20 Replies to “Covid-19 is Real but so is the Politicization of the Wuhan Flu”

  1. The political weapon is as dangerous as the chi-com-covid. And we will surely continue to focus on either one or the other threat.

    But we will not focus on both, its too hard to process, too hard to figure out so don’t bother; pick box a or box b… & lose.

    Like all issues these days, all things are weaponized, the clever parties always find ways to divide & conquer.

  2. Regardless of the content of that video…… I found the post production editing and graphics of the video offensive to the eyes… it sickened me……… Really, how could the studio designer (maybe a freelancer) think that was going to look good….. the color palette is that of nice, uncooked, rib eye steaks.

    1. There has been suspected padding of the Covid numbers from day one, including here in Canada.
      Health officials haven’t said a word to allay our suspicions.

      1. A few days ago, two California Doctors, Dr Dan Erickson and Dr Artin Massihi said something similar was happening in their State. Their news conference had been deleated @ YouTube afterwards.

      2. I can understand the drive to pad the numbers. When you’ve cried wolf and death, despair and mayhem and it’s not so bad, you have political problems.

  3. Good. You did find it, regardless of tips.

    This needs promoting, now that there’s a benefit to COVID-19 deaths, how inflated are the numbers?

    1. how inflated?

      I would say by a factor of 10

      when they say 100 people died today of the covid, it means 10.

      one day the truth will come out and we will have evidence they inflated the numbers a lot.

      for 15 years in Rotherham England they lied about how many young white girls were being forced into prostitution

      they had everyone believe it was a handfull

      when the truth came out it was easily over 1500 underage girls PLUS the same is going on in dozzen of towns, so the total was the handful we were told, the total is many tens of thousands

      my point is PEOPLE LIE all the time!!

      one day we will see the real covid death numbers and they will be 10 times smaller than what we are told now

      this covid thing is real but it is inflated by a factor of at least 10

      1. That’s incorrect. While there are presumed COVID combined with tested COVID cases, data coming in from all over the world shows a spike in death rates for the Feb-April period (compared to historical averages) that exceeds those attributed to coronavirus. Meaning, there are additional, unexplained deaths for this time period that haven’t been included in COVID-19 stats.

        1. Kate – some of those “unexplained” deaths could be related to not getting timely treatment for another condition. Have a friend whose father-in-law died recently, and friend is convinced happened because f-i-l unable to get the treatment required with everyone on Covid watch and just gave up.

      2. “my point is PEOPLE LIE all the time!!”

        See, you’re lying right there! (one of my favourite paradoxes.)

  4. In 1968 the US population was 205 million and that year the Hong Kong flu struck, killing 60,000.
    That is with 1968 medicine and a less healthy older people.
    No shut down.
    Today US population is 330 million with about 60,000 Covid-19 deaths. We would have to have 160,000 to approach the 1968 rate.

    1. Ah but that’s because the shutdown worked … you will see the self-justifying rhetoric flourish. It will be just like saying wearing a kilt keeps alligators away … in Scoland.

    2. I think your scaling is off, 60/205k is not equal to 160/330k. 100,000 this year from real COVID19 cases would be closer. (So means discounting what is happening in the “we will pay you if you list this on the death certificate” fraud in NYC) . Unless there’s some age adjustments included?

  5. I have been saying this since this thing started. The US set the rules and anyone could have read them if could. That is why none of the official death certificate numbers can be believed. The death toll is much smaller.

  6. OWG Funny that… I have been saying that to anyone who would listen that we are being played like a fiddle and no one seems to care. It’s like herd mentality everyone running off the cliff…Steve O

    1. Steve O, lemmings, no, worse than lemmings because we are supposed to be sentient beings.

  7. both the WHO and CDC published documents saying that no test and no confirmation required, if hospital staff thinks it was covid, simply call it a covid death = no test no confirmation required

    I have all the screen shots of those documents

    a tested case is called 7.1

    a death not confirmed to be covid but still counted as covid is called a 7.2

    both 7.1 and 7.2 are counted as covid deaths even though the 7.2 are not confirmed nor tested.

    that is not all

    hospitals in the USA receive 20% more money for covid deaths than any other deaths

    so why would they cheat right? because no human has ever cheated for money right?

    I have about half a dozen other such facts

    I have screen shots, links etc

    but it is useless, those who have decided the covid is worse than the black plague reject all those facts and they LOVE it when the media tells them horror stories about the covid

    a woman at facebook assured us a man had to have his leg amputated because of covid

    even if this absurd story was true, the fact ONE out of 8 BILLION had to have his leeg amuptated because of the covid still does not change the fact the covid for 99.9 % of humans is like the flu, nothing more

    facts and logic only mean something to a small percentage of the population

    the covid is real, yes,

    some people die of it , yes,

    but everything else is magnified and embellished and doctored like crazy to make it a gigantic threat when it is a smaller threat than the flu

    the actual death rate is about ten times smaller than we are told

  8. There was a joke news paper front page out there. I can’t find it now. Anyway, the headline read: “Man Struck by Road Roller, Dies of Coronavirus”

  9. When do we start talking about reparations from the people and websites that stoke the panic?

    It comes down to this; they are not helping anyone except the totalitarians. Which means they are basically everyone’s enemy. Panic, means more government. 35 COVID klaxon stories everyday? You are on the other side.