The Libranos: Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

Blacklocks (paywalled);

Cabinet is concealing thousands of pandemic records including details of contracts and ministerial memos. Cabinet in one case breached a direct order from the Commons health committee to disclose briefing notes, while the Library of Parliament has refused to disclose files it admits are public documents: “They were not so busy that they could not busy themselves with redacting the documents.”

9 Replies to “The Libranos: Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”

  1. The Liberal are OBVIOUSLY making mega bucks off this epidemic at the expense of Canadians. It’s the Liberal way.

  2. The NDP and Bloc lapdogs have no problem with Great Leader shutting down parliament, so that the little fascist moron can do whatever he wants without scrutiny.

  3. These things usually end very badly for the party in power when someone decides to redirect some of the cut away from the discretion of the PMO.

    Ref Paul Martin and adscam

  4. ‘Anyone in a position of authority telling you something unpalatable is “temporary”…..that is a red flag.’ L. Shriver

  5. Elections have consequences,the Bloc and the NDP are simpatico with the Liberals.
    Ontario has demonstrated that for years,in a minority situation the NDP are reliable Liberal votes..Occassionly they talk a good game but actions show their true colours.
    So all our Progressive Comrades are just fine with using a crisis to steal everything they can.
    A good chunk of the “Conservative Party” are just fine with this too.
    All this “wealth” being handed out is pure BS,unicorn vouchers are worth as much..
    Listen carefully to our lisping genius..Progress has been made You can now apply for……
    Pure virtue signalling as we are destroyed.
    What about a two or three year tax holiday for those who do not need nor accept handouts at this time?
    Venezuela and Zimbabwe are the two most recent examples of an elite “rewarding the people” to retain power.
    For far better to hold power over an ash heap than to be opposition in a prosperous nation..

    We in the West are done for,those of us who remember the years following Pierre the Idiot know what is coming.
    Are we so stupid that we will repeat such idiocy?
    The New Country,I like Buffalo for its name,needs a defined bill of rights,with fully armed citizens and fully disarmed employees and felons.
    This Nova Scotia murder spree highlights the obvious as did Eccol Polytechnic,the only thing that might have saved all of those victims was personal firearms.
    When seconds count, as evil expands,the government “help” is nowhere to be found.
    There is no help when faced with madness,except what you provide yourself.
    Government refuses to admit that they cannot protect everyone and deny the obvious as they attack the innocent.
    Gun owners of Canada are to be assaulted once again, because a madman used such tools to murder..
    Yet what about uniform wearers?
    Drivers of Police cars?
    For this killer used those tools to maximum effect..
    Cloaking himself in false authority and using the public trust of symbols..gee symbols are tools too..we better register all symbols.

  6. Why do you think for nearly two weeks straight , PM Blackie would say “our team is working on this or working on that”. It’s because they were aligning what ever the government needed,,, to be provide to Canada form Liberal suppliers and Liberal supporters. They were stalling because the Liberal government were waiting for those with Liberal connections to come up with bids or supplies that Canada needed.

    This is how they fund the party, give government contracts to those that will donate some of the contract money back to the Liberal Party and the Trudeau Foundation.