COVID-19 emphatically proves the necessity of hydrocarbons – we can do better but can’t do without

Time to set the record straight: this is not a turning point to “go green” as the likes of Greenpeace articulate all too well in the media. It’s actually a turning point in the education of the public as to what they can and can’t do without. Read on…

8 Replies to “COVID-19 emphatically proves the necessity of hydrocarbons – we can do better but can’t do without”

  1. Gang Green,has got to gangrene.
    The link to our Idiot but Astro-Naught,praising Truck Drivers ,on the day his government doubles the Carbon Tax on them,summed this up perfectly.
    The useless and clueless,AKA extremely gullible citizens with too much time and wealth on their hands,stampeded the “Natural Leaders” into wasting our resources on nonsense.
    Resources thought to be tied up in crisis preparation,were actually spent on worthless vanity projects,such as windmills,solar panels and plastic bag extermination..Reliable infrastructure such as coal fired electricity plants were demolished before their time..
    Now we feel the chill winds coming off one of natures forces.The other 3 wait their call.The panic is growing because too many citizens have nothing to fall back on,no reserves at all.
    And our Progressive Comrades are becoming hysterical, well more hysterical than usual, as reality forces its way into their world view.

    As the old druggy comic stated;”Finally we returned to reality,because there was nowhere else to go”.
    But if you have never been there and have zero survival skills,no useful service to provide others in trade,no social value at all,except of consumer and complainer..reality can be a mighty uncomfortable place.
    Take away the three illusions of modern comfort,those being food,shelter and the faith these will continue, people get strange real fast.
    Compound this with the “I FEELZ” generations and their instant gratification culture, could be heading for real interesting times.

    I keep predicting ,that when the supply chain fails (probably due to regulator help) the “Woke Ones” will organize.
    Organize protest marches on the Supermarkets.
    Demanding their right to food.
    The usual behaviour of fools and bandits.
    Destruction and attempted looting.
    Nothing has changed in Human nature.

  2. Whenever I read things like “we can do better” I question the knowledge of the writer although I know Terry has forgotten more than I’ll ever know. Its just that its also a useless salve to try and calm the rabid ecomarxist mofos.
    We have Always been doing better. Efficiencies and profit are linked. Technology advances.
    History will prove solar panels, but even more so the giant windmills are anything but advancements.

    1. I liken the “we can do better” bromide to the concept of original sin. Guilty no mater what. It’s a hell of a way to weaken your argument.

  3. This is very true. This is part of the reason the whole narrative about COVID being a ploy to take our freedoms is so silly. Green-ism relies on boiling the frog slowly right now the temperature just spiked and we have a teachable moment about what life is like when you ‘decarbonize’ (without a suitable replacement tech) or try to de-plastic for that matter. The exact same goes for the heels pushing for de-globalization/’uncoupling’. These two profoundly anti-human set of neurotics are both getting spiked by the same black swan. Beautiful.

  4. BTW Kenney is now seriously arguing for oil tariffs whose cost will dwarf the carbon tax.