them from the men in the class. Since this massacre there have been many more and one of the common traits in them is that they have been committed by …… wait for it…. Muslims. So now I’m a racist. But going by the Liberal mantra of banning guns wouldn’t it be hypocritical not to go back and look at Canadian immigration policy that was in-acted in a large part by the Liberals. Maybe diversity is not our strength, like compassion, it may be our weakness. On the same thought although all men may be created equal, not all cultures are equal, but that is a horse of a different colour, Oops I did it again.

    1. Antenor: DIVERSITY IS NOT OUR STRENGTH it is the problem an Backie is blind to the fact or doesn’t care. He is the PUPPET!!

    2. Just to add,that in Canada the Aboriginal culture counts for more — in many contexts. Now why would they get to keep their asssault weapons? Would their use of weapons not primarily focus on hunting, and our PM has indicated you do not need an assault weapon to take down a deer. Well,then, why do they need assault weapons? Could it be Jr. Was worried about another protest on the tracks that he does not know how to deal with? What would he do if a bunch of white guys staged a protest on the tracks? I’ll bet he would suddenly turn into Mr. Tough Guy and have no qualms about telling the police what to do.

  34. SCARY BLACK RIFLES!!! The man’s a nitwit. None of these laws would prevent what happened from happening. They really think the gun makes the person pull the trigger.

  35. It’s the 1st Immigrants Traditional Rights. Even tho the 1st Immigrants get free or heavily subsidized food mostly flown in to their location.