A new direction – energy wisdom/efficiency discussions must replace implausible political ones

There is no more time to waste on “climate change” battles, when we’re all hypocrites. Time to simply celebrate energy. Celebrating energy means using it wisely, and focusing on strategies that are smart and helpful – efficiency, reduced footprints, less waste, less environmental degradation. Not in the name of “fighting climate change”, because that is an unwinnable war, but in the name of, well, more efficiency, reduced footprints, less waste, and less environmental degradation. Read on…

19 Replies to “A new direction – energy wisdom/efficiency discussions must replace implausible political ones”

  1. What good advice.I shall ignore it of course.
    Gang Green have offended my senses far too much,I chose to mock them without mercy.
    To celebrate energy usage,I think I will mount a flame thrower on one of my diesels.
    It is time persons in public positions stopped lying.
    This horribly mismanaged pandemic highlights the damage hypocrites and liars do.
    Now they demand we trust them,after they have taught us they cannot be trusted.
    Naturally the instinctive reaction is two thumbs to the windpipe.
    The Gang Green Cult of Calamitous Climate needs to live what they preach.
    Without mercy.
    I am sick of being robbed of the return on my skilled labour to reward fools and bandits.
    It has occurred to me that the state of society is all the fault of us in the trades.
    If we had recognized these morons sooner and turned off our sense of decency,fair play and compassion..we could have saved ourselves all this hassle.
    The stupid and useless would not have the leisure time and wealth to endlessly interfer in our lives..If we had billed them according to their skills.
    Instead of rationally diverting them from their insane projects, we should have just agreed with their wisdom and helped them into bankruptcy.
    See it is all the fault of the trades.
    Honesty is the absolute worst policy when dealing with the Green Gulag.
    Bill ’em til they bleed..save your society.

  2. Finally someone saying it.
    The idea of reducing our standard of living to something sustainable is a loser strategy, we have never been in a sustainable state since the invention of agriculture. We have survived and advanced because of adaptation and technological progress, discovering new resources and solving problems as the need or opportunity arose.

    The current governments attempt at virtue signalling merely dooms Canada to irrelevance regarding the future of humanity and to an eventual takeover by those who do not follow the fools path.

    If anything, we should be looking at combining some old ideas (with new tech) that were abandoned because cheap energy meant we could (like district heating in downtown areas using waste steam from power plants), and developing new technologies that we will need in the future to eventually leave the planet. There are lots of technologies that already exist or are near ready, things that will allow reduced energy requirements for heating, generation of energy from sewage treatment, making oil from manure, capturing CO2 from the air to make oil (this one is an energy loss, but could be used as a controllable demand to make the electrical grid more efficient overall), etc. Some of these could be accelerated greatly by removing corruption from the regulatory processes like CSA.

    One final note, while a subsidy for the development or pilot phase of a technology may make sense, if it requires a subsidy when it goes commercial, then it is NOT a green technology, we are in an energy based economy, and the requirement for subsidy means that the technology is consuming energy in some place that is unaccounted for.

  3. Goldstein at the Toronto Sun website today, writes about Blackie’s global warming farce.

  4. I think most of us have always embraced a degree of efficiency in our energy use, because we like to have money for other things that are not as necessary as energy. It is the surplus of things that allows our prosperous and goods filled lives.

    1. Most of us, one thing I have noticed about much of the concern trolling crowd is that they will talk about the environment and climate change and all the rest of it all day long, but they can’t seem to turn off the god damn lights when they leave a room.

    2. Well put OWG.
      I think all of us learned at an early age long before electrical Energy was costing us hundreds/mo.
      “Turn the lights off when you leave a room.”
      “Shut that Tap off”
      etc etc. Habits I instilled in my kids and hopefully they will in theirs.

      We were in Ontario when the McGuilty Govt instituted their Energy Conservation program, giving out incentives to buy energy efficient appliances, light bulbs etc. Ontarians took to that like fish to bait…..only problem was..?? It worked so well that Ontario One-Hydro had to up their rates to maintain “profitability”. nice eh.?

      Then came Butts with his Wind & TOU Electronic Meters…uhuh – Be Damned if I am going to do Laundry at 3:300A M

      We Sold our house and moved back to Calgary in 2010. Never ever to return. ZERO Regrets.

      As for Climate Change..?? it’s all about the destruction of Western Hemisphere CAPITALISM – they (Communists), will tell ya for the asking.

