WHO’S Your Daddy?

Bumped: Taiwan’s coronavirus December warning to WHO about person-to-person spreading went unheeded

ACCOUNTABILITY: Trump Halts Funding to WHO Pending Review of Agency’s Handling of Coronavirus Pandemic



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  1. The Democrat position? Barack Obama endorses Joe Biden to continue Barack Obama’s unsalaeable New Green Raw Deal.
    Rolling over a cadaver doesn’t bring it back to life. Democrats may be celebrating but they’ve ensured their electoral defeat.
    How they back out of their impeachment over virus approach and this kleptocratic attempt at corrupt statism will be amusing.

    1. “The Democrat position? ”

      Wait I know this one. On all fours, mouth wide open, back up in the air, no lube?

    1. The idea … that MY tax dollars are funding the (0.01%) jet setting lifestyles of the WHO Management echelon… who LIED to the entire world on behalf of their ChiCom masters … and caused MASS death and economic destruction … leaves a hollow feeling in my gut.

      Wasn’t the UN created to … BENEFIT … mankind? By working in UNITY … to prevent Rogue States from waging WAR and violating Human Rights?! And now we learn the UN is actually ENABLING a Rogue State to violate the Human Rights of EVERYONE on the planet!?

      Why? Because Orange Man Bad!? Orange Man is too tough a negotiator with the ChiComs? Good to know you are in league with the reprobate US Democrats. US … OUT … of the UN NOW!

      Good 1st step PDJT! Starve the bastards for $$ … and don’t give them a dime until we get full transparency and prosecutions of the LIARS.

  2. And here I thought the headline meant we were coming up on the most confusing day of the year on the Res / in the welfare ghetto.

  3. Once again President Trump has made an informed decisive decision to protect the country, while Trudeau has turned over all decision making to the Chinese Health Organization & the UN. Reports say China is more involved in influencing Canadian policies, than ever.

    1. A full and thorough investigation needs to be conducted on the insidious and obvious influence of Communist China within the Liberal Party of Canada and Bristish Columbia, all the Provincial Governments, the federal Bureaucracy, Academia and even the Media… Turdholeland is a cess pool of corruption and foreign influence. The handling of this pandemic by the Liberals has clearly been suspect, especially the pathetic performance of Turdhole, Mr. Tam and the Graphic Designer… How many people in all the mentioned fields above are working for the Communist Chinese ? I suspect the list of Liberals compromised by the Communist Regime in China is very very long. The swamp needs draining.

  4. This would be good news, but I am waiting for Turdeau to step up to the plate to make-up for the shortfall. Good move by Trump. WHO corruption is partly responsible for getting us into this mess. Tam won’t know what to do.

    1. “Tam wouldn’t know what to do.”

      Tam knows EXACTLY what to do, but…
      As she serves on several WHO committees, she would have to effectively repudiate herself, admit that the organization she works for is responsible. Tam is part of WHO, she is part of the problem. She is hopelessly beholden and implicated in tens of thousands of deaths.

  5. God Bless Trump for this.
    Justin can piss off and take selfies at the cottage with his psycho tone deaf wifey.
    Boycott Yu Know Wu.
    Oh, and can we puleeze hear Pierre P.?

  6. China quietly slipped $6 million to WHO on 6 March 2020 to help with the coverup before admitting pandemic on 11 March.

    1. How much did they slip to Tedros or his relatives?

      Remember when journalists answered that type of questions?

  7. Trump should know that operating a world class organization costs money. A lot of money. If WHO is supposed to be doing more, Trump should pay them more. He should be increasing the US contribution from 400 Million to 1 billion.

    1. Yeah a lot of money for;
      – fact finding trips
      – conferences
      – nice offices
      – nice apartments for officials
      – meals (only the best restaurants will do)
      – university trips to review projects
      – etc. etc.

      And all of the above to tell us;
      – there is no evidence of human to human transmission
      – there is no need to ban travel (even while China was banning travel)
      – masks don’t work
      – screaming racism, while ignoring China’s treatment of Africans in China.
      – remaining silent about Chines officials clamping down on Chinese researchers publishing their findings
      – etc

      Yep I agree, like most of the UN, a truly world class organization.

      1. “In October 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) appointed Zimbabwe’s dictator-for-life Robert Mugabe as a goodwill ambassador.” lol.

        Maybe we should take up this criminal organization (WHO) with the United Nations Human Rights Council (current members include Venezuela, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan). lmfao.

  8. Veiled message to China

    “The silence of the WHO on the disappearance of scientific researchers and doctors, and new restrictions on the sharing of research into the origins of COVID-19 in the country of origin is deeply concerning. Especially when we put up by far the largest amount of money,” Trump said. Over the weekend China mandated that research papers on the origin of the coronavirus must be approved by the state before publication.

