18 Replies to “The Sound Of Settled Science”

  1. We had come to this planet a long time ago, yes.
    Many had forgotten, but some still remember who we used to be.
    Slaves. This is why slavery is so ingrained in us.
    We had been forgotten and abandoned here.
    This is not our world. We do not belong here.

  2. Impossible,what we have here is the remains of a future citizen,who proved unlucky at time travel.

    Why are the consensus so sure of 100 000 years?
    Given what slow learners we currently prove to be,we must have started on this plan at least a few million years ago.
    For man,the product,shows every evidence of having been designed by a committee…late on a Friday.

    1. Disagree.

      Some scientists think this Homo Erectus cracked an egg and crawled out.

      We will soon know why the chicken crossed the road.

    1. He should be exonerated as there is a lot of evidence that man’s life on earth is much older than thought. I am reading Worlds Before Our Own which details archeological discoveries that run counter to our established assumptions. It is those clinging to the current theory of evolution who will have to revise their thinking.

      1. “It is those clinging to the current theory of evolution who will have to revise their thinking.”

        We will revise evolution to a modified evolution like punctuated equilibrium. No, ID is not going to win.

        1. Let’s be more precise shall we? There is micro-evolution and there is macro-evolution. Evidence of micro-evolution is not substitute for evidence of macro-evolution.

          1. Yeah but we have plenty of evidence for both, and no evidence of any ‘intelligent designer’.

          2. > There is micro-evolution and there is macro-evolution.

            Utter nonsense. Both terms are only used by cranky Christian morons.

    2. Back in the 90’s Stockwell Day suggested the earth is 7,000 years old. This led Kinsella to appear on tv mocking Day with a purple dinosaur.

      Maybe Day has been vindicated?

  3. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Carl Sagan

  4. In the early 1970’s an Israeli palaeontologist found fossilised evidence of man being around 2 million years ago. The skull in the illustration looks the same as he was holding in the newspaper photograph.
    Is this someone else trying to take credit?

  5. unme says above that there is no evidence of an intelligent designer, which we are surrounded by. I have tended to laugh in derision at Un Me and his/ zhirs vapid and benighted typing…but that hubristic blat from mr. Ms. Un Dork wins the award for being a fookind Retard of the most designed kind. Peace.

  6. The 2 million-year-old fossil skull, excavated over a five-year period in South Africa, suggests the early human relative emerged between 100,000 and 200,000 years earlier than previously thought.

    I’m not sure what you are meaning by quoting this, but, 200k / 2 million is 10%. That’s minor, what comes things inherently that inaccurate.

    It is not as if 2 million would become 20 million or 60 million. That’s the settled part.