17 Replies to “Little Rocket Man”

    1. “You shouldn’t stop smoking, it prevents the COVID”. (The COVID that took him). Phillip Morris

  1. Trump knows everything, he has got the information from a number of spy agencies in his pocket phone.

    President of the US is probably most informed person on planet, its the nature of the job.

    Every morning they have a meeting and go over affairs of the world.

    He knows …. and does no need to tell.

  2. This is a golden opportunity,Dear Leader and the North Korean peoples can have this great offer,emigrate to the USA,Canada and Mexico,with full welfare for lifetime..
    In exchange leave the Military and prisons behind,so that we might round up Gang Green,the Media and their Progressive Comrades,who keep telling us how the energy use levels of North Korean citizens is their nervana.
    In my opinion the massively brainwashed Norks would be a distinct benefit to North America,if exchanged for the parasites of Gang Green.
    And the best bit..the armed forces of all North Korea’s neighbours already guard its borders and all probably have nukes ready to send,if the worst ever occurred.
    This is a true one in a lifetime opportunity..
    Dear Leader Justine and his trusty Buttman have a new home,where they will fit right in with all the swivel servants who demand we surrender all freedoms for their great Cult.
    I forsee some truly epic TV as the minions of Gang Green,establish a pecking order in their new fossil fuel free heaven.
    Of course I suppose it would be cheaper to just pay one way tickets for the enlightened entitled twits to go lecture savages in their villages,hug apex predators in their lairs and or dig holes smaller on flood plains..

    In the name of world peace,social unity and our great grand children’s survival,let us forcibly round up gang Green and give them what they insist we need.
    Which ,as far as I choose to understand their babble, is North Korea..Now.

  3. I’d like to see him in the same condition as student Otto Warmbier for a year or two.

  4. What are the chances that SNL’s Weekend Update … reprise the old “Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead” skit?

    Our Dear Leader Jong Un is still dead … and recovering

    Kinda like Jeffrey Epstein STILL did NOT commit suicide.