  9. The Communist States on the left & East Coast’s have joined together to fight Trump….Guess they don’t remember the Civil War, or Alabama civil rights battle…..Trump needs to hit them HARD ASAP

    1. Issue a Presidential order that all wage taxes (SS, Medicare, Dis ) are to be placed in a lock box until the Virus has reached a ZERO risk factor…not 99.99999 but 100……Forensic Audit.. and collection

    2. Communist purge of critical industry & Courts

    3 Tort law reform, allowing the press to be held responsible for Errors or Omissions… Stupidity is not a acceptable defense in all other cases… The need to prove intent could be proven by the classic profiling of stupidity,,,

  10. SOME of the BEST News I’ve heard this YEAR….!!!
    at first I was simply too gobsmacked & Catatonic to even consider Believing It…!! but By GOd its true. So, Mr President, let’s not stop there….there is an Islamic BOIL sitting in NYC that requires Lancing….LETS Annihilate THEIR financing as well.

    “..Seeing that Ethiopian (TERRORIST), bastard in the dock at the Hague ..”
    Right alongside Theresa (Neanderthal), Tham would be my fervent hope…!!

    Oh…And bye bye billy and fauci…don’t let the door hit your useless asses on the way out.

  11. TRUMP action toward the WHO …. is the right thing to do
    TRUMP walked away from The Paris Climate Accord … right thing to do
    TRUMP questions being a part of The United Nations … right thing to do
    TRUMP puts NATO on notice to pay fair share of defense for the free world … right thing to do
    TRUMP extinguished the lives of several highly placed Terrorist leaders … right thing to do

    These and many other things are tough for the world to grasp …. simply because they have never been exposed to a true leader who tends to do what we all know is the right thing. It takes some getting used to.

  12. Kudos to Trump and good for the American people.
    Let’s hope that Joe doesn’t win through voter fraud like Trudeau. Joe would reverse EVERYTHING Trump did.

    That was some news conference Trump had in the rose garden this evening. A Liberal reporter got Trump angry and badgered Trump. Trump threatened to walk out if he didnt stop dissing.

  13. Justin needs to send WHO more money. That will make dRumpf look bad AND Canada look smart!

      1. It is all Trumps fault. He makes our PM look like a complete spineless and dickless turd.

    1. Hey! PAT you jumped on the right train..

      BTW:The Republican Representative in California who is challenging Maxine Waters, is a young black Navy Vet.. He is looking for support… I sent him some because getting rid of her helps the Country.. The Communist think that only they can gang up on someone they don’t like….bring it on

      1. OMG Slap Spot, that is terrible news hearing about this Uncle Tom in California running against Sweet Maxine.
        But there is more!
        A Democrat state Rep Georgia Uncle Tom is going to vote for the Orange Monster. The TRUE black (female) Chairwoman professionally replied to the news of this traitor:

        “Vernon Jones is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party and does not stand for our values. Never has that been clearer than this moment, when he chose to stand with the racist president who has made an all-out assault on Black Americans, who has tried to rip away American health care, and who has failed our country in its greatest time of need during the most important election in our lifetimes. Vernon Jones doesn’t speak for Georgians, and neither does Donald Trump — which is why Georgians will send him home in November 2020.”

        Well said. This racist is making blacks get jobs!

  14. Teodros Adhanom Gebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization since 2017, has “form”.

    He got his start as a member of the Derg, the Provisional Military Government of Socialist Ethiopia, the Marxist-Leninist military junta that ruled Ethiopia from 1974 to 1987.

    In the post-Derg government, he urged urged close economic cooperation with Beijing, and now echoes Beijing’s talking points.

    Your taxes at work!

    1. This is another fine example of why Juthtin loves throwing money around in Africa.
      The African Honey Badgers in power REALLY understand how to take care of each other.
      They don’t hide in the shadows or in backrooms.
      They’re on the international stage in full view of the cameras from a paid off press corps…
      They’ve taken the Mafia model and quietly say ” those Italians, they’re just a bunch of Pikers”

  15. Will there be a motion in Parliament for Canada to do the same, to join the U.S. in this call to reform the W.H.O.U.N. ?
    Every nation that has going through a quarantine lock down, shutting down their economy due to W.H.O. malfeasance should be doing the same. In Canada, the Premiers should take the lead and endorse Pres. Trumps announcement.

    1. “In Canada, the Premiers should take the lead and endorse Pres. Trumps announcement”

      Larry, Larry, Larry. You got to stop smokin’ that shit, man.

  16. In a Kleptocracy,the only “growth industry” is creating more ways for the parasitic overload to steal from the host.
    All our tax funded “Non Government Agencies,United Nations Agencies and most of our Charities exist for this purpose.
    What other places can useless credentialed thieves hold positions paying magnificent salaries to do nothing?
    There is only so much room in Government and only so many Deputy Moisterial positions to go around.
    And government positions(spending) can be questioned..where as NGO do-gooders are…. non government..even when 100% funded by government.

  17. The US CDC should project Taiwan’s CDC request for information from the WHO 40 stories tall on the exterior wall of the UN building every night until the the CCP Wuhan lab is burned to the ground.

  18. For all those people/countries who decry Trump stopping funding the WHO, the solution is real simple; cough up your own money.