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    1. While leaving aside that the chloroquine is not necessarily the absolute cure drug, though being helpful in a good number of cases, there is a question to be asked: who is organizing opposition to it in North America and why is it not tested a priory?

      Is it big farma? since there is little profit in a drug that’s been used for decades for other purposes and is very likely the least expansive, out of patent drug?
      Are government medical establishment in Canada and congress people in the US getting massive donations in order to oppose its apparently valid though limited use?

      It would be interesting if the “journalists” would pursue clearing up the noise.
      Its probably too much to ask.
      They would not want to know and lose their taxpayer supplied alms.

      1. so this whole chin-bug issue looks like an unfortunate realease? of the virus, turned into a Psy-op against the west with the collusion of the WHO… this is low level war that seems to be heating up.

      2. It is going through Clinical tests. The NY Clinical is either finished or just finishing, the State of North Dakota just started one, and the U of Min has three on going clinical trials, working with U of Alberta, U of Manitoba and others. Proper blind clinical studies. Right now the U of Minn study is having some trouble getting the last couple of hundred of enrollees.

        So there is no conspiracy. We will see results over the month of May for this drug and many others.

      3. By 2005 there was absolutely nothing controversial about using hydroxychloroquine for corona virus infections like SARS as it had been demonstrated in vitro that it raised Zn++ within cells. That Zn++ interrupts protein transcription by corona viruses was demonstrated in the early 1980s.
        When I tried to gather a small stockpile for what I saw was coming at the end of February I discovered that my third world, middle income country with several malaria hotspots had not a single dose of chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine to sell through the private pharmaceutical system. I suspect that they may have gone to China to whom the government owes many favours.

  1. It almost is starting to seem like a bioweapon. It is being used by the ChiComs as such. Proof of shenanigans at the Communist Party, if revealed to the Chinese populace, might just be the END of the Communist Party in China. We can ONLY hope that such proof will surface. It would do the entire world a favour.

  2. The media, the UN, the WHO and other global forums are simply tools of the globalist movement.

    They have revised any mandate that they might have had to using their powers to expand the powers of the UN movement, expanding open borders and continued migration from poor countries to wealthy ones, to attack capitalism and the US, to support socialism and wealth redistribution.

    Shut them all down!!

  3. UN says we need to reduce fossil fuel usage, while UN allows China unlimited fossil fuel usage.
    UN (WHO) said that masks don’t work, while China was quietly scouring the globe for masks.
    UN (WHO) says that remdesivir doesn’t work, while China steals IP to make the same.

    I detect a pattern here.

  4. I question every single word I read about this foolishness. The layers of lies are so deep it is impossible to accept any official number. There is some truth out there but most people are not seeing it.

  5. L-Not agreeing to honour patents filed in China by foreign corporations and individuals, as other countries do. Add their systemic violations of W.T.O. regulations; ones that they signed onto when they were allowed to join 20 years, ago. That case would be justification for the C.C.P. being defenestrated from the W.T.O. !

  6. Well, just today a peer reviewed study has been released, touted by the Fauci himself as a game changer. Reductions in time to recover and mortality.

  7. Just a wonderin: (not intended to be a conspiracy theory only a lagging question))

    Should we be questioning the behavior and actions of our leftwing P.M. and his brother Sasha who is a self admitted communist and is lurking in the background?
    With the strong shift to the left by the Liberal party, as a whole, and if Trudeau gets his U,N. appointment where do we think our country will go particularly if our “esteemed” P.M. gets his appointment and resigns as P.M.?
    Is Sasha waiting in the background either as a replacement or as an advisor to his brother if the latter remains as P.M.
    Knowing the love affair that, particularly eastern Canada the lower B.C mainland, has with the Trudeau name one has to question just what is coming down the pike.

  8. There has been a vast number of very thoughtful comments, sliced and diced dozens of different ways, on dozens of posts over the last couple of weeks, and most have been truly enlightening. Early on, my own thoughts veered toward the folly of this economic stall, based on what is appearing to be a vast over reaction to this wuflu/bio weapon, or some mix of such. I see this as very great advantage for the Chicoms! I don’t know what is real or imagined, I do know that the Chicoms are not to be trusted! Then we have the US and Canada turning our dollars into confetti, or Disney dollars, ( come to think of it, Disney dollars may have more value) and this is destroying livelihoods and pensions, but the globalists are so enjoying the power and control they are getting by installing fear into the citizenry! The US economy was roaring just before this blew in, and they are in a far better position to recover than Canada, because our economy, thanks to Trudeau and his moronic team, was already sputtering. Trudeau had no clue of what to do, until the US shut down it’s economy, then his light bulb went off and he followed suit. I am fast approaching if not already real close to the DNR if I get hit with something deadly. Yet this mess will be far more deadly to our countries, than the Wuflu! We should not have shut down, and we are destroying our economies and our futures, because the WHO and T. Tam say we should just do as they say, meanwhile, they are in the back pocket of the Chicoms. I am aiming this at the Chinese government not the Chinese people. Ultimately, all I fear we are really doing, is speeding up our (The West) demise.
    As a side note, there are also musings about enforcing a vaccination on the whole population of Canada, and suggesting possible arrest and incarceration of those of us who do not comply!
    Many years ago, I dutifully got my annual Flu shot, and then every time, two weeks later, I got the Flu! So around 98 or 99 I quit getting vaccinated, Since then, I have had the Flu once! So I will appreciate any financial donations to fund my future pending trial and incarceration under the rule of the peoples party of Canada!

  9. I’ve got a question:
    If this thing wasn’t bio-engineered, why does it appear to be affecting European countries more severely?

    1. Edward, apparently there’s a correlation between latitudes and the severity of the virus. More northerly countries are more severely affected. And remember Europe is essentially all north of 40 degrees latitude, with England north of 50. Forty degrees north latitude runs through northern California across to New Jersey.