  5. Be not wasteful. Very good advice that was driven into me by my mother. She was a child during the Depression, grew up in a period of scarcity. I don’t litter either; doing so is lazy and slothful.

    I do think, though, that the Climate Change fetishists do not have reduced energy consumption as their goal. Their goal is personal and political power and control.

  6. I view the utilization of Canadian energy as a national security issue. Leaving hydrocarbons in the ground is not an option. The full impact of C-19 is still not known. Canada has to find some way of generating revenue to service the tremendous debt that has been used to combat the virus. Citizen thinking does not seem to extend beyond the idea that government is sending them money. Progressives are using the crisis as an excuse to carry out social program enhancements that go far beyond aid for C-19 disruption.

    Utilizing hydrocarbon energy can generate revenue that can be used to pay some of the debt created. It can help fund the transition to alternative energy. The lunacy the Greens spout never has an economic rebuttal. People don’t realize the cost to physical and social structure.

  7. I know a climate change believer and believes she’s the smartest person in the room.
    She lives alone in a 100 year old row house, has terribly old and inefficient doors and windows, a shitty furnace and water heater, but manages at least two airline trips a year, the most recent to France for skiing.
    She has lectured me with a visceral contempt.

    I no longer bandy words with these hypocrites. There is no reason within them.
    They are authoritarian pieces of shit.
    All humans want to live, not just exist, but some animals are more equal than others.

    1. “I would challenge you to live without oil products for just 1 week, but I won’t issue that challenge because I really don’t want to see you naked.”

  8. I am just wondering when all the provinces with “diverse” economies will be be sending 15 billion a year to the resource based provincial economies. Of course it’s much easier to tell others what they should be doing than actually succeed yourself. Pretty sure it’s the fifth of never.

  9. efficiency, reduced footprints, less waste

    You’ve drunk the Kool-Ade. There’s no need for reduced or more efficient anything when we have options that are environmentally safe and produce vast amounts of cheap energy. Hydro and nuclear, properly managed and shielded from idiot activists, make power so cheap it’s negligible.

    1. Hydro has issues with expansion, we are just running out of enough untapped rivers with sufficient flow and drop, and they will never be protected from idiot activists because they always involve the government heavily.

      Might not want to go with widespread nuclear just yet, as we could be saddled with white elephant infrastructure and no future enrichment facilities. Look up “Travelling Wave Reactor”. It runs on depleted uranium, currently a waste product used only for munitions. The Paducah enrichment facility in Kentucky has a stockpile large enough to generate $100 trillion worth of electricity. Global stockpiles are estimated to provide 80% of the world with US levels of energy for a millenium. Using this as base load generation it could easily be set up with controllable loads to accomplish other useful tasks during the period when excess power is actually an expense.

  10. The moment the left realizes that the corona-virus has passed it’s ‘best before date’ for political manipulation, they will again crank up the extreme climate disaster rhetoric. Since this pandemic has given globalism a pretty solid kick in the nuts, I believe anti-western activists will soon be howling louder than ever about our impending environmental doom.

    “The debate has become tuned to such a fever pitch that it is spiraling into insanity.”

    How cute that Terry believes there is an actual debate going on.

  11. “Socialists can never be converted to capitalists, and there are rarely “born again” people that truly flip from one side of the spectrum to the other in religions debates. Same goes for climate change.”

    Well said, Terry! I’ve reached that point with a couple of people around the office. I rely on geologic history and geology, and say that physics is on my side. They insist that we need to trust the models, that the most powerful computing systems we’ve ever created are warning us about the upcoming problems. We’ve agreed that there’s no point in talking about it anymore, because we can’t agree on the most important questions about what we’re actually talking about.

  12. Ain’t Climate Change grand.
    Everybody talks about it,but no one can define it.
    Climate Change.
    Except change is inherent in climate as we understand it..So what is the “Change”?
    Somehow they always seem to be implying Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming caused by an increase in atmospheric CO2..except that that fell apart years ago..
    As the Co2 when up the estimated temperatures went sideways..
    So what do they mean:”Climate Change”?
    Is it like “Water Wet”?.

  13. Excluded polite dinner conversation topics used to be sex, politics and religion.
    To add climate change would be duplicitous because it is politics and/or religion, as it sure as heck is not science.
    Luckily, at least in my social circle, sex is not a forbidden topic if approached gently over desert. Whipped cream, anyone?